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Dead Poets Culture And Dangerous Heads Evaluation Film Studies Essay

The soundtrack of Dead Poets Population is a synchronous one of bagpipes being played out during the procession, synchronous is a term used to spell it out a sound caused by some event on screen and which matches the action. This specific soundtrack relates specifically well to the visual track due to the fact of it being synchronous, but also because bagpipes represent tradition - a big theme throughout the film. I trust this choice made by the director for using bagpipes as the soundtrack as it fits in very well with the conformity being placed on the students by the institution.

On the other palm, the soundtrack found in Dangerous Intellects is non synchronous, (audio which is registered independently from the visuals then added later). The soundtrack is also a sound bridge - the music remains through shots adding to the continuity. The use of the music: Gangster's Paradise, relates to the theme of gangs within the region and life on the pavements. I also agree with the choice created by the director - the song reflects topics which look later in the film.

A matched trim type of editing is employed in the beginning sequences of Dead Poet's Society; this is where a familiar marriage between the pictures could make the changes seem smooth. This sort of editing can be used to show continuity and no change in time between photos - providing the audience all the small details. This editing and enhancing is effective and continues as the personas enter a new picture, the chapel.

Again, Dangerous Heads adopts another type of approach by by using a jump cut editing and enhancing technique - this can be an abrupt switch in one scene to some other indicating discontinuity. I believe this is employed showing the degree of disrespect for public property as seen by devastation and vandalism. This editing and enhancing also shows sections of interactions between individuals gives the viewer an idea of who they are really.

Now, on to the choices associated with colour and lighting starting with Deceased Poet's Society. A lot of light is utilized in its opening sequences, all the characters' encounters are sufficiently lit up. Light is also a kind of iconography with the "Light of Knowledge" in the form of a candle - which also provides light to the top chapel. Light can manipulate a viewer's attitude towards a character, this happened certainly to me when light was shining up from beneath Mr Nolan's face, supplying the impression of any stern identity and a severe enforcer of rules. The shades are also light; oranges, yellows and red which represent a warm environment (for the moment).

Dangerous Imagination shows some other facet of how color can be utilized effectively in an opening sequence. The very first thing the viewers notices is that the visuals are in black and white only - this creates an interest in the viewers as it is surprising and they therefore pay more attention. The misЁ-en-scЁne is dark regardless of the dark and white shade and there are shadows moving through a few of the photographs - hinting at strange lifestyles. The color changes from dark-colored and white to shade as the people move into the bigger class areas on their way to university, this shows the significance school has and still will have about them.

The establishing shot in Deceased Poet's Population is of a wall coated with old pupils, the American flag and the English flag, another exemplory case of an old college remembering its origins and practices - a dominant theme throughout all of those other film. There's a close up two-shot taking the thoughts of both kids having their picture taken. A up close shot of bagpipes being set up reinforces the theme of tradition and monitoring as the procession enters the chapel attracts the viewer into the film.

The building shot of Dangerous Thoughts is of a neglected building with graffiti on it expressing, "We love you baby!" the camera then pans over the room exhibiting even more graffiti. The camera angles concentrate more on the surrounding of the individuals rather than the people themselves, emphasising the huge impact of where people come from is wearing their lives.

The first theme introduced in Dead Poet's World is that of traditions. This is seen from the establishing shot of the wall showing the annals of the institution; it is achieved through the misЁ-en-scЁne and iconography by displaying the bagpipes and them being enjoyed by a student. The "Light of Knowledge" is also a form of iconography and it represents the theme of the high-class university, where students are expected to achieve good results. The other form of iconography is the banners the four kids hold through the procession, the designs are printed about them: discipline, brilliance, honour and traditions.

The clear theme in Dangerous Thoughts is one of disrespect as seen by the high concentration of graffiti on the structures; this is seen through the misЁ-en-scЁne. A form of iconography which presents a theme is the shattered stop indication, this shows an entire disregard for guidelines as in the beginning seen by the extremely raucous course Ms Johnson is appointed to instruct.

To conclude, both videos use different ways to try and present their particular communications in the opening sequences. However, I think that through complicated misЁ-en-scЁne, good use of iconography, camera perspectives, soundtrack, lamps and editing; Dead Poet's Society stands out as the more convincing of the two motion pictures in conveying their concept. (979 words)

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