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Current Themes or templates And Shortcomings IN THE Indian Army

1. Once the Indian Army was in the beginning called out to overcome insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir, it attempt to deliver the results accessible with full zeal. The Indian Army, however, was badly trained, ill equipped and unprepared for the task at hand. Errors, producing more by default than by design brought such a influx of bad publicity that it acquired the military reeling under it's impact. The typically assertive military that had in the past successfully combated the Mizo and the Punjab insurgency, was put on the defensive. The situation has modified little till time.

Existing Themes

2. The themes or templates that contain been employed by the Army till date are as follows :-

(a) The Army has made attempts to job it's vitality and highlight the fact that, eventually, the army will prevail within the terrorists. In doing so the Army has highlighted the success achieved by it in combating the terrorists.

(b) The Army has greatly publicised the surrenders of hardcore terrorists and their signing up for the mainstream in order to encourage the other terrorists to

follow suit.

(c) The Army has time and again highlighted it's apolitical character.

(d) The go up of the country as an monetary and military electric power and the asymmetry it enjoys over both, the terrorists and Pakistan.

(e) The fact that Pakistan is surviving on foreign help and that it's on the verge of collapse.

(f) There were passing sources to the increasing fundamentalism in Pakistan.

(g) Pakistan, though a democracy, is not in a position to stabilise as one and has been governed more by military services dictators than by democratically elected government authorities.

(h) In front of the international community, India has tried to highlight the actual fact that the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been elected by people therefore of free and fair elections.

(j) The Army has attempted to portray it's clean image in front of the people of the country generally and the populace of Jammu and Kashmir in specific.

(k) To some extent, the military has tried out to inspire the folks of Jammu and Kashmir to assist the government in rewinding the clock to the era of peace and wealth that existed in their state.

(l) The federal government and the army have made initiatives to lure terrorists into surrendering by appealing them monetary payment and assured careers.

(m) The Military has laid a large emphasis on being successful the hearts and thoughts of the local populace by undertaking civic action in order to project a people friendly image to the people. The centre of gravity of any counter-top insurgency/counter-top terrorist plan is the hearts and heads of individuals. Op Sadbhavana commenced in 1998.


3. The Military has been struggling to do a Psychological Procedures campaign for combating the insurgencies in the country. More often than not there have been missed opportunities which, if exploited, could have improved the reliability of the Army manifolds.

4. The inability of the country and the Army to comprehend the potential of subconscious operations is obvious by the actual fact that there was, till just lately, no formalised course for training the staff on conduct of psychological warfare. This simple truth is itself an sign of the grade of psychological warfare that could have been waged by us in the past and speaks of utter lack of foresight of the Army. It isn't surprising to notice that there exists no coherent plan on psychological functions at both strategic and the operational level.

5. The designs that are developed and eventually pursued by the Military are made a decision by the table officers in the demand and army headquarters. These officers have little or no formalised training or experience in the look and do of psychological functions. The appointment of the officials is tenure based mostly without surety of their working for the same goal in their future assignments, thus resulting in insufficient continuity.

6. There is an absolute disconnect between the Army, Navy, Air Pressure, Authorities and CPOs on issues worried about psychological procedures. Sometimes these organisations seem to be having conflicting agendas. They often contradict one another, confusing the mark audiences and rendering it easier for the adversary to counter any mileage gained by the country while waging emotional warfare.

7. The Army may be omnipresent in Jammu and Kashmir but it still requires support from the government and the state administration for conduct of psychological operations. The security pushes could possibly be the instrument for planning and performing most psychological operations however they require policy, materials and financial support from the government.

8. The tactical commanders are largely unacquainted with the emotional operations'

themes working, which results in contradiction of the topics by their actions on surface, further diluting the result.

9. There exists no company for planning and conduct of psychological functions either within the defence pushes or at the nationwide level. This contributes to a whole lot of adhocism in the look and execution stages.

10. A great deal of intelligence is required for efficiently waging internal warfare. Dedicated cleverness agencies necessary for the collection of this data do not exist as on date.

