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Continuing Success Of Emirates Airlines Marketing Essay

The continuing success of Emirates Airlines has lifted questions that in what ways hold the marketing strategies and overall proper marketing plan contributed to its growing business. Emirates Airlines is obviously cruising at high altitudes and is growing tremendously owing to its exceptional marketing and grand ambitions. Despite of the down sides in its operating environment, the air travel is adding improvements during the period of years.

The paper describes the formalized and effective marketing plan characterizing the realization of Emirates Airlines' overall marketing work. The substance of the plan is that it starts off with standard to the specific, from defining history to the goals, moving down to the exploration of external analysis and knowledge of macro environment, especially of social, cultural, economical, technical and political factors. The plan then goes to the internal research and SWOT analysis for each aspect of the overall corporation. Following to the, the paper looks for to define put in place marketing strategies subject to impact overall demand, source and the complete competition of the business. Moreover, an accurate information of marketing mixture strategies has been provided.

Overall these factors are contributing on the Emirates Airlines' extraordinary progress, but this seems unlikely with a strong and stable execution and control of the implemented marketing strategies. Eventually, financial forecast is reviewed to get ready estimations of financial effects of the company. Indeed, the creation of marketing plan of Emirates Airlines is an interactive process that ensures amendment of every of the levels influencing the entire outcomes of the plan.



Emirates Airlines is the international aviation firm based in the United Arab Emirates providing commercial air transportation services around the world. It is operating as an unbiased entity under a common management referred to as the Emirates Group. Emirates Airline, headquartered in Dubai, UAE was founded in the entire year 1985 with its first airline flight initiating from Mumbai and Karachi. The flight seen as a high efficiency and flexibility has helped strengthen Dubai and the UAE as a premium world class hub not only for trade and business also for culture and athletics. The airline is actually a pivotal website link between continents, pulling on the highly advanced civil aviation infrastructure in the UAE. Emirates Airlines has increased to the esteemed ranks among the top international airlines. It has been accomplished as a result of the adoption and encouragement of reasonable competition, transparency and an wide open skies insurance plan (Annual Article, 2010-2011)

Emirates Airlines operate in more than a hundred locations across 70 countries worldwide and has influenced Dubai in getting established as a commercial center and aviation hub of the center East. The company operates 1200 plane tickets on a each week basis across six continents from its basic Dubai AIRPORT TERMINAL. The phenomenal growth in its market operations is shown in 170-plus airplane in a quickly expanding fleet, comprising of the latest Airbus and Boeing Aeroplanes. Moreover, Dubai's state of the art Terminal 3 is utilized only for the Emirate's airlines flight. In the previous year, the business booked traveling of 34 million individuals of different nationalities. (Annual Report, 2010-2011)

The purpose of the flight company is to become the most adored and ground breaking airlines around the world through spanning brilliance in every facet of the industry. In order to maintain its global reputation in active travel and tourism functions, the company is spreading its hands to become best in the business of aviation industry (Shikoh). With the aid of highly explored and consistent marketing plan, the company aims to attain a set of objectives:

To set up itself as a global specialist by providing high quality service.

To boast as one of the youngest & most advanced fleet by receiving devoted customers worldwide.

To sustain the marketplace leadership through progressive and determined marketing ideas and maintain the stable expansion rate despite of plagued aviation industry around the world (Shikoh).

Analysis of the Environment

An analysis of the working environment of the company was done in order to understand the external and inside factors which influence the working of the business. The external factors are the factors outside the company influencing the performing of the organization (David L. Loudon, 2004). The inner factors will be the factors are those factors inside the organization which impact its working.

External Analysis

It is important to understand the exterior environment of the organization to be able to plan the continuing future of the organization. The dangers and opportunities of the organization need to be analyzed in an effective manner. The external analysis of an organization can be carried out by understanding the politics, social and economic issues related with the business. The changes or the important factors related to politics, current economic climate, sociable factors and technology (David L. Loudon, 2004)

Macro- Environment

The emirates airlines are operating in the Dubai city. The culture and the society of the location provided the organization with some unique features. Most of all the city provides the organization with a large number of folks going to travel by using traveler services and cargo services (Saxena, 2009). Hence putting to use the resources of the company. The perfect points that your airlines hook up are Asia, European countries and Africa. The culture of Dubai can be an open culture where in fact the folks of different nationalities, culture live mutually in a developed environment (M. C. Cant, 2009).


