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Creating a Professional Development Arrange for advancement in the Industry

Without placing goals a person will never be able to measure his / her degree of success. Late this past year, as I mirrored on my profession path I commenced to feel unaccomplished and unfulfilled. I have been a nurse for over eighteen years and performed in long-term health care nursing homes, serious care nursing homes, and home good care settings. My experiences working in medical medical, telemetry, and critical care and attention doing bedside medical challenged me to help expand my job by obtaining a Bachelor of Research in Medical (BSN). My decision to return to college was carefully thought about as I needed into consideration my work program, family commitments, and the amount of time needed to complete my degree. When I decided to turn into a nurse, I did not fully understand the different areas of nursing as I was only a decade old. At that time, however, I knew that medical was about caring for people. As a result, I developed short-term and long-term professional goals which embraced my idea of nursing.

Philosophy of Nursing

My philosophy of dealing with people as I'd like to be treated was instilled in me from my grandmother from an early age. With this thought, I strive to provide the best good care to my patients when i seek to connect and identify with their experience. Regarding to Watson (2008), "the human-to-human connection expands our compassion and caring and helps to keep alive our common humanity. " Patients are depending on the nurse to give them the treatment that will enhance and enhance their health physically, psychologically, and spiritually. As nurses, we do not only look after the tired but we also reach out to the families of individuals because they play a major role in assisting to keep up their dignity and integrity.

Role of the Baccalaureate Nurse

The baccalaureate ready nurse will have a more advanced education in authority and management therefore will be better able to make more impartial medical decisions (Sara Ellis). After doing my nursing level I will have a much better opportunity in upgrading the specialized medical ladder. Although I will not get a rise in pay for obtaining my BSN it will be self satisfying and gratifying as it has always been one of the goals in my nursing career. Using a degree, I will be more marketable and adaptable as I broaden my horizons. This allows me to seek work in many health care options such as community health, circumstance management, and supervisory positions (Blais, Hayes, Kozier, & Erb, 2006, p. 3). With the rising obstacles of medical care needs in today's society, increasingly more nurses are graduating with a BSN as the minimum level education. Therefore, it's important to truly have a higher-level of education to be competitive and stay abreast with the latest technologies in medical.

Professional Role Transition

Nurses are governed by the code of ethics as set forth by the North american Nurses Relationship (ANA), which keeps nurses responsible and obligated to safeguard patient's rights and privacy. They are really morally obligated to provide quality care and attention that will keep up with the patient's optimal level of functioning.

Nurses play a vital role in helping patients to improve their quality of life. Each decision the nurse makes donate to the overall welfare of the patient. Thus, it's best if the nurse view each decision as a life changing decision, no subject how small it may seem.

As a nurse, I have to acknowledge each of my patients as having their own social backgrounds, needs, principles, and beliefs (American Nurses Connection, 2001). Therefore, I will treat them just how I would like to be treated, with the best treatment and respect. My patients' family is a great way to obtain support and affect in their well-being. Therefore, it is vital to treat the patient's family with extreme value as well. Families are important in providing valuable information that will assist the nurse in offering quality care and attention and improve patients' level of functioning (Potter & Perry, 1985, p. 441).

Role of the Baccalaureate

Having a BSN isn't just rewarding but it prepares the nurse to progress from bedside medical and explore new opportunities when it comes to management positions. In addition, it allows me to use the data, ability and skills that I've purchased to help others achieve quality life-style, health and well-being. The feeling that is included with understanding that I am making a confident difference in someone else's life is more than money can buy.

Short-term Professional Goals

The twenty-first hundred years is without a doubt, a period period where computer literacy is essential. Once upon a time, the utilization of computers had not been a fundamental element of a nurse's day to day activity. However, that is not the situation today. Thus my short-term goals are to increase my computer literacy and become a nurse preceptor within the next half a year.

Currently my degree of knowledge when it comes to computers is on the beginner's stage. I intend to reach the intermediate level within the next six months by joining various computer classes and constantly practicing the several techniques which i learn. Mastering the basics of computer technology will enable me to research more efficiently, whether it is to complete an assignment or keep up-to-date with the changes in the health care industry. Furthermore, producing my computer skills will assist me in being an effective nursing preceptor. The usage of technology is contained in various areas of a nurse's responsibilities. Therefore, adequate computer knowledge will enable me to effectively coach new nurses. Furthermore, I'd need to wait training classes and demonstrate that we am a good communicator to be advertised to a medical preceptor.

Not having immediate usage of your personal computer and my children commitments are several barriers that may prevent me from achieving my short-term goals. My dedication as a better half and a mother will not provide me with the versatility to wait all the computer classes which can be found. In addition, my children commitments could also prevent me from attending the necessary training classes to become a medical preceptor. However, having my family as you of my biggest support system will assist me in conquering these barriers. I'll implore my children to teach me up to they can when we are home. Furthermore, I will buy a laptop therefore i can practice and develop my computer skills at my convenience. Furthermore, I'll allocate different chores to the members of my family so that I will have free time to attend the many training classes.

Long-term Professional Goals

My long-term professional goals are to effectively complete the BSN program in a year. 5 and become a Clinical Instructor in the next five years. Developing a BSN is not only rewarding but it prepares the nurse to enhance from bedside medical and to explore new opportunities when it comes to leadership and management. After concluding my BSN I plan to continue my studies and follow a Grasp of Science in Medical (MSN) degree. In doing so, I will achieve my ultimate long-term goal which is to become a clinical nurse trainer.

A Clinical Trainer must have a huge amount of understanding of medical skills and techniques. Thus, my present experience as a Registered nurse and my enrollment in the BSN program is the stepping rock to obtaining my ultimate long-term goal to become a clinical trainer. Even though my role as a Clinical Instructor takes me from personally rewarding my idea of nursing, I belief it will still be equally as worthwhile since I'm empowering others to fulfill their viewpoint of nursing.

As with my short-term goals, my children commitments are barriers to achieving my long-term goals. My family commitments may drive me to increase the time frame in which I really hope to perform my goals. To overcome these barriers, I am going to have to compromise some of my family activities such as holiday time and family time. In addition, my children is my biggest support system in obtaining my long-term goals; their prefer to see me be successful motivates me to do my best. Also, being truly a role model to my children motivates me to prosper.

In addition, needing to work while I'm signed up for the BSN program is a problem. However, the encouragement of graduates of the BSN program is a frequent reminder that I too can successfully complete the BSN program. Thus, I wanted the necessary days faraway from my job therefore i can show up at classes.


In finish, providing quality attention to patients is my own philosophy of medical. As a result, my short-term and long-term professional goals are devoted to this viewpoint. Therefore, I continually seek to obtain advanced schooling, skills and ways to empower me to assist my patients in possessing optimal health. This may boost my professional development and fulfillment as a nurse.

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