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Consumer Decision Process Towards Louis Vuitton Brand Marketing Essay

Louis Vuitton or shortened to LV - is a French fashion house founded in 1854. The label established fact because of its LV monogram, which is included on most products, which range from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, pieces, jewellery, accessories, sun shades, and books. Louis Vuitton is one of the world's leading international fashion houses. Louis Vuitton sells its products through small boutiques in high-end shops, and through the e-commerce section of its website.

In this report, you will see some market research conduction, which is often needed to ensure that we produce what customers really want and not what we think they need. You will find two main solutions: primary and supplementary research methods. For main research data, we choose one focus group of target customer and then we carry out a review with 50 correspondents. Secondary literature involves using existing information that others have already reviewed and experienced about the customer service degree of LV stores. By then, the understanding from various data obtained will be examined as well as the involved influence factors during the luxury apparels purchasing process.


Obviously, to be able to improve in marketing plan and strategy, it is essential for marketers to understand the consumer habit process and the main element factors influencing the procedure. With extensive research conducted, this survey aims to provide the understanding of Louis Vuitton marketplace as well as the buyer purchasing process towards Louis Vuitton brand. Basic on that, there would be evaluation, discussion and recommendation for Louis Vuitton in the future.

Product description and Target market

Product description

Louis Vuitton has preserved its leading position on the planet fashion industry for many years as an extravagance brand. It could be seen plainly that Louis Vuitton tote is a tangible product. Being different from services which can't be seen and handled, Louis Vuitton tote can be touched, felt bodily with the fingertips by the users. For instance, even if the client see the products' images online and make an order, it is still not a tangible product before consumers can take the product in their hands, have the leather, the zip, smell the scent. Louis Vuitton handbag isn't only functional in including things as a tote itself but also help people feel confident and valued since Louis Vuitton is a luxury and elegant brand.

3. 2 Focus on Market

From our research, we identify this brand into two main marketplace segments, that happen to be from the demographic marketing segmentation and geographic marketing segmentation.

Demographic segmentation includes some components such as: era, gender, income, occupation, social class and so on. Louis Vuitton's target market consists of individuals who have an increased income and so they have discovered that the higher the income of an individual, the bigger the propensity to acquire luxury goods. Louis Vuitton's target market is also the one that can identify with the communicate emails of Louis Vuitton because the company has created images that are in accordance social identity theory. People are posited to do this and to ingest products at least in order to check out the ideas regular with the ideal-self image. The merchandise can also be bought for personal use or for gift. Therefore, because of this segmentation, our targeted clients are both making love, aged between 25-50 years of age, who've earned money between 50, 000 SGD ~ 200, 000 SGD yearly and the majority of them would be graduate professionals with sense of self-worth and high social status.

Geographical segmentation divides market segments into different physical areas. Marketers use geographic segmentation because consumers in different areas may display certain characteristics and conducts in that particular region. This segmentation will help the brand to do better positioning by enhancing its status icons in its wealthy market such as China, Japan, India and other growing countries. One of the most important market segments of Louis Vuitton is not from Paris where its original is, but Asia. The brand has pursued a constant approach to producing the overseas market, never compromising in the face of difficult operational road blocks, and, as always, controlling every aspect of the business enterprise. This unique methodology has run Louis Vuitton to its current position as the most successful luxury brand in China. And it is said that the mainland China were Louis Vuitton's third-largest customer portion on the planet nowadays.

After detailed research and analysis, this record will target mainly on demographic market section for the rest.

Consumer Habit Process

Problem recognition

The first stage that all customers will go though is the challenge recognition level.

From our study among 50 correspondents, most of the purchase acceptance levels are from the needs of an extravagance handbag to carry. These people think that carrying a branded product will improve their status and wealth as well as fashionable.

Most of the users are mature (25+), female, working population with stable financial background. Addititionally there is an increasing amount of young users, who are fashionable trend-followers and these users are usually less price-concerned and its products are frequently employed by the abundant and famous, stars, models all around the globe.

Information Search

Once the consumer has recognized an issue, they learn to search for information on products and services that can solve that problem. First-time buyer will employ a small amount of time to recall their understanding about brands. And each brand will carry some models which are ideal for different occasions. They may be tote bags, nighttime clutches, top deals with and even accessories. From needs recognition lead to in the last steps, there will be a wide range of choice. External search can include the viewpoints and attitudes of friends, family members, reviews from the internet, etc. These details can be easily attainable from those discussion forums, blogs, chat groups and some official websites of every brand. Pricing and product catalogues are largely displayed on the site with all new entrance designs, exclusive designs and also some sale-off for online buys as well.