Negotiated agreements are created when air travel should be carried out between different countries. There are specific rules and legislation between the governments concerning the aviation facilities and the operation of the airlines. The marketplace of Dubai is unprotected. The wide open skies coverage of Dubai has helped Emirates to improve into a carrier. The Emirates Airlines gets the potential to compete with the largest flight of the world. The reason behind the growth of the Emirates Airlines is the tough competition which the company has to face. The Emirates airlines have taken full advantage of performing in the international market by joining some of the locations such as America, New Zealand etc. In the case of the aviation industry liberalization is increasing to a great amount. This has resulted in an increased competition in the market (Saxena, 2009).


In the truth of the airline industry the current circumstance of the monetary conditions has a great deal of effect on the performing of the organization. The progress of the Emirates Airlines has occurred in the UAE which includes always been known because of its strong economy. The marketplace which includes been chosen by the company to function is also powerful and stable. The stable financial growth of an area is an essential aspect adding to the success of the business (J. Paul Peter, 2010). There's been economic downturn recently which has inspired the industry on a great scale. The demand of flights has decreased. There are several airlines which have to decrease their capacity both home and internationally. The challenge which stands in front of the Emirates Airlines is to operate well even during the time of crisis.


The recent fads which have taken place in the technology have triggered success in the flight industry. There's been a great need of advancement in technology for an extended period of time. To be able to create a profitable business it is important that the developments in the technology are adopted by the business successfully and in a powerful manner. The Emirates Airlines have complete knowledge about the theory of buying the technological improvements in order to operate properly on the market of airline industry. In commercial aviation the Emirates airlines is the youngest and in future it claims to the most technologically advanced company (M. C. Cant, 2009). The Emirates Airlines has authorized contracts with the Aero Mobile to be able to incorporate the technological innovations and provide the best technology to the passengers. In order to appreciate the technical advances of the Emirates Airlines the business has been awarded best in journey entertainment, Best It Designer honors etc.


The changes in the market which were witnessed are the increase in the costs of the gas and the increase in the option of the natural resources. Because of the changing situation the manufacturers are facing problems in the production of the vehicles. They have to form vehicles which can be small and friendly to the environment. A lot of investment has been created by the airline companies to be able to develop a fuel which would donate to the development of the surroundings. It has become important that the marketplace is motivated by the surroundings friendly resources. Hence the change on the market brings about the change in the development strategies (Saxena, 2009).


Due to various changes such as technology, market and other globalization cases there are a number of flight companies emerging. Due to the increasing competition it becomes very important to the airline to operate in accordance so that the competition could be faced. The Emirates airlines have grown to be a brandname and due to the change in its name as a brand your competition does not pose much danger to the airline. However, the business keeps changing its strategies to keep up to your competition in the market (David L. Loudon, 2004).

Internal Analysis


The performance of the Emirates airlines has improved upon with time. Through the starting many years of the organization the one focus was to include up the amount of destination. Gradually and steadily the company connected a sizable number of destination. Then as globalization occurred issues related to overall flexibility arose and it became important that the working of the business is flexible such that it can adapt to the changes on the market. The business hence developed to be always a flexible business covering as much nations around the world as you can. The performance of the organization influences its position in the global market. The increment and decrement in the standing of the company in the international market is determined by the performance of the business (J. Paul Peter, 2010).

The employees of the business are very skilled labours. For different positions in the organization the individuals who have been recruited at various positions are licensed and possess the required to perform the job role related to the precise position at which they are recruited. The leaders and the managers of the organization are very skilled in managing the recruiting of the company. The employees and the managers of the business play an important role in the performance and the success of the company. It is important that besides being skilled and certified the employees of the organization are encouraged to help the company to be able to attain its mission. The employability rate of the Emirates Airlines is high. The business provides job to a sizable number of individuals in different team for different job jobs. Hence it becomes more important that the performance of the employees is as per the expected results (Saxena, 2009).

