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Competitive Enviroment Of Mobilink Telenor

  1. 1. 2 Range OF THE PROJECT:
  1. 2. 2 SWOT Examination:
  2. 2. 2. 1 Strengths:
  3. 2. 2. 2 Weaknesses:
  4. 2. 2. 3 Opportunities:
  5. 2. 2. 4 Risks:
  6. 2. 3 MARKETING Blend:
  7. 2. 4 CONSUMER Tendencies:
  10. 2. 7 TARGETING:
  11. 2. 8 MARKET COVERAGE Way:
  12. 2. 9 Setting:
  14. 3 Release OF MOBILINK
  15. 3. 1 Products
  16. 3. 2 Value Added Services
  17. 3. 3 Sales Tactics
  18. 3. 5 Mobilink Central capability:
  19. 3. 6 Operational Targets
  20. 3. 7 Business Strategies at Mobilink
  21. Commercial Strategy
  22. Production Strategy
  23. Operational Strategy
  24. Commercial Strategy
  25. Production Strategy
  26. Promotion/Advertisements
  27. 3. 9 Operational Strategy
  28. 3. 10 Mobilink Infinity
  32. Strengths
  33. Weaknesses
  34. Opportunities
  35. Threats
  36. 3. 13 BCG Matrix
  38. 4. 1 Advantages OF TELENOR:
  39. Social endurance
  40. 4. 5. 1 Development Strategy
  41. Telenor doesn't sacrifice the moral rules and regulation in order to use its business strategies. All the international ethical methods are adopted and applied with demanding monitoring; they have a very rigid code of habit for all your employees.
  42. 4. 5. 2 Telenor strategies:
  43. Societal Commitment
  44. Delivering best Quality
  45. Telenor is more than a service carrier for the societies it serves and is becoming an essential part of the business thus plays a part in the economic progress.
  46. Since Telenor buys so many products and services itself to provide its customers. To make sure that best services are given to customers, Telenor ensures the grade of products and services it acquire from market. The expectations of services we invest in our customers are everything we demand from sellers and providers, providing our business.
  47. Partnership:
  48. Education and exploration
  49. Administering specific Processes
  50. Fulfilling Commitments
  51. Vibrant
  52. Inventive
  53. Accountable
  54. 4. 6 Forecasted targets
  55. Aspects
  56. 2010-11
  57. 2014-15
  58. 4. 8 Consumer Oriented Strategy:
  59. Comparison of Mobilink and Telenor :
  60. Feature
  61. Mobilink
  62. Telenor
  63. 4. 9 Solutions for Segmentation:
  64. 4. 10 Strategies for Rates:
  65. 4. 11 Strategies for Promotion:
  66. 4. 12 Mass media Advertising:
  67. 4. 13 FUNCTIONAL Group SYSTEM
  68. Availability:
  69. Business Centers:
  70. Mobile Vans:
  72. Modernization at Telenor:
  80. 4. 17 SWOT Examination:
  84. THREATS:
  85. 5. 1 Tips for Mobilink
  86. 5. 2 Recommendations for Telenor

At the success of 100 million customers PTA has released interesting characters. A very apparent trend shows enormous development of mobile density. Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone are currently giving each other a tough challenge, Warid and Zong are also increasing their market show and in upcoming days the entire mobile environment will be facing more troubles.

Though existing mobile operators are using competitive and innovative ways of marketing to raise the consumer count, the issue confronted is the rivalry. The competition between the stakeholders is also challenged by the newer ventures making it needed for old players to know their methodologies also to protect their market talk about. Mobilink is a primary example of companies facing this concern. A large number of users were gained by intense strategies of Telenor and this helped Telenor to determine in a lesser period. However, next inline challenge for any giants is to retain what they have gained and continue to keep their strategies aligned with new ways of marketing.

1. 2 Range OF THE PROJECT:

The major range of my thesis is to investigate Telenor and Mobilink telecommunication companies on pursuing three aspects, organizational expectations/policies, competitive manners and the client behaviors. I have examined their business and marketing strategies by evaluating their advertisement battle and marketing strategies.


I have used the following research methodologies in writing this thesis:

Going through Mobilink and Telenor websites.

Collected information from Mobilink and Telenor Employees.

Obtained research documents from Mobilink and Telenor.



Marketers are foreseeing promising probable in future expansion in the telecommunication industry based on the earlier 5 years that contain shown an instant and enormous growth in this sector. Authorities of Pakistan is taking serious desire for the expansion of the industry and financing for the growth and it includes a firm idea that this sector provides quality services to everyone of the country.

