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Most popular Death of a Salesman essay questions and Death of a Salesman essay topics

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  • Willy thinks of his son’s childhood and teenage years as a perfect past. Write some arguments to prove that the past isn’t as perfect as Willy thinks it to be?
  • Willy has selected a profession that isn’t good with his talents and inclinations. Do you agree with this expression or not? Give the evidence to prove your opinion.
  • In what way does Howard’s interview with Willy show that Willy shifts his professional problems and anxieties onto his family and mixes his personal life with his professional life?
  • What can you say to show that Willy misses the distinction between being liked and being loved? What are the consequences of Willy’s failure to find the difference between them?
  • Does Willy run to the past because of his wish to escape his unpleasant real, present life? How does he do it? In what way does it help Willy to overcome his failure in his professional life and failure with his ambitions?

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Most popular Death of a Salesman essay questions

  • Show the significance of the names in Miller's play interpret them. As we know Happy is a boy’s name and it tells us that his owner should be content. Happy has an apartment, a lot of women and a job, but he is still unhappy. Willy’s brother is named Ben and Ben’s brothers envy Ben’s success. l.
  • Show the role of modern life in Death of a Salesman? What are Miller thoughts about these innovations?


    Willy is a man who is doesn’t accept progress. He can’t imagine his job without a car and the highway system, but at the same time he cannot accept more modern sales methods than door-to-door ones. He wants to live outdoors because that means making things with his own hands. He is absolutely confused by Howard’s gadgets.
  • Does Willy Loman die as a martyr? Show the difference between Linda’s and his son’s opinions about his death.


    It is worth mentioning that Willy has a noble reason to commit a suicide – he thinks that the insurance money will help his sons to succeed in their undertakings. Miller doesn’t show the audience that Willy succeed. We can’t know for sure that his sons receive any money. The insurance company knows about Willy’s suicidal attempt and it is very difficult to prove that it was just and accident.
  • Write about the role of seeds. What does Miller want to say through that symbol?


    Willy starts to pay more attention to seeds when he realizes that he isn’t able to give anything to his sons. Seeds are something that will be real in some time and it is exactly them that Willy wants to pass to his sons.

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