The infrastructure of the Emirates Airlines supplies the employees with all the current possible facilities both for recreation and for working. The proper resources are made available in the infrastructure of the company. The employees of the business are motivated and feel comfortable when working in such an environment. The delivery of services is really as per the need of the clients. Sometimes the airlines have to add up an extra air travel to the same destination because of the demand of the clients or the passengers. The nice infrastructure keeps the employees motivated and the wonderful delivery of services has a great impact on the priorities of the consumers or the people (M. C. Cant, 2009).


The customers of any company are in charge of the positioning of the organization in the global or the local market. The customers of the Emirates airlines are the individuals who travel in the airlines. The passengers take in different services which are offered by the organization. The reviews which is distributed by the people is very important to the company. While using responses which is given by the passengers the business can form its services. If there has to be any changes in the existing strategies it is performed using the feedback. The services which are offered to the customers play an important role in developing the trustworthiness of the organization on the market. The Emirates airlines have been known for providing the best services to the clients in the perfect manner (J. Paul Peter, 2010).

SWOT Analysis


The Emirates Airlines has been regarded globally in the flight industry. Using the duration of time the company has been able to develop a proper position on the market. The company retains a solid position in the global market.

Significant Size of the company:

To streamline their business, the business got the strong benefit of size. The business then earned earnings for most consecutive years and counted to multibillion. For this reason the business has gained a competitive border over its competition thus emerged as a model organization.

Focusing on Diversified Draw:

The company made the decision that it would focus on different divisions of the marketplace and would also enter the cargo shipping and delivery services.

Flexibility with change in the market:

The market analysts have characterized the company as possessing the ability to be flexible. The emirates airlines can work as per the changes in the market and can improve its revenue.

Corporate Culture of the business:

The Emirates Airlines keeps a particular position for the passengers and the customers. They provide proper period to the customers to give feedback about the services being proposed by the business. Hence the business has developed high standards of corporate and business culture.

Focus on Customer Services

The company changes the assistance on offer and changes them in a better manner so the customers need and need may gratify (J. Paul Peter, 2010).


Unsuccessful strategies:

Some of the improvements and strategies adopted by the Emirates Airlines have been unsuccessful. The unsuccessful strategies can be considered as the weakness or the flaws of the organization.

Risk Bearing Strategies:

The risk taking insurance policy of the business may influence today's functioning of the business in negative course. (Saxena, 2009).


There are different opportunities which lay ahead of the company.

Expanding Location:

The city of Dubai is actually expanding. The business can increase its different services to various sizes (passenger, cargo, travel, medical center) with no hesitation.

Best Visitor Place:

The city of Dubai is rolling out as a popular destination for the visitors. There have been many cases where the tourists become interested in initiating a small business and expanding it in the Dubai city. Hence this provides the Emirates Airlines with new opportunities of cooperating and increasing.

Economic Liberalization:

During the modern times, it has been noticed that economic liberalization is occurring at an extremely fast speed in the UAE and When there is a growth in virtually any area of the region it would eventually lead to the development of the airlines business (David L. Loudon, 2004).


There has been a rise in the competition to Emirates Airlines. The business enterprise platform has been threatened by the domestic competition.

New Entrants:

Etihad Airlines is growing at a rapid rate in Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways poses the most honest danger to the Emirates Airlines. The product quality retained by Etihad airways is high and the purchase price offered is also competitive.

Budget Airlines:

Due to the financial position of the customers they may be more worried about the price that they have to pay. Therefore, these are slowly moving their priority to the budget airlines including the Arabian Airlines. The price which they fee is less than the rate which is being priced by the Emirates Airlines.

Domestic Airlines:

Iit is very important to the Emirates airlines to function in such a manner that it can stand from the domestic and the reduced budget airlines (J. Paul Peter, 2010).

