Customer Service Dimension & Regulation

1. Overview/background

Carraig Donn Ennis:

Carraig Donn was established in 1965 and is now one of the greatest entirely Irish-owned retails. Carraig Donn (Ennis) is one of 36 stores across Ireland with an additional two outlets in the UK. This premier store specialises in fashion, jewellery and giftware.

Kilkenny Shop Ennis:

Kilkenny Group was established in 1963, originating as part Blarney Woollen Mills.

Kilkenny group promotes and works with Irish design and Irish music artists. Kilkenny group has 15 own-brand stores around the united states and also two sister brand stores, (Christy's, in Killarney, Co. Kerry) and Cobh, Co. Cork). Kilkenny shares around 450 brands, around 80% of which are Irish. Who currently make use of over 300 people.

2. Summary of results:

Carraig Donn

Kilkenny Shop

  • Store clean & well maintained
  • Clear signage
  • Aisles free from clutter
  • Merchandise well presented
  • Bright
  • Store clean & well maintained
  • Clear signage
  • Aisles free of clutter
  • Merchandise well presented
  • Bright
  • Very Busy
  • Well-presented employee's in dark-colored clothing or current fashion stock
  • Name badges on each employee
  • Acknowledged & greeted on entrance
  • Well-presented employee's in dark-colored attire
  • No name badge
  • Was not recognized by staff on entrance
  • Pleasant reliable professional attitude
  • Unprofessional attitude, didn't make attention contact or acknowledge my presence
  • Staff member was reliable, offering a number of different surprise choice options
  • Removed prices as this is a gift
  • Option of gift wrapping service offered
  • Inserted a separate gift receipt
  • Needed assistance as jewellery not obviously priced as tags where placed face down underneath
  • Shop was busy, no available staff to offer service
  • Good product knowledge
  • Was made awareof the shops returns policy
  • Left premises without purchasing anything
  • Was very content with customer service
  • Very disappointed, further training on customer support should be applied

3. Recommendations on how the client service offering could be advanced:

Carraig Donn

Kilkenny Shop

  • No tips required, very content with the amount of customer service on this occasion. The shop associate was competent and capable in her role of customer service provider.
  • Customer service training should be implemented
  • Mystery shopper recommendations should be applied
  • Increased staffing levels should be carried out during cycles of occupied seasons
  • Regular spot checks with constructive appraisal guidelines
  • Informed, informed, well trained employees have increased assurance and job satisfaction

The Office of the Ombudsman

  1. Who they protect:
  • Provide a free of charge consumer service which is open and responsible. Their job is to examine complaints in a good and impartial way. [1]
  • Examine grievances from people who feel they are unfairly cared for by certain general public body, for example, government departments, local specialists, the HSE and publicly funded third level education systems.
  1. How they operate:

How grievances to the Ombudsman are investigated

  1. The Ombudsman will carry out a preliminary analysis and determine whether action is necessary or not
  2. The Ombudsman will then consider if the grievance was made:
  • without proper authority
  • was an example of unfair or unsound administration
  • on irrelevant grounds
  • was made in a careless or negligent manner
  • was predicated on wrong or imperfect information
  • whether your client was discriminated against
  • was predicated on bad administrative practice
  • .

The formal analysis by Ombudsman:

  1. Will draft a Assertion of Grievance in consultation with your client.
  2. May demand any information, data files or documents to help them carry out the analysis.
  3. The Ombudsman only gets the capacity to make a suggestion. their findings are not legally binding and they cannot force your body to accept or act upon the decision. [2]
  1. The specific little bit of legislation they operate within:
  • The Ombudsman's legal authority to investigate grievances, and recommend redress where necessary, is set out mainly in the Ombudsman Act 1980.
  • The Ombudsman Function has been amended lots of times, principally by the Ombudsman (Amendment) Action 1984 and by the Ombudsman (Amendment) Take action 2012.
  • There are also various other Acts and Legislation, including the Impairment Function, 2005, whose provisions have an effect on the role of the Ombudsman. [3]
  1. How to make a complaint:

