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Democracy CAN BE A Politics System Politics Essay

Nowadays we can always hear the term democracy in all over the place. What is actually democracy. Democracy is a political system that involves multiparty elections, representative government and also freedom of conversation. In other words, we can say that it's a form of administration that the people are straight or indirectly participate in their state ruling. The residents in democratic countries hold the equality and independence in social, faith, culture and financial. They are also allowed to choose the state associates whom they more more suitable through elections.

Origins of democracy can be tracked back again to the Greek of sixth century B. C. The word originated from the combination of two Greek words, demos which means the people and kratein methods to rule. This technique was first appeared in the Greek's politics in the town status of Athens. Cleisthenes was the one who started out this democratic system. He was known as the daddy of Athenian democracy. The Greeks seen dictatorship as the most detrimental form of administration, so they changed to a totally complete opposite system which is democracy. The political system in Greek was the true perfect democracy in our world's record. The Greeks civilization was broken down into smaller city-states with small inhabitants. The people were directly involved in the state. The people were selected arbitrarily to occupy the car seats in federal government, judiciary offices and legislative assembly. They voted on all issues through regular assembly meaning they actually managed the complete politics of the state. Although this is a total democracy system, women and slaves were excluded from the system. These were not regarded as the citizens rather than permitted to vote. Man below 20 and foreigners were also not counted.

The idea of democracy was carried out in the politics of Roman but with some different level. The Roman Empire took the democracy principle from the Greeks federal government but they were representative democracy. Their system actually did the trick in the manner which had representatives from the rich and noble family members in the Senate and reps from the commoners in the Assemblage. The Roman Statesman, Cicero was one of the politicians who keen on democracy. In Athens, the befitting individual was not secured by the Greeks constitution. In the ancient Greeks, there is no word for 'right'. These were just liked the liberties which not against the government but also not subject matter themselves to the rules of another person. Cicero suggested that people have certain rights that needs to be preserved. He and other political philosophers of that time period taught that governmental and politics power should result from the people. After the craze of democracy was started out by the Greeks and carried on by the Romans, it's been seen in many later governmental systems throughout background. Today modern democracy imitates the Roman model more than the Greeks model as folks believe there must be an elected innovator or rep.

The democratic ideas in the centre Ages were began to be understood by folks and instituted through Religious. Christianity educated the people that men are identical. This thinking was deeply ingrained in to the society of DARK AGES. In 1215, the Magna Carta began a far more democratic system in England. English Parliament was created, the written laws and regulations held a higher vitality than the ruler, thereby limiting the energy of the Royal family and supplying some of that power to the people. The power of Parliament increased in periods over the being successful centuries. Parliament little by little gained more power before monarch became generally a figurehead. In North America, the British Puritans who migrated from colonies in New Great britain whose governance was democratic added to the democratic development of america. (Barr, Rankin, & Baird)

Most of the countries tend to be democratic scheduled to many reasons. In relation to modern democracy, the American Revolution and the People from france Revolution were some of the major occasions. In America, the pursue of democracy was the Declaration of Self-reliance in 1776 which was compiled by Thomas Jefferson. While in France, individuals overthrew the king and place their to liberty, property, security and amount of resistance to oppression. In the following years, revolution commenced to rise up against monarchy and the democracy administration began to develop all over the world. Together with the growing success of democracy in america and in other countries throughout the world, democracy became increasingly more popular.

In this 21st century, there are 25 countries listed as full democracy regarding to Democracy Index 2011. The good examples are United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand etc. While there are another 53 countries are grouped under Flawed democracy such as Malaysia, Thailand, Slovakia and many more. Although democracy is reported to be the best politics system, you may still find countries which practice authoritarianism or even totalitarianism due to the conditions of the countries. Many forms of Authorities have been tried out and will be tried nowadays of sin and woe. No-one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it's been said that democracy is the most severe form of government except all those other forms that have been tried every once in awhile, said by Winston Churchill through the speech inside your home of Commons on 11th November 1947.

