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Understanding the purpose of definition essay on love

There are a lot of types of essays, each of which has its specificities and difficulties. While informative essay is considered to be one of the easiest writing assignments to accomplish, because it is about informing the potential reader about certain issues, a definition essay is one of the most difficult to accomplish, as long as it has not only to provide certain information, but to make the potential reader have an absolutely clear and vivid image of that or another fact, subject, phenomenon, etc. Therefore, writing of definition essay foresees that you have to present such an explanation of something, that it would provoke appropriate associations and feelings of your target audience. At the same time, it also depends on what you are going to describe in your paper, which is the reason why choosing the subject for description is one of the most important steps in accomplishing this kind of essay. In this article, you are going to find a number of useful and interesting guidelines that we recommend following when writing your definition essay on love.

Before you actually begin writing your definition essay on love, it is very important that you clarify the overall purpose of this kind of writing assignment. You need to have a clear understanding what is going to be your goal when dealing with this task and what result you need to achieve. Generally speaking, you need to provide the meaning of the word “love” in accordance with the vocabulary definition, after that you need to explain this meaning from your point of view and finally, you need to provide your personal opinion and viewpoint in this regard. When dealing with writing a definition essay on love, you need to prepare yourself for a rather tough piece of work, as long as the matter of love has being researched thousands of years, it has being the main theme in the majority of art pieces and it is a phenomenon, that is still considered to be a psychological and physiological miracle. For this reason, in order to be able to explain something that is not completely explained till today, you need to do deep and grounded research, including reading lots of related literature and figuring out your own feelings that you might have experienced within your lifetime. Keep reading and you will learn what steps you should undertake in order to write a good and interesting definition essay on love.

Easy steps to write a definition essay

Taking into consideration that you already have an issue to cover n your paper, since you have to write a definition essay about love, you need to look at this from an abstract and philosophical point of view. You don't need to provide an exclusively scientific approach to exploration of love. More than that, we recommend using your personal opinion first of all. Anyway, try to consider and take the following steps.

  • Think in what way the term “love” is disputable. A good definition essay on love needs to provide not only one side of the issue. Quite the opposite, you need to show how disputable this issue is, how many approaches to its exploration exist and how many meanings it may have, depending on the approach.
  • Find out how the word “love” is defined by the dictionary. This is a good start for your research on this issue and it will help you come up with your own ideas for writing a remarkable definition essay about love.
  • Do research on how did this word originate. The historical context plays significant role, as long as it will show you the very first meaning that people out into this term. Thus, it will be easier to provide your definition essay about love with a couple of fascinating facts.
  • Provide a classification of different meanings that a word “love” has. As a matter of fact, not only close relationships between two people can be defined as love. This term has a wide range of aspects, each of which serves to explain different levels of feeling people may have, not only to each other.
  • Try to compare the definition of the term “love” to some other term that you are closely familiar with. In fact, this may be a compare and contrast part of your definition essay.
  • Include a couple of traditional details in regard to the assigned term. Here, you may provide an explanation of some traditional beliefs that people have about it. Also, you may include some information about the associations that people have when it comes to the discussion of love.
  • Remember including examples. It is important because this is how you can support your personal opinion with facts from real life. Consider providing examples from your personal experience, as well as from other people's life, literature, movies and so on.

Keep in mind that although the major part of your definition essay on love is going to be concentrated in the body of the paper, the last paragraph, which is going to provide a conclusion, is also very important. It has to summarize all of your points and show the logical finish of your thought. Having said that, we also would like to tell that you should mention the way you are affected by the definition of the assigned term in your extended definition essay on love. In addition, keep in mind that it would be very helpful to use a good-written sample definition essay on love. Please be aware that apart from providing help with definition essays on love, we can also do the following:

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