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Creativity And Invention Management Commerce Essay

Innovation reaches the heart of each business enterprise. Using the growth in technology, businesses have used new production functions which have allowed these to increase their production as well as remain competitive on the market. In order for a business to be impressive, it needs to be creative in the routines that it conducts thus helping it to emerge successful. Hence, it is important for a business to invest money in latest technology products to enable it be at par with other competing organizations (Afuah, 2009).

In the case of Procter and Gamble (P&G), the company invests $2 billion each year to enable it hire capable staff that would allow it to execute detailed research in the field that this specializes. In order for the business to emerge successful, it must be eager to invest a lot of funds in creativity and research thus permitting it to come up with the best strategies for managing its production techniques and employees. In this manner, P&G has had the opportunity to create clear goals which have enabled its employees to stay concentrated to the targets that the business strives to attain.

Companies should study global organizations and what enables them to execute their functions in a highly effective manner. Because of this, it would be possible for an organization to know the kind of practices that it will adopt thereby allowing it to compete effectively with other leading organizations internationally. In the case of P&G, the company obtains its employees from different parts of the world who subsequently execute research of the many forms of advancement that other organizations take up thereby permitting it to embrace the most advanced technology and practices which then allow it to boost the overall productivity of the business.

In order for a business to reach your goals in the technology market, it needs to analyze the core regions of technology and make a decision the best form of technology to adopt depending on production processes that this adopts. In this manner, a company can realize the areas that need more emphasis in so doing enabling it to be better in its regions of specialization. To make sure that it is effective in its development operations, P&G hires more than 1. 5 million researchers such that it can manage to invest in the different regions of technology that can enable it to increase its production significantly. This range of researchers enables the business to give attention to the more than 150 main regions of technology thereby permitting the organization to cope with the problems that can be found in today's world in an useful manner.

Explain how you will lead others to favorably embrace invention and change

Innovation is vital for every organization to survive since the global market is becoming competitive. Additionally, most companies are finding it appealing to adopt invention since it operates as a kind of investment. Companies are rivalling severely so that they can have the ability to meet up with the overall needs of their customers. Since most market segments are becoming global, it's important CEOs to ensure that they devise ways in which other associates of the organization can accept change and creativity (Afuah, 2009).

To achieve success in allowing other employees to embrace technology and change, there are various techniques that the CEO should point out on to be able to ensure that the employees adapt to change within an efficient manner. The CEO at P&G should therefore make it his responsibility to ensure that the innovation champions in the business have up-to-date information regarding the types of change and advancement that other organizations throughout the world adopt therefore enabling the business to be on the frontline with regard to creativity change.

Most organizations have professionals who are risk averse and this makes it difficult for them to adopt change in an efficient way. Most of the middle professionals are always busy doing their jobs thereby restricting their capacity to use change. Because the jobs of middle professionals are better to fill, they often conclude being risk averse. In the case of P&G, the CEO makes it his duty to reduce the chance that is associated with change to be able to permit the managers to become more innovative. Therefore, it's the responsibility of the CEO to ensure that he sets up bonuses to the professionals in order that they adopt innovative behaviour. This would make the organization to stand ready for any opportunity that is associated development.

Adopting innovation in every department is an essential factor to consider while applying change. The technology in the 21st century focuses on an entire company and not specific office s within an organization. An organization should also work with professional personnel who is able to help an organization to recognize the best areas that it will spend money on (Dark brown, 2005). P&G should therefore give attention to recruiting people whose fulltime responsibility is to drive innovation within the company.

Basic training with regard to technology adoption is vital for the reason that the CEO would be in a position to choose the employees who receive professional trained in advancement change. The trained people would act as self-sustaining innovation processes thereby enabling the company to stay in advance in conditions of embracing development and change.

Assess the affect of perspective and mission on era of creative and impressive management processes within an organization

Vision and objective statements play an important role in terms of enabling an organization to be effective in conditions of adopting invention, creativeness and change. It isn't easy for CEOs to establish an organization without preparing clear aims within it. A business needs to identify its eye-sight and mission claims in a powerful manner thereby enabling it to achieve its known reasons for existence. Eye-sight and mission statements therefore become a catalyst for allowing an organization to look at change and advancement (Anthony, 2012). Hence, it is very important to the CEO of P&G to ensure that the organization sets clear eyesight and mission claims to permit it achieve its goals.

The various varieties of innovation an organization partcipates in usually remember to generate sufficient earnings. Companies therefore need to give attention to enhancing their reputation locally so as to acquire a huge customer base. Therefore, the strategies that organizations take up need to be balanced to be able to enable an organization to work in terms of implementing the best approaches for the business.