One of the problems of democracy is flexibility of assembly. Flexibility of assemblage is forming of organizations and organizations accumulate together peacefully in order to safeguard their human right. Liberty of assembly is usually occurs as there are a few displeasure among the list of people which have mutual interest and goals. There are some country like Canada, France, India, and USA allows their citizen have flexibility of assembly. Under independence of assembly, folks have the right to having public meetings as it generally does not influence public safe practices and usually some fees is need to be able to have the permits. By getting the right to assembly, people can accumulate in a group posting and debating on certain concern and exchanging their opinion as long as there are not create any disturbance to the society. (Smith) However, there also still have communist countries such as China, Laos, and North Korea except from given their citizen flexibility of set up. The political system in China is totally different from democracy because they are strongly focus on total control to their people. Therefore, there is group of men and women wishing to set up demonstration through the 2008 Summer Olympics. (Gammon, 2012)

We have choose independence of set up to be discuss in our assignment as this issue seems to become one of the hot politics issues discuss by the residents and the same goes to politicians inside our country and also other countries. Our fourth primary minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad also gave his own view to the issue. You can find few points to support his opinion. Federal must prone to a minority group and same goes to bulk group. When there is certainly full freedom given to people will form issues on other will eventually lose their freedom because they are encroached by the flexibility one. Government will loss control their citizen because they are given fully freedom. Though it is good to supplying the right for people assemblage but it cannot use as a make to the federal government as it will influence the quality of decision they make. (Flexibility of assembly should have restrictions, says Dr Mahathir, 2012)

Although the people have the privileges to assemble readily, gleam law to limit them. The Peaceful Set up Take action 2012 (PAA) is regulations introduced on 12 months 2012 to be able to handle the demonstrations or public protest in Malaysia. (Lim, 2012). This Take action contains 27 Portions and 4 Schedules to provide constraints regarded necessary or expedient relating to the right to put together peacefully and without arms in the interest of the security of the Federation or general public order. This work has substituted the Section 27 of Police force Action. The permit of police force for mass assemblies is no longer needed. (Gathering in Peacefulness, 2011) Maina Kiai, a Kenyan attorney who is a US of special rappoteur said that it is important to have freedom of assembly to give chance for the citizens to tone out their opinion. However, he criticized that the Peaceful Set up Function (PAA) is more toward control rather than facilitating the set up. (UN special rapporteur pans Peaceful Assembly Act, 2012). Besides, this PAA has been compared by the Bar council, civil market leaders and also the opposition.

In Malaysia, there are few conditions such as LYNAS and BERSIH highly relevant to the independence of assembly. Same would go to other country like USA and Taiwan. In USA, there are thousands of people accumulated in Wall Street, New York in order to oppose their federal government to safeguard their own financial interest as their administration just support system compensation for rich category people. Besides, there are presentations named "Million Voices against Corruption, Leader Chen Must Go" led by Taiwan politician, Shih Ming Te. The goal of the protest is pressured the Chief executive Chen Shui Bian to resign due to the corruption. These cases will be further discuss in the next parts.

2. 0 Rally In Malaysia

2. 1 Circumstance 1: Bersih 2. 0

Bersih 2. 0 also shows the average person right such as individual right, politics right and civil liberty. The Bersih 2. 0 rally was a demonstration that organised at Kuala Lumpur on 9th July 2011 to protest for free and fair elections. Bersih demonstration was agitated to make a much better electoral system that will permit Malaysia to choose a much better future head. Bersih also known as 'Walk for Democracy'. There have been around 20, 000 to 50, 000 people attended the Bersih 20. 0 rally. The rally was organised by the Coalition for Clean and Good Election.

Why have Bersih build? What did they want and what were their goals? There were 8 needs that state by the Bersih. These demands have also become the aims of Bersih that efficiently injected into all Malaysians' frame of mind. The 8 goals were shown below:

Clean the electoral roll

The electoral move is spoiled scheduled for some irregularities such as deceased person or multiple persons registered under a single address. Therefore, the electoral roll must be kept up to date every once in awhile. Next, Bersih 2. 0 also demand that Election Percentage (EC) to put into practice an automated voter enrollment system to avoid any irregularities.

Reform postal ballot

The current postal ballot must be reformed to ensure that all nations are able to vote includes Malaysians citizen that living in another country, police, armed forces and civil servants.

Use indelible ink

Indelible printer ink should be used in all elections to avoid voter fraud. In the past, voters may inadvertently smudge the ballot paper with ink, and hence casing the ballot paper to be invalid. Other countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt and Iraq also practice using this kind of ink.

Minimum 21 days campaign period

A longer plan are able to provide more time for voters to assemble information, more time to consider and more time to vote.

Free and fair surplus to media

Bersih 2. 0 suggests that EC press on all mass media agencies such as radio, television set, newspaper and newspaper to market the objectives for those parties.

Strengthen open public institution

Public organizations must act individually, uphold laws and regulations and protect individual protection under the law as Malaysia is a democratic country.

Stop corruption

Bersih 2. 0 insists to end corruption. The only way is serious action is taken against all allegation of problem, such as vote buying.

Stop dirty politics

Bersih 2. 0 needs to get rid of all dirty politics gatherings and politicians in order to build a much better population and country.

2. 1. 1 What were the government's views on this and what activities they took?

