Court System Of Trinidad And Tobago Rules Essay

The judge system has three levels. You have the Magistrates' Judge, which is the first level; the Supreme Court docket of Judicature, which consists of the High Judge of Justice and the Courtroom of Appeal, the second level; and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the third level and our final court of appeal. In addition, there are specialised courts which are made to handle special matters. These courts have limited jurisdiction involving only those particular types of cases. Included in these are the Family Court, The Industrial Court and the Taxes Appeal Board. People who are experts in the related fields enhance the special function of the courts.

Alternative Dispute Image resolution (ADR) is a term used to make reference to dispute resolution procedures in which gatherings are helped by a third party, who helps them to solve their dispute in a way that is less formal and often more consensual than is done in the courts. ADR has many noteworthy benefits such as involvement by the disputants, the non-adversarial dynamics of quality and cost performance.

There is a rising tide for the use of the ADR ways of conflict resolution. These have been therefore of the exponential upsurge in the number of cases managed by the courts resulting in a backlog. The increasing costs and lessening satisfaction with litigation, costs may involve money, time and lack of opportunity. There is a movement in world today to a far more natural and humane method of dispute quality and the empowerment of disputants to participate in resolving their own problems. The necessity to become more flexible in resolving disputes. The importance of retaining confidentiality by keeping away from publicity.

The success of ADR is dependent on the practitioner's knowledge of the entire spectrum of ADR options in order to accurately suggest disputants and stakeholders on the design of appropriate conflict management systems. Despite its evident benefits ADR might not exactly be the response to all issue resolutions. Some disputes may simply be improper for ADR. The following examples are designed to demonstrate this proposition:

cases involving local violence;

cases that increase constitutional issues;

public policy issues;

repeated violations;

cases where individuals do not understand their rights and selections.


Throughout the planet mediation has surfaced among the most popular types of alternative dispute quality (ADR). It is a process in which a third party, who is impartial does not have any stake in the outcome, and does not have any capacity to impose a decision - tutorials disputants by using a non-adversarial talk process that has as its goal the settling of disputes. Goldberg, Sander, and Rogers (1992) point out that "mediation is usually a by-product of inability - the shortcoming of disputants to work through their own differences. The mediation process is both affordable and minimizes the quantity of time spent when seeking to deal with a dispute. With the arrival of the CPR and the aim of the court to resolve matters in a timely manner, paves just how for the furtherance of mediation in the Judicial System under this new system.

Some of the tenets upon which mediation hinges are that (1) Mediation preserves family human relationships. (2) The procedure and benefits are owned or operated by the two parties. (3) It is affordable and (4) The mediation setting up is private. Pre-mediation will involve a dialogue of the problems in dispute. Ahead of start the mediation process, the couple have the opportunity to meet with the mediator. Unlike other varieties of ADR, the mediation environment is of extreme importance, as well as preparing a firmness that is non-adversarial. The level of privacy that mediation affords usually cannot be entertained in litigation, for case. The judge room is a general public forum and is without having private opportinity for the conversation of subject areas of a personal and sensitive mother nature.

Overall, the aims and targets of mediation - the surroundings, the manner where discussion is prompted, the time saving and cost conserving features, high levels of confidentiality and the privilege of the people having a good share in your choice making process, may unquestionably ensure that disputants can come to a satisfactory agreement.

The Family Court

The establishment of the Family Court in 2004 helped bring with it impressive ways in dealing with families incompatible. Initially, there is no court with specific expert over family issues. This often demonstrated chaotic and for that reason led to remedial attempts to address this problem. One of the main objectives of the Family Court is the concentrate on resolving family disputes in a manner that improves rather than destroys the grade of life between family, thus protecting against the break down of the family device. Familial matters undertaken by the Family Judge include issues adjoining adoption or custody of children, overlook or maltreatment of children, and home violence. Overall, the court's make an effort is to

The jurisdiction of the Family Court docket at the High Judge level includes applications for a wide variety of family-related issues, including divorce, paternity, child support, and property settlements. In the magisterial level it addresses issues such as child support, guardianship, adoption and domestic violence as it relates to these areas. The assistance provided by the Family Courtroom and its own design also mirror its mandates. For example, matters are noticed in getting together with rooms somewhat than court rooms, and people may be referred for interpersonal services support and/or mediation. In addition, there are specially designed areas for minors whose parents are participating judge[13].

The Family Proceeding Rules 1998 were implemented to govern proceedings in the High Judge section of the Court docket. Thus Rule 16. 5 provides that "the Courtroom shall take all practicable steps to encourage the get-togethers to reach contract on any disputed issues and, specifically, may refer the functions to mediation". Guideline 14. 1 provides that the Courtroom shall further the overriding aim by "actively taking care of cases" and continues on to list a number of things which this includes. Among them will be the following:

(c) encouraging the parties to use the most likely form of dispute resolution including, in particular, mediation, if the court considers that appropriate and by facilitating the utilization of such methods,

(d) stimulating the parties to cooperate with each other

(i) regarding the parenting of any children;

(ii) in the conduct of proceedings

The Family Proceedings Rules (FPR) is in force in the Family Court's High Court jurisdiction. It describes a judicial idea known as the 'overriding aim'8. This involves that the High Court docket must deal with family matters justly9 and in a way gives first and paramount account to the welfare of the child10, where there are issues impacting on any child of the family. A duty is also enforced on the celebrations to "help the court docket to further the overriding goal"11

Power is expressly distributed by section 14 (1) of the Mediation Function 2004 to a judge or magistrate to send gatherings to mediation by a certified mediator in any matter apart from a criminal subject. Under section 5(1) of the Family Proceedings Function 2004 a judge (which includes a magistrates' judge) may send a matter or any facet of it to mediation or even to the unit responsible for public services in the courtroom or to some other professional.

