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Computer System: Principles, Functions and Types

Keywords: computer system types, computer system maintenance, computer system functions

Before getting into the detail, it is vital to understand the idea of Computer System. Computer System is an over-all purpose device which can be programmed to handle a finite set of arithmetic or logical functions. Since a sequence of procedure can be commonly altered, the computer can solve several kind of problems.

In this task I will work with the following four different phases. Each phase will cover the related content at length. Inside the first part we will understand the function of computer system. In this particular part, I will discuss the role of computer system in several surroundings. Hardware, software and peripheral the different parts of a pc system. Comparing different types of computer system.

The second learning result is be able to design computer system in this I will produce a system design specs to meet the client's need. Then I will measure the suitability of a system design specs.

Third learning end result is be able to build and configure computer system. I this will build and configure your personal computer system to meet a design standards, then it'll be test and record a computer system.

Fourth learning outcome is be able to undertake usual maintenance on computer system. With this I will discuss performing tedious maintenance tasks on the computer system and upgrade the hardware and software over a computer system.

In this project, each issue & process would be talked about in detail to comprehend the basic principle.

LEARNING End result # 01


In this modern day computer system can be used everywhere, example in the home, Business, Networking, Real-time, Communication. At home the computer is used for normal works like for looking information on internet, playing games and etc, for that people don't require a higher acceleration computer.

In business computer takes on a big role, all business there is a finance department, the key activities of the financing department is to track record all the business enterprise transaction, to regulate the finance cashflow and etc, to the the need a computer.

The Networking is all about personal computers, For Networking computer is important. Without computer, Networking is impossible and we cannot show resources (i. e. data files, videos, looks, pictures, etc) and communication between several people will not be possible. For Networking we are in need of at least 2 computers.

We use computer system in Real-time. Real-time is an activity where people can connect without any deadline. We are able to show our videos and etc. Sometimes people use computer as a Television. We can access to live information from a tv station through the computer. Real-time can also make reference to event simulated by a computer at same speed that they might occur in true to life.

Communication is now done worldwide using computer system. Today most of the computers are capable of communication, like we can send a note, documents, picture and etc to your friend on the other side of the planet. An instantaneous messenger program allows two different pcs to converse by typing in wording or they may also voice speak to each other.


HARDWARE: Hardware contains physical equipments of the computer. The components Hardware are power supply, motherboard, expansion Credit cards, hard disk drive and etc. A power unit converts alternating electric current energy to low-voltage DC ability for internal components of the computer.

Motherboard is the key part inside the CPU. it is a big rectangular table with built in circuitry that attaches the other areas of the computer including the CPU, the RAM, the disk drive and etc.

Expansion card in computing is a branded circuit board that can be placed into an extension slot of any computer motherboard or backplane to include functionality to a computer system via the expansion bus.

Hard disk is a device for storing and retrieving digital information, primarily computer data. It contains a number of rigid rapidly revolving discs, covered with magnetic materials and with magnetic minds arranged to create data to the areas and read it from them.

SOFTWARE: Software is a assortment of computer programs and related data that delivers the instructions for telling your computer what to do and just how do it. You will discover 3 types of software: System software, Programming software and Application software.

System software is computer software made to operate the computers to provide basic efficiency and provide system for running program software.

Programming software include tools in the form of programs or applications that software builders use to create, debug, maintain or otherwise support other programs and application.

Application software is developed to perform in any job that benefit from computation. It is a couple of programs which allows the computer to execute a specific data control job for the user.

PERIPHERAL: Peripheral is a device connected to a bunch computer, however, not part from it, and is pretty much reliant on the host. These are insight/output devices. Peripherals are: Key pad, Mouse, Monitor, Presenter and etc.

Keyboard can be an source device, which is use to suggestions data by typing.

Mouse is a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion in accordance with its helping surface.

Monitor can be an electronic visual screen for pcs. The monitor includes the screen device, circuitry, and an enclosure.

Speakers are exterior to a computer that disables the lower fidelity built-in-speaker. They often times have a low-power internal amplifier.


A computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or rational operations. There will vary types of computer system: Personal computer, Workstation, Minicomputer, Mainframe and Supercomputer.

Personal computer: An individual computer can be explained as a little, relatively inexpensive computer made for an individual individual.

Workstation: It really is a kind of computer used for engineering applications, desktop posting, software development, and other styles of application that require a moderate amount of processing electric power and relatively high quality visual capabilities.

Minicomputer: It really is a middle size computer. Generally, a minicomputer is a multiprocessing system with the capacity of assisting from up to 200 users all together.

Mainframe: Mainframe personal computers are powerful personal computers used mainly by commercial and governmental organizations for critical applications, bulk data processing such as census. In a few ways, mainframes tend to be electricity than supercomputers because they support more simultaneous programs.