On 2nd July 2011, Barisan Nasional authorities has declared that Bersih was an illegitimate organization because it is a convergence of Non-Government Organization (NGO) group whereby it developed by many registered group who get together and talk about the same agenda and purpose.

Therefore, these were not allowed to do any demo. Throughout that day, Malaysian's polices said that they vowed to stop any unlawful rallies where without police permission. At first, Bersih organized to march through the roadways of Kuala Lumpur with some propaganda such as "Walk of democracy", "We want fair democracy", "We hate the federal government", "Say no to Corruption", "Reformasi" and more more, but then Bersih decided to congregate at Merdeka stadium to truly have a peaceful demonstration. Nobody was out to throw stones, burns autos and injuries which bring about Bersih rally 1. 0 in 2007.

However, the protestors were still unable to gather efficiently at Merdeka Stadium because many of the people were required by the authorities who were closely deployed throughout the city. Police react violently by arresting around 1, 600 peaceful demonstrators, hurling rip gas and firing normal water canon immediately towards protestors just to stop the Bersih 2. 0 gathering in the stadium. There was a case a 56-years-old man, which really is a participant of Bersih 2. 0 in addition to a protestor, collapsed near the Petronas Towel while fleeing tear gas and was released useless later in clinic. Next, many protestors were beaten by the police and officials of the National Reserve Device to curb mass public assembly. It also discovered that the police fired tear gas near to the hospital ingredient which put the health of patient vulnerable.

Bersih 2. 0 results that almost all protestors imprisoned during 9th July 2011 will have been released at no cost. But there are still 40 people facing prosecution. For those protestors who caught wearing Bersih T-shirts have been incurred under Section 49 of the Societies Act for possession of illegal material.

2. 1. 2 Opposition's stand

The opposition, Pakatan Rakyat which includes Democratic Action Get together (DAP), The People's Justice Get together (PKR) and Parti Islam Malaysia (PAS) has portrayed their acceptance to the Bersih 2. 0. Within their judgment, it is a new way for Malaysian to voice out their dissatisfaction on corruption and to notify the government never to rig the election again and again.

Lim Guan Eng, the secretary-general of DAP said that DAP has reiterated its support to the Bersih 2. 0's eight needs. Besides, DAP strongly condemned the actions and warnings by the government, especially Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, to ban this peaceful sit-in protest by instilling fear of untoward happenings (Chooi, 2012). He also talked about that it is the perfect time to ensure a bright and clean future for free from fear.

Apart of the, PAS also gave their full support to the rallty. Their president, Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang has urged all the get together members to be a part of the Bersih 2. 0 for demanding a genuine free and reasonable election.

Nearly all of the market leaders from opposition parties joined the rally on 9th July but almost all of them were imprisoned at that moment.

2. 1. 3 NGOs' stand

Overall, there were 24 non-gvernment organizations (NGO) which portrayed their objection towards Bersih because they felt that it may cause chaos. They also declared about the stubbornness of the organizer which supported by the opposition to require in the demo. A number of the NGO that against Bersih include Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras (YPC), Persatuan Teksi Eksekutif Malaysia, Persatuan Penjaja Kuala Lumpur, Pertubuhan Suarakan Kehendak Rakyat Malaysia (Sedar) and Pertubuhan Gerakan Memartabat Pejuang Negara Malaysia. Next, the NGOs also send a memorandum to the house Ministry to do something against the organizers who support Bersih. There's a case in Kampar, Perak where the chief executive of Malaysian Youngsters Council (MYC) Mohamad Maliki Mohamed Rapiee stated that the council would take action towards the members who take part in the gathering. "We desire youths to guard against being inspired to participate in the gathering, " he told the reporters.

However, there are also some of the NGO which support Bersih. For example, All Women's Action World (AWAM), Federation of Malaysian Indian Organisations (PRIMA), Persatuan hak asasi manusia (hakam) and Women's Aid Organisation. The members that support Bersih are required to wear yellow clothes or yellow items.

2. 1. 4 The role of mainstream media

The mainstream advertising which were controlled by the government have not centered their report on the rally. Like TV1, Tv set2 or TV3, it was very difficult to determine the fine detail about the rally on their media, even the printing multimedia also hided some truths. They have made Malaysians disappointed and has felt the speed of media liberty was down-grading.

