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Daniel Defoe And His Writings Background Essay

The pamphlet The Complete English Tradesman written by the outstanding English copy writer Daniel Defoe cannot but attracts the interest of the todays audience who has a special interest not only to the English literature of the XVIII hundred years but also to the annals of Britain. As a matter of fact this pamphlet bears a relationship both to the politics situation in the united states and to the moral and ethic norms of younger generation of those days. It really is clear that only a person who had a huge experience and intelligence could write this work where he represented the practical instruction how to be the best tradesman. Daniel Defoe instructs how to carry negotiations, to make up documentation, to talk to the partners, to write business letters and to have business relationships. The writer maximizes the humanity that ought to always occur available relations between your tradesmen. Daniel Defoe found the meanness and the scam, the betrayal and the rudeness of these people who had been his partners running a business.

It is well known that the famous English writer committed himself not and then writing the catalogs, the pamphlets and the papers articles but also he ran his business which not always brought him income. There were the times when Daniel Defoe proceeded to go into the individual bankruptcy and on the other hand fought for his life and the wealth of his family. His vocation for trading was connected with his daddy who was simply a butcher in London where Daniel Defoe's family came from the continent. The reason of their introduction to Britain was concluded in the spiritual cleavage sorted out by the Catholics. Daniel Defoe's parents were the Protestants that is why they had to perform from the continent to Britain over the English Route. Britain got a spiritual tolerance and received all the Protestants who arrived to the country. There have been a lot of enterprising and strong-minded people one of the refugees. No wonder that Britain became a powerful condition. Daniel Defoe's dad wanted his child to check out their family custom and to become a butcher. But the commerce was bred in his bone Daniel Defoe made a decision to become a sailor. One day he establish sail having several barrels of the smuggled wine beverages up to speed the ship. He satisfied with the huge sea waves and the painful seasickness, the episodes of the Algerian pirates that have been beat again by the British patrol dispatch. That voyage was successful from the commercial perspective. Daniel stopped at France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. He was offered a posture of the commercial agent in another of the jacks but he refused and came back to Great britain where he hitched the daughter of the wine tradesman. He received 3700 pounds for part organized his first business - he sold the nice goods and wine. Everything was fine along with his business but soon after some political actions of the Protestants resistant to the Catholics Daniel Defoe's life experienced got a new change. Daniel was one of the rebels and got an active part in the mutiny. Although he in some way avoided the punishment Daniel was contained in the amnesty. He was observed by the Royal Household and many privileges were given to him. He even organised the public positions but it had not been enough for him as he intended to contain the position of the mayor of London. Because of some circumstances he ran to personal debt 17000 pounds. There have been too many credits which he had no possibility to spend.

The above mentioned facts from the biography of Daniel Defoe aren't all the reality which prove that strong-minded person got never given up no matter how hard his life was. That is why his pamphlet The Complete English Tradesman will probably be worth reading and analyzing. The publication contains the author's preface, the benefits and 25 words (or chapters).

The author tries to make clear the readers that it's a good chance for the tradesmen to utilize the instructions given in this reserve: "What is the reason that there are so many bankrupts and damaged tradesmen now in our midst, as part of your were known before?" Daniel Defoe can be an experienced tradesman who is aware of "the temper and genius of the tradesmen" of his years expresses his view concerning the difference between the tradesmen: "Tradesman cannot live as the tradesman in the same school used to live, custom and the manner of all tradesmen around them command a difference and he that won't do as the others do, is esteemed as no one included in this and the tradesman is doomed to mess up by the fate of the days. "

