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Profile of Alpha Consultants

Alpha Consultants is a Management and IT consultancy firm. It really is a multi-disciplinary consultancy house, that provides services to both private and general public sector organizations in a wide range of things. Alpha Consultants offers knowledge development, earns entrepreneurial drive, helps create bonds between clients and customers and helps organizations to attain their goals with best efficiency. Alpha consultants have a tool pool of over 100 of experts available at their disposal. With regards to the requirement of the work and the skills that are required for any particular task, services are received from the consultants of their resource pool. Why is Alpha consultants stand out from their competition is the diverse skillset and history of these consultants. It allows the organization to part of a wider and a larger market and do what others cannot.

The professionals seated in the highest level at Alpha consultants bring multicultural experience, mainly in the field of development and health. This allows Alpha Consultants to pitch stable proposals for both general population and private sector tasks in the development and health sectors. However, over time, Alpha Consultants has were able to hire consultants from all the many fields and areas to make certain they are able to handle any challenges that a project has to offer. It offers more value and stability to their account, while also allowing them to aim at more diverse and new business opportunities.

Moreover, Alpha Expert can be an IT firm which includes been providing solutions to both private and open public sector institutions. By IT, it is clear that there surely is a significant connection of computer oriented workforce. So, it is not difficult to categorize it as something concern business corporation. It is presently not having a larger course of services so that it falls into the category of small and medium enterprises. The illustrative report will provide solutions and information related to management related functions along with other core functions of the consultancy house. Performance dimension is a set of tools to evaluate the performance of a company.

The services provided by Alpha Consultants include1:

  • Research, Analysis and Assessment
  • Project Management, Design and Planning
  • Strategy Examination and Coverage Reviews
  • Institutional Development, Training and Organizational Management
  • Advocacy
  • IT & Mass media Consultancy


Alpha consultants aims to become spouse in knowledge centered creativity with institutes that are looking to bring change to the planet. Their eye-sight is to make a name in service excellence by making use of their skilled and experienced consultants. Alpha consultants looks forward to become name that is known to provide lasting and innovative alternatives and help their clients in capacity building, relationship building and organizational development. They would like to end up being the bridge to fill in the gap between your clients and customers with a eye-sight for both entrepreneurial and human development. 2[i]

Every business has some skilled Aims and aims based on the strategy devised by the regulating structure. Alpha Specialist as you a SME aspires to extend the IT departments of these clients and provide multi-disciplinary services in the ICT spectrum. The technological facilities can be handled by IT & Media Department with a mix of management services or it can deliver a complete fledge built IT system to clients. The mixture of both will also be proposed by the organization.


The fundamental reason for the organization is to use their expertise and experience to help their clients achieve new milestones. Alpha consultants have highly professional, experienced and skilled experts in the field of Management, Development and IT. It is currently employed with various NGOs and Community sector company who are working in development sector in a variety of less privileged and under developed areas. It spent some time working in various warfare and catastrophe struck areas for different national and international organizations. In the foreseeable future, it aims to expand the target projects and try to provide consultancy not simply in development and health sector, but also in IT, Marketing, Education and other domains. It designs to move into more professional areas such as company development and structural environment of organizations and work in more developed areas.

Factors Affecting Business Performance


Innovation in the technology and the response of employees is considered of the main factor affecting the business enterprise environment. In the case of this organization, which is in ways area of the growing IT industry it's important to give reaction to every change in the technology. The employees or the program engineers aren't much trained as the new technology comes and their knowledge becomes obsolete.


The politics environment and the legislation of the regulators for IT activities have a great impact on management consultancy businesses. The licensing services and the tax structure changes rapidly whenever new technology is released that the business policies and strategy has to be changed. In the case of IT one of the most important factors is the availability of low priced substitutes on offer in the international market.

Assessing the Situation - SWOT Analysis:


  • Extensive connection with the main element personals in the project and their relationships with officers in their major clients is the main element strength of Alpha consultants.
  • They have a wide range of clients and get various types of projects on regular basis.
  • Alpha consultants has a wide set of skills, the diverse resource pool permitting them to select experts from all various fields for just about any desired job.
  • They have been known about the world and get large size tasks from international clients and get repayments in international money hence generating income and enhance profitability.

The old existence of the business helps to gain the advantage of trust by which a good platform of faithful customers can be retained. About 64% of the clients of the SME are using it for resources. This is a very strong feature of a company. Company offers a strong financial position as there is absolutely no Debt to Collateral ratios due to lack of Debt. The business's share has been 150 employees however they are portion their own company and they're linked with it (100, 2014).