2. 2 Case 2: anti-Lynas protest

Another example which ultimately shows the individual right which includes human right, political right and civil liberty in Malaysia is Lynas circumstances. The Lynas Organization Small (LYC) is a uncommon globe mining company from Australia. It mainly targeted to become a global uncommon earths developer and dealer by give attention to RED (Rare Earths Direct) branding. Their main advantage is Mt Weld unusual earths first deposit in European Australia. They digging the uncommon earth ore from surface at Mt Weld, then process a lttle bit at Laverton and tricking to Fremantle. Last but not least, it will be shipping and delivery to Gebeng Industrial House, Pahang, Malaysia. for the ultimate process. The product, this means the rare earth oxides, will be reselling to other country such as America.

Why Malaysia has been chosen to be the vacation spot to further procedure for the rare globe ore into uncommon earth oxide somewhat than in Australia? Actually, Lynas arrived to Malaysia is dependant on monetary reasons and also its proximity to customers. The availability of cheap skilled and unskilled labour, chemicals and fresh water make the business choose Malaysia. It also makes better business sense to be near to global customer because they meet all the legislation and approval to develop Lynas seed in Australia.

2. 2. 1 The reason why of experiencing rally

Remove of radioactive factor from the unusual earth nutrient by Lynas control place in Pahang can produce those gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, cross types cars and wind turbines. In result, the rest of the can be as an unhealthy waste which producing a humongous amount of radioactive to be released in form of gas, liquid and solids. The bad impact all disposed in Malaysia, and cause nothing at all toward Australia country and therefore make almost all of the Malaysian assemble to against the approval of government. This action makes a solid rebound from the majority of the Malaysia resident. The trust of Malaysian towards federal was spoiled and might cause political risk in Malaysia. Voters will have a tendency to vote contrary to the ruling get together during election kept every five years. Besides, Australians are becoming silently hated by Malaysians. (Ryan, 2012)

The goal of the anti-Lynas campaigns and demonstrations formed is the majority of the Malaysian want to expel Lynas out from Malaysia. On their opinion, this Lynas plant provides a lot of bad result which includes human's health insurance and also destroy the environment. They stand out and assemble jointly to speak out their view and trust the federal government will be further consider about the built of your uncontrollable time bomb within the country.

2. 2. 2 Opposition's stand

The Secretary-General of the Malaysian Democratic Action Get together (DAP), Lim Guan Eng has compared the build of Lynas. "The fact that BN government has no hesitation to concern the TOL to Lynas even prior to the general election revealed its dedication towards Lynas and income above the people's health, " he said (Guan Eng: Vote out BN to shut Lynas vegetable, 2012). He said that the government did not concern about the bad result for resident that brought on by this Lynas place while just concern about the profit of the united states gained.

2. 2. 3 The views of NGOs

For a few of the non-government firm which is involved in developing the state's business and entrepreneurial areas, they actually reinforced the approval of the federal government that allowed the Lynas built within the country (LYNAS Place: Research can silence opponents, 2011). For the reason that these were more concern about the economy of the united states. They thought that the Lynas task didn't have harmful health threats based on the evident from the opinions which have been received from local business owners which were involved in the plant from the start (Lim, 2012). But also for various other non-government corporation, for example, Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat (KOMAS), Center Policy Initiative (CPI) and Law firms For Liberty (LFL), they opposed the Lynas by aiding the Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) to immediately postpone the license issued to Lynas also to limit any shipment of rare globe ore concentrate into Malaysia.

2. 2. 4 The government's actions

The police force usually use tear-gas grenade to deploy the protesters. The protesters really dissatisfied with the activities of the federal government that are trying to ignore and stop them to avoid the decision that they have made. They stated that government hasn't listening to folks at all.

2. 2. 5 The result of the rally

As a result, the individuals have assembled for at least five times to oppose the build of Lynas vegetable. This create riot within Malaysia and it shows unpredictable of the country. But from other view, it implies that all the resident have their right to oppose authorities decision. People have their power to evaluate your decision which make by the federal government. May be the Lynas plant provides more advantages or cons? This is an intricacy question for all of the Malaysian. Every people have their own view to make their decision. Citizen can speak out what they want, what they think and what they want. It is one of the characteristic of democracy country which highly demonstrates the freedom of people.