The CEO of P&G must devise a means in which the strategies, quest and vision assertions can be communicated to other customers of the organization in regards to to the long-term goals that a company hopes to achieve. Mission and eye-sight claims should help managers to create positive romantic relationships with employees so that they can serve as powerful drive tools to employees. The managers at P&G need to talk the vision and objective of the organization to be able to arouse a feeling of organizational goal among the employees.

The employees should be produced to understand why the business enterprise environment is changing and why the new way is needed so as to win their determination and perseverance. This would be able to move a business for the chosen way (Anthony, 2012). In this perspective therefore, it is important for the CEO at P&G to ensure that he displays vision and mission statements within the organization and determine whether they are in line with the overall invention strategies that the organization desires to take up.

Elaborate how you'll use analytical tools to recognize potential creative and impressive management ideas

In order to determine whether a business is on the correct path towards adopting change and advancement, there are specific tools that the CEOs need to utilize. These tools are essential for the reason that they can enable an organization to find out whether there are any weaknesses in the strategies so it adopts and for that reason enable it to have corrective measures to enable it remain innovative and competitive. An organization must map its financial plans and determine whether its money are sufficient in terms of enabling it to use the strategies which it desires to execute (Stevenson, 2002).

A quick competency test must be adopted in a organization to be able to determine whether it is ready for the change. In this case, the employees within the business should be examined on if they are capable of coping with the change that the business wishes to adopt. Moreover, the systems within the organization have to be tested to be able to ascertain whether there would be any need to conduct replacements or whether the existing systems can deal with the change that the organization desires to put into practice.

Assess risks and great things about creative and innovative management ideas

When a business desires to invest in innovation, there are many benefits and dangers which it can face. In terms of risks, an organization is likely to constrain its resources in such a manner that it might be unable to conduct its operations in an efficient manner. Lack of time is also an issue that an company is likely to face. Enough time when a business desires to apply change may be too past due to acquire any effect on the consumers. Despite the fact that a business may need to put into action change, the employees employed in it may dread failure in doing so making them to avoid adopting the technology that the business wishes to put into action. Moreover, the authority in an group may be unclear in that way so that it is difficult to implement change within an effective manner (Stevenson, 2002). On this point of view, the employees is probably not aware of the roles they are likely to play within the organization thereby restricting their capacity to put into action the change.

Insufficient incentives to the employees also limit the employees from adopting the change. With this perspective, the employees may be unwilling to look at the various forms of development that the managers stipulate unless they may be awarded bonuses and other forms of financial remuneration. In addition, insufficient sufficient training and talent may also prevent the employees capacity to implement creativity and innovation in the organization.

However, though creative imagination is associated with certain hazards, there are also benefits that the business may come across as a result of engaging in change methods. In his perspective, the modeling habits of the employees is likely to change and the support of the management grows significantly. Moreover, the management can set up the right team to perform certain duties within the organization. This way, a business can increase its output and competitiveness on the market. It is because, as an organization invests in advancement and ingenuity, it improves on its development processes thereby allowing it to be efficient and more productive.

Use change models to support the implementation of creative and impressive management ideas

All businesses must exercise change in order for them to continue to be competitive in todays business environment. There are many types of change that businesses need to look at to allow them put into practice creative and innovative tactics. The Kurl Lewin style of change can therefore be used to support the implementation of creative and impressive management within P&G Company.

The first stage in the model is the unfreeze stage. In this level, it's the duty of the groups management to ensure that they prepare the business for the change that is vital for it. In cases like this, the managers must ensure that the prevailing modes of operation are divided to before they choose whether they will take up the new means of operating inside the business. In cases like this, the managers should show the employees the reason as to the reasons the new means of operating cannot be continued. In this particular perspective, the CEO at P&G can have the ability to understand why a business is experiencing a decrease in sales as well as why the organization experiences poor financial results (Gerybadze, Hommel, & Reiners, 2010).

The unfreeze point out usually creates doubt within the business. However, in the change stage, people start looking for uncertainty and looking for new ways that they can fix any kinds of doubt. The employees in the organization start looking for new ways in which they can support the new direction that the organization hopes to attain. The managers of the organization need to comprehend that the change from unfreeze to change will not happen in a single day. Employees usually remember to change to the new change. Therefore, in order to ensure that the employees accept the change, the CEO and the professionals should make the employees understand how the change will advantage to them since not everyone falls for the changes that the business hopes to achieve.