11. Thorough understanding of the history of their state like the adversary's version is a must for the themes or templates to be precise as well as for countering the propaganda of the adversary. However, this is missing across the plank.

12. The employees planning psychological procedures have little knowledge of the local dialects being spoken by the folks of the state.

13. You will discover hardly any subconscious operations being planned to focus on the heads of the administration, the security forces or the populace of the united states living outside the state.

14. The notion management of the international community to mobilise their judgment towards the united states, is woefully insufficient.

15. There is a dearth of specialist and dedicated equipment to include monitoring, dissemination, communication and training equipment for the do of psychological procedures.

16. There's a dependence on training the personnel who would be involved in the planning and do of subconscious warfare. The infrastructure, equipment and specialisation required for the said training will not exist. Psychological evaluation of the staff, to check their aptitude, so as to reach their suitability for the job at hand, is an essential prerequisite.

17. The state government promises jobs, financial benefits and rehabilitation as a bait to lure terrorists into surrendering. However, these offers are seldom fulfilled, thereby leading to fewer surrenders of terrorists.

18. In order to gain politics mileage, the many parties, rarely support their state or the central authorities and exploit all opportunities to discredit the talk about/central government and the security makes. This, subsequently is exploited by the adversary to handle propaganda against the country.

19. Dread as an instrument of persuasion hasn't yet been exploited by the company for the attainment of the objectives of their emotional operations.

20. The sizeable Non Resident Indian population residing in the Western countries, has not been exploited for influencing the results of elections and using it as a leverage for a favourable position on issues related to India.

21. The Military as an company, has failed to use it's experience in combating terrorism in Punjab and the North East, for the look and do of psychological operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

22. The government and the Military have been gradual in reacting to situations and hence have not been able to exploit such situations as psychological operations styles.

23. The federal government and the Military, have, despite a huge superiority, in terms of availability of resources and their quality, failed to exploit the media to their advantage. .


The People of Jammu and Kashmir

24. The populace is the centre of gravity in any insurgency and the outcome will

favour the side which can win over the support of the neighborhood population. Some styles to target the local populace are as under:-

(a) Propagate among the youngsters their ethnic and spiritual background

and its similarities with Buddhism and Hinduism over their international supporters :-

(i) Worshipping idols or relics is anathema to Sunni Muslims however the Kashmiris indulge in this practice. The holy relics at Hazratbal, Tsrar-e-Sharif and Baba Rishi in Gulmarg will be the holiest of Sufi shrines in the Valley.

(ii) Zain Shah Sahib is revered by Muslims and Hindus likewise. A Hindu by beginning, Janak was created at Kishtwar. Janak altered his name to Zain Shah and lived in a cave, seeking communion with God and emancipation from the terrestrial world. Each year, both Hindus and Muslims jointly observe Zain Shah Sahib's Urs.

(iii) The Amarnath Cave was discovered by the Muslim Mallicks of Pahalgam. Even till today, 10 per cent of the offerings by Hindu devotees at the Holy Shrine are allocated among the Mallicks.

(iv) The way in which of reciting the Koran in Kashmiri mosques is comparable to the incantation of the verses of the Gita. This is peculiar to Kashmir only.

(v) Hindu surnames like Dar, Rishi, Pandit, Beetab and Bhat are as common as Johns and Smiths and Sharmas.

(vi) Kashmiris do not eat beef.

(b) Propagate Muhammed Baksh's popular epic Saif al-Muluk: Safar al- Ishq which is the richest present that Mirpur (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) has given to Punjab, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and the non- Kashmiri speaking elements of Jammu and Kashmir. This saga has been narrated metaphorically in the form of human romantic relationships and speaks of the love between humans and the permanence of God. That is one binding factor not only between your muslims and the people of other faiths in the state of hawaii but also between the people on both factors of the Type of Control.