3. 0 Rally in foreign countries

3. 1 Flexibility of assemble in United States

"'The right of people peaceably to assemble for the purpose of petitioning Congress for a redress of grievances, or for other things connected with the forces or the obligations of the National Government, is an attribute of countrywide citizenship, and, as a result, under the safeguard of, and guaranteed by, the United States. The very notion of a authorities, republican in form, indicates a right on the part of its people to meet peaceably for appointment in respect to open public affairs also to petition for a redress of grievances. " (Supreme Courtroom, United States v. Cruikshank, 1876). In America, governments are recognizing the people to have liberty of talk and religion; they may have the privileges or flexibility of assemblage to tone of voice their thoughts and opinions out to the federal government. They have privileges to withstand the directions of federal they deem wrong or unreasonable. In United States, government officials cannot prohibit all presentations in public message boards during controversial occasions. Law enforcement officials only can have a protection to avoid the violence happen through the event for the eye of public. The official cannot refuse the constitutional protection under the law for protesting on public streets, general public parks, and other general public place. People can have a demonstration outside a federal courthouse however the leader must discuss their plan with the U. S. Marshall. This shows US country is democratic to accept the view of resident. The government may well not restrict the real content of conversation place, and types of speech. Once the people face by law enforcement, they still need to follow their purchases even people believe that their action is poor. In large protest activity, people can have fair legal observers to be there. Legal observers cannot take part in the demonstration, nonetheless they only can go under some action by demonstrators and by law enforcement. " The proper to peaceable assemblage is a right cognate to the people of free talk and free press and it is equally fundamental. " (Supreme Court, De Jonge v. Condition of Oregon, 1937). Set up is a means that people show support for an idea or dispute from the federal government. America that support the democracy not only promote for people freedom or employee right, it also create a far more steady and blooming arena which United Status can get its countrywide interest. Citizen creates a non-government corporation (NGO) or interest group devoted to solo issues. The NGO will be a powerful way to focus people interest in the united states. The group use to demand something and politicians generally hear.

3. 1. 1 Tea Get together movement (USA)

For example, tea get together motion in United Point out is one of the organizations or functions represent the speech of individuals. They make an effort to oppose the high taxation, immigration and federal involvement in private sector. Speaking by the floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Santelli heatedly explained that 'the bailout would "subsidize the losers' home loans" and proposed a Chicago Tea Get together to protest administration intervention in the housing market. ' Tea get together uses the energy of social media such as Facebook to coordinate the protest event. This prove that the country is under the free mass media, people can have their individual right to discuss the information or media about protest government. The first action of tea party activity was a nationwide series of assembly on Apr 15, 2009, more than 250, 000 people take part this protest event. "Tea" means "Taxed Enough Already. " All of the party participants at congressional town hall meetings to protest the proposed reforms to the American health care system.

3. 1. 2 Occupy Wall structure Street

American people want to against the financial mafia that considered their country and protect their own financial interest by firmly taking people welfare and lives. They can be fight for fact democracy, people empowerment, an equality and fair society. Citizen in United Express speech the dissatisfied that they have keep in silence for long. Residents hope their federal government can have a real 'change' that they can 'believe in', the right of men and women are not trampled under your toes of money and power-wielding financial elite of the Wall structure Neighborhood silk. The activity, thousands of individuals gathered on September 17 in Wall structure Street, New York which is the centre of American bank and money industry began the ''Occupy wall Streets''. The activity has now multiply to other metropolitan areas across the United States and inside the U. S. and around the world has got the attention of individuals. The machine of administration that unfair and unjust to the citizen cause they feel despair toward the federal government. In economics folks, the system and federal government only support system prize individuals in super wealthy class and disregard the middle income and the poor. The inequality of national wealth distribution and folks income in United Point out are worse than other country. Since 2008, economical condition of USA has a sharp flip for worse. The middle class of North american are stay static in higher rate of unemployment, increasing cost of living and lowering incomes. The political system of North american increasingly failing short of challenge of that time period which cause the government cannot give a powerful solution to the condition that face by American and America. For instance, Obama's job creation plan which broke to items because of this of the Republican-Democrat animosity. The high unemployment level in United State cause destruction of people, families and some People in america who cannot even afford their daily food spend.

American people resistant to the financial mafia because the recognized simple truth is that the expansion and rise in vitality of "finance capital" over the years especially in the U. S. has supposed that the complete economies and societies have been taken hostage by the predatory financial oligarchy. In Middle East, people are against their oppressive dictatorships. In United Point out, their government, economic, culture and their very lives are considered as a hostage which are now against by people. They can be fight for specific right, cultural and monetary equality.

3. 1. 3 Non- authorities organization stance toward the America protest activity

U. S. and international NGOs (non-government firm) actually stand for every conceivable politics cause, religion, social concern, and interest group. About 1. 5 million NGO operate in United Talk about. NGO in the us are engage in some activity such as election, women rights and monetary development. NGOs always feel they can not ignore the immediate useful problems of folks in their coverage domain. Human privileges NGOs and women's NGOs will conclude having programs to aid the patients of discrimination and injustice. Some of the NGO are support people to have privileges of protest authorities activity. For instance, the tea get together government also engaged the Occupy Walk Streets to support the individuals fight for their monetary interest.