2. 2 SWOT Examination:

SWOT is actually a method to assess an organization's environment. It means Advantages, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks. It is greatly used by the marketers to do an investigation on key issues can be found in an organization. It divides the aspects in two halves; the first is the external aspect that hides the opportunities and dangers, while the interior aspects are the strengths and weaknesses of a business. It really is quite easy to look at and it can help in identifying the main apprehensions and tries to infuse their remedies in the marketing goals.

2. 2. 1 Strengths:

Strengths are the attributes that adds up value to a corporation and make it stick out among other as a result of customer's good attitude towards those capabilities. Strengths include the specialties in marketing tactics, new and ground breaking products and services, quality of their internal and external processes, and the market value of this business venture.

2. 2. 2 Weaknesses:

Weaknesses are the negative traits of a business and it majorly indicates the loose openings in marking techniques. In addition, it indicates the terribly managed interior and external operations, bad management, bad popularity because of poor products and services and lack of impressive ideas.

2. 2. 3 Opportunities:

Opportunities can be best illustrate as the new options that can make a business more strong and open up ways to grab new markets through new systems, market tendencies, or by employing impressive ideas for generating huge revenue and strengthening the business's position in the competitive market.

2. 2. 4 Risks:

Threats will be the forthcoming disasters that can make a business's position delicate on the market place. These can be the lower prices proposed by a rival, better and ground breaking products and services provided by a rival, new rival emerging in the market, etc.

2. 3 MARKETING Blend:

Marketing Combination are 4P's of marketing study, which includes product, place, promotion and price but also for the industry of services, it is taken to the next level that embraces physical information, process and folks. This concept gives the marketing pros the flexibility to alter the existing offers they have got for their customers and make new innovative offers by manipulating these 7P's.

2. 4 CONSUMER Tendencies:

For any business, the tendencies of the clients and their buying patterns are of great importance. A customer buying habit is precisely grouped in the next four aspects. This classification assists with creating services and services and discovering possible client. The first and foremost aspect is the Cultural history of the client that includes it's frame of mind and thinking directions that roots right down to the core values its family and population constitute of. Another aspect is the Public factors that firmly reflect in its options and decisions; it is actually about the social environment it owns because it truly affects a person's mind set. Third aspect is about the non-public Characteristics which includes the social and economic status, personality, age group and intrinsic uniqueness. Previous but not minimal aspect is about the emotional Characteristics that consists of the insights, desire and way of getting close to towards different things. Every one of the above factors influence the decision making of an buyer.


Marketing pros use different practices to study the purchaser's mind and make strategies to utilize this information in enhancing the sales of their products. There are many things that are working up in the purchaser's brain during purchasing; these things will be the information open to the purchaser, the alternatives, acknowledgement and his personal personal preferences.


The id of purchasers in a market place who owns similar requirements and acquires indistinguishable manners is named as segmentation.


After the completion of segmentation, marketing pros picks up a portion of market location to keep it in target.


Organizations come up with their planned ways of attain specific targets and mile rocks and as the time moves by, these prepared strategies are altered by keeping in mind the growing needs of in-focused marketplaces. The in-focused market is a first deposit of purchasers who've recognizable needs and these needs are identified by companies to offer services and services for benefiting the marketplace. There is an way called as market converge strategy that facilitates a business to construct the right technique for its in-focused market. We are able to divide the marketplace converge strategies into three wide-ranging categories:

Undifferentiated strategy: this plan states a company provides undifferentiated products to customers at lower cost after identifying their needs.

Differentiated strategy: this strategy states a company offers a product that is profitable and full fills the need of a certain segment of market. The merchandise is actually differentiated on certain factors including its features, prices and supply however the quality of the product should be preserved at an acceptable level.

Concentrated strategy: this plan states that a company introduces something after identifying the space in the marked that was not earlier determined, the most money-making strategy is put marketing.

2. 9 Setting:

Positing is approximately valuing a product's position within the marketplace which is done after segmentation and aiming a customer class. Positing depends upon the belief of the person who is analyzing a product's position and it always can vary and so does indeed its results.



Mobilink has began its operation being the subsidiary of Orascom Telecom. Currently is the marketplace large in Pakistan Telecommunication industry because of having the leading number of subscribers which surpasses 31 million and it's really still increasing day by day. Mobilink is a market ruler in conditions of its enlargement. Mobilink is so happy on taking initiative as a cellular company. Mobilink is the so delighted to provide high-tech telecommunication answers to its privileged customers nationwide.