(c) Highlight the fact that individuals in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are also not pro-Pakistan. The Mirpuris were financing the terrorist outfit of JKLF but lost their passion after the pro-Pakistan Hizbul Mujhaideen and Lashkar e- Toiba started dominating the field. They transformed the JKLF into a politics company and almost quit financing the terrorists.

(d) The Jaish- e- Mohammed promises to be following Deobandi sect and the Lashkar -e- Toiba the Ahl- e- Hadis sect. However their ideologies are at a variance with the teachings of the respected sects. They follow only those ideologies that suite them while discarding others.

(e) Highlight the actual fact that the status of Jammu and Kashmir has the lowest percentage of society below the poverty series as compared to the other says in the country. This has been possible due to the variety of developmental activities carried out by the government and the financial offer provided to the state.

(f) Bring to light the actual fact that financial conditions in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir though much better than slumber of Pakistan because of the remittances by their migrant family in UK are still not as good just as the condition of Jammu and Kashmir.

The undeniable fact that a large part of the populace in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir considers that the worst harm to the Jammu and Kashmir cause has been due to Jihadis which Jihad has no future.

(h) Highlight the actual fact that Pakistan is triggering a demographic change in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir where as contrary to the rhetoric of the separatist market leaders the Muslim population in the point out of Jammu and Kashmir has increased.

(j) Publicise the actual fact that the Deobandi scholars obtained in Deoband in Feb 2009 and granted a Fatwa against terrorism. This will be exploited resistant to the people helping the terrorists.

(k) The fact that the so called 'Azad Kashmir' is not actually 'Azad' with the govt in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir having minimal power in it's hands and it's survival with regards to the whims and fancies of the federal government of Pakistan.

(l) The current phase of violence, hatred and bloodshed has harmed the valley the most just as the era when peacefulness reigned in the valley the income of folks was much higher as compared to the Jammu and Ladakh locations as a result of flourishing tourism. Hence the come back of normalcy in their state is most in the interest of the folks of the Kashmir valley. (Refer Appendix P)

(m) The actual fact that a lot of terrorists approaching to the state of hawaii are criminals who were serving prison conditions in Pakistan and also have come to Jammu and Kashmir not to battle any Jihad but attended lured by the offer of memories, money and their jail conditions being commuted by their mentors in Pakistan.

(n) Highlight the exploitation of the women by the terrorists on the fake pretext of Jihad.

(o) High light the development assignments undertaken by the federal government in

the point out. (Refer Appendix P1)

(p) Highlight the successes of prominent residents of the state in the

service of the country and how the nation has awarded them/ recognized their

achievements. (Refer Appendix P2)

(q) Highlight that the delivery of Bangladesh proven that the two nation theory was flawed. Point out the atrocities committed by the Pakistani routine of Western world Pakistan on their Muslim brethren in East Pakistan. (Refer Appendix P3)

(r) Highlight the actual fact that Pakistan is surviving on the aid from USA and Saudi Arabia and this without this help Pakistan will be a failed express. Also highlight the aid given to Pakistan by India both during the 2005 Earthquake and the 2010 Floods. (Refer Appendix P4)

(s) Highlight the actual fact that the children and the relatives of the separatist leaders are studying in another country while these are instigating the public to stop sending their children to classes. Also highlight the lavish lifestyle of these separatist market leaders indicating that they are being paid by their mentors in Pakistan to misguide the population. (Refer Appendix P5)

(t) System of rewards and honors be instituted for those individuals or organisations that don't pay heed to the demands hits and boycotts by the separatists. Just to illustrate is the call centre in Srinagar that continuing it's functions with full attendance through the recent politics and sociable turmoil in their state.

(u) Highlight the atrocities of the terrorists to the innocent civil

population. (Refer Appendix P6)

(v) Something be instituted wherein the army is tasked to perform a large range of schools in the state of hawaii within Sadbhavana jobs. All children searching for these colleges and concluding their education in these colleges rest assured of employment. The training in these colleges be made free for any children. The professors in these academic institutions be psychologically examined and then tasked to mould the impressionable thoughts of the kids in order to make them more responsible people of the united states and the state of hawaii. The aim must be to influence the next generation in the state to support India also to deny the terrorists the cleverness, material and moral support.

