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Debate on Being Unpatriotic

Cortney Matthaey

Becoming Unpatriotic

A country is not only a landmass or not just the amount of people that go on it or the amount of money they earn. A country is the pinnacle of governance ever sold of civilization. Only when the individuals are united will there be any federal government. Representing such a great union is the mighty flag. Symbolic that has been chosen to represent a whole civilization, and the multiple generations of great people born in the country. When you take a look at our nation's flag what do you observe? Can you see 13 stripes and 50 stars? Do you visit a nation that has been over many tests and road blocks and continues to be unified? Or do you see warfare amongst us? Can you see hatred? The American Flag is the cloth of our nation; millions of People in the usa have fought for the flag, it is more than a symbol of hope to many groups and folks value the flag. So a question price pondering: why would anyone even believe that it is justified to be permitted to melt away our flag?

Let us look at this for one minute. We must do everything inside our power to protect the North american Flag, for the flag keeps a lot more meaning than you think. What will the American flag imply for some people? While out asking people their opinion I ran across some very unique answers, one particular people is currently an active military services officer. WHENEVER I approached him and asked him on his judgment he was baffled that I even asked if it ought to be legal for Americans to shed their nation's flag. "No American should be allowed to burn the flag. AMERICA Military along with myself, protect the country along with the flag every second of each day to ensure their safeness. " (Goldberg) Now with this being said how would you feel if your hard, dedicated work visited waste materials because some Americans cannot appreciate all our military does for us on a regular basis. With men and women who would sacrifice themselves for our nation's flag why would any American try to deface it by using up it to ashes?

However, in the First Amendment we as Americans, have the to speak our intellects freely (Flexibility of Conversation). In the year 1989, the Supreme Judge ruled and only the accused in Tx v. Johnson. Tx v. Johnson, was a decision by the Supreme Judge of america that invalidated prohibitions on desecrating the American flag enforced in 48 of the 50 states. Gregory Johnson burned up an American flag beyond the convention middle. (Persily, Citrin, Egan 2008). Johnson used up the flag to protest the plans of Leader Ronald Reagan. He was imprisoned and priced with violating a Tx statute that avoided the desecration of a venerated object, including the American flag, if such action were likely to incite anger in others (Constable 2005). With this being said, they let Johnson go scotch free because the act itself is kept under the first amendment. How far is too much when it comes to flexibility of conversation? A question only each individual can answer. With women and men who sacrifice themselves for our nation's flag why would any North american try to deface it by burning it to ashes?

What kind of meaning does the American Flag have on themselves in any case? We should protect the North american Flag at all costs. In times of turmoil, the bringing up of the Personalities and Stripes symbolizes perseverance and long lasting strength. When September 11, 2001 happened what do we do? Most viewed up asking for help while others looked at the American Flag. Whenever America possessed a harsh time getting everyone united mutually, all they might have to do is look up to hose colors on America's flag and know that everything will be alright with time.

Many Americans combat for our flag every day, they fight, defend and unfortunately some become fallen. However this was their choice; their choice as Americans to guard and PROTECT the flag. While it is the textile of our region, it is so much more than that. It is a symbol of anticipation and tranquility. I believe the flag must have its own coverage against getting rid of and disrespecting. It implies that the culprit behind doing the burnings and disrespect will get punished. The North american Flag is the textile of our land; millions of Us citizens have fought for the flag, it is greater than a symbol of desire to many groups and folks respect the flag. The flag is there because were a united land, we may well not be as great as that which we once were however when almost all of your hope is fully gone (for example: after 9/11) many People in the usa united together if not absolutely all and we considered that flag as a beacon of desire.

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