Mobilink puts ahead exclusive and specially designed plans to its customer's land wide having diverse needs, it includes all kind of customers like individuals, business personals, and corporate and business tariff programs. Mobilink offers Postpaid and pre-paid tariff ideas to its privileged clients. These solutions are competitive and healthy packages in today's brutal market competition. In addition, it offers various Value Added Services. Mobilink's strongest point is it's far and huge coverage that covers 9000 parts and localities inside the country and over 130 other countries worldwide for international roaming services.

3. 1 Products

Mobilink offers two different types of tariff strategies, is Jazz that is offered to the masses of the contemporary society of all classes which is better for keeping control on mobile bills. Prepaid service has so many different packages for different kind of users. While, the other service that is Indigo is designed for society that can afford to pay monthly bills. It has an array of deals for different kind of users and they're based on the level of use of the service.

3. 2 Value Added Services

Info Services Home

SMS Translator

Call / SMS Blocking

Power Tools Info Services

Reverse Auction

SMS Filter

SIM & NIC Services

Package Info Service

SMS Search

Islamic Portal

Holy Sayings

Kisan Service

My PowerTools

3. 3 Sales Tactics

Mobilink also led just how up for opening up franchises nationwide and they have over 500 franchises which provide different services to its customers. Mobilink has over 800 sub dealers too that make it in increasing its network and quality services. The essential idea behind checking a franchise is to provide help to its customers that are encountering any issues or problems in the communication service. Franchises provide facilities for costs repayments, sales, etc. Mobilink has hired proficient workers who are dedicating working for providing support and help to Mobilink's privileged clients.

3. 5 Mobilink Central capability:

Research and development is always a main competency for each service providing business that desires to remain competitive in the fierce market battle and Mobilink has everything as well as its employees. Mobilink calls for pride in its hardworking and proficient professionals that means it is a market innovator by dedicatedly working for its growth and integrity. The study and development office always participates launching new products and services with regard to its customer and Mobilink understands who to keep its customers bind and satisfied. It launches ground breaking products and services to the marketplace that accumulates its value, like the recently launched Jazz Jazba.

3. 6 Operational Targets

To lift and improve market show: Mobilink is trying to lift and improve its market talk about by buying many other business like cellular alternatives and broadband internet offers. It really is putting up attempts in not only sustaining its market positions that possess almost 40 % market talk about as well as wanting to increase it. Mobilink is willing in making up a good image in its customers mind and would like to increase its horizon from telecommunication industry to other businesses as well. It includes offered infinity click service for Karachi people and also managing different activates to make things better at both ends.

To keep its position of experiencing most significant customers: Mobilink wishes to keep the title of having largest quantity of customer nationwide as well as for keeping this pleasure, it has to bring fresh and exciting offers for keeping its customer satisfied as there are other service providers are also in the market like, ufone, warid, Telenor and zong; many of these companies are providing their services on cheaper rates than Mobilink and that is the primary point of matter because of this market giant.

Workers Growth and development: Mobilink needs great pride in its reliable and skilled workforce that is the main cause of its success. Mobilink prices its employees and always tries to improve their specialized and social skills by proper training, recruiting and analyzing current employees by appraisals. Mobilink's HRM division works well and keen to grab the best professionals from the market place and make sure they are real treasure for the company.

3. 7 Business Strategies at Mobilink

There are three most important functioning strategies:

Commercial Strategy

Production Strategy

Operational Strategy

Commercial Strategy

Commercial strategy targets the overall selection of products and services that actually in total includes the company's products, different methods and processes through which a business interrelate its products to its business. Early on mobilink only centered on its internal extension but due to upsurge in competition they have got modified their strategy and now working with other telecomm companies for example Mobilink began to use Citi standard bank, Atlas Standard bank and KASB for the web bill repayment system.

Production Strategy

Mobilink creation strategy targets piecing together its profitable products hence retaining and building up its business position that may also gain them in the long run. To continue its production Mobilink has always worked with its research and development section to distinguish its product from other rivals on the basis of network straightforwardness, as compare to its competitors. Mobilink has generated their product and services unique through:


Mobilink come with an enormously impressive marketing team who designs and promotes its packages and services by remember the variations in consumer habit of customers.

Mobilink has been advertising and promoting its offerings through different marketing like Electronic press. Promoting its new products through Print Multimedia like glossy journal, tabloids and Billboards. They may have nominated different sportsmen and superstars as their brand ambassador.