Fundamental Marketing Strategy

Emirates Airlines attempts critical and detail studies of the market and also investigate several aspects to serve the aim of the organization. In this particular context, the management of the Emirates is definitely analysis total position internally and externally. Appropriately important marketing strategies are designed which enables to ascertain their power and removes their weakness in order to maintain the competitive advantages. (Emirates Airlines)

Supply Strategy

Airbus and Boing will be the two main suppliers of the Emirates Air lines. There can be an evident and observable competition between them but this competition is not repulsive to the company. In order to supply the services to the customers the organization has used the strategy of source on demand. The company provides the services as needed by the consumers. If the consumers demands for the services the company structures a technique to supply the service. Hence it could be realized that the supply strategy of the Emirates Airlines is powerful in nature. The prices of the strategies being asked by the clients is kept modest with respect to the economical condition of the consumers (David L. Loudon, 2004).

Demand Strategy

Emirates airlines place its demand in an exceedingly proper manner. The business follows its prices and business ethics when positioning its demand. The company generally needs of the resources which can be needed by the airlines. The resources which would be needed by the airlines are first posted and then requested. Emirates plans demand strategy very effectively that involves cost reducing, cost management of the worthiness chain activities with regards to the certain or uncertain needs. As Bureaucratic costs may also hamper the price efficiency which is involved with managing procedure from inputs to outputs (M. C. Cant, 2009).

Positioning Strategy

In order to keep up its position in the market revaluation and adjustment of the marketing strategies and the assistance offered by this company is being done. Internal resources and functional structure will be the key functions to change the placement strategy. It consists of restructuring of organizational resources, cost management by reducing of bureaucratic costs, nationwide and fleet validation. Dubai airport is the well position hub which allows the Emirates Airlines to provide the clients profitably to the extra destination. It also connects the major part of the UAE via the Global Dubai Hub.

Competition Strategy

The air travel industry is very competitive and initially high competitive industry earns low earnings because of high cost of competition. In low circuit times, this can create the disaster but Authorities of the Middle East provides moderate to this period of low circuit. The major competition of the company is the Qatar Airways and Etihad airways. In order to stand in competition with the companies the Emirates airlines has adopted flexible costing of the services on offer and also functions according to the market situation. Emirates adopt strategy of providing better services and more luxury to be able to conquer with the tough competing market.

Marketing Combine Strategy

Product - Emirates Airlines' primary and unique services are designed especially for customers going in first class cabin. They provide a superior selection of luxury, style and refinement in its services that are prepared with the point of view of the customer's comforts and pleasure. The team in Emirates' consists of world class team who are chosen to wait the distinguished passenger. Following will be the exceptional services that the business packages to endow to its customers -

Inclusion of small theatre hall.

Spacious and large sleeper seat, separated by wide aisles.

Inclusion of advanced managed leg slumber and supported seating with electric touch control buttons.

Building of independent reading and nighttime bulbs with each seats for the maintenance of privateness hood.

Superior class entertainment and communication by providing video tutorial system on a huge screen to be able and provide leisure of large views (Professional Summation).

Price - Price value which is charged by the company is flexible. Based on the monetary condition and current circumstance of the market, the purchase price value charged has been changed. The prices of the services on offer is kept average based on the passengers (Saxena, 2009). The recognized part of the Emirates Airlines is the rates strategy that is provides low cost fares and convenient process for ticketing. Company is providing more than 25 percent of cheaper fares in comparison to the other Europeans Airlines. Ticking fairs are designed very carefully relative to the target airports like Sydney, Auckland, Bangkok, Singapore and Bangkok.

Place - Emirate Airlines provide services at different locations. In different countries the flight offers its services at all the major international airports. The convenience of the consumers is the most crucial priority. The schedule of the flights is also done in accordance with the clients. Emirates Airlines presents many new routes apart from the existing one with the provision of comfort and cost keeping types of procedures. Beside these services the airlines offers many nonstop plane tickets covering various important vacation spot and planning to introduce a lot more.

Promotion - According to the current situation, Emirates Airlines has turned into a brand and doesn't need any promotion. But in order to bring in the new strategies and procedures of the business the company uses different marketing as well as on the airports. The regular customers are enlightened by personally calling and sharing with them about the new strategies of the organization.

