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Democracy And Freedom | Azerbaijan

To begin this paper, I'll define what Democracy is and what Freedom is. In such a paper, I am going to illustrate and measure the most challengeable inconveniences that Azerbaijan faces, now more present than ever before. Then, I am going to explain why is Freedom and Democracy are hard to obtain in Azerbaijan and what has been done so far to change the existing authoritarian government.

Democracy can be explained as a theory, where the supreme power is set up by people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a way of representation. In politics theory, democracy depicts a tiny number of affiliated forms of government and a politics philosophy. Democracy includes two principles- equality and freedom. These key points are portrayed by all citizens being equivalent before the regulation, and having similar approach to electricity where all citizens are guaranteed certain legitimized freedom and liberty, that happen to be mostly protected by a constitution. [1]

Freedom can be grouped into two concepts: positive freedom and negative freedom. Positive freedom is freedom to do something somewhat than freedom from interfering. Negative freedom is a content of options that are wide open for a person or people in general; it is a subject of X being absolve to be Z. [2]

In Azerbaijan, there are varieties of political parties representing diverse ideological and plan stages. In this sense, Azerbaijan has achieved one basic feature of pluralistic democratic politics. [3] Politics parties in my country, mainly weak and small, , nor play a main role in nationwide political life. A number of influences lead to this weakness. Azerbaijan is a presidential republic, and the constitutional willpower of the presidency has been reinforced by the powerful politics persona when i. Aliyev. Politics on the whole remains highly tailored, with few-high-profile individuals dominating the area. The personalizations of politics have removed further in my own country, where Aliyev supporters and pro-government press from a sycophants' refrain to compliment the president. Within this context, the pro-government parties tent to become vehicles for mobilizing support for the president in parliament, while other parties often serve the same goal for leading opposition politicians, readily splitting and changing to maintain with the regular disputes and divisions that undertake a more or less personal level between their market leaders. In Azerbaijan, up to date, there tend to be more than 36 political parties:

Pro-government parties (like New Azerbaijan Get together) have terribly defined ideological or insurance plan profiles enhance the careers of stalwarts.

It is hard to keep a robust doctrine in virtually any key positive improvement towards to democracy and freedom in Azerbaijan. The corrupted law enforcement condition is well create between all ranks of contemporary society that it appears unbreakable. [6] People are being used to perceiving elections and oppose within themselves. This is actually the notion of the civil proposal with deep scepticism and a feeling of desperation. Those who discuss or make an effort to act in favour of change are devastating their lives chasing the freedom. For example, Equality Party stated in May 2005, in Azerbaijan nationwide radio, that Ehtiram Jalilov- deputy brain of Azerbaijan's National Democratic Party became the next opposition activist to expire in unexplained circumstances during the upcoming presidential elections.

In July 2009, Freedom House publicized results of research that determined country's political rights, civil Liberties, and status. Freedom House argues that with the population of 8, 700, 000, the report of Political Protection under the law Credit score is six, Civil Liberties is five and the Position is said to be " Not Free. " Within an Overview, Freedom House declares following, "President Ilham Aliyev and the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party further marginalized the political opposition and other establishments of democratic accountability in 2008. The government's fierce suppression of advertising freedom was essential to Aliyev's victory in a managed presidential election in October. "[7] For instance, while Azerbaijan's constitution encouraging freedom of speech; the government bodies absolutely destined press freedom in reality. Novruzali Mamedov, editor of the newspapers Talyshi Sado "had been in condition custody since February 2007, initially on a trumped-up charge of resisting arrest, that was then changed to a treason fee, who passed on in prison on august 2009. "[8]

Azerbaijan's authorities primarily do not limit educational freedom. However, my elder brother acquired practiced politics pressure in Point out School of Azerbaijan. That pressure included reported threats to lessen my brother's marks when he contributed in opposing politics activity. Another example is that my dad was disregarded as a teacher in college or university because of his account in opposition functions.