Evaluating and selecting alternatives

At this time, the buyer compares the brands and products that are in their evoked set. They will have some choices in mind for a luxury handbag such as Louis Vuitton, Channel, Burberry, Gucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo. How the marketing team can boost the probability that their brand is area of the consumer's decision process is the key value of branding strategies. A buyer' evaluative conditions would be the price of a bag, the colour and whom the stars are being captured hauling the bag. In addition, it depends on the surrounding or working environment where the consumer is in, specifically for those first-time buying a luxury brand handbag. The info obtained from the research shows that 60% of total correspondent have the options to buy LV bag in their first purchase.

However, for those have bought it before, the evaluation and selective will is determined by commitment, brand satisfaction or the appeal of new design of this brand. At this time, you will see high participation of turning brands. From our survey, 65% of correspondents of these who've owed an LV bag don't want to be devoted with the brand and have a tendency to select another brand because of their next purchase. Consumers examine alternatives in terms of the useful and subconscious benefits that they offer. Since this is the fashionable products and the intake may follow the trendy designs in several conditions. For Louis Vuitton, they have variety of colors and leather types for several occasions. Consumer can select the classic material called Monogram Canvas, Monogram Denim, Monogram Idylle, Monogram Multicolore, Monogram Miroir, and Monogram Vernis. For all those young-age-customer organizations who 're going for another type of design, they can look for Damier Ebene, Damier Azur. As well as for leather handbags, LV bears Normad Leather, Suhali Leather, which brings the prestige and professional to working executives. After choosing the brands, consumer will check out the step of looking for the look and colour even though it you can do in reserve routine to another clients, who choose the look and shade first and then go for brand selection.

Outlet selection and product purchase

Once the alternatives have been evaluated, the consumer is preparing to make a purchase decision. Sometimes purchase intent does not cause a genuine purchase. The marketing company must facilitate the consumer to act on the purchase intention. The business may use variety of ways to achieve this.

For branding and luxury handbags boutiques like Louis Vuitton, they are really situated in prestige stores, whereby the customers are being well-taken care of and being served as a queen when shopping. Therefore, we will never experience an LV boutique wall socket is situated in any wet-markets or any neighbour-hood shopping market. All of the shoppers have confidence in the luxuries where in fact the shop is located.

For some depth customers, there could be a call to the LV shop beforehand to check on the stock supply regarding the model, the design that she would like, as well as the price amount. For a few shopaholic consumers, they could simply need to visit the shop themselves and select the the one that they feel like it. Which process is taking shorter time which all stages happens in the shop itself for those experienced LV handbag users.

Post-purchase processes

It is common for customers to experience concerns after making a purchase decision. This arises from a concept that is known as "cognitive dissonance". The client, having bought something, may believe that an alternative could have been more suitable. In these circumstances that customer will not repurchase immediately, but will probably switch brands next time. As stated above, 65% of correspondents of these who've owed an LV carrier in our study don't want to be loyal with the brand and tend to select another brand for his or her next purchase. There are many negative voices from Louis Vuitton Shoppers such as: "No-one bothered to greet me, apart from the security safeguard at the entranceway!", "Long queue, slightly condescending assistant-not the VIP experience it ought to be. ", "I don't look like an average LV customer, so the salespeople were in a rush to possess me out of 'their' store as fast as possible. "

To manage the post-purchase stage, it is the job of the marketing team to persuade the possible client that the product will satisfy his / her needs. Then after having made a purchase, the client should be urged that he or she has made the right decision.

Influencing Factors

Internal Influences

Consumer action is affected by demographics, psychographics (lifestyle), desire, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. Consumer behavior nervous about consumer need consumer activities in direction of satisfying needs leads to his behavior of every individual rely upon thinking. The marketing section needs to know very well what benefits individuals are seeking and for that reason which characteristics are most significant in terms of making a decision.

Perception is how we see ourselves and the world we live in. Buyer's brain has been stored that the Louis Vuitton carrier is a top quality luxury item which ultimately shows the prestige and wealth for its owner. To consumer this is their certainty, though it does not mean it can be an accurate representation on what's real until they experience it. For example, one person might be able to focus very firmly on the certain advertisement and also retain the information after being exposed only one time while another person may need to come in contact with the same advertisement often before he/she even identifies what it is. Consumers are also much more likely to preserve information if a person has a strong fascination with the desire. So marketers must be creative and use various methods to deliver their subject matter. Once the subject matter reaches consumer, it must be interesting enough to fully capture their attention.

