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Your very first crime and punishment essay

Here below you’ll find three worthy thesis statements or paper topics for your crime and punishment essay. We don’t doubt you’ve already read this prominent novel written by Dostoevsky. These thesis statements offer a detailed summary of different elements and you’re free to add your own exclusive understanding as well as analysis of the plot if you wish. If you combine crime and punishment essay topics mentioned here below and the list of crucial quotes from the novel, you’ll definitely succeed with your crime and punishment essay.

A great number of crime and punishment essays offer a topic of separation and alienation from society in Crime and Punishment. Everybody would agree that the world depicted by Dostoevsky in Crime and Punishment is very harsh and only a few people can conveniently live there. Sure, the very cornerstone of the novel and what keeps generating tons of crime and punishment essay questions is the Raskolnikov’s case. The young man is also called Rodion or simply Rodya. The desolate landscape and gloomy setting gives a strong emphasis on the theme of desolation, alienation and isolation. For this essay can choose between two directions. First, you’re welcome to examine the setting of the novel itself and then describe ways in which it’s getting alienating. If you expect to write a longer essay, then it would be rational to incorporate a couple of ideas about the setting, showing the ways in which the novel’s characters get alienated from society. Certainly, the number one hero, Raskolnikov is the best example of this conception, so you’re free to investigate how this particular young man kept escaping from the entire world. Tell us about your point of view on his specific philosophy, including himself – superior and anyone else, who’s only allowed to serve him.

The role of religion and God in the novel is one the most popular crime and punishment essay questions. The function of religion as well as individual understanding of God can’t be overlooked in the novel and the importance of it is getting more visible by the end of the novel. Though Rodya is extremely arrogant in Crime and Punishment in terms of religion, we notice a number of religious messages coming at him from Sonia as well as other personages. In fact, the presence of religion shows readers a unique paradox, as we know the novel is all about a godless man, who dares to commit a grave and awful sin. Here, you’re welcome to make solid connections between the well-known biblical characters Abel and Cain, Mary Magdalene and the novel’s characters. Considering these issues in the light of the context of the author’s life as well as religious conversation would be a beneficial approach to this essay writing.

The final essay topic on this novel is the rationalization of crime. Of course, many readers would like to know what made Raskolnikov such a frightening, enduring and compelling character. Sure, there’s something inhuman in his ability to coldly rationalize his crime. From his point of view, there’re people on the Earth, who have never deserved to live and his sacred and noble mission is to cleanse the world of them. Apart from that, he boasts a mercenary motive. He’s on the verge of securing a pretty good life for himself. So, as we see that murder is fully justified in his eyes. In spite of the fact, the guilt tears the main hero apart, he doesn’t torture himself with the question whether he did right or wrong. Don’t you remember that the author’s main objective was to show Rodya’s ability to rationalize his murder?

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