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Crime Reduction Technology

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Over the years, federal government agencies have desired ways to fight crime. Our Felony Justice System is in circumstances of crisis credited to prisons being over congested. It is best to prevent a offense than to punish the individual for a criminal offenses once they have affected more celebrations. It is visible with the number of offences reported in the mass media, instead of reducing the amount of crimes taking place, it is increasing. That itself shows the urgency nation's attention on criminal offenses prevention.

Research indicates that certain individuals in modern culture are more susceptible follow and keep maintaining a criminal profession. Furthermore, there appears seems to be with an evident pattern one of the individuals who have been jailed for committing serious crimes. For instance men from disadvantaged backgrounds, with disloyal personalities and poor impulse control are regarded as having risky personality to commit criminal offense. As a result, it is important that Sri Lankan Lawbreaker Justice System identifies these risky individuals and use certain precautionary measures to discourage them from a legal path.

3. Today it has become important more than ever to control these those who are seriously harming the nations will. As mentioned by research, there appears to be a strong website link between your 'seriousness of the function' (former mate, rape, equipped robbery and murder etc. ) devoted by an individual and the number of times they attended into contact with the Lawbreaker Justice System. Therefore, it is straightforward to believe that the re-offending rates in Sri Lanka would be significantly higher. Hence, it is essential that the governing bodies work at bringing down the rates of re-offending in Sri Lanka. By using modern technology this might turn into a more attainable goal.


4. To indicate the role and need for technology to prevent crimes and during that maintain legislation and order in Sri Lanka


5. Criminal offense could be thought as a breach of laws and regulations that a country's Lawbreaker Justice System may eventually enforce a guilty word. Crimes can be categorised into felonies, misdemeanours and infraction.

a. A felony is known as to be the most serious kind of crime and it includes the problems related to assault, murder, rape, robbery etc.

b. A Misdemeanours are less serious than felonies. Hence, it is distinguished by the length or gravity of the abuse issued to the individual. These include simple assaults, Driving under the Influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs (additionally known as DUI) and disorderly conduct in public areas.

c. Infractions are the least serious kind of crime. It offers common traffic offences, breaching swiftness limits.


6. Progression in technology is apparently a dual edged sword as it has created a whole new spectrum of crime and this same technology helps regulations enforcement battle, prevent to or capture these criminals. For instance, in addition to dealing with offences such as murder, robbery, rape law enforcement agencies are obligated to deal with internet crimes such as internet hackers, internet stalkers, internet trojans and the use of the internet to cheat are the exemplory case of a few. On a positive aspect this same technology could be utilized to improve the power and range of regulations enforcement agencies. For instance, technology could be used to avoid certain type's criminal offenses from occurring to ultimately recording these criminals who've committed the criminal offenses.

7. Monitoring videos, fingerprint technology and DNA data may be used in a court of rules to help send to prison and punish these individuals without relying exclusively on individual witnesses. There have been many experiences therefore many reviews where that human memory has already established devastating affects on certain those who were wrongly confined. Over a positive note, almost all of these wrongly accused have since been released from confinement with the aid of modern technology such as DNA data and fingerprint research.


8. Based on the Sri Lankan Police website, during the calendar year 2010 home invasions, fraud and robbery, blade attacks, homicide attempts to commit suicide and grievous damage are among the list of crimes that predominately dedicated by the Sri Lankan populace are most likely indicative only of reported criminal offenses as culturally Sri Lankan's are less inclined to report personal crimes such as domestic assaults, rapes and youth sexual assaults as a result of disgrace attached to these crimes. For example, often people are either too scared or too ashamed about the circumstances and therefore are less likely to seek support and help from specialists.



9. Technology is already being used to obtain evidence and take criminals. However, we do not use technology that much, to prevent crimes compared to post legal activities. Law enforcement agencies rely seriously on fingerprinting technology and the Sri Lankan Offender Justice System got recognizes these advancements in technology. For example, DNA, fingerprinting, through mobile call details, surveillance cameras, digital photos and videos are now recognized in a court docket of legislations.


10. Fingerprint technology has been used for greater than a century and the FBI in America have used fingerprinting technology as far as 1924 in legal investigations. Despite the fact that, Sri Lankan law enforcement organizations didn't use fingerprinting technology that way back in its history, nonetheless they have relied upon this technology for recent decades of your energy.

11. Fingerprinting technology is a comparatively cheap and it is still regarded as one of the very most reliable varieties of information in a court of law. A person's individual appearance may change with time, but it is impossible to change an individual's fingerprint. That is the main purpose to allow them to rely on this old technology this much.

12. As Sri Lanka is a expanding country were lack numerous resources to make use of and same goes with expensive technology, even which are plentiful to use in the first world countries. Fingerprinting technology is relatively low cost, therefore Sri Lanka doesn't need to be based upon international countries and we have the technology too. That compels us to use it more as it is readily available within the united states.

