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Corporate Friendly Responsibility Of Marks And Spencer Group Business Essay

Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organization Sociable Responsibility of Marks and Spencer Group Plc (Ilford Branch).


2. 1. To perform critical review the sustainability policies set as the whole in Grades and Spencer Group plc.

2. 2. To perform the critical review the ethical policies occur Grades and Spencer Group plc as the complete organisation.

2. 3. To judge critically the organization public responsibility of Tag and Spencer Group plc.

2. 4. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the corporate public responsibility in Markings and Spencer Group plc and Markings and Spencer store in Ilford Branch.

2. 5. To perform the critical analysis on customer's satisfaction for services and commercial social responsibility carried out by Symbol and Spencer Group Plc and Ilford Branch.

2. 6. To create recommendations to Marks and Spencer Group plc in carrying out CSR programs.


In modern business community, the practice of CSR is a lot debated and criticized. As once, there are quarrels arrived for the expert and corns of practicing CSR available.

While the financial and accounting standards are regulated by the specialist and regulatory systems such as ACCA, CIMA, the corporate social responsibility is definitely not need to be reported and utilized by an company. However, money organisations such as Grades and Spencer and BT, report corporate social responsibility programme in their final assertions and in twelve-monthly report.

Though the outcomes of the sustainability and moral policies aren't measurable straight, the company may gain the reputation and it'll lead the business attract prospectus traders. Moreover, the local community and consumers can be the clients of the organisation if they're reinforced by the company. In so doing, the organisation can have competitive advantages within its industry and will triumph over on its rivals.


As Markings and Spencer is one of the UK's leading suppliers, in every week over 21 million customers. In the UK, Grades and Spencer is one of the successful providers of womenswear and the market stocks in menswear, home and kidswear are absolutely growing. The online business is also developed via setting up the own website, www. marksandspencer. com and it is the 49% out of total sales all together organisation. Moreover, Grades and Spencer sell food which are from fresh produce and groceries and also sell well prepared meals. Marks and Spencer stores offer different departments for its customers as:

For women: In such a section, it offers all ladies wears, accessories & jewellery, handbags & bags. The stores also offer petite size for women who are extra tall less than 5ft 2inches large and maternity wear are also famous for its comforts. You will find four different kind of brand offer as Autograph, Small collection, Per Una and Collection.

For men: With this section, all types of menswear are offered and they're offered as five different brands such as Autograph, Big & Extra tall, Blue Harbour, Collezion and North Shoreline. Customers can also enjoy designed to measure services.

Moreover, Grades and Spencer also offered the following sections:

For kids

For Home and Furniture


Flowers & Gifts

Foods & Wines

Marks and Spencer's products are high quality and they're provided by 2000 suppliers all around the globe. Markings and Spencer became the first company singing with the WWF's Sea food Charter and the business ensures the range of seafoods products are bought from ecological sources. In addition, 60% of seafoods which is sold in the stores is from suppliers who are qualified from recognised professional bodies such as Marine Stewardship Council. Furthermore, currently Marks and Spencer have opened over 600 UK stores, and it also expands its business by starting new stores overseas especially in Asia.

The grocery giant employs over 75, 000 employees in the united kingdom and abroad. Inside the table, there are 12 customers and Sir Stuart Rose is chairman and Marc Bolland is leader both in the mother board and the management committee. As work experience programme, Marks and Spencer provide work experience to 700 people who might face problems in career and as a result 40% of those got the careers subsequently. Furthermore, for clothing and homeware, Marks and Spencer work together using its suppliers by providing training and education programmes which includes health care for 500, 000 employees in their factories. The 10, 000 farmers are encouraged by Grades and Spencer to join sustainable agriculture programme.

As part of corporate and business social responsibility, Marks and Spencer presented five-year eco plan, which is known as plan A. Within 3 years, as an effective consequence of Plan A, Markings and Spencer improve its environmental performance, introduced more lasting products and services and help the lifestyle of individuals in neighborhoods where it trade. It makes the business successful in its community and good reputation draws in more customers. In '09 2009, because of this of Plan A, Marks and Spencer Group plc generated 50m additional revenue. Additionally, Plan A made the next results:

A obvious 50, 000 tonnes decrease in CO2 emissions.

Marks and Spencer recycled 1. 8 million used clothing with help of Oxfam;

The waste of 20, 000 tonnes is diverted from landfill

The carrier hand bags use is reduced by 400 million hand bags by charging and pushing customers never to use them.

