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Cultural awareness is a crucial factor

Cultural awareness.

Culture takes on an important role in life of people as it is carefully associated with them. It is very necessary to know very well what a culture requires and what feelings are attached to it. Different countries follow different culture and due to this some things will be appropriate in some countries whereas the same things will appear to be rude far away because of culture difference. Individuals who are culture delicate will know that the difference between the culture of differing people can create differences in their romantic relationship with regards to the way they respond, communicate etc. Hofstede defined culture as "the manner where the mind is designed such that it can differentiate the people of one category with those of other. " a culturally sensitive person should make an effort to adjust the culture of other country, their practices, their approach to life, their lifestyle etc.

Nowadays people are receiving closer to each other so toleration, dialogue between people of different culture and esteem towards their culture and admiration for variety becomes more important. Learning and striving to understand the traditions and culture of the international country indicates value for the other country and for just about any business relationship to be successful respect for the other person is very essential.

Many employers feel and have sensed that cross cultural sensitivity can be an important skill and care should be taken when coping in and trading with international market. In domestic market people will know what to do and the way to do but to attain the same motive in various country with the same concept and then getting success by using same social professional skills is more important. Proper training should be provided should to the staff about the type of the place, its scope and language, ideals and looks.

When people are visiting in one country to another it is necessary that they execute a research about the culture of the united states in which they may be traveling so that they can go well prepared, which can save them and folks around them from any awkward situation. Doing business internationally means management of culture of different countries as well as for retaining international business relationships, people will have to deal start countries norms, guidelines, values and legislation. Overall people need to entail in the culture of different people and make an effort to adjust to their ethnic skills and style. Right type of knowledge for right kind of job is very essential for doing business globally. The ability to negotiate better, understanding the social problems and becoming an insider often give a competitive edge in the business. Managers should have higher level of managerial skills as the partnership between various business sites depends upon the way in which the manger interact and behave with international clients and exactly how much capable they can be in working with crossing cultural restrictions. Cross ethnical training assists with improving success by looking to improve the level of personal cultural recognition and this will help in understanding the culture of other folks.

In growing business environment it becomes very needed for the firm to obtain culturally skilled staff having capability to work in international business industry. In cross social business sector trust takes on very important role in retaining method of trading. Trust can conceptualized as a opinion which is inspired incidentally the associates behave and how much reliable they are simply. The firms should provide training with their staff for each and every and every situation that they are likely to face as it could also help develop various strategies that are necessary for improvement of home development process. It will enable these to start to see the world with another type of principle through the sight of their foreign partners'. This can help them to understand how to take on different problems encountered from their overseas partners.

In a global economy, culture takes on a essential role to make any business trades successful financially. The firm can manage up with the international distinctions that occur from different culture and for that the international culture has to be comprehended by the managers. The lovers must have the ability to understand each others culture and because of this lots of time and effort is necessary. By trying to understand the partners ethnic needs and their culture they will try to solve the social differences and in this manner they are likely to behave in a more systematic and sensitive towards culture. Globally, if civilizations are not well understood then the potential for the firm surviving internationally is very low.

The neglected role of ethnic awareness in international business:

In this globalised current economic climate, business is growing extremely fast and the companies are needs to develop In international marketplaces - advanced technology, strong capital hold, cost benefit, political influence are a few of the factors that helps in development of the business. Increasing competition causes most of the companies to collaborate with international partner. A lot of the companies fail in understanding the importance of combination culture resulting in to the failure of cross boundary partnerships and collaboration. Most of the companies that planning to expand globally face two problems a) indentify the qualities and the traits of an effective global manger b) finding professionals with those characteristics. Thus professionals who are given foreign obligations are usually selected on the basis of them having proper understanding of their language and really should know about international experience. Culture in essence shows the kind of the behavior that is accepted by the contemporary society.

Given below are some examples that show neglectfulness of cultural awareness in international business:

In Spain, coca cola needed to withdraw its 2 liters of containers as Spaniards did not have refrigerators having such large compartments for their storage.

