Current Economic Growth Means A fantastic Retail Environment Essay


Current economic growth means a good price tag environment. The latest economic issues impacted in a negative way retail sector, that it probably will not go back to the fast growth of the past decade. As well high lack of employment in previous years slowed up household formation and get back purchase of residence goods. (Ira Kalish, 2014) On the other hand, mainly because economy recovers young adults will be forming people, which will activate consumer spending.

Industry trends

Changes in financial and technology influence retail business just as they do various other industries. Many of these changes have transformed the ongoing future of the price tag industry. (Rieley, 2014)

In the recent years' retail sector had it is up and downs due to latest downturn and this improved when the economy improved. However , since the data below displays it still not as strong as it accustomed to be.

Also the popularity of online shopping, which increased within the previous couple of years, has caused some decreasing of job in the retail industry in the past few years. According to Consumer Affairs improved selling sales on the web are the major cause of Macy's shutting down 36 of it's stores this year. The modern strategy is going to eliminate about 3, 000 jobs countrywide. The shutting stores signify about $375 million in sales. In this way Company will reduce its cost by about $400 million. (Huffman, 2016)


New devices pattern

"The new integration of GPS and mobile phone technologies serves as a good illustration showing how a concurrence can produce new market segments and services. This position revolution is affecting the retail experience, with customers at this point receiving location- specific promotions and ideas on their telephones, while stores can easily count and discover the a...

... cle in business insider Macy's CFO Karen Hoguet claims that shoppers are definitely more frugal using their money and don't buy as much of fashionable items, nevertheless instead use more on healthcare, electronics and home goods. Also younger individuals are not as interested anymore in brand names, which has negative influence on a lot of retailers who also try to appeal to teenage costumers. (Lutz, 2015)

In order to see what some Macy's costumer make a complaint about I use read the testimonials from other persons and discovered that the most gripes were regarding costumer support. It is very ineffective for a business this value. Some complains are about the difficulty of reaching a agent and staying overcharged or perhaps wrongfully charged. Moreover, I would say that costumer service is definitely understaffed, because for many bad shoppers getting to a human being phoning around was near imposable.

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