13. Currently, the Sri Lankan police agencies are along the way of holding fingerprints of criminals who are accepted by the court docket of rules and these fingerprints are stored in databases for quick access and for future reference. The government has recognised the value of fingerprinting technology. Because of this they are along the way of introducing National Identity cards that have an individuals thumb print coupled with other information to help minimise individuality theft and for easy id.


14. DNA, infrared technology, face popularity are used greatly in Traditional western countries. These advanced technology are used to help quite simply in avoiding unauthorised usage of sensitive information or constrained structures and areas. At present Sri Lanka will not process the resources to utilize these mentioned technologies even though requirement highly are present.

15. However, DNA technology is used in Sri Lanka mainly to help identify individuals at a crime outlook. It has additionally been used in the past to confirm an individual's personality. A highly publicised example where DNA was used was during the 2004 Tsunami to recognize the biological parents of an infant as several households claimed the infant belonged to them.

16. Sadly, Sri Lanka lacks the financial resources to utilize them on a regular basis. Currently what practise is, after collecting and acquiring DNA proof it is sent to a overseas country to obtain the results. This may often be very expensive and highly frustrating.


17. Close Circuit Television set or more often called CCTV is relatively new in Sri Lanka. CCTV has the potential to help control criminal and disorderly action in community. Research conducted in this field suggests that CCTV cams help prevent offense by increasing the probability of getting trapped and by further acquiring the evidence necessary to convict they. Further it could help monitor offender's behaviors and habits.

18. CCTV surveillance cameras may help people be cautionary through its presence. For example, research indicates that folks are likely to be hesitant of committing a crimes commonly going on, such as shop-lifting when they are created aware that all their actions and activities are being supervised. Sri Lankan banks and money handling firms use CCTV in reducing bank robberies. If a robbery does happen, with its information security personals can activate their contingency programs in avoiding robbery is been succeed and even submitting so CCTV can then be used to gather evidence.

19. You can find five drawbacks in using CCTV, for example it is costly and it can be time consuming to undergo the surveillance tapes once a crime has been committed. However, a good surveillance system can help cut down the number of crimes committed. Furthermore, CCTV camcorders will help laws agencies recognize, capture and convict individuals. It could also help further because, if an individual is caught on camera then there would be no argument in regards to what has been done. It could become extremely difficult for their tiers to claim or make excuses for his or her behaviors when caught in the action.


20. While using development of the communication, with in just a matter of mere seconds, individuals can inform authorities about a crime, details associated with happenings, regarding a person or any other related issues through a phone. With the benefits of "mobile police vehicle system" use of this technological advantages have grown to be extremely effective both for preventives and passive unlawful counter actions.

21. It turned out used in days gone by to combat terrorism, due to its speedy and effective accessibility. Same as that it'll be effective provided with some advancements to the machine.


22. Mass media plays a essential role in counter-top criminal activities. We've experienced through the war against the LTTE how effectively it could be used. There have been events when suspected person's images and details were flashed on the display on tvs, almost immediately and sometimes inside a day, the information reached the authorities through vigilant civilians.

23. By using media, the specialists could use the populace of over 20 million citizens of Sri Lanka to help view and then article if any criminal activities happen. As it is impossible for regulating agencies to monitor everywhere because of the lack of man vitality and resources it'll be an added advantage. Therefore media could be utilized to send out current information to the general public and regulators could then use information reported by the people.

24. As stated previously, when it comes to personal crimes from a ethnic perspective folks are less inclined to inform authorities. Television set programmes such as 'Thiththa Aththa' and 'Gahaniya' use the marketing to encourage individuals to report and discuss these very sensitive issues. On the opposite side of things, the same information that can be used to help understand the circumstances of an incident, then it can be used by a criminal to repay his / her tracks.



25. Matching to recent data, Britain is monitored by 4 million Close Circuit Television set (CCTV) cams making them the most watched region on earth. British regulating body insists that the utilization of CCTV cameras should be viewed to be beneficial and protective. Sri Lanka does require a big amount of CCTV systems if it's to cover the required places effectively in complete country.

26. An extremely basic camera system might cost about Rs. 100, 000. As it is very expensive, it stops Sri Lanka from using the required volume of CCTV camcorders. This same cost factor affects the utilization of other effective systems such as use of DNA or Bio metric technology.


27. Insufficient skilled personals and professional knowledge has become another limiting factor in use of modern tools. Sri Lankan education system does not recognise the importance of technology in combating criminal offense by using Bio metric technology.

28. There's a huge 'brain-drain' as most educated individuals in this area of expertise will probably leave Sri Lanka for insufficient employment. For instance, even if they have the knowledge, as Sri Lanka lacks the infrastructure, required equipment as well as the technology to keep the level required to have a functioning Bio metric system. This then compels Sri Lanka to hinge mainly on international technology and know-how.


29. Sri Lanka is still a producing country. The ageing populations as well as the residents in the rural areas in Sri Lanka have no idea of the available technology. For example, our grandparents wouldn't normally be comfortable using a mobile phone. Despite the fact that the younger generation knows the benefits personal computers offer, compared to India, Sri Lanka's IT literacy rate is comparatively low.