When colouring in 800*800 pixels with an India map, to show disputed Kashmir place Microsoft coloured it in eight different colours and this resulted in fury in India plus they banned the map. Difference in green means that Kashmir is shown as non Indian.

Pepsodent wished to sell its toothpaste in south east Asia by advertising so it "whitens your tooth "however they found out the local there use betel nut products to blacken their pearly whites.

Gerber, a U. S. firm wanting to sell baby food in Africa, shown a baby on the packet but soon they recognize that the product possessed flopped as in Africa what this content is in the packet that is viewed on the merchandise.

At African slot of stevadores noticed internationally recognized mark of fragile this means broken wine a glass and the staff working there assumed that the box contains broken glass and they threw it inside the sea.

McDonalds spent huge amount of money on making advertisement showing Chinese language customer kneeling before a McDonalds personnel asking him to accept the expired discount promotion. The advertisement was called off credited to insufficient culture sensitivity on behalf of McDonalds in china begging is considered to be always a uncomfortable and shameful act.

Green is favorite color in Pakistan but the same color is considered as symbolic for health issues in Malaysia. White is associated with fatality, sadness and mourn in India, china etc however the same color is brides wedding dress in English country.

Coca cola when premiered in china the name sounded like "kooke-koula" which means a thirsty mouth which is packed with wax naturally this is not accepted by the individuals and they made a decision to ban the product.

McDonalds in India

According to Hindu culture cow is considered as divine and sacred and the Hindus views the cow as a gift idea distributed by god. When McDonald moved into in India in 1990 it created a big problem as they use beef and small amount of beef remove in the oil. The Hindus considered this as an offence plus they protested by refraining from heading to McDonalds and requesting them to avoid the use of beef in their food products.

The company should quite simply know very well what is the culture of the country in which they want package as this will help in setting a firm for the reason that country more easily and effectively. For a global business to reach your goals the company should make all initiatives to attempt to understand the culture and create awareness about their culture and in this way make an effort to solve the social dissimilarities mutually. From the above samples we can see that many companies have confronted inability by not attempting to comprehend the culture of other country but learning from their inability as to where they went incorrect is more important.

McDonalds after understanding that meat and pork are considered to holy for the Hindus and Muslims they made a decision to work on their mistakes and they started using fowl and mutton in their place. they further got special treatment in keeping vegetarian and non vegetarian food independent by having individual cook and separate kitchen for food. They also apologized to the people for his or her mistake and the business pledged for doing better job by finding a substitute for beef extract to be used in the oil.

Coca cola was at china in the entire year 1927 and it was clear that the business would like to convert the name in Chinese language people. But while doing the study work it was difficult for the research workers to find suited character types as when they were grouped together the term sounded something strange and various and this is of those character types arrived to be something like "female horses fastened with wax ", "bite the wax tadpole etc. then the researchers made a decision to choose the mandarin terminology as the majority of the Chinese language people used it and phrase sounding much like coca cola was "k'o k'ou k'o le. This set of characters supposed "to permit mouth to be able to rejoice "which meant to give pleasure if you are drinking coca cola. This is considered as a hallmark and was listed in 1928 and as per Chinese brand the first two individuals intended drink and the next two meant delightful and stimulating.


Thus understanding the culture of different countries help develop and create business in that country. By creating standard awareness, and taking extra work to know about the culture also to take keen curiosity about learning it will help in handling the cultural differences between the associates. patience, courtesy and a small amount of curiosity can help in proper communication with each other. Due to insufficient cross cultural sensitivity there are chances if business failing woefully to a great level because what may appear to be right in one country may seem to be to be not suitable in other country. So proper research has to bee done when a company is planning to get started on a business in new country. You need to do a great deal of research work try to review about the culture of that country. This demonstrates cultural sensitivity takes on an important role for company to start out a business in another country.

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