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As airline flight 143, a twin engine 767, was passing above Red Lake on their was

to Edmonton, Canada, the still left front mechanical fuel pump warning lumination went on. There were

a few options for this to happen, including the fuel pump declining, a energy

line blockage, or a vacant fuel fish tank. The former two were easily dealt with

considering that the plane could fly devoid of one fuel pump. However , the very last possibility

was horrifying. After having a few minutes, the second fuel pump inside the left side

began to blare. It would be an excessive amount of a coincidence for two gasoline pumps to

independently are unsuccessful, or two gasoline lines to independently block up, so it was apparent

the left reservoir was out of energy. Quickly, the pilots decided that arriving at

Edmonton was out of the question. The closest large international airport was at Winnipeg, so

they radioed forward and altered their program. In a few moments, all four of the

fuel pumps had failed. The worst possible news, they were away of fuel. In a

handful of more minutes the motors stopped working, and all of the high tech

devices became useless.

They will realized that that they could not possibly make it to Winnipeg. Their simply

chance was an abandoned to a deserted Air Force airstrip. Unfortunately, the

airstrip was converted to a race track, including race cars, fencing

and vistors. The 767 crash arrived, and, luckily, no one was killed.

Their had been many adding factors that made this planes run out of

fuel. First of all, the electronic fuel gauge was not working, and a

maintenance staff member said, incorrectly, that the aircraft was still authorized to soar.

To gauge the amount of fuel outstanding, they use a drip stay method. They will

discovered that their particular was several 682 lt in the container. However , they'd always

assessed fuel before as pound, while the 767 consumed energy in kilograms.

The drop sticks did not express how much fuel in pounds or perhaps kilograms, yet

in liters. It seems to become a simple couple of conversion to arrive a the response.

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