30. Another complication arises in trying to introduce National Personality cards with the thumb print out. Even when this technology was unveiled, citizens have to be made alert to the basic functions and the methods to utilize them.


31. Infrastructure requirement of sensitive scientific subject matter like bio metric or often called DNA aren't available in the island, for example we are totally depended on other countries. This is leading to have more issues with time factor, financial factor and therefore inclination of using these technologies will usually with some constraints.

32. Not only the infrastructure, more importantly we do not even have the required equipments. For example our company is in a process of presenting an identity card with finger print out and with a great many other details. But to attain the purpose those authority that are going to check the personal information on the floor must be equipped with required system to work with the technology. If devoid of all required data, if those authorities took place to go with manual id the entire goal cannot be achieved.


33. As mentioned above, the amount of IT literacy is relatively lower in Sri Lanka. It would be extremely expensive to train individuals from the start and it would also be very frustrating.

34. Training would only be beneficial if the individual chosen can understand please remember what is expected of these. However, at the moment it is important to recognize individuals with some basic knowledge and desire for computers. This can help eliminate individuals unsuitable for working out programs.


35. As identical to other field affect of the technology is one factor which is unavoidable for both offense and counter criminal activities. It is well understood that it's easier to prevent a offense than to punish the individual for a offense once it has affected more functions. But the available technology that, which we include is been basically used for post unlawful activities. However as at today there is certainly urgency in use of technology for precautionary mashers too. Because we live with enough information on that, certain individuals in culture are more prone follow and keep maintaining a criminal job. Furthermore, there shows up seems to be with an obvious pattern one of the those who have been jailed for committing serious crimes.

36. Fingerprint technology, DNA or bio metric technology, Circuit Tv or more commonly known as CCTV and mobile police vehicle system are used in Sri Lanka in counter legal activities with many difficulties. Marketing also performs a vital role in counter criminal activities and again this is a two times edged weapon which performs negative role too.

37. Sri Lanka is a producing nation who has many difficulties in case of market. There for the price factor is being recognized as the main hurdle in using technology against criminal offenses. Lack of skilled personals and professional knowledge, lack the infrastructure, absence equipment as well as the technology, training issues are the other difficulties encountered by the government bodies.

38. Having being discovered the areas where, more attention of the power is highly essential we now have to up lift up the awareness of the modern culture to get the correct use of technology in order to attain our ultimate target by retaining countries' low and order.


39. Sri Lanka is a expanding country. Therefore, we only have access to limited resources. Hence, it becomes important to recognize the requirements to avoid crime. It is true that justice cannot be determined by Rupees and cents, however, any changes to the system must be considered with concern for its cost effectiveness. For instance, even if certain technology have been used effectively in European Countries, it generally does not necessarily mean that the same technology would be appropriate to use in Sri Lanka.

40. As average individuals may not be aware of the technology available, it could help have a countrywide wide education programme by using media and a great many other means. This needs to be done before adding any technology which may lead to misunderstanding among the citizens.

41. At the institution level children should be taught about technology and the great things about computers as we need to train another generation. In turn this understanding of the children may be used to educate their families on a single aspect.

42. Sri Lanka needs to enhance its directories. It would be beneficial to discover and coach individuals in computing skills. These individuals could then be used to help acquire the most relevant data and help store them accurately for future referrals.

43. On the other hand the governing body requires an eliminating program to identify potential individual that would be of value to them in the foreseeable future after the training is completed. It is important to realize that once we lack the skill levels and the resources to train they, the governing firms to need help from international countries. The initial cost would expensive but in the long term it would profit Sri Lanka

44. New technology that such as CCTV will probably become an essential tool when managing criminals and their conducts in time to come. However, it's important that law organizations do not only count on CCTV surveillance cameras to achieve this goal. For instance, if the police force is aware that a certain area has CCTV video cameras installed, these are less inclined to frequent that particular area. If an individual gets assaulted within an area that has CCTV, the police may not be able to get compared to that area with time to help the sufferer. It really is true that, the police could use the video tutorial to help get the criminal following the offense has been dedicated but unfortunately, this may be of little consolidation for the already victimized individual.

45. If we were to improve the number of patrol automobiles used, we should focus on the crime-ridden areas. This might help maximize the person electric power and resources used. It could also help if the patrol cars have access to a cellular phone. These vehicles should be equipped with Gps unit to get more advance interest over counter functions. This way, if a criminal offense is reported, the dispatch centre would then be able to direct the closest patrol car to the area.

46. In response to personal offences such as rape and local assault, mass media could be utilized to reach out the average citizen's still living in the rural areas. It could help encourage the younger generations to reach out with their elders regarding this matter. If people are made aware that these issues could be resolved with help, more victims will come forward without worrying about being made ridiculed by their peers. It could also help to start these educational plans at university levels and encourage children to talk with their parents and relationships. This may then promote gender and communal equality in Sri Lanka.

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