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Critique OF THIS Elizabeth Movie Film Studies Essay

The movie Elizabeth (1998) is a mainly appropriate film about the reign of Queen Elizabeth in 1554. With this film, Elizabeth is portrayed as a vigorous young woman in her twenties with the mind power and tremendous potential to become the greatest ruler to ever have graced England's throne. Upon becoming Queen, Elizabeth gets into into a continuing political bout including Spain and France as well as the Catholic Chapel and the (Protestant) Church of Great britain. Elizabeth soon discovers that not all of her advisors hold the best interest of Great britain and of the Queen in mind. That is an interesting and insightful report about Queen Elizabeth's early on years as the reigning Queen of Great britain.

Elizabeth begins in 1554 after Ruler Henry viii fatality and nearby the end of Queen Mary's life. During this time, England and the devoutly Catholic Monarch Queen Mary, are motivated to prosecute all who deny the Catholic Cathedral and remain of Protestant faith. However, her half-sister Elizabeth the sole heir to the throne, is a practicing Protestant. Queen Mary has Elizabeth imprisoned and accused of treason. Queen Mary then asks Elizabeth to guarantee to uphold the Catholic trust if she is to become the new Queen of England. Elizabeth respectfully refuses that question and soon becomes Queen.

As the new Queen, and still very uncertain of her skills to rule effectively, Elizabeth depends on the counsel and advisors (specifically Earl of Norfolk) to make decisions on her behalf. After phrase of the People from france assembling an army in Scotland, Elizabeth, while under pressure from Norfolk, requests an attack from the French. The invasion is easily repelled by the France under demand of Scotland's Mary of Guise, making the consequence of French invasion even more of a danger. Following this ill-planned attack ending in devastation, she realizes that she cannot let herself be pressured into making political decisions by her "so-called" respected advisors. Amidst the political turmoil, Queen Elizabeth is also confronted with religious beliefs. Queen Elizabeth supports a vote and is victorious the discussion to bring back the Cathedral of England.

As the new Queen, Elizabeth discovers herself faced with new potential issues and dangers. She sees that she is in the center of a power have difficulties between Spain and France and it appears as if both are trying to take good thing about the weakened status and of the Queen. The Ruler of Spain, the late Queen Mary's spouse, offers his hand in marriage only for political reasons. On top of that, the King really wants to hold the alliance and, in return, he assures her safety and security as Queen. The People from france are asking her to marry the Duke D'Anjou with the same guarantees. When it appears as though the Queen has made her decision to marry the duke D'Anjour, she discovers him developing a homosexual escapade and declares that she'll belong to no man. Elizabeth persisted to declare herself as a born-again virgin. Thus becoming the Virgin Queen.

While Elizabeth does provide a mainly exact depiction of Elizabeth's life as Queen, the audience must remember that this can be a fictional movie and the timeline and events are not completely accurate. In actuality, the occurrences in this movie took place over about a 30 time period. Although Elizabeth was a "bastard child" of Ruler Henry viii, she was taught by the finest teachers and a genuine Renaissance princess. By the time Elizabeth came to the throne, she fluently spoke the international political language of that time period, Latin, as well as Greek, Italian and People from france.

In Elizabeth the Duke D'Ajour involves England in tries to marry Elizabeth and almost succeeds. However, background proves that this event never happened. It had been his younger brother Duke D'Alencon who practically been successful, and it was when Elizabeth was at her 40's alternatively than her 20's as the movie shows. Gleam scene where in fact the Duke sexually assaults Elizabeth publically and makes outrageous and crude sexual remarks to her. This type of behavior would never have occurred and the Queen could not have tolerated it. Queen Elizabeth received her name the Virgin Queen because she was actually a virgin. Elizabeth shows Queen Elizabeth making love with Lord Robert Dudley and then being re-born a virgin. Lord Robert Dudley is at simple fact her closest friend, but there is not a erotic romantic relationship between them.

Movies today can provide a definite view of important parts of world record as a people. Individuals of all races, ethnicities, and ethnicities need not to only understand their own history, but the rest of the world's as well. With this knowledge, perceptions may change and individuals may have an improved understanding of others. By understanding the history of one's own history as well as others, perhaps it might be easier to agree to and understand how societies function today. While movies such as Elizabeth might not be completely exact, it's important that the public attempt to understand and acknowledge the history of culture, justice, and important individuals. Many individuals such as Queen Elizabeth not only impacted their own jurisdiction, but also the continuing future of the world. Unfortunately, many people today do not focus on the depth of such historical results. In today's culture, visualizing history via a dramatic standpoint makes the information more likely to be soaked up and appreciated.

In my estimation, Elizabeth's change in this movie is stunning to state the least. She went from the exiled "bastard princess, " to the Queen of England. Additionally, the Queen proceeded to go from leading a special and romantic relationship with Lord Robert Dudley to almost marrying into Spanish or French royalty, then to declaring herself celibate and a re-born virgin. Elizabeth also travelled from a weak-minded and extremely fidgety, free-spirited princess and new Queen to a solid and politically powerful girl ruler. Her change from princess behaving from the center, to Queen ruling with her brain, was undoubtedly her most commendable accomplishment which most likely was the main element to her success. Lord Robert Dudley also was transformed in Elizabeth. Lord Robert Dudley went from being Elizabeth's fan and best friend to being accused of treason rather than to have a romantic relationship with Elizabeth again. Elizabeth also had taken him with her in her change from princess to queen, and he became an consultant to the Queen.

Although Elizabeth is a movie that I would not be more likely to pick from a shelf in the video recording store, I am very glad which i had the possibility to watch and grasp the movie. As I mentioned before, understanding history which will permanently impact on society is extremely beneficial. Queen Elizabeth elevated the standard of women from that period through eternity. Her powerfulness and amount of esteem she demanded was little or nothing that could be questioned or doubted as society continues to develop. Overall I'd have to provide Elizabeth two thumbs up. However, I really do think the freelance writers could have been more exact with the reality and the timeline and had as much success.

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