3. 1. 4 Aftereffect of multimedia to protest activity

Media is one of the things that can impact the democracy of America. Ask with a sociologist Herbert Gans, "What can Journalists actually do for American Democracy?" the point of journalism to journalist can be an important thing to democracy. The role of democratic journalist is to inform citizen and allow more citizen participate politically because a lot more participate of resident should come out a far more democracy country. The journalist only can show the truth of politic to the citizen. But the tea party in the United Express is criticizing the press of country make an effort to coverage the Occupy Wall structure Avenue protest activity. Media are make an effort to disregard negative point of the "Occupy Wall Neighborhood" protests while it play up suspicious charges against conventional activists last year. The co-founders of the Tea Get together Patriots Draw Mecker say that when the tea get together protest begins, they can be ridicule, ignored and strike by the press. Media are using 'Astroturf, ' 'fringe, ' 'racists' and 'Nazis' phrase to spell it out them. Out of this event, we can know that sometime United State also will have a limit independence of press because they would like to cover the bad image of America to other country or resident.

3. 2 The "Million Voices against Corruption, Leader Chen Must Go" protest in Taiwan

In Taiwan, there was a protest called "Million Voices against Corruption, Chief executive Chen Must Go" in 2006 which led by Shih Ming Te, the past Democratic Progressive Get together (DPP) chairman, to pressure President Chen Shui Bian to resign anticipated to corruption.

President Chen and the DPP came up to electricity in 2000 promising reform and a finish to money politics, or "dark colored yellow metal", after over fifty percent a century of one party rule by the Kuomintang (Gluck, 2006). However, lots of his followers were disappointed as there are scandals that indicated his son-in-law, Chao Chien Ming, was accused of insider trading. The identical year, his wife, Wu Shu Chen, was incurred with problem and forgery. It had been proven that she got wired $21million in marketing campaign funds to bankers in Singapore, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, There were charges that Chen himself had misused his power as well (the Editors of Magazines International, 2007).

3. 2. 1 People's responses

The mass protest was clearly fully supported by Taiwanese. It could be seen when Shih has made a decision to launch a fundraising plan to funding for the rally, a great deal of people provided their quick response and donated a symbolic NT$100 as requested. Within six business days, greater than a million people registered to aid him (Gluck, 2006). The swiftness and range are shocked to everybody, including Shih.

On 9 September 2006, the rally started in leading of the Presidential Building. The protesters dressed up in red to highlight their anger, gestured thumb down and chanted "Ah Bian step down!" to show their disapproval and dissatisfaction. The organizers said that more than 200, 000 people experienced signed up with the rally but the police put the number at 90, 000. They also said that the protest was the first mass grassroots movements to remove a president that was not structured by mainstream politics parties (BBC Media, 2006). A multimedia spokesman of the protest camp, Emile Sheng, said they did not want any partisan support and they attempted to keep that as genuine as it can be, as a motion of people. "For me, this is a cultural activity to rebuild the moral expectations of Taiwan politics, " he added (Gluck, 2006).

This rally has last for two calendar months. Many protests such as the "Surround the town" protest, the "Surround the Island" protest, and the "Besiege the Presidential Office" demonstration have been planned during the a few months. Matching to RenMinWang, a information website, there have been about 300 old people had taken part in the rally and they have well prepared for a long run contend prior to the rally began. It revealed that Taiwanese who come from all walks of life were being upset to the immoral leader and they understood that they have to go out to make changes.

3. 2. 2 Police's role in the rally

There were about 5000 riot police were deployed to ensure that the rally was having in a peaceful way. However, they didn't use the extreme force to dispel the peaceful protesters like the other non-democratic countries, unless the protesters were lost control and made the problem become chaos. Few news about the clash between riot police force and protesters were been told.

3. 2. 3 Media's role

Taiwan's mass media such as TVBS has played out a key role in exposing Chen Shui Bian's scandals and in helping the rally. The chairman of Kuomintang, Ma Ying Jeou, and James Soong who is the leader of People First Party is seen on tv that they were became a member of the sit-in. TVBS claimed that the protesters were turn out spontaneously and transcended party political interests. It has shown that mass media in Taiwan are absolve to report the reality without slandering the rival camps and making artificial news. Folks are enjoying the news headlines freedom and they can fully consider what they have read within the newspaper. Matching to a report from Gallup Inc. , Taiwan defeats all other Parts of asia in conditions of how its people rate the level of media liberty in the united states (The China Post/Asia News Network, 2012). They have got made their 17th position on the planet ranking.