The refreeze stage is also important to consider. The organization is usually ready to refreeze after the changes are found to be taking result. In cases like this, the organization becomes secure whereby the work descriptions seem to be consistent. This level normally helps the employees and the institution to internalize the changes proposed. In this perspective, the changes have to be used on a regular basis and be integrated in the daily businesses that the organization engages in. After the organization starts knowing stableness, the employees become more comfortable with the new means of working. Therefore, by combining the model in its businesses, the organization would be able to implement innovation successfully (Gerybadze, Hommel, & Reiners, 2010).

Task 2

Produce a proper rationale to persuade stakeholders of P&G of the great things about an innovative and progressive management idea

Before the CEO and the professionals of a business decide to apply change and invention, they need to assure the shareholders that the change will advantage the organization and the employees in diverse ways. Hence, it is the work of the CEO and the professionals to ensure that they create a rationale that will show the shareholders that the change will be fruitful.

As a CEO at P&G, one needs to show the shareholders that the change will deal with the various proper challenges within the business and allow it to be resourceful and take up more creative alternatives. The organization can draw on ideas that are made from other organizations thus improving its outcomes. This can be done by ensuring that the senior professionals within the business have the ability to disseminate knowledge to the employees in so doing providing an avenue for development of new development mechanisms. This allows an organization to adopt innovation in an effective manner.

When an organization implements development, the managers are able to take responsibility for just about any form of technology and change. This way, they could identify the critical areas that should be changed. Moreover, investing in change demonstrates the dedication by the customers of a business to improve (Kaplan & Norton, 2004). In addition, the CEO and the managers have the ability to assess the advantages of innovation before it is put in place. In addition, the choice to change promotes the employees to question the techniques implemented therefore creating room to allow them to propose other change mechanisms that might be more effective.

By deciding to purchase new technology and technology, an organization can come up with new ways which enable it to purchase technology in its part of specialization. This way, an organization is able to come up with new techniques can allow it to beat any varieties of resistance consequently of allowing the employees to be engaged in the change process. It has the effect of pushing the employees to identify the various types of improvements to the services that an organization delivers thereby allowing the organization to succeed through original thinking. In addition, the organization can attract on new methods and techniques of performing its operations. This way, the employees have the ability to understand worries of change thus encouraging these to welcome the change that the organization desires to put into practice.

As a CEO how will you communicate an innovative and innovative management idea to stakeholders of the organization?

The CEO is the one who determines whether change in an company should be integrated. In this perspective, the CEO is the main one who is likely to demonstrate to the shareholders the manner where change and development will impact an organization. The CEO therefore must devise effective means which can enable him express the message regarding change and technology to the shareholders. For communication to work, it's important for the CEO to conduct thorough research pertaining to the change process therefore enabling him to have a basis on how to explain to the shareholders why the change in necessary (Galavan, Murray, & Markides, 2008).

An effective way of conducting effective communication is through facts. Hence, it is important for the CEO to ensure that he gathers sufficient facts relating to the change and innovation that he desires to invest in the organization. While interacting to the shareholders therefore, the CEO should accumulate facts how the change process has worked in other organizations and the benefits that the change process taken to the organizations which have ever used that kind of change.

Demonstrations are an effective way of permitting people to understand how a certain notion works. In such a perspective therefore, it is the work of the CEO to demonstrate to the shareholders the way in which in which he hope that the change and advancement initiative will continue to work in the organization. The demonstration that the CEO adopts should be sensible in a way that the shareholders would believe the investment will continue to work when put on a real world situation.

The CEO will need compiled sufficient information regarding the initiative. In this particular perspective, the CEO should anticipate to answer the questions increased by the shareholders in a highly effective way. Which means that the CEO should be positive enough to permit him answer the questions brought up in an efficient manner. After the CEO shows effective way of conversing with the shareholders about the change process that the business wishes to purchase, the shareholders can adopt the idea. However, if the CEO is unable to converse effectively to the shareholders regarding the impact that the development will have towards the business, the shareholders will probably reject the idea thus limiting the organization from adapting to the present changes that are occurring in the business environment (Dark brown, 2005).

Establish key goals and priorities for implementation of a creative and ground breaking management idea using reviews from stakeholders

Before deciding to purchase innovation, there are certain things that should be prioritized. The fundamental things will be the ones that needs to be given more emphasis. In such a perspective, the CEO of the business should collect sufficient home elevators the procedures of a business and determine people which may have more impact to the productivity of the organization. He should then choose the way in which creativity will be implemented in the company. Advancement should be completed in phases starting with the areas within the organization that are thought to be more essential.