As corporate interpersonal responsibility, Grades and Spencer invested 13. 2m in programmes which are welfare for community.

As charity activity, in '09 2009, Grades and Spencer raised 2. 1 million for Breasts Cancer tumor and 15% than it is used to invest in the Generation Review to long-term causes of the disease. Prostate Cancer charity is helped for four years by Marks and Spencer by raising 200, 000 in 2010 2010.

5. Books review

This assignment is give attention to the corporate sociable responsibility of the Markings and Spencer (Ilford branch) so the information relating to corporate cultural responsibility and its effectiveness in Grades and Spencer (Ilford Branch) will be examined and performed analysis by using different channels such as magazines, course books, journals and websites. Listed below are the lists of the options and information which are of help for the assessment for the project title.

Setting goals for business policies

For every business, it is essential to have planning process for all your policies arranged to be employed. In every company, all employees need to have a clear knowledge of the goals and the targets of the company and what they are expecting for. Therefore, the business enterprise and long-term plan should commence with the criteria of the business objectives. The success of targets should be examined utilizing the effective ways and especially the employees will be determined by the successful end result.

Sustainability policies in business

In the modern business world, the sustainability regulations in business have become important for each and every organisation. According to the business law and regulations lay out by regulatory body, the organisation i. e. the company is treated as the independent legal person and it can have protection under the law and responsibility. While the company is earning the generated benefit from the community where it operates, it should bear the responsibility for the welfare of that community. (Awakening Friendly Responsibility (2007) by Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley, P. 83)

Competitive gain from CSR programmes

In Highly competitive marketplaces, all the business and organisation must have set policies to maintain the current customers and also to entice more customers and to gain trust from other stakeholders such as shareholders, the suppliers and the regulators. The competitive benefits and creativity is critical success factor in modern business community. The business enterprise can keep up with the good reputation and draw in more stakeholders by establishing the corporate social responsibility programmes. (Innovative CSR by Celine Louche, Samuel O. P. 102)

Creating competitive advantages

To lay out the guidelines for creating competitive advantages, all the business need to execute the reasonable evaluation. The analysis may be achieved by focusing the internal durability and weakness of the company or focusing on the external environment such as opportunities and risks for the organisation. For every organisation, the environmental issues such as inexperienced issues will be matter and there opportunity will have by setting up the corporate public responsibility programmes. (Proper marketing by Douglas West, John Ford, and Essam Ibrahim (2006 p. 65).

Criticism for corporate social responsibility

While the critics argue that corporate public responsibility (CSR) distracts from the essential economic role of businesses, others dispute that it is nothing more than superficial window-dressing. Furthermore, there's also group of individuals who assume that corporate social responsibility is an try to pre-empt the role of governments as a watchdog over powerful multinational organizations (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2009).

Critical Analysis on the organization interpersonal responsibility of Markings and Spencer (Ilford Branch)

According to the CR Index and the best Tick prizes, there are different areas of emphasis appear. A strong theme this season is the corporate role in employability, with BITC realizing companies that are adding to the employment potential clients and the employability skills of the neighborhoods in which they operate. For instance, Grades and Spencer has applied more than 3, 500 people via its Marks & Start programme. (By Sarah Murray, 2010, www. ft. com).

Recently Marks & Spencer announced its first program known as 'One Day Attire Clear out' on, that will aims to raise 1 million for Oxfam and will help to decrease the amount of clothing sent to landfill. This program will last for just one day only and its customers should bring their unused and unwanted clothes to donate Oxfam by bringing these to the nearest Grades and Spencer stores. Additionally, Grades and Spencer will offer 5 money-off voucher which can spend in any Markings and Spencer Stores to its customers who donate the clothes with Marks and Spencer label. (www. marksandspencer. com). This is actually the good charity programmes which will fulfill the corporate communal responsibility of Grades and Spencer. However, I critically assess that it will be better way and can get more donation if Markings and Spencer also allow donation clothes whether it's Markings and Spencer labeled or not.

Moreover, one in six consumers revealed that they have disposed of clothes because they believe that their clothes would not useful and sell in charity shops. However, through Marks and Spencer Program, the individuals are educated and prepared that by donating the clothes it will be effective for nurturing money because, Oxfam is able to increase the income from all donations it gets and decrease textiles delivered to landfill, by which consists of unique textile sorting center. This facility can help Oxfam to sorts and resells clothing through lots of routes, for example to designers who restyle clothes and reuse fabrics in their choices and to third world countries or even to the country which people suffer from of natural disaster and looking for cheap clothes.

