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Critiquing Cosmetic "Progression"

Part One:

About ten years ago, Dove Firm released a controversial video recording, which, quite efficiently, could subliminally banter the present day fashion industry's notorious inclination of distorting physical complexion for increased product marketing. Maybe even more impressively, they accomplished this in less time than it requires to re-heat a leftover bowl of spaghetti. Enter "Dove: Evolution. " Clocking in at only over one minute in length, this advertising campaign has achieved popular appraisal because of its unparalleled potential to challenge modern plights related to home- esteem (especially in women) because of this of the constant degrading stimuli being solicited through marketing outlets. Upon seeing this clip myself, I experienced a range of emotions which range from peaceful, to apprehension, and even moderate bewilderment. As the brief video has no dialogue, the importance of vocals is noticeably enforced. On the opening, we're offered soothing traditional piano chords, as our woman subject requires a seat prior to the camera within the contextual production studio. Alarmingly, the tempo begins to quicken; producing heavy pulses of bass tempo while simultaneously, shiny lights are unveiled as a way of hastily diminishing the facial blemishes of the woman. Her initially positive demeanor commences to steer toward that of a nerve wracked teenager as the videos acceleration becomes digitally changed - cosmetologists bustle about, boosting her hair at an inhuman tempo, while an instant series of excellent camera shots catches the viewers off guard with a semi-photo very sensitive level. Never ceasing in its quick course, the training video transitions to a final still-frame of the bodily enhanced woman, of which point an Adobe PhotoShop heads-up screen is introduced. Carrying out a painstakingly meticulous series of alterations - lip saturation, attention widening, shadow exaggerations, and a neck extension, the camera angle gradually pans outward; creating the audience to see a suburban neighborhood with our main character's modified complexion strung upon a billboard. A set of young women, watch this blockage in passing prior to the screen's last fade to black. Subsequently, a credit seems to company, along with a statement related to warped physical perceptions. There's so this means in the text and images here beyond what may be immediately noticeable: there's a rhetorical platform and a note that advises something more significant and complex than what observers may see on an initial look.

Part Two:

Breaking down the advertising campaign further, it becomes quite apparent a pathodic charm to personal feelings is invoked on multiple levels. From the outset, the music places us at ease, before abruptly moving to include drums and extra rock-based instruments on the dual track layer. Personally, this technique, coinciding with the changing facial expressions the woman was considering, resonated a feeling of alarm within me (as though I was going to see a pending work of brutality). With that said, I think any audience experiencing similar emotions at this point would have found it appalling how relentlessly the hairdressers travelled about their business, seemingly without having compassion. Maybe this was the director's purpose, because a ensuing feeling of sympathy for this woman blossomed in my own soul. Right now, Dove has its audience's thoughts automatically, and is able to orchestrate them befittingly throughout the editing sequences. I'm inclined to deduce that the photo-shopping was disclosed in an attempt to drive the hammer into the nail of everything we already knew this whole time - no person is by natural means that attractive! That isn't to say, though, that the closing act couldn't be reaming with ideas of ethos as well as the aforementioned rhetoric. I noticed that the billboard hosting the end product pointed to another popular brand in the skin care sector. Do we sense a conspiracy at the job between the conglomerates? I'll circle back to this revelation later, as I really believe it is critical to factor into the grand structure of what's transpiring.

Part Three:

In continuance to the final statement I made in the previous paragraph, there are a number of admonishments Let me emphasize my readers, in order to address the greater metaphorical aspects of this video tutorial (or what may potentially be interpreted therefore). First, something that trapped my attention in early stages, was that the modification of facial blemishes on the subjected female were given maximum top priority to any other items on the touch-up job list. I'd infer that on a larger scale, this ideas at a hierarchical strategy the fashion industry adopts when assessing beauty. Pursuing that logic, we're able to conclude that a raw human being face warrants correction prior to any make-up, hair, or airbrush changes conducted by modeling company experts. Bluntly - they're judging most of your feature with heightened scrutiny.

Secondly, the overall pace of the advertising campaign, as I earlier mentioned, was extremely swift. Coupled with the background music, this probably helped in providing the broadest possible range of emotionally triggering stimuli to target audiences in the designated timeframe - absolutely a premeditated play. The aim of this advertisement was essentially to call out the "elephant" in the area, (or in cases like this, perhaps the one in Hollywood) and to carry out that, Dove understood that counting on a pathos-based approach would prove to be a strategic ally to influence viewers with the required message.

Finally, the billboard itself was positioned in a neighborhood which appeared to be centered on either: working-class residents, high-school junior, and/or solo parents aspiring for further. I gleaned this demographical hypothesis by noting the encompassing environment - composed exclusively of brick apartment complexes, line fencing, and used cars. Suffice it to state that if this is definitely a factual theory, it could correlate nicely with the idea that Dove wants to pass on its agenda such as a wildfire throughout the general consumer populace; many of whom may have otherwise continued to be in blissful ignorance to the proceedings commencing behind closed doors.

Part Four:

Primarily, I fathom that ladies of Millennial and "X" decades would be the most seriously impacted audience after viewing this advertisement. Furthermore, I'd ascertain that those impacts have mostly positive connotations, superseding the manipulative (unethical?) bodily practices subjected therein. In support of this claim, I located a study study conducted by Stephanie L Quigg in 2010 2010. The purpose was to identify how a simple advertising could mitigate the unwanted effects enforced on self-esteem through traditional mass media propaganda. The analysis consisted of exposing sets of women to 1 of three variants: a music training video padded with standard advertisements, the same music video cushioned with "intervention commercials", and Tv set with non-human targeted commercials. The outcome determined that discovering the music videos eventually resulted in lower degrees of self-satisfaction in test content, as opposed to the group that didn't. Interestingly though, in her subsequent book titled "Body Image, " Quiggreveals - "contact with the involvement commercial counter-acted this effect. " Demonstrating the scope which media portrayals of women are artificially improved can mitigate harmful effects on feminine appearance satisfaction (135-142).

Earlier, I talked about I'd be elaborating on the idea of concealed marketing packed inside of well-intentioned messaging. Going for a hint from Bob Garfield, a journalist looking at the Ogilvy & Mather Agency, (who stand for the film) I quickly uncovered another brain who shares my chilling proposition. Quoting his article specifically, "the bonus offer is, if they stay with this meaning come what may, they'll also turn over lots of whatever it is - in addition to the uncomfortable truth - they're selling (Garfield). That assertion really makes me ask yourself if any work of good character is pure these days; or is everything simply a clever ruse to improve a important thing?

Part Five:

To culminate my examination, I'd like to reiterate to my viewers, the value of executing extreme care in response to all or any resources of mainstream advertising, irrespective of "implied" positive communications. In this dialogue, I've taken to light how what was formerly regarded as a feat of goodwill by Dove, might actually constitute as a turncoat for a corrupted purpose, with regards to the eyesight of the beholder. It's vital that we accept this relatively harsher truth in the years ahead. To become competent residents, it's dire that people examine each facet of a message. Usually, we become susceptible to intelligently situated reverse psychology governing our buying impulses.

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