3. 2. 4 Government's stand toward the rally

The ruling get together that time, DPP, has condemned that the rally was simply a tool for the opposition, Kuomintang to dismiss Chen Shui Bian from his post also to take over the power. It was not really a real democratic action by people but was manipulated by the opposition. These were making people hate federal through the rally.

3. 2. 5 Opposition's take on the rally

However, Kuomintang quickly refused it but offered support to the people. Ma Ying- Jeou, the chairman of Kuomintang emphasized that the rally should maintain a peaceful condition and must be halted if it converted into assault. He said that rally was flexibility for expressing dissatisfactions and views but not walking out to scare people.

After that, he also recommended associates of DPP position out to acknowledge the problem or it could become a long run rally, it was surely not good for the individuals and the economies in Taiwan.

3. 2. 6 Aftereffect of the rally

The long run rally has shown the power of men and women who were wanted to fight for their rights and also to try their best to build their shiny future. It really is symbolic of real democracy that people have their protection under the law to choose an improved leader they think can make their country become a better place. Although this rally didn't effectively make Chen Shui Bian stop, all the entire world were witnessing how much Taiwanese value the moral specifications of the politic and their innovator. They voiced out their desire of experiencing a clean politic though most of them were staying happy and were not worrying about their jobs in Taiwan. The rally also helps Taiwanese to start out building a democratic heart in their souls such as much traditional western countries.

4. 0 Comparison

Malaysia and overseas country such as America and Taiwan, these are identical to a democracy country. Both of the governments are still undertake the democracy system. They can be providing the citizen specific liberalities and the cultural and monetary equality of society to build up a stable country. Although they are democratic country and also have some similar point, there still involve some different details of view when they face the assemblage of people. We could see the dissimilarities and similarities of these when face the democratic assemblage from the action of law enforcement officials, and the marketing role.

4. 1 Media

Media always plays an integral role in democracy. However, the level of news freedom atlanta divorce attorneys country differs, like Taiwan, press freedom is appreciated by people. The simple truth is reported through mainstream advertising during the anti-Chen Shui Bian rally. But, in Malaysia, the worse thing than the authorities crackdown was the complete cover-up by the mainstream advertising through the Bersih 2. 0, which dubbed as "709". The federal government denied showing people the reality, and its own "own version truth" was posted, although there was a massive amount of photographs and videos were being published on Facebook or other mass media sources instantly as the function took place. What BBC News reported on this point was, "In addition to the screaming headlines in the neighborhood newspapers, it would be impossible to inform anything untoward acquired took place. (Harvey, 2011)" For instance, ChinaPress has made a perplexing headline, "Where was the peace that promised?" which tried to misguide people to believe that the protesters acquired created chaos during the rally.

Another example is, Astro has greatly censored a information article of BBC World Reports on Bersih 3. 0 rally on 28th April. Many controversial parts have been lower, including shots of drinking water cannon terminated by police force, a protester was obviously fired by the policeman on a motorbike yet others when shown on Astro. They have made BBC communicate its concerns, "The BBC is making immediate inquiries to the Malaysian operator, Astro, to determine the facts. (Burrell, 2012)"

Well, even in USA, limited advertising freedom sometimes appears too. The negative point of the "Occupy Wall structure Streets" protest in 2011 has been included in multimedia and has made america fall season to 47th in press liberty ranking.

In reality, democracy cannot do without free and critical media. The social networks like Facebook and Twitter are always utilized by politician and people to talk about and spread the news and send text messages to public in order to add people a simple way to get the reality due to the mainstream mass media are fully managed by the government. Malaysian nowadays is become cleverer to make judgment and can not believe that the rumor or being terrified by the federal government. For the reason that they are forget about to rely on mainstream advertising, the Internet start playing an integral part to get the news.

4. 2 The role of police

In Malaysia, the actions of law enforcement officials toward the people are not totally democratic through the Bersih 2. 0. They are not fully discovered the real goal or some information about the organization of bersih 2. 0 before they opt to "overwhelm" the folks in assemblage. Actually the individuals just want the free and good elections, that was entirely peaceful however the authorities are assume the individuals will initiated riots through the assembly. Protesters are compelled to disperse by assault of law enforcement. The unwise action or strike of authorities to the assemblage member also will hurt other people that not entail in Bersih 2. 0. For instance, law enforcement officials retreating into Tung Shin Clinic offered no respite to the protesters when the National Reserve Unit employees decided to fire tear gas and normal water cannons into the hospital element, this will injure some innocent people. For other example, the government thought to the protest, the Bersih 2. 0 event was against the law and after got declared Bersih an illegitimate organization, police said anyone found with Bersih-related materials, such as yellow T-shirts, could be imprisoned. This isn't a way that democratic law enforcement officials can do to the people. People can have their specific rights to protest the government in democratic country plus they can speak out their demand or dissatisfaction toward the government by using some sign such as yellowish T-shirt to show the anti-corruption of government.