(w) The army, in order to generate job and opinions towards the country, must increase the amount of people of Jammu and Kashmir in JAK RIF and JAK LI regiments and Territorial Army(Home and Hearth) battalions of the Army as also raise the GUJJAR and BAKARWAL SCOUTS on lines of the other Scouts battalions in the Military. This will make a larger quantity of individuals in their state, stake holders in the continued accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India.

(x) Highlight the fact that the Muslims who migrated to Pakistan through the 1947-48 battle are called Mohajirs and are believed second grade people in Pakistan.

(y) Larger range of developmental jobs be carried out in those areas which can be either neutral or supportive of the federal/ India with reduced development (in order to ensure hardships to the people) in areas that are expert- Pakistan or supportive of the terrorists.

(z) The relatives of terrorists be harassed/ penalised to cause hardships and mental stress so as to coerce them into convincing the terrorist to surrender.

(aa) The existing rift between your Gujjars, Bakarwals, Paharis and the Kashmiris be exploited to gain cleverness of terrorists of the other community leading to their neutralisation.

(ab) After each successful operation where terrorists have been eliminated, the Over Ground Workers in that area be rewarded in public view for supposedly providing brains, leading to the successful neutralisation of the terrorists. This may breed suspicion in the intellects of the terrorists and they are likely to retaliate against them, which would further alienate them from the locals.

(ac) Inter religion relationships should be motivated as these would eventually help reduce bitterness between your religious neighborhoods. Those young girls or children marrying outside their religious beliefs should be provided free real estate and one relative be assured of employment.

(ad) The Kashmiri Pandits who acquired migrated from the state of hawaii under threat with their lives should be encouraged another to the state and begin their own businesses with federal government support. This would also send the correct message to the international community while concurrently the numbers supporting accession to India would increase in the state of hawaii.

(ae) Big industrial residences should be permitted to create businesses and designed to adopt one economically backward village each.

(af) The extortion of money being carried out by the terrorists be highlighted.

(ag) Women are the ones who are affected maximum as a result of the terrorism in their state. The ladies empowerment to include education, vocational training and employment opportunities be provided. This allows them to speak up and oppose the terrorism in their state.

(ah) The utmost mileage is gained by the terrorists and the separatists by the misinterpretation of the Holy Koran, to match their selfish passions. Right interpretation of the Holy Koran be carried out by religious scholars to prevent exploitation of the people by the terrorists, separatists or certain religious heads.

(aj) The talk about of Jammu and Kashmir has, since forever, suffered from a leadership problems. The centre must give up it's short sighted approach and invite the balanced management to go up and take root amongst the people. These leaders will gradually wean away the people from separatist tendencies.

(ak) The federal government should discredit the politics people/ separatists that want to gain political mileage out of slight incidents and come down heavily on the erring individuals. The fear of being subjected before the masses should be the restraining factor for such people. (Refer Appendix P7)

(al) The vernacular press be penalised for false reporting and attempting to whip up communal passions. They should be discredited giving out right facts and characters and if these publishing houses do not mend their ways, they should be banned and shut down.

(am) It must be highlighted that the terrorists live a life of frequent fear and are afraid to activate in fire battles with the security forces. They live a life of disrepute and pass away a death of anonymity. This may deter impressionable youth from being lured by dreams of experience, woven by the terrorists, to recruit them to their cadres.

(an) Fast and fair exploration into allegations of human protection under the law violations be carried out and the ones found guilty be punished. This can help make an impression on the trust of the local population and task a clean image of the security pushes and the supervision.

(ao) Prominent Muslim personalities be used in conveying the messages of serenity, brotherhood and impartiality in the united states. They should job India as the land of opportunity, where skill and brilliance are accepted irrespective of the caste, creed and faith. The success attained by people from the state of hawaii needs to be highlighted to drive home the note.

