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Computer Disease Questions And Answers Computer Science Essay

In the next couple of paragraphs' I'll go over computer viruses. And what I'll tell u is the fact I hade several questions about computer viruses and what they do. computer viruses are vary dangerous to private information. Computer viruses can steel all sorts of your information they go after whatever they can get a hold of they look for security flaws an mistakes' in the system. Plus some of the main questions I had developed was What is a computer virus? Just how many different kinds of computer viruses are there? What are the most dangerous types of computer viruses? So in the following statements I'll go through and tell you what I figured out researching these questions.

Computer Viruses

What is a computer virus? A Computer virus is an application or file that can replicate itself to some type of computer and infect the computer by coping or unleashing all out assault without the permissions of an computer owner and without them even knowing it. Computer Virus have the ability to copy itself and the capability to duplicate itself to program documents and folders using the pc or any removable device connected to the computer. Every record or program that becomes contaminated can also become the virus and can distributed to other documents / computers. The term computer virus is often used wrong as a slang term that includes all types of infections over a computer.

Were do trojans come from? Computer virus programs often come from a few sources they are created people or rely smart computer programmers that either have a grudge contrary to the world and its computer users or just want attention and prefers messing peoples factors up. Many computer virus are created because people are mad and trying to get back again at there x company for firing them nevertheless they end up growing the virus about the world doing it so I don't know what's incorrect with them people are just stupid an like creating people problems. Wherever computer infections programs come from they is there and more infections are created every day to cause users problems. so be protected agented the ass holes who don't do there jobs.

Who Created the first computer virus? It depends. There were several early infections created. But the first one seen in that was called Cloner. It was a computer virus for Macs written in 1982 by a higher school student called Full. but another on of the first type was a worm called the creeper worm was made as an experimental trojan by Bob Thomas in 1971. It attacked PDP-11 systems. the first choice of the Internet in the early 1970. Creeper was an experimental home replicating program Designed. Creeper used the Arpanet to infect PDP-10 pcs jogging the Tenex os. Creeper received access via the Arpanet and replicated itself to the a remote system. but there r a variety of opinions on this factor.

History on infections? I will go over the history of computer trojans in 1945 Grace Murray Hopper was the first ever to discover a moth stuck between two switches in a Navy computer. She phone calls it a insect which is the term used nowadays since the late 19 century to make reference to problems with electronic systems. Murray Hopper was also the main one to helped name a computer bug your computer bug. The normal viruses common to us now came to are ayes in the 1980s when a computer system operates programs that allows users to dial in to the internet over a phone lines or modem. In 1990 a fresh virus was brought to our eye it was called a micro disease. Microsoft Word was a program that allowed the macro disease to multiply and gain blank information. This may cause major problems to something. but today it will be a lot harder to reduce infections with any portion of technology however the new fastest disease is named the Virus. Win32. Virut regarding to a recently available studies an accounts. This virus is very good at injecting itself into software of data on the computer on your pc in such a way that it's difficult to eliminate.

How many types of viruses is there? There are various computer viruses the primary ones are Trojans, worms and bots and u can also get a pathogen from a contact. but A Trojan equine is the main types of computer viruses and it is only a computer program made to infect and it decreases your computer performance. But these viruses can do any sort of damage it wishes to a Personal computer. They are an application that pretends to take action when they are actually doing allot damage to that program that it's jogging on when the user starts off it that's when it infects. Trojan problems are one of the most dangerous threats of all so these kind of viruses can be distributed in literally everything. Which makes it extremely difficult to notes when you are looking for the kids? The worm is the most common types of computer viruses these also work by utilizing a computer networks and security to have the ability to create copies of itself via tracking ip addresses and then replicating the same worms and it'll continue steadily to scan all the ips till it infects the computer network for just about any other security Problems. Worms are more defined than Trojan viruses and a computer worm does not desire a program run with the ability to infect and replicate of its self applied. When ever and ware ever it needs to or views some type of computer hole in security.

What do viruses do to your personal computer? Viruses are software programs they can do the same things as any other programs that's operating on the computer. You see, the effect of a standard virus is determined by how it was written. Some infections are intentionally designed to damage files or other programs with your computers operation while some don't do anything but try to replicate themselves to everything. But even those that just spread themselves are hazards given that they infect and damage files and a great many other programs along the way of growing.

What is the most dangerous type of trojan? Well it is hard to share with what the most dangerous trojan on the computer is now times due to great amount of information that hits the net every day I can tell you that recently many folks have been worried about a trojan called Zeus v3. And it works by stealing money out of people's lender accounts. So I can see why that you might b one of the very most dangerous computer trojans. its not necessary any one determining all your personal loan provider info or any at that take note of.

What kind of cover should u have to guard yourself form attacks? her are many types of computer defenses you may use win owning a pc. And exactly how they work is they have a data bottom that paths all the resent attacks on the net and then u up time frame yr software then you run the program can activate the scan. I use various different types of computer virus software one of the best r Iobits 360 it is a free download and it includes a verity of different infections an security tools but keep in mind not just one program can cover all of the viruses therefore i would suggested owning a couple anti spy ware programs you can search the web to analyze which ones would cover you needs.

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