Moreover, during first week of September 2010, Grades & Spencer launched a variety of PHOTOVOLTAIC and Solar Thermal normal water heating answers to encourage customers in slicing their carbon emissions and to reduce their energy bills. This can help the household costs to be decreased and the family can enjoy the savings to use for family vacations. By bringing out this program, M&S is becoming one of the first retailers to provide solar energy packages which permit customers to use good thing about Feed-in-Tariffs. Furthermore, the relationship with SSE, Markings and Spencer ensure that tariffs can be found to new and existing M&S Energy customers. Under this design, customers will earn 41. 3 p for each unit created from their energy dealer, and you will see an additional 3p offered for every unused unit. Grades and Spencer's energy saving scheme is not only helping the clients but also guarding the earth and the livings.

In June 2010, Grades & Spencer (M&S) gained a 20 % decrease in using plastic totes in product packaging, and there is 19 % increase in using energy effectively in stores. As a result of Plan A activity, 417 million of carrier totes are used which is noticeably less than last year. In addition, 50 million out of profit is reinvested back Plan A programs in order to help the environmental green issues. During three years, Markings and Spencer achieved 62 of the original 100 commitments which is estimated that 30 are prepared to be obtained in 2012.

According to the critical evaluation done, Grades and Spencer store (Ilford Branch) enjoy the reputation between its stakeholders and neighborhood which is believed to be increasing the clients trip to the store from locally and internationally.

6. Justification

The topic I have chosen is to critically analyse the organization social responsibility policies set by Grades and Spencer Group plc and how it is effective in the Marks and Spencer store (Ilford Branch). I've chosen this subject matter because it is current issuing facing all the business enterprise all over the world. The moral issues and the sustainability are in common interest in the modern business world. I will evaluate if the corporate social responsibility plans should be mandatory for all company because presently all the business enterprise are carrying it out for voluntary basis. In addition, I'll critically assess whether Grades and Spencer store (Ilford Branch) have to have different corporate cultural tasks to response its local community's needs or should have the same goal as the organisation as entire.

Moreover, I have chosen Marks and Spencer (Ilford Branch) because it is one of the successful high street fashion store in Ilford town centre. I've chosen to judge how the effectiveness of corporate communal responsibility policies for the reason that branch helps the local people. Moreover, I have interested in Grades and Spencer Group plc since it lengthen its business in Asia, such as Singapore and I have learnt that Markings and Spencer's brands have become successful in Singapore. Because of many of these facts, I have chosen Grades and Spencer (Ilford Branch), to be assessed how it gain the nice reputation in its customers and the stakeholders.

7. Hypothesis

I feel that Grades and Spencer Group plc and Grades and Spencer (Ilford Branch) are setting up policies to care for its stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, neighborhood and its shareholders. I feel that Markings and Spencer (Ilford Branch) is ending up in the corporate social responsibilities which are set by the company all together.

However I feel that Grades and Spencer Group plc should provide the specialist to its management team in Ilford Branch to create and practice the organization social responsibility plans which will meet with the needs of its local people. For example, there are multi-cultural community in Ilford who may need to be offered different local community welfare such as discount offering for dress for children in their religious and cultural wedding ceremony.

Moreover, I feel that Markings and Spencer's foods may be found expensive for a few part of neighborhood although foods are high quality standard. I think that such group if people may choose to spend their money of their budgets and may like to be Markings and Spencer's customers. For such kind of community, Grades and Spencer should expose more value products with good quality and the business shouldn't only focus on to the main one community.

8. Research Methodology

8. 1Types of research

Depending on the ways and the method of information gathered the study method can be specifically known as the principal and the secondary research. If original information and data collecting methods such as survey, interviews, conversations and direct ending up in the management of the company are widely-used, it is known as Primary research. In case the researcher uses the data which already is available such as catalogs, journals and websites, it is named as secondary research. (Gratton, 2004, p. 8).

Moreover, the types of research can be differentiated as theoretical research and the empirical research. While theoretical research is especially performed by using ideas which already are been around, the empirical research method uses the principal data already accumulated by generating new ideas. The empirical research method concentrates on findings. Furthermore, the empirical research is conducted by collecting information for exam. The theoretical research method simply uses the ideas to create new ideas. (Gratton, 2004, p. 8).