Parties can be known by way of a Judge or Magistrate at the Family Court docket for Court docket Annexed


The High Court

The High Courtroom hears indictable unlawful matters, family issues where the celebrations are married, and civil issues involving sums over the petty civil court limit. The High Court is the court docket of original jurisdiction for civil and criminal matters, and its decisions are appealed in the Court docket of Appeal. It includes jurisdiction in indictable legal things in civil and family rules cases.

The High Court of Justice is the superior courtroom of record and has all qualities of such a

court, including the powers awarded to the Supreme Judge of Judicature, except in cases

stipulated by Parliament. It hears criminal matters, family rules matters involving committed people, and civil issues with claims higher than TT$15, 000.

One such method entails court established adjudication, or ligation, which is a controversy before a courtroom or a "lawsuit". A lawsuit is a civil action helped bring before a judge of law in which a plaintiff, a celebration who remarks to have obtained problems from a defendant's actions, looks for a legal or equitable cure. The defendant must respond to the plaintiff's grievance. If the plaintiff is successful, judgment will get in the plaintiff's favour and a variety of court orders may be granted to enforce a right, award injuries, or impose an injunction to prevent an work or compel an take action. If it's not resolved by agreement between your parties it would eventually be heard and decided by way of a judge or jury in a court docket.

As indicated early, one of the principal goals of mediation is to preserve and further enhance the future connections of persons involved with a dispute. The option of mediation in the court system is a welcome initiative in making certain the process is less formal or adversarial than that of litigation. It is instructive to note however that we now have some offences that the unlawful justice system could be more apt. For instance, murder or rape.

The Petty Civil Court

The Magistracy (in its petty civil section) deals with civil things which involve sums less than 15, 000. 00. A say for more than this total must be made in the High Court. It exercises conclusion jurisdiction in criminal matters and hears primary inquiries in indictable issues and thereby decides whether a matter is usually to be kept over for trial in the assizes. Civil matters before a magistrate are been told in the Petty Civil Court. If the magistrate sits in this court docket he or she is considered a judge of the Petty Civil Courtroom.

Apart from being tied to a money value, the Magistrates' Court docket is also tied to the nature of an civil offence. Specific issues are not listened to there; for example, libel, slander, destructive prosecution and in some cases title to land. Folks desperate to bring an action for any of these would have to file that promise in the High Judge.

Community Mediation Centres

The Community Mediation Act 1998 offers mediation in both unlawful and civil things. Part I of the Function provides for mediation in unlawful matters, while Part II offers mediation in civil instances. The Director of General public Prosecutions (DPP) deserves to be been told by the court, before the courtroom determines to produce a mediation order. That is one flaw of the Action, in that mediation is a consensual and voluntary process and allowing the DPP into the process does not really fit in. However, it could be legitimate on the lands that the DPP has a constitution responsibility to have a final say in all legal prosecutions. Overall, the Work is important to the establishment of ADR key points into the Felony Justice System. Both defendant and the complainant have a right to apply for mediation.

A mediation order suspends the trial and commits the situation to a mediator. Ahead of this, the court docket points out to the accused clearly and exactly the purpose and effect of the

order, the results for disobeying the order and the energy of the court docket to review the order. Through the mediation the get-togethers may be combined with their lawyer.

Any incriminating affirmation manufactured in the course of the mediation, as well as the mediator's record are inadmissible in a court of law - commensurate with the guidelines of mediation.

The action restates a few of the fundamental principles of mediation by providing for immunity of suit for the mediator and confers confidentiality on the mediator and every person concerned with the administration of the mediation centres or the mediation process.

Shortcoming - Although serious crimes shouldn't be mediated, mediation in unlawful matters, the law is limited in scope and provides for only very minor and petty offenses.

Similarly, mediation in civil things - the act makes an attempt to marry the easiest types of petty civil concerns with the most complicated ones of family mediation, particularly custody and maintenance.

According to Deosaran (1995) community mediation can be extremely applicable and useful for minor crimes and offences devoted by young individuals, as well for first time offenders.


Mediation may be used in petty legal matters, all sorts of civil litigation, matrimonial matters and commercial matters. A new professional body of Mediators will soon develop.

From enough time that the Family Court docket opened, it was hailed by the advertising as an important 'tool' in the battle to repair and promote family values in Trinidad and Tobago. The 'malfunction' in family life is acknowledged with being the root cause of the numerous serious problems that presently beset our modern culture (such as incest and child maltreatment, increasing numbers of road children, rampant home violence, increased young ones criminal offenses and indiscipline in universities.

The Offender Justice System in Trinidad and Tobago has stepped up to the task of introducing mechanisms to check the existing adversarial system of retribution, by changing the shade of the disputants' environment and the next effectiveness of ADR strategies. There's a dependence on the re-introduction of the city mediation centres where petty civil concerns could be listened to, thus freeing up the court to adjudicate in much more serious offences.

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