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Contrast Of Films And Literature Film Studies Essay

There are a lot of things to be looked at when comparing books and film. Using the data gained in class, the distinctions between books and film will be explained with a give attention to the film and books of Oedipus Rex. This play makes you think and shows us how important the theatre was and still is as a means of communicating a playwright's potential to develop something from the within out. In addition, adapting books to a film is a challenge for sure, and because the beginning, movies have been considered the realm of the stars and the script itself. The procedure of characters structure, the techniques, the words, and the sources are very important aspects to be looked at while making films because after all they derive from the play itself, which the directors will certainly reduce in size to squeeze in a time framework between one and three hours.

By looking and thinking critically, plays and films focus on each other; movies are just a new way of thinking. Many videos were made based on books which were used to inform a tale about something. For instance, telling the reader or the viewers about the life of any person doomed to be damaged by its own incorrect doings; a kingdom whose people are hurting because of political arrogances scheduled to family problems including a drunk king that cares about his own well-being; or a love report ending in tragedy dramatized by the separation of both main characters. Obviously there may be more to these tales that motion pictures do not always depict, in some instances the literary words makes us think about morals, offers us advice, or poses questions about real life circumstances. Sometimes the film will not always portray this and a far more in-depth research will be found by reading the real play.

The video recording created in 1984, "Oedipus the King" with Michael Pennington, Claire Bloom and John Shrapnel, translated and directed by the later Don Taylor, can show the stunning performances of all the actors, especially Ruler Oedipus. The techniques used by the director attracts attention, while the other elements used in the video including the sound, light, and fog direct you to some other perspective and create the truth of the situation. The costumes were befitting the time period, except for the key identity, Oedipus the King was dressed up in a white suit while the others were outfitted for the correct time period. Maybe this decision was created by the director to split up Oedipus from all of those other actors, or it's possible it could be a mistake not came to the realization until following the film was done. The film is fantastic but it can't be, in any way, a replacement for the original play by Sophocles. (http://www. encyclopedia. com/video/OpqVmviDEvk-oedipus-king-part-212. aspx)

One of the distinctions among the film and the play is the strategy for understanding. If people who has read the play and have been asked the particular play intends to share, you'll be able to involve some different answers, which is relative to the concerns and priorities of each audience. Now, if an organization of folks was just done seeing the video and have been asked the same questions, even after the film not being the same as the original script, the opportunity of having the same answer is a lot similar to because the film captures the viewers attention at the same time by all the consequences used.

The version of "Oedipus the King" starring Christopher Plummer, made in 1967 by U. K creation directed by Philip Saville, helped bring the story alive. In the very beginning of the film we can see Oedipus as adult attacking his daddy on the wagon and eradicating him. This part is offered as slides of pictures to show how it started out; each picture can be utilized as a display back again, as you enjoying the film, to make clear a bit more about the facts and the utilization of images as a substitute from language used for takes on. Sometimes people can lose interest reading the play, but with the growing fascination and ramifications of films it's almost impossible to lose attentiveness in the proceedings. (http://www. youtube. com/watch#!videos=atN3Ko8Ni3M&v=EUzr-48JIwM)

The Chorus in this training video, with no concerns, calls the attention of the viewers and posesses very important part of the video. It symbolizes the people of Thebes and serves as helpful information, directing our focus on the truth about what is going on. Furthermore, it works as the voice of reason, when Oedipus does not. After each part, the chorus has an activity which is to clarify and guide the audience to what is happening with an increase of details, explanations and sometimes mediators. For instance when Tiresias unveils Oedipus' destiny to the Chorus, the chorus remains inert:

"But that a mortal seer is aware more than I know-where

Hath this shown? Or how without signal assured, may i blame

Him who kept our State when the winged songstress emerged,

Tested and tried out in the light of us all, like silver assayed?

How can I now assent whenever a criminal offenses is on Oedipus laid?"

(http://www. gutenberg. org/files/31/31-h/31-h. htm / (Ant. 2) after previous words of Teiresias)

Most of the Greek works written were done in completely different society than the one we reside in today and the majority of enough time it was provided to one whole community where were used to seeing and experiencing this kind of activity at that time. This is one of the main challenges in which directors face today to make a film. The directors have to work not only with the stunning mythical practices of the play nonetheless they have to somehow combine the old tactics into a modern way to pull the attention of visitors. (http://wogone. com/iq/Sophocles_Oedipus_Rex_in_Modern_Film. pdf)

One of the distinctions between literature and the films will be the interpretations. Most of the audiences today grown up without the popularity of ancient books and commence their journeys concentrating directly to motion pictures. After learning that about the particular film they may have watched was created from a play or a booklet, the viewers may become more interested to the topic and the majority of the times they find themselves reading the scripts.

In a dissertation undertaken within the requirements for the degree of B. A. joint honors in Classical Literature, Civilization and Russian Studies called "Sophocles' Oedipus Rex in Modern Film" using the film done by Pier Pasolini, an Italian poet, intellectual, film director, article writer and inventor of Oedipus Rex filmed in the summer of 1967, N. Woodbridge from the School of Birmingham composed:

"Another major choice facing the director is whether to create modern tragedy in the medium of the theater or of film. Theater is often considered more conducive to Greek tragedy as it was the original medium used. Film can be regarded as incompatible with Greek tragedy as there are obvious problems in transferring works which have been around for 2500 years into a medium that has only existed within the last century. "

(http://wogone. com/iq/Sophocles_Oedipus_Rex_in_Modern_Film. pdf / line 31)

In this work Pasolini got a true perspective based on the initial work of Sophocles. The movie adaptation is considered by many to be a aggravating and boring film while others classify as a lovely work. Many also sensed that the double period of time was a little confusing, modern at the beginning and end of the film and fundamentally ancient in the centre. However, Pasolini used a chronological order exhibiting the full group of his work. Furthermore, his work was very near the original work of Sophocles, it demonstrates the life span of Oedipus was predetermined and governed by his fate. The dedication and expertise of Pasolini and his creation team were the main input accountable for the perfect version of the famous tragedy into film version.

The tragedy of Oedipus, whether written or in film, shows the principles distributed by the Greek custom. Reading or seeing people somehow sympathize with Oedipus, crying to his tragic destiny and at the same time purifying the thoughts of the visitors and visitors. The tragic problem of Oedipus was his satisfaction and arrogance to his indestructibility. People can also feel suspense and fear because the reader knows what will happen to Oedipus in the end. The perfect demo of how life can change and show a person cannot, in any way, diverts its destiny. Sophocles used a combo of special cleverness and creativeness by mixing up mythology and tragedy into this perfect play. Without a doubt, all tragedies created by Sophocles are believed exceptional because of its quality of work and its own power, delivering more attention into our new generation.

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