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We. Meaning of Democracy

II. Summary of Places and Dates

3. Features of Democracy

IV. Types of Democracy

V. Early on Democracy

A. Athens

W. Rome

MIRE. Middle Ages and England

VII. The Renaissance

A. United states

B. England

VIII. Modern Times

IX. Important People

Demos Kratia, or perhaps democracy, as it is used today, means " the people

secret. " A democracy is a form of government is run by the people of this country

through elections and representation. A democracy regarded as a form of a republic

known as a democratic republic. A republic is a federal government where officials

elected by a small group of men and women, make the crucial decisions.

Democracy has been around for nearly 2500 years since Athens, Greece

started to be the first democracy. The Romans as well experimented with democracy, however

it was more a republic, but not a democracy. Around twelve hundred England laid the

foot work to become a republic. Later, inside the 1700's, Usa

became a democracy.

There are numerous features of democracy. Most of these features are the

same, but specific countries use varations of the main ideas. The main feature

of democracy, which decides a true democracy, is free, competitive elections.

Sometimes nevertheless , women or perhaps minorities you do not have the right to have your vote. Some of

the other features, such as checks on power, help to limit the effectiveness of any

one person or get together. Other features like free elections, and majority/ community

rule, make elections fair, since the common sense of many people is

generally better then the judgment of some people. Politics parties store one

government, or perhaps idea of government form holding all power. These features let the

visitors to govern themselves without the region being torn apart.

You will find two the case types of democracies, immediate democracies, and

representative democracies. In a direct democracy every one of the people satisfy to discuss

concerns and design laws. A direct decision consults all the persons for the

decisions.. As that is unpractical in the modern world, a fresh form of democracy

the consultant democracy provides arisen. This form of democracy has chosen

representatives producing most of the daily decisions, as the main organizations

of residents consulted intended for only the most important decisions.

Among the earliest known democracies is at Athens, a city-state in

southern, historical Greece. About 620BC, Athens became the first accurate democracy.

In Athens the ruler Draco tried to produce many reforms in the city state. Draco

organized laws and regulations by placing them in a written code, letting everyone know what the

laws were and how they put on everyone. He also offered the people the right to

a trial. The next ruler Solon, another Athenian leader also helped Athens turn into

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