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Customer preference for Thomas Cook

  • Customer awareness, taken as a dependent changing and customer inclination towards Thomas Make considered as the 3rd party variable, showed that the former has no significant effect on the last mentioned (as identified in the evaluation of the first hypothesis where the null hypothesis was accepted and the alternative hypothesis was declined). Therefore, it could be concluded from the first hypothesis that customer understanding does have a significant impact on customers inclination towards Thomas Make. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons, none of them conclusive however, with having less further research about them.

Keeping in mind that the sample respondents are living mainly in Bangalore, it is possible that despite customers being aware that Thomas Make is a travel management company, they don't like it because in Bangalore it generally does not provide good or satisfactory service. Customers may be unsatisfied or dissatisfied with the services that are given by the Thomas Make branches in Bangalore. Here again it cannot be said that Thomas Cook does not provide good service overall since it is still one of the very best travel management companies in the world.

Another possibility as to why customers do not prefer Thomas Make meals despite being aware of the services can be the price factor. Thomas Make meals provides its services at reduced price and customers might see this as very costly and/or not worthy of the price they have been requested the service. Within a country like India where disposable income is not an abundant tool that companies can exploit, it becomes quite difficult to market reduced service that the customers may easily look upon as an unneeded luxury. Services such as high quality tourism services might not exactly appeal to the common man.

Another possible reason behind this is that the sample customers, most whom do travel with a travel firm at least some of the time, already are content with the travel organization they currently utilize and find no reason thereof to alter to another firm despite knowing that another agency is out there which perhaps provides marginally better services. These consumers are occur their ways as they say and are pleased with the current firm of their inclination. They find no good enough reason to transfer to Thomas Make meals because of their travel needs.

  • Thomas Make meals offers a variety of value added services. The precise value added services that were taken in this study are:
  • Inbound and outbound travel reservations
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel packages
  • Visa and passport services
  • Reservations for car and hotel
  • Foreign Exchange

These services combine the central functions and services that Thomas Make meals offers with added value to give them a uniqueness. This research discovered that there is a significant difference in these services which consumers, when asked to rate these services, have a number of views of the services, that is to say, the assistance that are provided for forex are of different quality than the ones that can be found for travel deals or travel cover.

It was within this research that most of the sample do use Thomas Make for their foreign exchange services and these were rated the best. Indeed, the foreign exchange services of Thomas Make have been graded to be among the best in the globe, and in reality, most people identify Thomas Make meals limited to their forex services and not their travel plans, which is actually the companys key business.

It is shown in the hypothesis that the various services of Thomas Make meals fluctuate in quality, according to the respondents view.

  • In the 3rd hypothesis, it was found that there's a factor in customers personal preferences with respect to customers recognition about travel companies. Quite simply, it is obvious that despite their knowledge about many travel firms and their services, there continues to be a lot of versions in what the clients choose to choose as the travel company because of their travel needs. This implies that customers have their own reasons to choose a specific travel firm and knowing of the services is not really the only factor that they take into consideration.

Customer choice for an agency is not a factor that may be easily analyzed or examined. For every customer, the deciding factor differs, and for every factor of customer desire that is taken, there is certainly another that is overlooked. Studying customer psychology is an in depth with infinite factors that require to be considered, and it still may well not be accurate due to the fact that human aspect itself is unstable.

  • The fourth hypothesis proved that there is no significant connection between the dynamics of the travel and the firm preference a customer has. Here, the null hypothesis was accepted and the alternative hypothesis was rejected. This demonstrates whether a customer needs to travel for business or wishes to visit for leisure does not determine the decision of travel management company that the customer makes. There can be a variety of other reasons that can be deduced to determine how many other things may determine the customers selection of travel management company. Again, none of these are conclusive and have to be investigated with further research on this issue.

Social position is one factor that will probably have a substantial relationship to organization preference. The higher up a customer is on the sociable ladder, the more premium would be the aspect of his firm inclination. When customers can afford something they have a tendency to show they can manage it by very publicly using that product or service. This is real human nature, and incredibly likely to have an impact on agency inclination.

Affordability is a very important factor that should be considered in terms of desire for an agency. A premium firm may be unattainable by those who cannot find the money for its services no subject how much they may be aware of it, or no matter what the nature with their travel may be. Affordability and purchasing ability of the client are likely to have a solid marriage with the travel company that they prefer. Expense is obviously an important factor that should be considered when calculating or trying to see customer preference. Expenditure was not a factor that was presented with enough value in this research.

Social sentiments also have to be considered when looking into the customer preference towards any service or product. Certain customers from India might not choose Thomas Make meals because despite its being documented in India as Thomas Make meals (India) Small and is currently owned or operated by Fairfax (Canada), its name is Thomas Make meals, and was originally a company from England. On the other hand, certain customers may choose it for exactly that reason. There are a variety of social sentiments that contain a strong marriage with and impact on customer preference towards a company. They should not be disregarded if the company intends to survive in the surroundings.

  • It is obvious from the research (hypothesis 5) that customers inclination towards a company and the value added service that they like have a solid relationship. This romance can be easily envisioned. Customers can do their research which travel company provides which services and which value added services. Using the introduction of the internet, there can be an gigantic amount of information open to the customers at their fingertips and in this day and age customers are not easily misled or misleaded. Customers will consequently filter travel firms in line with the service that appeal to them and in the end choose the one which best suits their needs. This will become the organization that they like and use for all their various travel needs.

Hence, inclination of travel agency and the value added services that they choose have a strong, unmistakable romance, which marketers can soon look to exploit.

  • The sixth hypothesis works to discover if you can find any difference between your value added services and those services which offer mainly the primary functions. Here the null hypothesis was turned down and the choice hypothesis was accepted. Therefore a realization can be made that there surely is a significant difference between your satisfaction levels of the assistance that are proposed by Thomas Make that is, value added and non-value added.

On further inspection of the evaluation and the questionnaire it is abundantly clear that the value added services are much more profitable, than other services, in the sense that the customers of Thomas Cook are a lot more satisfied with these services and perhaps dont brain paying a little more for these services than the others.

  • The seventh hypothesis discovers that there surely is a big change in the customer preference with regards to the services that are made available from an agency. This means that customers choose certain services provided by certain organizations and there is not necessarily any one agency which provides all the assistance that the customers prefer. Even in the agency that they favor, the satisfaction degrees of various services provided and the customers inclination towards those services are not consistent throughout but vary.

One service provided by one organization may good and another service may be better in another organization. Therefore, almost all of the test respondents use several travel agency for their travel needs rather than sticking with one


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