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Culture And Personal information Cultural Studies Essay

People normally picture about appearance, quality and patterns of person when people discuss the word "Identity". Apparently, the term "Identity" is connected to personal individuality which is being a person. In fact, "Identity" itself has a meaning that "Identity may be defined as the distinctive character owned by any given person, or distributed by all users of a particular public category or group"( Rummens, 1993). In other phrase, every person is exclusive because of recognition. As students may be recognized to many aspects where in fact the student come from, what is the student studying in, even what gender the scholar be. However, the id can be improved if people consider about it with other aspects or perspectives. This essay will describe how culture and gender effect on international students' personality.

First of most, "Personality" is approximately identification of folks such as feminine or male, nationality, religious beliefs, role and other things. In fact, "Folks are not blessed with an id. Rather, id is something that evolves over time" (Tag Dombeck and Jolyn Wells-Moran, 2006, 22). This means identity is created itself when enough time passed. Comparable to self-concept, includes individual's perception that can come from individual's activities and "interpretation" of the surroundings (Zahra, A. , Arif, M. , & Yousuf, M, 2010). In essence, identification and self-concept of one is built from the individuals beliefs and ideas which include himself or herself experience. For instance, in general, adults have significantly more understanding of their parent rather than teenagers. Due to adults tend to be more sensible than young adults and adults likewise have more experience than teenagers. These influences make individuals have different perspective from teenagers. In this way, it can be said that people's encounters affect on the identity and lead to improve their individuality. Therefore, the changing of personality takes a time period to be impact. Indeed, people normally study from their encounters and build on their knowledge. This process is developing individual's opinion. As Draw Dombeck and Jolyn Wells-Moran (2006, 109) discusses that people's personal information will be altered when individuals change their values by using "cognitive strategy" to make changing of themselves beliefs. Regarding to the assertion, international students' personal information will most likely change more or less because they need to adopt new culture.

Secondly, culture is the important factor that effects on people's identity especially international students because of this of living in different culture from their own. In the last decade, there's had large numbers of international students study in Australia. One of the several reasons that Australia is their destination might be Australia represents multi-culture. As Nicola Henry (2009, 1) said that there has had large number of immigrant in Australia after the World Battle II, Australia then became a "Multicultural society". Even though international students experience in multicultural world, it doesn't imply that they won't face any issue. In contrast, the multicultural world impacts the international students to possess difficulties as a result of adopting new environment and area such as differences in education system and adopting lifestyle. Firstly, different education system or teaching styles make international students to have more difficulty alternatively than variations in culture (Godwin, 2009, 1). Consequently, international students have been trained in various methods off their own countries. This sets a whole lot of strain on the students because they need to are much as they can if indeed they want to accomplish in their analysis. For instance, in european learning style, the relationship between students and lecturers seem to be close. In comparison, lecturers tend to keep distance between them and students in order to avoid the students to less admiration them. There is certainly another example to extent this point, in Thai culture, teachers are second parents because they give the students knowledge. This means Thai students value their teachers as similar as their parents. Not only that, the international students have to adopt new teaching style which signify the students want to do research or review from other sources rather than obtaining knowledge only from their lecturers or teachers. "Maintain that matching to a European view, learning encompasses a amount of skills like the ability to make use of abstract frameworks, meta-cognition, independence and self-monitoring, imagination and a critical procedure" (Scherto Gill in Cortazzi and Jin, 1997, 6). Thus, these may have an impact on on the students' id of being students. They have meaning that the students might become more talk-active and be able to express their opinion while they're studying in Australia therefore of academic teaching style in Australia allows them to do might be found. Regarding to Scherto Gill (2007, 11) discussed that "self-identity" is afflicted by speaking second vocabulary. Not just that, the students were able to acknowledge new learning style which they can apply to other things. Second of all, pay out in new environment requires the international students to learn a lot of things such as staying with other people, cooperation with other people and other things. These can be great experience for the students to be able to they may have opportunity to package with people from different culture. The students probably recognize about how to handle other people from different culture which is very useful for the students in their future. Actually, they might gain their responsibilities to be able to these are sharing with their housemates. Furthermore, their personal information might be improved because they considerate about their housemates by doing housework, and keeping their house clean that they probably never have done when they stay with their family. In comparison, the students might have complications in communication with other folks and confliction between one another. Language barrier can be one factor of misunderstanding between each other. "One participant in the current study suggested that her accent may become a hurdle in communicating with students and assumed that some students would not have the ability to understand her" (Spooner-Lane, Tangen and Campbell, 2009, 6). Thus, the students are likely to deal with the situations which might be effect on their personality of controlling such problems.

Lastly, there is another factor that effects on individuality and gender performs this role. Gender is a parting of people into two groupings as male and feminine. Corresponding to Ruth A. Wienclaw, Ph. D. (2009) says that "gender is divided by one's gender id or the identification that one is either male or female predicated on both natural and psychosocial factors, and the internalization of this gender concept into one's self-identity". Regarding to this state, it means there are two factors can divide human that happen to be sexual and ethnic. Sexual on one hand, it is evident that male and female have difference in physical. For example, dissimilarities in functionalities of organs and shape between feminine and male. In other words, some organs are being used in male but not in female plus some used in female but not in male. Not just that, they also generally have different mentality. For example, male normally views a big picture on the other hand female tends to view more detail. In fact, in general, men have more powerful in physical than women. Therefore, men is supposed to care for female. This might lead to unequal between both male and female in some societies. However, in Australia, woman has right as equal as man do. Equality in job opportunity in Australia between men and women can illustrate the idea. In addition, there is a law to safeguard women's right as well. Culture on the other hands, men are the one who lead the family while women are likely to take care of their children and house is a gender stereotype. Regarding to Ruth A. Wienclaw, Ph. D. (2009) areas that "the original gender stereotype might be that girls stay home and clean the home and improve the family while men go out and work". This stereotype has traditions to next era. After that it became a concept of family's role. Not only that, gender and sociable role are influenced by the stereotype. Due to inheritance in the theory that men will be the leader, women seem to be follower which has created inequality between women and men. In addition, "Throughtout time, different ethnicities have conceived of gender in various ways, providing information that gender is not biologically, but rather than socially defined" (Noelle in Boswell and Lorber, 2003, 1). Nevertheless, experiencing in different country of the international students is able to influence the student to possess new opinions and values which will vary from they have been taught when these were in their hometown. Variances in gender's role between Australia and their home country illustrate the point. In other expression, the international students probably have choice perspective about gender stereotype such as women earn money while men stay home do housework which switch their idea around. Furthermore, women in Australia examine that they don't really have to rely on men as some culture. Due to the current trend for nuclear rather than lengthened individuals, divorced women are more likely to setup their own households somewhat than move back in with their parents and solitary teenage mothers will set up their own households rather than to keep to live with the parents (Ruth A. in Pressman, 198, 38).

In conclusion, every person can be recognized to different role depends upon the person's role at certain time and place, and particular belief which are inspired by culture and gender. As an international student, the college student will be determined as foreign learner, who is non-English speaking, studying at Queensland School of Technology, working as part-time, a housemate and classmate, while the pupil studies in Australia. Compared, the student's parents identify the student as their child who will be expected to be family's leader after the student graduated from the college or university. However, people's beliefs won't be improved although their identity may be modified by might be found.

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