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Construction Safety In Singapore Taiwan And Hong Kong Structure Essay

In previous section, the Cost-benefit anaylsis give out the effect while compare between your costs of financial & communal and the costs of preventing car accident. The ratio exhibited that the value fair enough to determine the advance method to protect human being life and stop accident.

Refer to the Section One Statistic of mishap rate, a lot of contries possessed lower rate of crash and rate of fatality such as Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, etc. Except Hong Kong continues to be high position in the Asia. So, These safeness contries may acquired their special solutions to improve and put into practice the security in their nation. However, make an effort to equate to the Asia contries such as Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Singapore and Taiwan locate in Asia and finished to Hong Kong. Plus they have special name --- Four of the Dragons in Asia. They had their capability to lead the overall economy and ability in Asia. On the other hand, development in Singapore and Taiwan maybe flewness and completely. So, platform on above factors, Taiwan and Singapore were chosen for research in their approach to improve and implement building safety.

Here propose and suggest two of the countries could possibly be the reference to increase the protection culture for Hong Kong --- Singapore and Taiwan.

Construction safety implemantations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong engineering safety rules, legislations, safe practices audit and safeness management system has been developed in good shape like rules of practice on protection management, site guidance and monitoring system. Here check out simplifly.

In the basic safety legislations, the duty of supervisors, like clients, designers, and consultants of creating development, who should take care of their working area and take in the obligations in the job such as Site Supervision Plan System (SSPS) and Technically Competent Person (TCP).

In the safety legislation, the "Factories and Industrial Starting (Protection Management) Regulations" (Safeness Management Regulations) made since 2000. Under the legislation, the employers, properties and companies have the duties to develop, put into action and keep maintaining the basic safety management system to prepare a safety guidelines for undertaking. On the other hand, they provided a few of new legislation and codes of practice for structure safety such as "The Factories and Industrial Executing (Confined Areas) Regulation and code of practice "Safety and Health at Work in Confined Space", etc.

In protection audit, Hong Kong Occuptional Safety and Health Council (OSHC) developed the Independent Security Audit System (ISAS) and using in building projects.

Construction Safety Honor structure in 2010/2011

The LD and OSHC marketed an award structure in 2010/2011, which is pushing the employees and management conditions enhance safety awareness and foster a safety culture in engineering industry and enhancing the good occupational protection and health performance.

Construction safety execution in Singapore

In Singapore, they have got their construction safeness legislations, rules and basic safety management system. However now, they proposed a planning to advance their construction basic safety further --- Working Safeness and Health in 2018.

The planning in Singapore: Working Safeness and Health in 2018

The National Work environment Security and Health Marketing campaign was estiblish in Singapore when April of 2009. Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister of Manpower (Mommy) was launched a planning in the campagin called "Working Safety and Health 2018: a Country wide Strategy for Working Protection and Health for Singapore". The stategy is designed to improve and keep maintaining the best safeness record on the planet plus they want the speed of fatality will drop down or less than 1. 8 per 100, 000 staff at 2018. Incidentally, it can make the resources and initiatives to everyone and protection and healthy work place. The strategies outcomes are the decrease the working safeness and health (WSH) event rates, workplace safe practices and health as the key and life-style partly of business, the best working environment & excellent WSH in Asia and make a progressive and pervasive WSH culture.

The planning created 4 of main strategies:

Build strong functions to better deal with WSH

Implement a powerful regulatory framework

Promote great things about WSH and ecognise best practices

Develop strong collaboration locally and internationally

In the guide of WSH: 2018, the engineering part determined and identified with the initial characteristics to increase the WSH concentrate on and standard as pursuing:

They place the long-term goal in zero accident with initial self applied operating WSH culture in building sector. The immediately goals for the building industry are:

The rate of fatality will be significantly less than 3. 4 fatalities per 100, 000 staff in 2013 and 1. 8 fatalities per 100, 000 in 2018. The expectation is zero fatality in each company.

The rate of injury will be significantly less than 390 injuries per 100, 000 staff in 2013 and 200 incidents per 100, 000 personnel in 2018.

These are excellent obstacles in Singapore. The use the strategies occur whole region and details as following.

Strategy One: Build strong features to better control WSH

Strategy end result one demonstrated that goals must be occur several levels. They included individual, corporate and enhancing risk management.

In individual level, there divided into different levels: management, workers & supervisors, WSH experts, designers and architects. They provided education for everyone layers to improve their WSH skills such as knowledge, delicate and factors.

In commercial level, there proposed self analysis and taking care of main & subcontractors. They encourage employee, main and subcontractors can self talk with positive will on the tools, materials, tools before working with documentation system.