Supercomputer: Supercomputer is a table term for just one of the quickest computer currently available. Supercomputers are employed for specialized software that requires enormous amounts of numerical calculations.

LEARNING Result # 02


Kalba University needs new computer because of their college. I went to the university n as per my serve I've made a list that how many computers are necessary for the college. THEREFORE I have found out that they need total of 180 pcs from which 100 will be for computer laboratory, 15 will be for male staff room, 15 will be for feminine staff room and 50 pcs will be for graphic designing class. The requirements of the college is that they need more memory space capacity to store the task, they want the pcs to be fast so that no work is delayed plus they need high images in the personal computers to allow them to for graphic building.

The problem with the existing computers running is that the computers don't have enough storage area capacity, the quickness is very slow and they are not ideal for graphic developing.


The computers we've design for the college is HP. The pcs we've design are highly improved as certain requirements of the faculty. The computers are made with more storage capacity then your before computer systems so every work is stored properly. In these computers the acceleration is also increased by installed more GB ram memory so that every work is performed faster. The graphic card which we've installed, that have made the computers better in visual designing. We also installed a coolant system in every computer such that it stay cool and don't have any issue even if it can be used all night and we also made the backing up option more easier atlanta divorce attorneys computer so you will see no issue in burning. We also made the security high so that any information is not leaked out and we have installed antivirus atlanta divorce attorneys computer. Were also offering free maintenance for 8 years; if any issue is there with any computer we will correct it or replace the computer.

We will compare different computers so u will have a much better idea that HP Is preferable to other pcs.





Hard Disk Drive

2TB 7200 rpm SATA hard disk drive

1TB hard disk drive drive

1. 5TB hard disk drive

1TB hard disk drive drive




Graphic card

LEARNING Results #03


The steps in configuring your computer system are

System installation

System configuration

System testing

System installation:

Our circumstance has a slide-out tray, first we must lay the situation on its side.

Then screw in the spacer mounts for correcting the motherboard.

Insert the CPU outlet to get this done, improve the small lever at the side of the outlet. Then place the processor, all the pins should slide smoothly into the socket.

Once the cpu in put lock the lever back down.

Don't neglect to use thermal paste.

Apply the thermal paste to the top of the CPU. This will transfer temperature from the processor chip to the cooler.

Make sure that the cooler is at the right position.

Clips fix cooler to the socket.

Installing the Ram memory.

The RAM must be well suited for the motherboard.

Line the RAM with its slot before installing it. Then, carefully press the component into the slot machine game.

Caution is preferred, as too much pressure may affect certain tracks on the motherboard. It is advisable to push one aspect down first.

Then comes installing graphic credit card, nowadays graphic card are usually built in the AGP slot machine provided designed for this goal. The slot are situated in the guts of the motherboard

Before installing an expansion card, remove the appropriate slot place from the trunk -panel of the case.

After that install the hard drive before that always leave some space above to avoid heat accumulation.

Then mount the CD-ROM drive, it is similar to installing a difficult drive, first be sure the jumper construction is appropriate and then set up the CD-ROM in the case, but careful never to over-tighten the screws as excessive pressure can damage it.

Now it's time to connect the cords. The 80-pin ribbon cable connection is for the hard disk and the 34-pin is ideal for the floppy.

Then connect the power supply cables. At last check that all connections are properly, once you have checked then you can start your PC.

We will also set up all the peripheral that are required for the faculty.

System construction: First configure Basic source Outcome System (BIOS) e. g. : clock settings, memory timing, shoe order and drive setting up. We have done the BIOS environment for all your computers so that there are no issues with the computers. We have installed an anti-virus to protect the computers for just about any unexpected viruses and we'll revise the anti-virus whenever revisions are available. We've done everything according to your college or university requirements, we have set the data files and folders posting permission and we have done all the setting up for the peripheral devices.


System trials: We will test the machine to find any fault in it, will check the energy On Self applied Test (POST) from then on we will check the hardware e. g. : insight/output devices, peripheral devices and then we will test the software to check whether it's working properly.



There are two types of Maintenance:

Software Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

Software Maintenance: We will upgrade the software if any revise is available. We will upgrade scheduling maintenance duties, we will also do clean-up, back-up and we will do maintain other third party energy software e. g. : compression resources, spyware removal. When there is any software mistake we will correct it with in one day and we will do a monthly maintenance for all your computers.

Hardware Maintenance: Update the hardware like setting up and configure new peripherals e. g. : printers, scanners and etc. Setting up additional or substitute devices e. g. : hard drive, memory space, graphic, reasonable, optical multimedia. We will once a month do the cleaning of the hardware.

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