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Considering critical thinking essay example

A critical thinking paper is one of the writing assignments students who study at high school and college are asked to complete. As a rule, such tasks are related to analysis of a piece of art, like painting, movie, music or literature works, like novels and short stories, or scientific works, such as research papers, academic articles and so on. One of the ways to write a good critical paper is to look for a well-written critical thinking essay example. It can serve as guidelines which you may follow while writing your own paper, and also, it is helpful when you need to get a vivid image of what your paper is going to be like. Also, apart from using a critical thinking essay example, you are also welcome to turn to the help of our team, who are always ready to provide you with all necessary help and assistance in this regard. Keep reading this article to learn more about writing critical thinking papers.

When it comes to writing a critical thinking paper about some piece of art or literature, you need to be very selective when choosing critical thinking essay example. The point is, if you choose the wrong one and follow it, you will not receive a good mark. Therefore, make sure that critical thinking essay example that you are going to use is relevant and appropriate enough. Also, you need to know perfectly all the instructions and requirements to your writing assignment. If you are not sure about them, then you need to discuss all your questions in this regard with your professor and ask him for clarifications.

The general purpose of writing a critical thinking paper is to provide your personal interpretation of a defined aspect of the assigned work. For instance, if you are analyzing a novel, it is important that you concentrate on the tone of the novel, as long as it represents the mood of the author and plays one of the major roles in the writing overall. At the same time, if you are going to analyze a movie, you may concentrate on the symbolism, which is always significant, because it gives us the understanding of something that is not clearly announced. We can provide you with good-written critical thinking essay examples, but also, we would like you to give you some tips and guidelines in regard to writing this kind of paper.

Preparing a critical thinking essay

  • Once you have got the assignment, you need to read it carefully and make sure you know exactly what you are going to do. You need to understand what aspect of the piece of writing you need to analyze, whether it is going to be the overall plot or a particular character, or the symbolism, etc.
  • Read the assigned piece of literature in a critical manner. Your task is about evaluating the work, so you need to become really familiar with its plot, all of its components and so on. If you cannot completely comprehend it after the first time you read it, give yourself some more time and read it again. You should read it and reread it until everything becomes clear to you.
  • Remember taking notes when you read. This is a very essential moment, since it will help you not forget important components of the literature work, make emphasis where it is appropriate and collect good and interesting quotations that you will use later in your critical thinking paper.
  • Clarify the main issues regarding the piece of literature. Here, you need to ask the following questions: what is the general message of the piece of writing, what did the author want to tell the reader? What are the major ideas and the key points in it? What is the purpose of the piece of writing and in what way is the purpose accomplished (if it is accomplished)?
  • Review what you were noting while reading on order to define the problems and issues arisen in the piece of literature. When your notes are finished, you need to determine the most important moments and clarify, what impression the text made on you and whether that impression is what the author wanted. In other words, did the author manage to influence you as a reader appropriately?
  • Look for some additional secondary sources of information. You can read other reviews, written by different people and figure out whether your point of view has something common with the point of view of other people. Also, this will help you come up with new fresh and interesting ideas.
  • Come up with your personal attitude to the piece of literature. You need to understand, whether you like it or not, include this into your critical thinking paper and explain why you think that or another way. Remember providing various arguments and quotations in order to support your opinion.
  • Think logically. Since you have already figured out your opinion, it is also important that you try to evaluate the assigned piece of literature objectively and logically. Even though objectiveness is not always appropriate when it comes to evaluating a piece of writing, it is still essential that you separate your own feelings from really existing facts.
  • In addition, making a good conclusion in the end of your critical thinking paper is also important. Make a logical summary and show how your arguments support your opinion.

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