(ap) Activities by the local people, up against the terrorists and their contribution in the fight against terror get wide publicity. Such individuals be compensated handsomely to encourage others to rise against the terrorists. (Refer Appendix P8)

(aq) Exploit the recent disclosure by Hurriyat Discussion leader Professor Abdul Ghani Bhat that Hurriyat market leaders Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq and Abdul Ghani Lone were wiped out by terrorists rather than by security makes, as previously alleged by the Hurriyat Convention all along. This can be used to discredit the Hurriyat and at exactly the same time inciting people from the terrorists. (Refer Appendix P9)

The Administration

25. The advised themes to target the administration are as under :-

(a) To start with the administration has to be made aware of the fact that the problem in their state is because bad governance.

(b) The administration be produced aware that there exists no military answer to the challenge and that the military's actions can aid the performing of the civil administration but can not replace the civil supervision entirely. The answer to the situation is a political one.

(c) The supervision has to appreciate that the success of the armed service operations depends on the support of the civil supervision. Even the outcome of the subconscious operations will rely upon a clear policy formulated by them.

(d) The administration should be insulated from the damaging aftereffect of the psychological procedures and the propaganda of Pakistan, the separatists and the terrorists.

(e) The administration has to be provided a secure environment for it's working smoothly. The personnel in the civil administration must be made to feel safe and sound.

(f) Fear as an instrument of psychological operations must be exploited so as to send the right note to the corrupt and de-motivated workers and the informers of the anti nationwide elements.

(g) Psychological evaluation to test the aptitude of bureaucrats being employed in hypersensitive locations and controlling sensitive assignments is a must so that the right personnel are used for the right job.

The Terrorists

26. The terrorists are either of Indian of international origin. The mental health operations themes for the terrorists are as stated below :-

(a) Nostalgic themes or templates wherein the parting from the members of the family is exploited. The neighborhood terrorists be convinced that they are struggling for a lost cause and would lose their lives rather than have the ability to meet their relatives and buddies. (Refer Appendix Q)

(b) The futility of the cause of the terrorists can be outlined while at exactly the same time the shortages of ammunition, weapons, resources, finances and manpower being experienced by the terrorists be exploited to help expand de-motivate them and encourage these to surrender/ return to their country.

(c) Sensitivity of the neighborhood terrorists towards their family members be exploited by mentally harassing their own families. This may lead to their de-motivation and eventual surrender. The involvement of surrendered terrorists in the marketing campaign would persuade the terrorists and their family of the genuineness of the government's offer of amnesty and jobs, thus contributing to the success of the theme.

(d) The actual fact that India looks forward to the support of the international community in it's fight terrorism and Pakistan is under continuous pressure from the international community, to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure must be highlighted.

(e) The removal of the LTTE, the best enthusiastic and organised terrorist company of contemporary times must be highlighted, to drive home the point that sooner or later the terrorist tanzeems in Jammu and Kashmir will meet up with the same fate. (Refer Appendix Q1)

(f) Traffic monitoring of the terrorist commanders and their reduction will impose terror in the imagination of the terrorist management preventing their operating with impunity. It will make the cadres hesitant to be commanders.

(g) Propagate Muhammed Baksh's popular epic Saif al-Muluk: Safar al- Ishq which is the richest gift idea that Mirpur (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) has directed at Punjab, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and the non- Kashmiri speaking parts of Jammu and Kashmir. A large number of terrorists from either part of the Type of Control are aware of the epic and have great reverence for the teachings of Muhammed Baksh and Nand Rishi. This may lead to a big change of center in the terrorists.

(h) The trust deficit that is accessible between your local and the foreign terrorists must be exploited by highlighting the fact that the overseas terrorists exploit the women, carry out extortion and have a good time while being least worried for the reason for the local terrorists who are being used for menial duties.

(j) The rift between your Kashmiri terrorists and the Gujjar, Bakarwal and the Pahari terrorists be exploited to be able to cause infighting and splits in the many tanzeems.