  • Most consultants/experts are not employees, rather Alpha consultants has to seek the services of freelance experts who focus on contractual basis.
  • Freelancer experts bill handsome levels of fee and each time services are attained, company must search, trail and work out with experts for every different job.

There are certain weaknesses when compared with other competing companies i. e. the concentration of the organization is divided into multiple sections under the name of Alpha Consultants. You can find no separate services entities. Along with this the company is merely targeting the neighborhood and the attentiveness towards internationalization is very less while other companies are going international or global. Considering the outreach the companies have got internationally now with the sociable media and internet search engine tools your competition has gotten very tough. Moreover, the handheld devices and smartphones influx have changed the dimension from it industry on an enormous level. Adapting to the changing needs of the marketplace and new solutions is becoming very important for SME like Alpha Co rather than being able to grow its outreach to international market has been a very major weakness.


  • Due with their large and diverse resource pool, they can handle all different sorts of projects and explore new work areas. Yet, Alpha consultants is associated with various NGOs and open public sector organizations.
  • Alpha consultants may use their IT and Advertising pros to explore new IT grounds, provide services to Telecom giants and Entertainment industry. Also they can form collaboration with defense institutes to provide various services.
  • As they get assignments on typical basis, they want young talent as well as experienced staff. They provide employment opportunities to fresh graduates and experienced jobseekers to get benefit from their energetic thoughts and use them in project innovations by providing financial salaries.

Many of the IT organizations from EU are actually outsourcing the essential tasks to south Parts of asia like India. This can be a good chance of Alpha Co to save costs along with efficiency in work. Another opportunity is to determine umbrella brands and other co-brands for different portion than it services.


  • The consultants who aren't Alpha consultants' employees but working only on contractual basis, reach connect to their clients and form bonds. These consultants not only gain experience under the banner of Alpha consultants, but if indeed they decide to work by themselves, they can damage these connections and the inside knowledge they need to offer competition.
  • Freelancers will be focusing on organization projects; they could have access to the organizational inner details and may leak out this private information to others.
  • If at some stage project achieved by freelancer involves the organization for feature addition or updations, the freelancer may well not be available to complete that job or charge cost more than the budget. If so, Alpha consultants must hire a fresh freelance expert who'll first have to understand all the previous work which leads to wastage of energy as well as money.

There are multiple risks associated with IT business and SME sector. To make SME is never a difficult activity. A lot of the IT business and central functions are being performed in underdeveloped countries or the third world countries. The reason is that the price is lessoned as compared to European union. So Alpha Consultants has threat of new entrants in the same field combined with the cost determination in today's circumstance of changing business environment.

Overcoming Weaknesses

There will vary strategies to overcoming the weaknesses of SME like Alpha Co. The first solution is to outsource majorly activities for the introduction of infrastructure and software. Second, branding can prove to be an integral of success. People Source of information system will be needed if the business is internationalized. According to the research the internationalization of the SME earns 7% employment chances and gives expansion to the firms. So for these procedures and alternatives the evaluation is given in this article:


Most of the processes like development of the script of different software can be outsourced to other countries like India, where the IT infrastructure is cheap. In this way the company will be able to earn more profit by covering the majority of the price incurred. The outsourcing approach provides a contribution towards interpersonal welfare as the company will provide career sources. Freelancing for other activities will also help the business to attain the status of global company.


The services being offered separately can be considered as different brands like:

  • Alpha Management Consultants
  • Alpha Mass media & Advocacy Consultants
  • Alpha IT Consultants

In this way different service segments will be considered as different service entities. These services will be provided under the umbrella of parent or guardian brand Alpha Consultancy. It'll show the growth of business in real as well as in imaginary terms. The co-branding technique will provide increase to the company.

Compensation System:

After going international, the business may develop some compensation systems to provide healthy earnings to the new employees from different companies. So that the motivation level of the employees gets higher plus they may contribute towards creativity and development.

Constraint and Restrictions

There are many types of restriction mounted by the local authorities on smaller businesses. Regarding consultancy business, there are pursuing restrictions:


The business or the SME should be authorized under regulators with accurate particulars. It will speak about everything related to business and establish that is ethical business and there is absolutely no injury for environment.


The SME should be certified by the regulating bodies of the united states. The hallmark should be documented and there must be acquisition of copyrights to run a little & Medium enterprise. This is very important that the name should be unique and in the case of IT, the functions shouldn't be imitated from another firm.