In USA, the government allow people have a more peaceful or even more freedom of conversation in the assemblage compare to Malaysia. Through the assembly, the authorities can only have a responsibility to steer clear of the violence during the event. For the interest of open public, their objectives are safeguarding the safety of folks and keeping the order during set up. They'll not stop the freedom set up without specific reason. For instance, they will stay away from the assembly continue if individuals start rioting independently. Compare to Malaysia, the action of police will grow or initiated the riot of individuals because they keep on attack the folks but the people aren't happen any assault during the assemblage. They aren't "keep carefully the order" of set up, their action are try to dispel crowd.

5. 0 Effect

Rallies have infrequently been seen before 709 in Malaysia, such as Bersih 1. 0, which has become one of the circumstances among the unusual examples. However, it can be seen that Malaysian are start related to to the politic. Nobody has expected Bersih 2. 0 to become a big, fully reinforced rally. The views of Malaysian who are frightened to oppose and pay no attention to politic are vanished from that day.

Rallies become an important role to influence the country federal to become more democracy. With the rally, people tend to be more democratic they begin to understand their interest or demand in country. They will know the important of real human rights and battle for their independence through rally. Rally gives the chance to the people to protest the government that only focus their federal government interest and ignore the people economic interest. Rally help the people become courageous to appear to criticize the unfair and unjust authorities action. They will form the rally such as Bersih 2. 0 to avoid the corruption; Anti-Lynas to avoid the experience organize by authorities hurt the citizen.

6. 0 Conclusion

People play a far more standard role in modern democracy. The federal government should do perfectly in making procedures, producing the economies and adding what folks needs and needs. Nowadays, people have their right to kick the federal government out if the policies made aren't meeting the requirements of people. This means that there is forget about dictatorship and folks can make which get together they think can build the excellent future as the federal government through election.

However, government is obviously making their procedures without approval of people. When the people feel that the policies aren't good for them, they can speak out discontentment. Besides, people can be an important role to monitor the politicians' moral behavior. They are avoided from problem and electricity abusing. A good example we have brought up is the rally occurred in Taiwan. Individuals were walking out to demand the resignation with their chief executive, Chen Shui Bian in 2006 scheduled to corruption. Although Chen did not quiz, it warned the politicians that folks have started taking into consideration the politic and tended to be democratic.

There are advantages and disadvantages of democracy. The major advantage of democracy is to safeguards the passions of the folks. Real power is based on the hands of folks as they elect the representatives independently. In democracy country, social, economic and political pursuits of the individuals are dished up better.

Democracy is dependant on the basic principle of equality. All associates of their state are identical in the eyes of laws. All enjoy equivalent social, politics and economic privileges and talk about cannot discriminate among citizens based on religion, making love and property. They have got equal to choose their federal.

In democracy country, folks have their right to elect their interest reps which must responsible to them. If indeed they don't work effectively or don't appear to the expectations they will be tossed in the dustbin of record when elections are placed again.

Sometimes, democracy is not based upon the product quality but on variety. It becomes a drawback. Majority party keeps the energy of federal. Inefficient and corrupt individuals get themselves elected. They have got neither cleverness, nor eyesight, nor power of identity to take control of the state to its destinations.

The only goal of the prospects becomes to win election. They often employ under-hand procedures, foul methods to get elected. Unethical ways are usually adopted. Money electric power work hand-in-hand to guarantee the success elected in election. Individuals in election should always remember that 'when personality is lost, everything is lost'. Therefore, morality is the first casualty in election.

Political parties will be the basis of democracy. Political party usually stresses to capture power from residents. Besides that, associates of political get together are more focus on overall interest of the state with regard to their party. They try to win election by hook or by crook. Exercising the immoral methods, unfilled ideals, inciting hatred, growing caste feelings, communalism has become a common practice. It decreases the national identity (GUPTA).

In Malaysia, from Bersih 2. 0 to 3. 0, folks have shown their power and strong desire to have requesting a free of charge and good election. They protested and voiced their dissatisfactions to the government. It seems that rally has become a culture expressing demand in Malaysia, such as anti-Lynas protest. Due to having to worry their country, their lovely home will be demolished by radioactive substances, they are doing rally.

But, if residents are given absolute freedom, we can not achieve our goal setting techniques. Everything will be chaotic. It would be very difficult to rule a chaotic country. So we ought to have strict rules and regulations. We've the freedom of choice, freedom of conversation and so on, but were bound by our constitution and are equal before the legislation.

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