The government limits freedom of the legislature, especially for opposition celebrations. Azerbaijan's federal government commands key judicial commissions and there is no indication that the judge system is with the capacity of bringing the federal government to reserve when it behaves unconstitutionally, or securing citizens' protection under the law against arbitrary federal government action. Although Azerbaijani legislators have approved several laws and regulations to enhance freedom of information, the law of the Azerbaijan Republic grants legislative surface for an independent judiciary, in practice judges do not role independently of the executive branch. [9] The judiciary is corrupt, inefficient, and obedient. Incidental arrests and detention are incredibly common, particularly for participants of the political opposition. Prisoners tend to be restrained for long periods before trial, and their access to attorneys is constrained. My military services commander Gadir Musayev was victim of Azerbaijan's corrupt systems. He was arrested during presidential elections and denied defend by legal lawyer. As he remarks, prison conditions were extreme; numerous prisoners experiencing overcrowding and insufficient medical care, he was not given adequate medical care in jail. Azerbaijani regulators refused to allow independent treatment proposed by a EU delegation that been to Mamedov in prison in June. Musayev was one of the few lucky political prisoners who have been liberated from jail with help of International Individual Rights Organization.

Corrupt market leaders that destined the equality of opportunity control major parts of the overall economy. As I brought up earlier, fans of the political opposition face job loss, exile, and dismissal.

Public norms and poor economical conditions in Azerbaijan restrict women's professional roles. Local assault in Azerbaijan is an emergency; furthermore, there are no laws to avoid spousal misuse. Women can go to judge for assault, but poor cultural values restrict them from doing it.

According to Amnesty International, Azerbaijan is among eight authoritarian countries on the territory of the ex - USSR. [10] To give a specific view what is "authoritarian" means I am going to clarify the authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is a political doctrine supporting the rule of absolute rule: dictatorship, totalitarianism and absolutism. Authoritarianism shows any political system that concentrates authority in the hands of a leader or small elite. Authoritarian market leaders often exercise electricity arbitrarily and without factor to existing organizations of regulation. The freedom to formulate opposition political leagues is either limited or nonexistent in authoritarian regimes. [11]

In Azerbaijan, Country wide society institutions weakened, while presidential powers were exceedingly reinforced in 2008. Many designs are off-limits to journalists, who generally practice self-censorship to prevent the dangerous repercussions. [12] These include nationwide security issues, exceedingly powerful or personal attacks on the leader, and specific declarations about problem and unlawful businesses activities. At the minimum four journalists, jailed for their professional activity, stay in Azerbaijani prisons. The government disciplines wide-spread control over electronic press and silences all alternative voices. The regulators quit broadcasts of BBC on local frequencies from January 1st. The move essentially ensures a monopoly for state-controlled advertising and stops any independent media broadcasts from achieving the Azeri people. [13]

Corruption is one of the primary problems obstructing democratic growths in Azerbaijan. Attempts to improve the situation on the legislative level fail at the application phase, as their state agencies authorized to carry out anti problem activity are believed to be among the most corrupt organizations in the united states. However, the country's administration reinforced its guideline by elevating a prohibition from a 3rd term presidency, which may lead to the life span long presidency of Ilham Aliyev. The problem with freedom is estimated to stay poor as the government is constantly on the silence judgmental voices in the country and overlook the international community's demands reformations. [14]

Government of Azerbaijan desires us to welcome those who are constrained to do something by their unlawful rules in order to undergo - teachers, farmers, police officers, access and middle level civil employees, striving businessmen - those many souls captured in the web of corruption are as significantly responsible as the "management" that runs the system. They wish that everyone would suffer enough blame to be helpless of sense and extracting authentic moral offense at their outrageous activities. The invisible part of their skilful indoctrination machine works night and day to install in to the community the guilty verdict. Nevertheless, the larceny, tyranny, reward, moral putrefaction, mistrust and skepticism are the products of their own deliberate activities, not some certain providence or historical devastation.

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