Knowledge is the amount of most information known by a person. It is the facts of the world as he/she is aware it and the depth of knowledge is a function of the breadth of worldly activities and the effectiveness of a person's long-term memory. Definitely what exists as knowledge to an individual depends on how a person's perceptual filter is practical of the info it is exposed to. Louis Vuitton product knowledge has been identified by most of consumer that it's handmade - product with long background of achievements and success. Furthermore, nowadays, customer can easily access to all the information about LV brand through their standard websites, whereby buyer can view all the new entrance products, new catalogue, new designs as well as all charges posted in the stores. This developing solution to encourage consumers to explore more info will help in brand understanding enhancement.

Another effect factors is attitude, which refers to what a person feels or is convinced about something. Additionally, attitude may be shown in how an individual acts predicated on his or her beliefs. Once shaped, attitudes can be very difficult to improve. Thus, when a consumer has a poor attitude toward a particular issue it will require considerable effort to improve what they believe to be true. Although Louis Vuitton is an effective brand, they don't really give a retail experience that satisfies customers, unless you are a super star or dress like the wealthy and famous, the sales staffs usually ignores you. That is one of the main problems of LV marketers at this time. One customer's opinions is the main element issue shaping a purchase decision for others. Many replies from LV bag shopper in Singapore were bad encounters with the shop attendants and brand loyalty is no more in their mind.

Motivation relates to our desire to attain a certain final result. Many inner factors we've already discussed can affect a customer's desire to accomplish a certain end result but there are others. For instance, when it comes to making purchase decisions customers' drive could be influenced by such issues as financial position (e. g. , Can I spend the money for purchase?), time constraints (e. g. , Do I have to make the purchase quickly?), overall value (e. g. , Am I getting my money's price?), and identified risk (e. g. , What goes on if I make a poor decision?). Highly motivated shoppers would want to get mentally and physically mixed up in purchase process. Because they consider the LV tote is an extravagance items, therefore for those first -time buyer, the process will take much longer along the higher perceived risk even though they may have strong inspiration to buy a LV bag.

External Influences

Consumer purchasing decisions tend to be influenced by factors that are beyond their control but have direct or indirect impact about how we live and what we eat. One example of this is social factor. Culture represents the behavior, beliefs and, in many cases, just how we act learned by interacting or watching other participants of society. In this way much of what we do is shared behavior, approved along from one member of modern culture to another. This inspired factor can help the brand to do better setting by improving its status icons in its rich market such as China, Japan, India and other developing countries. It has been reported that the key market of Louis Vuitton is not where its original is, but the Asia countries such as: China, Singapore, Hongkong, Korea, Japan, etc. The culture of Asian people is likely to showcase their prosperous and their luxury stuff to others. They believe that they will look better and high-class level with those top quality items.

A purchase decision can be firmly affected by the situation in which people find themselves. In general, a situation is the circumstances a person encounters when making a purchase decision, like the nature of these physical environment, their mental status, or time constraints. Not absolutely all situations are controllable, in which particular case a consumer might not follow their normal process to make a purchase decision. For instance, if a person requires a product quickly and a store will not hold the brand they normally purchase, the customer may choose a competitor's product rather than reserving the LV boutique stores. Which means efficiency of the staff's professionalism and reliability and the handling skills are incredibly important in providing customer's request. They are able to politely talk to customer and persuade them to wait for the stock from another store.


Companies are interested in consumer patterns because they can develop marketing strategies to influence consumers to purchase their products based on consumer examination. The success of a company's marketing strategy will be based upon how buyers react to it. To find out what satisfied customers, marketers must look at the main influences on what, where, when and exactly how customers buy goods and services. By understanding these factors better, marketers are better in a position to predict how consumers will respond to marketing strategies. In the long run, this information helps companies compete more effectively in the marketplace and contributes to more satisfied customers.

Although Louis Vuitton is a successful brand, they don't really give a high customs satisfaction. Strengthening customer in-store service satisfaction should be considered a means however, not the finish. The loyalty enhancement for a branding strategy is quite attribute to acquisitions. If indeed they only concentrate on product features, they can only just achieve a great knowing of branding, but no impact by any means on increasing sales performance as customer is unlikely to do it again purchase.

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