There are other kinds of research methods and they're known as Quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative research is performed by executing the mathematical examination. For example, the financial research of the balance sheet research in a firm is recognized as quantitative research. The Quantitative research method is conducted as: (a) First of all the info will be accumulated (b) the collected data will be analysed and interpreted (c) the outcome will be analyzed and necessary corrective action will be achieved.

8. 2 Primary research

The researches done by the researcher by collecting the key way to obtain information are called as Key data collection methods. The primary data can be accumulated in three ways from watching, experimenting and carrying out questionnaire.

I use questionnaire as key research method and I can use different types of questionnaire to arrange ending up in the branch administrator and the clients. I could send email to the branch manager to fill up the questionnaire and get back into me. The following fact is the features of performing questionnaire:

It allows me to acquire the mandatory information by requesting questions.

As the info is accumulated in a ready prepared form, this allows the respondent to analyse the info in conjunction with that gathered by others.

It ensures to obtain the information quickly, and if it is effectively prepared, the information collected will have more time saving and it will gain for the researcher.

As for an organization of individuals can be interviewed at exactly the same time and same way, it will be time saving for me among others.

I will have meeting with the supervisor or assistance director of Grades and Spencer (Ilford Branch) as a part of primary research. I'll make questionnaire which was created to answer my questions for the study title. I will also email the range managers of Marks and Spencer (Ilford Branch) related with corporate cultural responsibility and its own performance in the store.

Moreover, I will design the questionnaire for the clients of Grades and Spencer Group plc. I'll stop by at the store over and over and perform questionnaire to the customers and accumulate information if they are satisfied with the corporate social responsibility considered by Marks and Spencer.

8. 3 Supplementary research

As a second research, I will collect the data from various information options. This will likely be library research such as reviewing literature, reading articles and I will also use electric research such as internet searching and website visit. As a secondary research, I'll go to the libraries such as Solid wood Street library for standard reading and I will go to the British catalogue for specific reading. Additionally, I am going to use the data source such as DATA Keep an eye on in the British library to learn the latest information related to Markings and Spencer. I am also going to make an online search to search the existing issues related with the corporate public responsibility and ethical trading.

8. 4 Range of qualitative research procedure

It means that the study questions will be replied effectively and successfully.

It enables to develop new ideas and pondering ways which are never pre-identified.

This kind of research creates the proper steps and plans to execute information gathering.

It ensures the researcher to accumulate research effectively.


8. 5 Restrictions of qualitative research approach

There may be question for consistency, because some people who promise to be proficient can miss the material problem or omit the important info.

There may be troubles in grouping the total parties who are actually considering research title.

8. 6 Opportunity of quantitative research approach

The scopes of the quantitative research are as follow:

This kind of research develop and apply the mathematical models and theory

The process of way of measuring is the centre point of the quantitative research because it creates the useful marriage between the observation and the expression.

Quantitative methods are used to assemble quantitative data including the information including the statistics and anything that is measurable. The difference of quantitative from the qualitative is usually that the past use the information, furniture and graphs to provide the results of the research outcomes

8. 7 Restrictions of quantitative research approach

The constraints of the quantitative research are as follow:

There might be the questions for objectivity because the quantitative research depends on the figures already existed and which can be easy to be manipulated.

The quantitative research is only going to be important when you can find measurable information. If there is an advantage which cannot be measured immediately, the usefulness of the quantitative method will be in question.

The end result of the corporate social responsibility programs is probably not important or useful if they're measured by using this method.

8. 8 Moral issues in research approach

As doing research is based on the information and data for just one organisation, the researcher need to handle research with the professonally executed manner. The ethical issues shouldn't be ignored while the research process is carried out.

The objectivity is one of the key concerns of honest issues for doing research. For example, the investors rely on the research articles to be able to discover the companies in which they want to invest in. Therefore, it's important the researcher carried out the study objectively in order not to mislead the traders.

Moreover, the confidentiality is one of the key issues in carrying out the research. On the level of gathering information, the private information may contain in the data gather. The confidential information is the live of the business success and the researcher should be respected to be maintained the confidentiality.

Again, the integrity of the researcher is the primary ethical concern in performing the research. Throughout the process of the research, the researcher should maintain the integrity of the info, with the communication between the related get-togethers.

Finally, the researcher need to be ensure that the procedure completed is his own work and not to be exclusively rely on the work and the information done by others.







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