Personnel - Individuals who have been employed to improve the organization are very skilled and qualified for the various job roles. The workers work to be able to perform their job roles in an effective manner and in order to achieve the mission of the company. The assistance which are given by the company and the reputation which it is rolling out are due to the personnel being employed by the business.

The implementation regarding Emirates Airlines need to done in order to cover up the weakness of the organization. The weakness which lies in the organization is that it targets a few of the events which may harm the business enterprise. In order to analyze the risks that are associated with a certain event the business should form up a risk analysis team and the team would assess the future enterprise and predict if the company should go forward with it or not. A risk can be comprehended as a threat which includes the probable of harming the development of a business. If the risk becomes real the development of the organization gets damaged and the business may have to undergo a significant loss. The chance analysis team would adopt the proactive or reactive strategies to be able to assess a specific project. A risk estimate can be shown to the employees focusing on the problem. An advantage of such an implementation would be that the business knows the chance to be adopted in a certain situation. An application can be developed to be able to get back from the chance (M. C. Cant, 2009).


The control of the execution of the chance analysis can be carried out by the leaders and managers of the organization. It really is their responsibility to assess the problem. A platform can be developed by the skilled market leaders and professionals of the business to be able to assess the situation of the risk.

The execution and control should give attention to the weakness of the business. IF there is other weakness that your corporation encounters with the duration of time it's important that the company packages and implements the program in order to regulate the weakness of the company and perform in a much better manner (M. C. Cant, 2009).

Financial Forecast

The forecast which includes been designed for the Emirates airlines is a good outlook. According to the current working of the company it's been predicted that the company would improve a lot. The business has increased its performance over time and thus contributed to the introduction of the economy of the UAE as well. There has been a reduction in the prices of the oil which is beneficial for the air travel companies. The continuing future of the money of the business has a shiny side. If the company promises to function in the same manner as it is now it is guaranteed that the company would earn huge amounts of earnings and would continue its monopoly in the centre East and will also improve its position in the international market (David L. Loudon, 2004).

Based on the overview of income statements and consolidated declaration of financial position for past two years (The Emirates Group, 2011), we've made the financial forecasts for income as well as the financial position as follows:

C:\Users\Anubhav\Documents\fic. JPG

Figure : Forecasted Consolidated Income Declaration for 2012

C:\Users\Anubhav\Documents\fcc. JPG

Figure : Forecasted Consolidated Affirmation of financial position

Overall, the earnings are forecasted to increase practically by 13% to attain AED 60000 million with the operating earnings increasing by almost 37. 8% to attain approximately AED 7500 million. Also, the equity and liabilities are forecasted to increase nearly 7% to attain approximate characters of AED 70094 million.


In order to operate successfully it's important that an firm selects the site where it has the particular quality. Utilizing the distinct quality the business can gain competitive advantages over other organizations. Aside from the area the strategies and the other management strategies followed by the company further contributes to the development of the business. The strategies which have been incorporated by the Emirates Airlines have helped the company to stand in the competitive market and maintain its position in the market. It is due to the leadership style and because of the strategies which were adopted by the business it has been able to maintain its position on the market despite of all the fluctuations. The corporate strategy which has been implemented by the Emirates Airlines has became guidance for the business in the time of troubles and opportunities. In the market environment there are various troubles and opportunities which need to be handled at the right time and dealt in an effective manner. The strategy used by the Emirates airlines became the largest milestone for the business. In order to make it through in the competitive market it is important that the Emirate Airlines should think about the fact that different strategies need to be updated and technology need to be incorporated in the many strategies. The Emirate airlines should function in such a manner that the new strategy that your company plans to incorporate should be developed in that manner that the business can face the different challenges within an efficient manner. The abilities that happen to be needed in the individuals learning resource and the technological aspects should be contained in the new strategies. It's important that innovation is not left behind when determining new strategies. They have to devote best efforts to minimize their weakness and function in that manner that each action has certain positive outcomes for his or her company. Even when the market is going down the company shouldn't perform in a bad manner instead it should perform in a great manner. The company has already been a brand, now what it needs to do is to keep up its name and function in an appropriate manner defining strategies properly.

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