Each letter of the reserve has its title which expresses the key idea studied in it. Knowing the biography of the writer we understand that all the situations explained in the pamphlet The Complete English Tradesman Daniel Defoe experienced himself. For example, the letter XVII OF HONESTY IN Working, AND Laying or the notice XVI OF THIS TRADESMAN'S ENTERRING INTO Collaboration WITHIN THE TRADE, AND THE MANY DANGERS Joining IT, or the notice VII WITH THE TRADESMAN IN DISTRESS AND BECOMING A BANKRUPT. Let's assess the letter XXII ON THE DIGNITY OF TRADE IN Britain MORE THAN IN OTHER COUNTRIES. This letter can be viewed as as the most crucial one because it touches upon the country itself. "It really is a trading country" and it became the main and the powerful country at those times. Daniel Defoe is a patriot and a genuine citizen of his country, he's pleased with Britain and its own people: "We are not only the trading country, we are the most significant trading country of the world. Our climate is the most agreeable weather on the planet to live in. Our Englishmen are the stoutest and the best people on earth. " The author gives a whole lot of samples to prove his claims. He asserts that the flourishing households were "raised from trade" and they did not "use the sword for this weighed against other nations". He says: "Trade and learning have been the two chief steps by which our gentlemen have elevated their relations and also have built their fortunes. . . " We can see that these will be the words of the true tradesman who recognizes each depth in the trading business. Daniel Defoe is sure "due to the taxes paid, the loans supplied and the public credit backed" by the tradesmen Britain is on the higher level of its development. Furthermore the writer says about "the commendable seats, more advanced than the palaces of sovereign princes" that have been erected by the tradesmen and may not be weighed against "the car seats and castle of the traditional gentry which searched exhausted and dropped into decay".

Daniel Defoe blames the commendable gentlemen who do not agree to the tradesmen with their social group and mock at them, "bet them hold their tongue". The noble gentry do not consider a tradesman to be a gentleman although the tradesmen "spend more income by the year, keep a much better house and clothe their families better". The writer is sure that soon detail by detail the tradesmen will need all the gentlemen' positions because the English gentlemen run outdoors and may easily go through the fortune: ". . . after a technology or two the tradesmen' children or at least their grand children, become as good gentlemen, statesmen, parliament-men, judges, bishops and noblemen, as those of the highest beginning and the most historic individuals. . . ". The tradesmen who cannot find their "ancient race of gentlemen" from which they came will begin a fresh race which is "as effective as gentlemen as any that went before them".

Daniel Defoe brings the example that through the wars between France and Great britain the tradesmen required an active part and even "come to control regiments" and became the general officers. The author is sure that the English tradesmen cannot be weighed against the tradesman from the other countries because they are the gentlemen. Speaking about the ladies who are "so scandalized at the mean step of marrying the tradesmen" Daniel Defoe considers that they lose a lot when they refuse the tradesmen. "The word tradesman does not sound so tough as it can in other countries. " He asserts that to say the gentleman-tradesman is not a nonsense, it it a new race in Great britain. The English soldiers became the best in the globe, the English sailors are regarded as the best sailors on the globe and according to the author's words the English tradesmen would be the best gentlemen on earth. Yet another thing is that the trade provides "the indegent good wages plus they need not provide on board the dispatch of the warfare or list for soldiers".

To summarize all all these statements Daniel Defoe confirms that the role of the tradesmen in the life of Britain and its own prosperity is excellent. All his life Daniel Defoe considered himself to be a gentleman and his previous wish was to write on the grave the words: "Daniel Defoe, a gentleman". The English statesmen didn't meet his previous wish and wrote: "Daniel Defoe, the author of Robinson Crusoe". Daniel Defoe made a great contribution to the introduction of not only the British literature but also to the development of the world books. He composed more than 500 books. He was a person of a strong character who have everything he could to confirm the English gentry that the tradesmen were worthy of admiration. Daniel Defoe grasped that he'd have the best troubles because of his courageous pamphlet The Complete English Tradesman where he criticized the British gentry. But nevertheless Daniel Defoe expressed his thoughts and even had taken the liberty of presenting some preachings to the British gentry. Of course the British gentry didn't leave this reserve without their special attention. They made the author repay his old debts. In order to save the real estate Daniel Defoe had to provide it to his boy who ended up being scoundrel. His child discontinued not only his dad but also his brothers and his unwell mother. It was the last real human meanness in the life of Daniel Defoe.

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