(k) There's been a break up in the Jamaat-ul-Dawa and the once regimented composition has become a loose group scheduled to intra group rivalries between various parts of the leadership. It must be outlined that Hafiz Saeed has been accused of promoting his Gujjar Muslim clan while overlooking the rest of the leadership.

(l) Highlight the fact that in Khyber Pakhtoonwala and FATA, Pakistan is fighting with each other the same terrorists it once increased, trained and prepared. It is a matter of your energy before they turn on the other tanzeems that are operating off their soil.

(m) The terrorists should be produced to assume that similar to the Taliban (which was brought up by Pakistan), one day they too would be left behind by Pakistan. This might make the terrorists more insecure and de-motivate them further.

(n) The right interpretation of the 'Holy Koran' be propagated so the terrorists who have been misguided and designed to believe that they are really fighting a Jihad (holy warfare) understand the real meaning of the word and present up the path of violence.

(o) The actual fact that in Feb 2009 Deobandi scholars have declared a Fatwa against terrorism be outlined so that those terrorists who follow the Deoband sect revert back from the road of assault.

(p) Highlighting the surrenders of terrorists, especially the terrorist commanders, may become a lead to for other terrorists to surrender. (Refer Appendix Q2)

The Security Forces

27. The word security forces includes the Military, the state law enforcement officials and the Central

Police Makes. The suggested designs for the security makes are as under :-

(a) Psychological fitness of troops prior to induction be completed in order to emotionally equip them for the carry out of operations. The following needs to be included :-

(i) The folks of Kashmir have been calmness loving and generally secular in their outlook.

(ii) The ideologies of the various terrorist categories, separatist organisations and their modus operandi.

(iii) Almost all in Jammu and Kashmir do not need to be a part of Pakistan and even in the areas infested by terrorism most people just consider Pakistan as an ally in their have difficulty for independence.

(iv) The perfect solution is to the Kashmir problem is politics and the security causes are merely supporting in reducing the degrees of violence. Normalcy in the state can be achieved only by winning the hearts and minds of the neighborhood population rather than by coercion.

(v) The purpose of the security makes is to make the situation on surface conducive for the state of hawaii machinery to take over and hence there is absolutely no requirement of rivalling with other organisations or within the company for the 'Body count number'.

(vi) The security causes are struggling with for a just cause and finally they will get.

(vii) The security causes are better trained and equipped and have better leadership. The terrorists are away from home and avoid connections with the security makes.

(viii) The terrorists are de-motivated consequently of major shortages in manpower, equipment, and finances, whereas, there is no dearth of the same for the security forces.

(ix) The peculiarities of Low Level Conflict environment, the importance of retaining soldierly conduct, esteem for the culture, religion and practices of people.

The need for mass media and projecting the correct image of the security makes.

The whole land is with them which is finding out about to them.

They participate in the best army in depends upon and that they have to live up to the anticipations of the country, their company, their systems and their own families. ( Refer Appendix R)

Human rights violations and indiscipline shall not be tolerated and the defaulters shall be dealt with seriously.

(b) The apprehensions of the troops on the next issues should be

addressed to lessen stress :-

(i) Offers and honors would be fair and transparent.

(ii) Expert legal help and support would be provided by the organisation to deal with the false and fabricated legal suites.

(iii) Publishing and leave account of the men and the officers will be supervised effectively.

The next of kin of most casualties would be looked after by the organisation in case there is any fatalities.

(c) Fear as an instrument of psychological operations should be used to be able to prevent unethical tactics by battalions.

(d) The employees in their state police should be assured of the safety of their family from problems by terrorists.

(e) Furthermore, the state police force employees should be well paid, outfitted and trained in order that they motivated.