In industry level, there suggested enhancing risk management (RM) and cultivating WSH culture. They expected advance the RM course for education and practical assistance programmes to improve the grade of the RM conducted. In the WSH culture, they will create a depth study in WSH culture index which is employed for give a picture to teach workers and enhance the quality of WSH.

Strategy Two: Implement an efficient regulatory framework

Strategy two confirmed that the put into action regulatory framework in various parts to boost the WSH. It included key men, working place, personal and standard.

In the view of key men, like designers and builders, they must take and outlined the main responsibilty and liability and enhance the capabilities. Incidentally, the gonernment will establish a programme and leading it before 2013.

In the view of working place, foundation on a lot of management heads in-site are lack of consciousness, they expected the management minds learn and understanding the health and hazard in constuction industry. Through the burning, industry relationship will integrate working health (WH) concern to improve and their WSH management system.

In the view of personal, they know too many of small industries and multiple subcontractors, so there active the WSH chapter in assiocations to encourage their worker with more and even more progressively nurturing WSH standard.

In the view of standard, The WSH council expected lively and review their codes of practice and rules to accomplish better and received feedback to improve the WSH performance.

Strategy Three: Promoting the benefit of WSH and intergrating WSH into business

WSH has many benefits and it ought to be applied on the working life. However, they provided several part to improve WSH working life --- influence the suppiler and subcontractor from large company, take the safeness and health management and accessment before working, business instances for generating impovement in WSH.

In the view of affect the suppliers and subcontractor, they expected the top company can affect their suppliers and subcontractors to improve their WSH. As the same time, the top companies encouraged showing their determination and prositive impact through "Pledge for No" (PfZ). The PfZ plan can show the facts the activities and milestones for the prospective by 2011.

In the view of WSH system, they created a new form called ConSASS, which really is a checklist to help auditors evaluate the quality in WSH and expected put into practice to 80% of working sites applied I band III.

In the view of case studies, they likely to promoting more successful cases and want WSH benefits is aware of for stakeholders. It could make the business enterprise understanding the positive work of WSH specifications on output and competitiveness.

Strategy Four: Creating and building partnerships

Wide selection of stakeholders involved in construction task like jv (JV) can make a good practices in WSH criteria with more options and implements. While in specific areas of concerns like cranes, they expected to develop more progress planning or ideas to better WSH performance.

Implements and reviews

Strategies translating with planning into programmes and posted to WSH committee, which is supportted by WSH council and MOM will screen the execution of the main element areas of work and develop milestones on responses from key stakeholders to account for the changes in the operating environment and market sentiments in Singapore.

Construction Safe practices implemantation in Taiwan

In Taiwan, the senario is identical to Hong Kong and Singapore. The primary federal departments are Industrial Safe practices and Health Association (ISHA) and Insitute of Occuptional Safety and Health (IOSH). Review the Business Plan in 2009 2009, they major does events for engineering safe practices were education, technological services, certified inspection and internaltional exchange.

In the training and training, typical happenings had been finished such as campaign and estiblish OSH trainingcourses, bidding on OSH jobs commissioned by authorities to market regulatory conformity abd associated training assignments, publishing OSH training materials for regulatory conformity and promotional promotions.

In technical services, it turned out finished implementations and promotions in government and private sectors, provided OSH audit and technical specialist services, OSH instruments and materials, a few of OSH-related marketing campaign, exhibition, symposium and workshop, developed and research for abroad market, assisting basic safety department and committee to promote OSH-related activities.

In certified inspection, they provided the guide and inspetions in development industries.

In international exchange, OSH specialists to switch OSH related technology, knowledge and ties with European countries, USA, Japan, Australia and other organizations. And they provided international OSH services from internet.

Comparsion construction safeness between Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore

As above mentioned, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong have their individual and unique construction safety system. However the expected time of foresee are not same. Here categorised the expected time of foresee into short, middle and long-term.

The short-term of foresee is Taiwan. Because they promoted and acted typical occasions happening in other countries with less special. Plus they have lack of long-term and exactly focus on objectives.

The middle-term of foresee is Hong Kong. Most of typical situations are same process as Taiwan. Furthermore, they proposed award scheme to market and improve their contruction safeness with clearly aim for in several years.

The long-term of foresee is Singapore. The look and functions are beforehand factors with allow to put more and more resources to improve and implemant the planning. On the other hand, they expected a focus on and establish the objectives to lessen the injury and fatality rate in construction industry. It exhibited Singapore's federal that is very concern their residents value of living and life quality.


The result of best planning is Singapore. There highly advises Hong Kong allow to take research from Singapore's planning coverage, which should expenditure more resources in construction safe practices for improve development industry.

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