The money that a company has also needs to be considered. An organization might deem it necessary to invest in a particular form of change but fail due to insufficient funds. Innovation should therefore be carried out in those areas that the business can afford properly. In this point of view, the manner in which the funds are used should be carefully monitored in order to ensure that the sections that change has been executed are operational within an effective. A couple of instances whereby a business might decide to invest in a particular change but funds may be insufficient thereby putting the company at the risk of failing to work as expected (Afuah, 2009). On this point of view therefore, the stakeholders have to be notified of the change that the organization desires to spend money on and then determine whether the money available are sufficient. That is in order to ensure that the shareholders do not complain of cash misuse every time they realize that a particular strategy did not work.

Before deciding to invest in any form of creativity, it's important for an organization to ensure that the employees are ready for the change being put in place. There are certain times when an organization may choose form of creativity where the employees are not adequately prepared. Within this perspective, the business would deteriorate in performance instead of improving. Because of this, the employees need to be given sufficient training regarding the change being applied. In addition, the employees must be ready to simply accept the change especially if the change would increase the way they operate within the business. The shareholders therefore have to be notified on the training being conducted on the employees (Galavan, Murray, & Markides, 2008). This is because training employees requires funds. Which means shareholders must be notified in order that they do not expect that it's a form of cash misappropriation.

Innovation must be constant with the businesses that an business conducts. The development should be a noticable difference and not a change of the organizational methods. In case creativity is an application of change in organizational procedures, most employees wouldn't normally manage to manage the new procedures and this would therefore require the organization to look for a team of new employees. However, given all the knowledge that employees have about the operations of the organization, an alteration in the organizational tactics would make the business to deteriorate in its production processes thus making the customers to overlook the reputation of the business. The priorities that the CEO pieces about the form of creativity to be implemented therefore have to be communicated to the shareholders for analysis and determine whether development change is feasible towards the business.

Assess the barriers to the execution of your creative and progressive management idea at P&G

Every corporation is susceptible to barriers when deciding to purchase any form of development. The CEO of P&G therefore must be aware of the various obstacles that he can encounter while deciding to execute any form of change within the business. This is because the barriers can lead to the failing of the entire project if they are not monitored in an adequate manner. Worker unpreparedness is one of the major obstacles that the business is likely to face while considering to invest in any form of change. This is because most employees are being used to the normal operations an organization partcipates in. In this point of view therefore, in the event an organization engages in any form of advancement, the employees would not be in a posture to handle the prevailing situation. This would have the effect of minimizing the output of the business thereby making it to be outdone by the opponents (Galavan, Murray, & Markides, 2008).

The financial soundness of a business matters a good deal when a business desires to spend money on any form of change. For example, environmentally friendly conditions might require an organization to purchase change but, credited to financial constraints it may fail to put into action the change in an effective manner. By buying change operations halfway, a business may end up faltering totally because of inefficient invention practices. This might lower the reputation of the business as well as reduce its production significantly. It could therefore be difficult for the organization to rise from this form of failure.

The professionals, CEO, and the shareholders might desire to invest in change management but the organization is probably not ready for the change being applied. For example, there are certain change practices that might require an organization to improve its infrastructure completely. However, changing the infrastructure of an organization can be an expensive undertaking. As a result, an organization would be required to invest a lot of funds in changing its infrastructure thus making the business to put up with financial loss. Since most managers, shareholders, and the CEO wouldn't normally be willing to handle such an exercise if the organization doesn't have sufficient capital platform, this would therefore be considered a major barrier towards employing the change.

Shareholders play an extremely essential role in terms of facilitating the decision making process within the organization. In this point of view therefore, the CEO may propose to the shareholders that a particular form of technology is important in order to improve the organizations productivity as well as maintain its competitiveness. However, if the CEO is unable to encourage the shareholders effectively on the reason why as to the reasons a specific form of advancement is essential, the shareholders are likely to reject the whole idea thus acting as a barrier to the adoption of creativity inside the business.

In order for just about any form of advancement to be effectively implemented in an organization, it is important for the CEO to look for a team of experts who would facilitate the implementation of the change in the organization. However, with the competitiveness that exists in the modern business environment, there is a group of specialists who are not adequately trained to steer a business on the best form of invention to adopt. On this perspective therefore, there are CEOs who look for non-qualified pros to help in in change implementation in organizations. Such people often make the incorrect predictions about the form of advancement that the business should adopt. They therefore wrap up misleading the organization which then contributes to its collapse (Stevenson, 2002).

