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Essay on declaration of independence

Much has been written and contemplated about the Declaration of Independence that was signed way back in 1776 on the fourth day of July. Since then, it has been praised and condemned for centuries and till date happens to be one of the most imperative documents related to the United States of America. Over the course of past two centuries, much has been debated on this topic and religious studies have researched on the consequences that lead to the declaration of one of the most powerful nations in the whole world. In this way, the values of America were defined and it still stands by those values today.

Writing a thesis on the Declaration of Independence essay is a tricky challenge since there are lots of opinions voiced regarding the document. It is being said that there was a total of 13 colonies that were jointly revolting the power housed by Great Britain and this revolt lasted 14 months. Way back in 1776, the Second Continental Congress had a meeting wherein the decision was jointly made and the attending members declared that the only way to declare the independence of America was to draft a formal statement to the King of Great Britain. Each and every argument that was made by the members who were attending the meeting was discussed at length and analyzed. These discussion points have been the main topic of most of the declaration of independence essays.

Varied viewpoints on declaration of independence

If you are writing a thesis on the declaration of independence, then you will need a properly outlined thesis format which will help you in stating and explaining your viewpoints against the facts in an appropriate manner.

It is generally said that the declaration of independence was segregated into two parts:

  • If you are persuasive essay on the declaration of independence in America, then you will have to introduce the readers to the topic by speaking about the reasons why colonies had demanded to be independent in the first place. If America was considered as a new and successful country, then did it need rulership or was it capable of rising on its own independently? These are the questions that need to provoke thoughts amongst the readers towards the beginning of the declaration of independence essay.
  • Next comes the vivid description of the “unalienable rights” that were not granted by the respective governing bodies, but as a matter of fact were guaranteed to the citizens of America by birth. If you are giving a case study definition on the rights deserved by the Americans, then you need to have justifiable reasons explaining what the rights were and how they would have benefitted the citizens. This should be followed by reasoning as to why these natural rights to the citizens were being violated by the British government when the people were highly capable of forming their own government that functioned in a relatively effective manner. The crusaders demanded that the formation of a new government was immensely important for the preservation of the birth rights, and the newly formed governing body will be authorized to function on its own accord. In case if the vision of the people was violated and hindered by the British government, then the functioning government has the right to overthrow the latter.

Scholars have always discussed the line of complaints and grievances that were reported against King George III who was the representative of the British government at that point of time. Once you are drafting a persuasive declaration of independence essay, you will need to write it in such a way so as to change the minds of the readers and align them according to your thought process. The declaration of independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson itself serves as a persuasive essay since it is backed by a powerful thesis statement that was supported throughout the content of the essay and ended with a conclusion that was very powerful. Since the introduction of the thesis statement is bold and powerful, anyone reading the declaration of independence will realize how powerful an essay can be if written in the right manner.

Furthermore, the introduction of any essay on the declaration of independence must always give the background knowledge which outlines and summarizes the body of the essay. You can also research on the business plan that was proposed for the newly formed government of America post the declaration of independence. For a country that was rising up on its feet, the economy had to be stabilized and new opportunities for aggressive expansion of the industries were to be welcomed. And for all this to happen in an efficient manner, it was immensely important for a proper business structure and strategy to be in place.

If you are discussing the American revolution, then the word limit might be an issue since there are umpteen facts that need to be covered in the essay in order to justify the facts that have been highlighted in it. Thomas Jefferson’s way of writing must be considered as an inspiration for all those who are trying to find out a way to make their persuasive essays on American independence powerful and thought-provoking. There are lots of ways to represent facts, but you need to understand that your essay might be read by people of different age groups, so it is always best to maintain a uniform but powerful writing style based on quality research of the respective topics.

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