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Crash Movie Summary

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It addresses the issues of modern society, violence, cynicism of individuals towards one another and especially towards customers of other cultural cultures. This is especially actual for our country as it unites many nationalities, among that your issues are constantly arising. The film is not about few character types, but of many at once. Listed below are no main personas, but rather all the individuals are the key and important (Miller 45). Every person, the member of the film is another story different from others, and at first glance, is unrelated to others.

The director shows the fate of fourteen people repeatedly cross over 36 hours. There are two policemen, one of which appears to be a total "asshole", rude, harsh, embittered cad and racist, the other is still a young, inexperienced guy, who appears to be good and nice; but through the film they change their functions, and we see who is who. You will discover two Afro-American men who steal automobiles and hate white people. We also see a man who's lawyer and his better half, who is suspicious to all "non-white people", whether Negro or Hispanic, but explains to this and then her husband, being fearful of public condemnation. A young Latino man, who places locks on entrances and don't inspire assurance in clients. There can be an Afro-American filmmaker who curries favour with cops and wants to be delivered "white. " We see Afro-American detective who forgets about his mother and brother and Persians` family, whose mind is an American citizen, but not really knowing the language faces a whole lot of problems (Retailer 2006).

Throughout the film, we learn about every character, which they really are, if they are able to make sacrifices, to risk their lives, that can go against society, and who will try not to stick out. There ware no clear good or bad personas. Each has its truth, its life. The film allures as a magnet, enchants and you start to feel a part of it.

All characters of the film are bright and deserve attention, but the most impression was made on my by two police officers: Tommy Hansen and John Ryan. Officer Tommy Hansen (Ryan Phillipe) is a young, white Los Angeles police officer who works as somebody with an older Official John Ryan. At the beginning we see Tommy as a fair, shy, inexperienced policeman. Once, after watching his partner John Ryan draw over dark Cameron Thayer and his wife Christine and sexually molest Christine, Tommy really wants to change of spouse. He seems guilty in the occurrence and despises Officer John Ryan, so can't continue steadily to work with his partner-racist. Such response on the situation characterized Tommy from a confident part and makes viewers sympathize him. Despite the question of Tommy, his supervisor Lieutenant Dixon doesn't satisfy the state and agrees to copy him only when he boasts his "uncontrollable flatulence" requires him to operate a vehicle alone in the car. Tommy has nothing at all to do, but to acknowledge and the next day he is reassigned to a single man patrol car (Ewing 2010).

The same day, on his patrol he joins a authorities while running after Cameron Thayer, who was simply being car jacked, but fought off his carjackers and is going away with one of carjacker being still in the automobile. Once after getting into a lifeless end Cameron, who is upset because of LAPD, confronts the authorities officers. Rational Tommy decides to solve the challenge and tries to encourage Cameron to come down to avoid a quarrel that could possibly end with Cameron's fatality. Tommy defends Cameron, revealing to that he is a pal of his, and convinces the police officers to let Cameron go back home with a "harsh alert". This picture demonstrates that Tommy influenced by remorse behaves quite. He evokes positive feelings, and in comparison to other heroes appears as a genuine hero. After all, the director of the film shows the true face of Tommy in the case with Peters Waters. So, almost at the end of the film, Tommy is seen driving in his car and picking up Peter, a black carjacker who was simply hitch-hiking. Being in a single car with an African-Americans man, Tommy finds out his own insecurity with other races, and shows it through his treatment of Peter and their quarrel. Tommy quickly becomes angry when he assumes that Peter is laughing at him and asks him to leave the car. Peter starts to reach in his pocket and Tommy shoots him inactive, wrongly assumes that the dark guy is searching for a gun. Here, we see Tommy as totally frightened, lost and cruel man. He throws out the body of Peter from the automobile to cover up the occurrence. Here the viewers recognize that Tommy is not really a positive personality, neither are the rest. Finally Tommy burns his car, hoping to hide his involvement in the taking. Once more we recognize that this film doesn't have totally positive or totally negative heroes, as everyone is somewhere in the centre.

At the same time, Official John Ryan (Matt Dillon) shows his negative features from the very beginning of the film. He is a bigoted white officer who is a partner of Officer Tommy Hansen. He's a rood, impolite, racist man who uses his public position and in physical form molests Christine (the partner of Cameron) under the pretense of searching for a gun after blaming Christine in accomplishing fellatio on Cameron while he was worries. He molested the girl, thus humiliating her husband and pressured him to apologize also. Watching this event, the viewer feels disgust to the activities of the official and him as a person. This makes his spouse Tommy Hansen to believe in John's racist tendencies. At exactly the same time, Ryan is wanting to find help for his daddy, who probably is suffering from prostate tumors but whose treatment is ineffective. This shows him as caring and helping person, but later he manifests his anger in prejudice. He manifests racist attitude towards an HMO worker who doesn't allow his dad visit a desired doctor (Crash (2004 film) 2009). It is comprehended that his racial prejudices seem to travel from the destructive impact that local positive action regulations experienced on his father's business. As Officer Hansen makes a decision to patrol only, so Ryan is partnered with a Hispanic-American with whom he sees common language. The end of the Ryan's report is positive once we see him from a good area. He disadvantages his life attempting to save Christine (the woman he molested a day before) from the fatality in an awful car wreck. The viewer comes to the final outcome that all people combine positive and negative features, having no idealization.

For some reason, usually it is stated that this film is approximately politics correctness (as it received Oscar as the best film of 2005 (Beckman 45). However I am sure that "Crash" is not about politics correctness, and nor even really about its awful flipside. This film is approximately complications of coexistence in a huge multi-national state. About how difficult it is for individuals to understand each other, especially if they are from completely different culture and upbringing, and also about the tragic implications of such failing. None of individuals in "Clash" is a total villain or a hero. Nearly every one of these is regular person with all his benefits and drawbacks. Thus, the film almost does not have exclusively right or guilty personas (Fevang 2006).

The film involves several smaller stories that are united by one theme: how people act in extreme situations: criminal offense, shootings, car accidents. The film "Crash" can be an incredible intertwining of destinies of characters and original tale. How is it possible to distinguish good from bad, a shadow from the light? It really is probably impossible, as in the film "Crash, " it is impossible to determine who of the main heroes is bad, and who is good. Most of them make us think about our lives and modern culture we live in.

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