The analysis of small & Medium Organization is essential as the government of European union countries can take the working infrastructure of employees in accounts. The working of employees and the use of human resources are inspected and evaluated by different authorities.


In small and medium businesses there are multiple functions associated with owner of the business enterprise. Owner isn't only an investor, but is also dependable to make business strategy of the business enterprise. Conduct Financial analysis and organise the finances if needed. Check the legal requirement of the organization along with some attention to the marketing and sales activities of the business enterprise. Managing human reference and comments from customers evaluation is also one of the liabilities of owners. In SMEs with an increase of than one owner it is important to contribute in terms of the time and finance equally in the business.


There are four basic management functions which should be performed by every type of manager. These four basic functions include:

  • Planning
  • Leading
  • Controlling
  • Organizing

By planning it is intended to plan the tedious and way of life in the business. In the case of Alpha Consultants it's important to plan activities which are the part of multiple projects ongoing. Some will be the management consultancy tasks while other is the IT services being offered different businesses. The supervisor should ensure the nice planning. Then your manager should lead the working team of employees in accordance with the policy and objectives of the business enterprise. As to supply the solutions for IT and management both, it is necessary for a manager to give a controlled environment in which the activities are organized to deliver top quality with time. Such services can only be supplied when there is a proper control and advancement is liked through the key role of a manager in business (Fincham, 2000).


There financial position of Alpha Expert is one of the best in its kind. It is a debts free company. There is no incorporation and the proprietorship is singular. The company's earnings is increasing little by little with time due to appropriate cost bottom part with respect to other companies.

Marketing and Sales

The customer bottom of Alpha Co must be quite strong as they have started from providing services and then customers and today it reselling the assistance to get rid of users as well as general public and private sector. Most of the customers were of general population sector organizations. The business has increased its business stock portfolio by providing multiple solutions. These multiple solutions include Infrastructure, Microsoft, networking, optimized desktop, Advantage Management and security. The other SMEs in this category are only limited to one type of services like only security or networking. Very less organizations are giving asset management software oriented services (Eikebrokk, 2007).

According to the extra research given in the project, IT company from UK or European union can simply internationalize on the basis of services provided online. In this manner the firm can increase the profit and work capacity.

Human resources

There are about 600 people in the SME. They are extremely enthusiastic and like traditions strong technology is demanded from the skilled staff of the company. The detailed examination supplies the competitive good thing about Alpha Co on other similar organizations. This advantage is that apart from passionate employees the inclination is directed at disciplined, adaptable and diversified employees. In this manner the company stands at its best among other companies of same category.

Use of Technology

As this can be an IT related organization and knows better to use the technology. The company is using the technology related to multiple areas at once. It has got many advantages along with the disadvantages. It is very problematic for a SME to provide main operations of different or multiple solutions. Especially in IT one business SME can only provide expert solution for just one factor of the technology. There are other firms in the category which are experiencing customer platform and skills only in one sector of the technology. Whether it's the web, security or networking Alpha Consultants is offering multiple solutions which is the nice point but customer can perceive a ' Jack of most trades and Get good at of None of them ' type stereotype.

Developing Strategies, Goals and Aims:

Considering the weaknesses and risks experienced by Alpha consultants, lots of suggestions can be recommended:

  • Alpha consultants has an enormous resource pool. It includes professionals and experts in tens of sectors and domains. However, the key professionals inside the organization are development experts, so they key emphasis is on development tasks. It strongly requires a separate department that'll be focused on hunting new opportunities and finding new assignments. Doing this Alpha consultants will be able to target various new tasks and explore untouched domains.
  • As talked about in the SWOT evaluation, when Alpha consultants must acquire freelance experts for various tasks, it not only allows the consultants and experts to get access to company's information, but also allows them to connect to their clients. These freelance specialists can exploit this information. However, if Alpha consultants hires more experts as their employees alternatively than outsourcing to freelance expert, it can gain a lot of advantage.

We have been talked about that Alpha consultants has both valuable experience and a appreciated name in development and health sector. It could use this name and use their profile to land in new opportunities. By coming into new domains, it is growing and at the same time giving the business a greater name. The purpose of Alpha consultants at this time should be to gain multi-sector and multi-regional experience using its already established name in development sector. Areas such as Telecom giants, Defense organizations, Financial Institutions and Entrepreneurial start-ups are key areas of focused. Alpha consultants with the experience can provide assistance to all these clients, while also helping their inner development.


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