If unhappy with the service provided by any of the following body:

  • Government departments
  • Local authorities
  • Health Service Executive
  • Complaints can be produced on paper, online, by telephone or by e-mail. Include any relevant helping paperwork or correspondence that could help with the investigation
  • All claims should be made within a year [4]
  1. Their limitations
  • Matters relating to defence, inside security and external relations
  • Matters concerning foreign missions e. g. , High Commission, Embassy, etc.
  • Court proceedings
  • Cabinet matters
  • Private disputes
  • Complaint against private bodies
  • Complaint against local government bodies and parastatal bodies. In certain conditions, nevertheless the Ombudsman seizes the parent or guardian ministry [5]

Citizens Information

  1. Who they protect
  • Citizens Information provides complete information on general public services and entitlements for citizens in Ireland
  1. How they operate
  • Citizens Information get relevant up to date information on open public service & entitlements and make it easily available for all
  1. The specific little bit of legislation they operate within:
  • The company was set up as a statutory body under the Comhairle Take action 2000. This Act was amended by the People Information Function 2007 and Pensions Work 2011,
  • The Individuals Information Act 2007 also pieces out the development of the advocacy service for people with a disability,
  • In 2008 the Public Welfare (Miscellaneous Procedures) Action 2008 extended the prevailing acts to provide the People Information Table responsibility your money can buy Advice and Budgeting Service. THE BUYER Protection Work 2007. [6]
  1. How to produce a complaint:
  • Complaints should be placed in writing or in person and made directly to the person in charge
  • If miserable with the response from the director, a problem should be placed in writing to the Panel of Management of the Individuals Information Panel.
  • If still disappointed, contact should have made in writing to Individuals Information Plank by email to the problems advisor
  • If at this time your complaint continues to be not settled, contact the Ombudsman to further investigate[7].
  1. Their limitations
  • Citizen Information limits are within their legislation as they cannot take any action but only give advice and direction in relation to their complaint and exactly how to follow it through

Devise a Customer Complaints Insurance policy for an organisation within one of the following industries:

Policy Declaration:

Carraig Donn is focused on providing exceptional customer service. While we remember to ensure customer service is superior, sometimes blunders are made. When something moves wrong, we need you to reveal about any of it. This can help us to boost our benchmarks.

A complaints procedure based on the Sales of Goods Act 1980 has been set up for customers who feel discontented with any part of the service. We acknowledge your to complain and also have your complaint looked into. We aim to learn from our faults, and our issues policy is an important part of our own continuous improvement.

Making a Complaint:

You may raise your problem with the member of staff accountable for the service involved. If the problem is not settled in a quick manner, the staff member's supervisor or store supervisor will become in an effort to attain a satisfactory quality. If you're unhappy with how your concern has been managed, the problem maybe appealed to the area manager. You might begin a formal written complaint procedure which is handled within 10 business days.

See form below:

Branch Area: __________________ Particular date: ____________ Time: _____________

Customer Name:

Customer Address:



Taken/Reported by:

Summary of Complaint:

How do you want to see your problem resolved:



Internal Use Only




Action Taken:

Date Completed:


[1] http://www. ombudsman. gov. ie/en/

[2] http://www. citizensinformation. ie/en/government_in_ireland/national_government/standards_and_accountability/office_of_the_ombudsman. html

[3] http://www. ombudsman. gov. ie/en/About-Us/Legislation/

[4] http://www. ombudsman. gov. ie/en/Make-a-Complaint/How-to-complain-about-a-public-service/

[5] http://ombudsman. govmu. org/English/Policies/Pages/Limitations. aspx

[6] http://www. citizensinformationboard. ie/en/about/legislation/

[7] http://www. citizensinformationboard. ie/en/about/customer_service/complaints. html

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