The Population with the Country

28. The word population of the united states includes all the citizens of the united states and the Non Citizen Indians. It however excludes the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Appropriate designs for the folks of the country are as under :-

(a) Before two years, terrorist training camps have been raided in South India and terrorists from Kerala have been removed in Jammu and Kashmir. That is a clear indication of the alienation of the Muslim community and their gradual radicalisation. The next psychological procedures themes

are suggested :-

(i) The measures taken by the federal government for bettering the financial condition and the typical of living of the community need to be highlighted.

(ii) The annual expenditure incurred by the federal government to provide subsidies for the travel of the Haj pilgrims. It has to be highlighted that this money is the taxpayer's money and there are no protests from any section of the culture regarding this expenditure.

(iii) Parallels can be drawn between the condition of Muslims in India and Pakistan, to focus on the better criteria of living of the Indian Muslims.

(iv) Prominent Muslim individuals like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, should be contained to highlight the actual fact that merit and talent are given anticipated acknowledgement in India.

(v) Sagas from background where the Hindus and Muslims have fought shoulder to make in the Revolt of 1857 and the independence have difficulty be quoted. The sacrifices of warfare heroes like Havildar Abdul Hamid, Param Vir Chakra (Posthumous) who laid down his life struggling with the Pakistanis for the honour of the country be outlined. Glorious chapters from the annals of the country like the illustration when the Mughal Emperor Akbar, a devout Muslim, came with his mighty military to safeguard the honour of the Rajput Queen Padmavati, a Hindu, who experienced delivered a Rakhi to him be publicised.

That, the victims of terrorist disorders are both Hindus and Muslims must be outlined to mobilise opinion against the terrorists and serves of terror.

The Fatwa granted by Deobandi scholars against terrorism must be highlighted.

Correct interpretation of the Holy Koran, by religious scholars,

must be completed so that religious fundamentalists or anti national elements are not able to whip up communal passions.

Impartiality in every issues must be made the norm so the trust deficit that is present can be overcome.

(b) Fear as a musical instrument of psychological procedures must be exploited and stringent punishments be meted out to perpetrators of terrorism and communal assault. Both Hindu and Muslim extremism must be targeted.

(c) Individuals must be made alert to the sacrifices made by the security causes to make a secure environment in the united states. This would help in

mobilisation of support for the security makes.

(d) The energy of the media should be exploited in rallying the public behind the security causes. Stringent action must be studied against the multimedia houses looking to whip up communal passions so as to set a good example and deter them from such functions in the foreseeable future.

The International Community

29. The international community includes all the countries apart from Pakistan. The belief management of the international community can be carried out by the next :-

(a) Proof terrorist camps existing in Pakistan and it's engagement in providing materials and financial support to the terrorists be taken to the notice of the international community. ( Refer Appendix S)

(b) Proof of terror attacks, both in India and in foreign countries, emanating from Pakistani soil be highlighted to mobilise international judgment to get Pakistan announced a terrorist state in case it does not crackdown on the terrorists.

(c) India should use it's monetary clout to receive the international community

to condemn Pakistan's positively sponsoring terrorism in India.

(d) Highlight the fact that the federal government in Jammu and Kashmir has been democratically elected by the people and that protests and presentations are an integral part of any democracy.

(e) Highlight the fact that the status of Jammu and Kashmir gets the least ratio of population living below the poverty line in the entire country.

(f) Bring to light the alleged links between your terror outfits working in Jammu and Kashmir and the Afghan Mujhaideen.

(g) Bring to light the actual fact that the Lashkar- e- Toiba and Jamaat-ul-Dawa are one and the same and these organisations constantly change their name to flee persecution by the planet powers.

(h) Highlight the fact that Pakistan diverts the money received by it as economic/ humanitarian aid, from the Lady, for funding the terrorist organisations.

(j) The risk of Pakistan's nuclear weapons dropping into the hands of the terrorists be exploited to coax the international community to pressurise Pakistan to dismantle it's terror network.

(k) Inform you to the international community, that, India has a threshold for perseverance and restraint and unless the international community exerts pressure on Pakistan to dismantle it's terror network, there is a strong likelihood of discord between nuclear able India and Pakistan leading to an international crisis.

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