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Critical CONSIDERING Health And Medication Nursing Essay

As identified by Michael Scriven and Richard Paul (1987), critical thinking is intellectual disciplined process of applying skills, principles, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluation of information acquired by, observation, reasoning, experience, representation, as a advice towards an action. Edward Glaser (1941) defined critical thinking as an attitude of pondering towards solving problems that comes within the number of your respective experience.

Critical thinking is intellectual disciplined process of applying skills, principles, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluation of information received by, observation, reasoning, experience, representation, as guidance towards an action.

Definitions Comparison

The common things about the given explanations are, critical thinking leads toward reaching a certain goal. Also, one must have an issue and using the experience obtained, action is considered towards getting the perfect solution is.

The differences between your definitions are, matching to Michael Scriven and Richard Paul (1987), critical thinking is taken as an intellectual process while Edward Glaser (1941) portrays it as an attitude. The later also see as a way of solving problems but the former say that it leads to taking the required action. The first definition also gives us a consistence manner in which critical thinking works, but the second one just speak of range in which one has experience.

Definition that Collection Nursing Process

A nurse should follow a careful and organized process in performing his/her duty and so the suitable meaning is that of Michael Scriven and Richard Paul (1987). First nursing obligation requires a great deal of intellectual skills and willpower. It is because there is absolutely no room for problems. Once a blunder is performed either through ignorance or through carelessness a life somewhere is lost.

For a nurse, every aspect offered by the suffering person is vital. Thus analyzing each concepts and synthesizing the information given is similarly important. This is because, if she/he is trying to detect a certain disease, fine details are required to ensure that the disease suffered is the one treated. For your nurse, before any action is considered clear observation is done. This is will always eliminate the idea of think work because an example may be coping with people's life. Appropriate reasoning is required in medical to ensure that required action in treatment is used. This is improved by proper representation and strong experience in the nursing field. Thus integrating all the mandatory procedures as stipulated in this is of critical thinking by Michael Scriven and Richard Paul (1987) the nurse in his/her full capacity will be able to execute duties fully.

Definition of Critical Thinking and its Relevance in Clinical Decision Making

Critical thinking is a strong concept bought through the procedure of approaching a concern using organized skills and experience achieved by virtue of education, connections, communication, observation and through analysis and correct data correction and admittance using appropriate facts towards attaining best suited solution.

For a decision to be arrived in the nursing field you have to probe carefully and critically verify the information become before making the ultimate decision. Going for a exemplory case of a nurse employed in the Intensive Treatment Unit where the patient may be in coma and must be treated. The process of approaching this issue requires a systematic skills and experience for an appropriate decision making. Such skills are modified through critical thinking by using knowledge and existing facts when well interpreted.

Practitioners in nursing must be appropriate and precise in making decisions. They should always be lead by the virtue of hearing; collecting appropriate data, inspecting it properly and by the norms and intellectual standards of nursing provides correct decision. In a very hospital environment, there are always hustle and bustles. Patients entering and more leave. So, a nurse must be sane to have the ability to execute his/her work. Thus without interacting to the fellow nurses, one my find it difficult to give correct information. So communication is essential to help assess once decision by comparing different ideas before giving a decision that you may well not be well conversant with.

Education is an essential aspect in critical thinking. Especially for a nurse, one should be up to date on kind of disease patient is suffering from. Some diseases have very close symptoms thus without good knowledge, one is likely of making a blunder in coming to decision on how to treat or prescribe drugs. The consequences of wrong prescription or treatment can lead to permanent personal destruction or death. Thus, to perfect once degree of critical thinking, education is vital. In span of practicing professional medical work, it is recommended also to wait different medical trainings and workshops that will become refresher programs to refresh once critical thinking.

Another very important concern is connections. Once you interact with many people of similar profession, you get to acquire different ideas that you had not considered. This may always boost

your capacity for common sense on issues. Interactions help one to broaden once mind and enhance once potential of making good decision. Additionally it is a kind of vulnerability that helps someone to have extra experience from different broad minded people. Discussion may also be contact with different disease diagnose and various patient. Thus giving one self confidence in future to cope with the same ailment or patient of similar sickness easily.

Professional Development Strategies Plan To Improve Critical Thinking

Skills When Making Clinical Decisions.

Getting information is paramount in increasing critical thinking. The information of those things that seem to be never to clear can be become from different professional medical materials. One can read health and clinical publications, intellectual journals, go to clinical website or else hospital library. Most of the information is learned from the environment we could in. for example, you have to investigate his/her environment to comprehend what is required of him/her or not. Differing people have different desires and preferences. As the nurse you are either helping a doctor in surgery room, or joining patient in the hospital. Thus, you need to always be guided by professional ethics as you try to analyze group effect. This will help you make your critical thinking.

To improve professional medical critical thinking, you have to internalize intellectual specifications required in nursing. Such things as precision in data collection, clarity in drugs prescription amongst others must always be on the finger tips. These qualities should be employed on daily basis to make sure they are part of life. Like a nurse you need to battle with once ego. This makes someone to be bias in judging a certain situation unconsciously. This may lead to making bad decisions. So practicing intellectual features and admitting when you go wrong can make you go a long way away as far as decision making is concerned.

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