Plan a technique to overcome recognized obstacles to the execution of the creative and ground breaking management idea at P&G

Despite the existence of a wide range of barriers towards implementing development in an corporation, there are various strategies that P&G can adopt to permit it use change in an efficient manner. In this perspective, it's important for the CEO to consider certain barriers that prevail within the business enterprise environment so that he can have the ability to devise effective strategies and strategies on how to cope with them.

Most organizations face troubles while utilizing change because they neglect to conduct an intensive study of the marketplace. Without a proper knowledge of the way in which the market manages, the professionals, CEO, and the shareholders of P&G will probably adopt development strategies that are not consistent with the requirements of the organization. In cases like this therefore, it is important for the CEO to ensure that he conducts a thorough study of the business enterprise environment whereby P&G manages so that he can have the ability to get a clear picture of how strategies are crucial in the business. In this manner, the CEO can have the ability to collect sufficient information on the form of creativity that P&G should take up thereby permitting it to achieve its procedures.

Creativity and development fail within an corporation because most employees are not adequately well prepared for the change. Most employees therefore find it hard to adjust to the new creation processes that an company adopts because of insufficient experience in new technology. Therefore, in order to ensure that the employees welcome a change initiative within their business of work, it is important for the CEO to ensure that he liaises with the shareholders and the other managers at P&G in order to ensure that the employees obtain sufficient training regarding type of change that the organization desires to adopt. The employees should learn in advance before the change has been executed so as to ensure that they are ready to continue after the change has been put in place (Gerybadze, Hommel, & Reiners, 2010).

Unqualified professionals will be the leading reason behind failure in many organizations in regards to to creative imagination and advancement management. In order to avoid being misled by unqualified pros, the CEO of P&G should ensure that he conducts in depth research on the most experienced personnel on the market and who've a proven background in regards to to creativeness and change management. Such a person can point P&G on the most effective forms of creativity to invest in by inspecting the trends in the market.

Inadequate funds often act as a hurdle towards putting into action change in an organization. Therefore, for an organization to be able to implement creativity and innovation in its techniques, it's important for this to devise means through which it can gather sufficient money to enable it manage the changes available environment where it works. Therefore, the business can mobilize money in form of earnings, loans or through capital purchases to permit it raise cash to facilitate creativeness and invention.

Explain what sort of strategy arrange for overcoming barriers will ensure progressive change is achieved

Every organization hopes to overcome barriers within its operating environment so that it can emerge successful while utilizing ground breaking changes in its systems. By implementing strategies to conquer the various barriers that are present in the operating environment therefore, a company has the potential to ensure so it achieves change. Therefore, regarding P&G, change can be achieved if the managers, CEO, and the shareholders show determination to addressing the many barriers that prevent the implementation of development change in an effective manner. For example, once the employees are trained adequately on how to cope with the change before it is applied, they can be able to accept the change in a more efficient manner instead of when the change is executed when employees aren't well prepared for the change. Most organizations that prepare their workers well beforehand before creativity change management is implemented are known to be good performers (Anthony, 2012). This is a sign that proper planning has the effect of enhancing the overall performance of an organization

With breakthroughs in technology and the attractiveness of globalization catching on in many organizations, it's important for businesses to create aside sufficient money to cater for such issues. Within this perspective, most CEOs and professionals of businesses usually ensure that funds within the business are accounted for since the business environment is not predictable. This situation enables businesses to be ready for any changes that happen available. The businesses that do not occur place sufficient cash for advancement change are recognized to fail credited to lack of sufficient money when enough time to be progressive comes.

It has also been noted that a lot of business enterprises today were created in that manner they can be able to cope with technology change whether or not the change requires a business to change its infrastructure. Moreover, businesses that consult their shareholders before investing in any form of advancement change and retain professionals to guide their investment activities perform much better than those organizations that do not follow such types of procedures. Hence, it is true that the strategies that are implemented for overcoming obstacles work in terms of which makes it possible for a business to achieve change.

Communicate a strategy for overcoming barriers to relevant stakeholders in an organization

The stakeholders within an organization play an important role in terms of making certain change is achieved in an organization. Therefore, it's important for the stakeholders of P&G to comprehend that the means by which the obstacles can be beat is through preceding training of employees, keeping enough finances, selecting reputable professionals, executing thorough research about the state of the business enterprise environment, and searching for views from other stakeholders within the business (Dark brown, 2005). Once these strategies are adhered to keenly, an organization would be able to put into practice its change management methods in a highly effective manner unlike the case of these businesses that are ignorant to barriers that prevail available environment.

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