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Concept of 'Beauty Is at the Eye of the Beholder'

In our daily life we pass by many things, sometimes we give them attention by watching then in a manner that our minds are set to and sometimes we don't even take the time to look. We may see and find the beauty in these exact things using the means of knowledge such as reason, feelings and languages. When I believe of these things I come to finish that they must participate in a certain portion of knowledge such as research, faith, arts and mathematics. However in order to examine these things we need the ways of knowledge, so after all the areas of knowledge depends on the means of knowledge. A lot of the times as it happens that not every person on earth looks at the items as others do. Since it is said in the case 'we see and understand things much less they are really but as we are'. I really believe there is several vision for each and every thing.

As it is stated 'Beauty is in the attention of the beholder'.

On the other side as it pertains to maths there's always an answer that people are certain off which we can not disregard and we can not argue about such as 5+5=10, it established fact that the effect is 10 to everyone and nobody will come up with a new answer, which means that we see things as they are. However when it is about the methods we used to attain the theories which might differ from one individual to some other, allowing the person to think of ideas as what he is much less others. When I wish to do bunji jumping I Choose to experience it because to me I feel that it isn't a risky thing to do, while to numerous other people it might turn to them as the most dangerous experience of life. So in that case I would be following my emotions concerning this certain things and eliminate the doubts of others. A means of knowledge 's the reason by which we observe and look at all things. For example in the region of the data, we sometimes look at the fine art and try to understand it the way the artist described it but profound inside what really concerns is the first impression about any of it weather it's good or not and we try to think of it as it seems before our eyes. Moreover we can use our emotions to check out the painting and understand it, exactly what does it signify to us? What do you feel about the colors? For example when I look at a painting where it is packed with blue colors I would feel extremely lonely and consequently I will feel the anger in the painting. On the other hand the artist may have used the colour blue to portray the feel of peacefulness.

So it is our emotions that help us to comprehend the world in a different way than others. My feeling can play a major role in understanding the painting since when I am in a good mood I would start to see the colors in a cheerful way while I am in a poor mood I would see them as outrageous thing that will somehow impact my view in the paining. To conclude my feelings and my feeling can greatly benefit my view about the painting. Our culture can play a great role in our knowledge of the painting and in the way we see this painting, for example I am a girl who lives in a preservative family where my parents have taught me never to check out nude painting. So after i take a look at a nude painting I would find it very interesting no matter how bad the artist was because I have never seen a naked body before, so for me personally the idea of such a painting attracts my focus on the max, so my common sense on the painting would differ from the common sense of others. The terms can also affect my thoughts and opinions a painting because the way that I communicate with others in order to comprehend their ideas can be effective, for example I can never understand what the designer exactly indicate by her painting if I didn't understand the dialect she is talking with me with. Cultures: I might not think the same manner as the musician and people think about the painting if I am from an alternative culture than theirs. For instance in a certain culture the white dress means wedding while in my own culture it doesn't suggest so, if the painting consisted of a white dress I wouldn't recognize that the artist is discussing a wedding. When it comes to colors it's clinically approved that every person sees the color at different shades which allow us to get different views of the painting. The state of mind of a person can impact his view about things, for example a emotionally unwell person can look at an apple as a red ball but to us as healthy people we'd realize the ball when experiencing it.

Factors affecting the mind such as drugs can also have an impact on the way a person under drugs considers things. For instance if he looks at a tree it might be as an illusion to him or just like a giant person standing up before him but to us we can see and know that it is a tree nothing else than a tree. But if you believe of our case we look at a tree as a tree, as anyone else see it; we don't make an effort to think of it as another thing. The field of specialization for every person effects the way he feels observe and appearance at things. For example a scientist can look at the leaf of the tree as a source of food for the herb because the photosynthesis occurs there but t a designer he would appear to be it as a materials for his clothes productions. Appropriately to housewives she'll consider it as a decor, a farmer will look at it as source of living. To a mathematician he will look at it as a geometrical form with different angels. An musician will look at it as an assortment of colors mixing with one another. As the end of the day a leaf is a leaf no matter how we look at it. An elevator's ding audio may seem to a musician as a short of a music chain of the song that might be completed by other looks in the surrounding; on the other hand for us it could seem significantly less meaningful. Moods also can effect in the right path of treating and considering ancidents like if an individual pushed you by accident or got into your way while you are in an awful mood you may explain it as if that person did it deliberately and make a huge deal from it, in contrast if I is at a good ambiance which situation took place intentionally I might think that it was by accident and ignore it or I wouldn't have paid any focus on it.

If a copy writer was within a seen it may be printed in his mind's eye with full details including its assorted aspects, while some may remember it generally with poor details or neither as though this can be a daily normal seen. Blind may depend on his of touch instead of his non-existing view, he will touch a lot of things and his instinct can help him to see things and feel things a lot more than what a normal person do it frequently you observe them have certain talents that differs them and extinguish them from others.

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