3. 9 Operational Strategy

As the mobile companies continue steadily to launch new services, they are employing new and impressive strategies to conquer their competitors. A lot of the companies has began to focus on low priced strategy, by offering cheaper rates they consist of on service quality, on the other hands Mobilink stands organization on its quality service strategy, they don't really include on quality at all, this is also the reason that its rates are on higher part but its dedicated customers understand and appreciate Mobilinks attempts to maintain the product quality management hence they don't really switch to other companies.

3. 10 Mobilink Infinity

Mobilink introduced Wimax wireless technology which doesn't need any telephone lines or any type of cables to hook up to the work internet. Mobilink Infinity fulfils the necessity of a end user who would like to access the internet with fast speed and infinite downloads. Mobilink Infinity is offered in different deals for the house users. A subscriber either may use a dongle or a modem to connect to internet.


Mobilink Infinity released several previous mile connectivity alternatives for corporate individual and organizations by which high speed connectivity may be accomplished. These alternatives include wireless solutions, microwave alternatives, VSAT, Optical fiber and xDSL. Presently Mobilink has the state of skill optical fibers network being commissioned in the united states covering all the locations and towns of Pakistan.


Through Mobilink genie a individual can pay charges through Mobilink connection. This solution is designed to comfort the life's of its users by conserving their time. You can pay your bills as well as Mobilink charges through this package deal from anywhere and anytime.



Its main way to obtain power is the foundation of its solid, indispensable and balanced marketing strategy, which is proposed to fulfill the needs and requirements of its customers.

Mobilink has been making high income in earlier years which allow them to get heavily to boost its infrastructure, technology and research and development areas.

First Mover advantage. First company to start GSM service in country

At present Mobilink gets the largest market talk about, they have the most mobile users in the country also their income cash flow are highest as compare to others.

Mobilink was initially to kick off the Blackberry services in Pakistan and presently they may have the most users of this service.

Mobilink is the first cellular company which launched the mobile services in the northern parts of Pakistan.


Even though Mobilink is covering entire country but still its rates are on the bigger side, due to this particular matter Mobilink lost their talk about values in prior years.

Mobilink has been less trading and concentrating on the Ad as compare to its competition, this is one reason which can harm them in future as their customers will start transitioning to other sites.

It has been discovered that Mobilink's network is usually occupied in densely filled areas.

PTA has fined Mobilink double because of its bad service and end user complains. So they have to stress on offering better services to its existing users alternatively on development of its network.


Mobilink can expand and lengthen their existing show by concentrating on young technology as Ufone and Telenor has been doing, they can also expose new packages for old age people, but these deals must be released keeping in mind the pocket of each targeted portion.

Mobilink may use their brand name and image to focus on clients as well as hold on to their existing users because of this they have to implement innovative campaign techniques.

By focusing on CRM system Mobilink can boost its marriage marketing procedures that will benefit them to achieve their goals.


The new entrant Zong has produce very cheaper rates anticipated to which cellular consumers especially young people are moving to Zong.

Telenor is now offering better postpaid plans and services for business and high class users.

Current price warfare between all cellular companies might lead to a predicament when only brand images and names will be important for new cellular user.

3. 13 BCG Matrix

I have evaluated Mobilink's products and services through BCG Matrix. Following are the primary products:

Mobilink Indigo

Mobilink Jazz

Mobilink Blackberry Services

Cash Cow - Mobilink Indigo is the money cow for Mobilink. In the same way Mobilink Blackberry services help Mobilink to generate good amount of income as it is mostly use by business course.

Star - Mobilink Jazz is the legend for the Mobilink, this is one package whose users could keep on growing.

Question Symbol - Jazz one, Jazz easy, golf club red are question Mark for Mobilink because pretty much similar deals are also provided by its competition.

Dog - At present no product or service of Mobilink comes under the dog category.


4. 1 Advantages OF TELENOR:

Telenor is basically a Norway founded telecommunication company and they have a major put in place telecommunication industry worldwide. It's operative in quite many countries around the world. Its main operation office is in Islamabad and main regional offices are in Karachi and Lahore.

Telenor has extended and increased massively since it's founding and has achieved several objective to meet its goal. They may have presently 24% market tell more than 23 million users. They are simply among the most notable cellular companies around the world, Telenor has been committing hugely to improve their infrastructure in order to reach every distant location of the country.

4. 1 Organizational Guidelines:

Produce trouble-free resolutions

People at Telenor have a great involvement in producing simple, easy and straight forward solutions because of their customers. Their motto is to make people's life easy and simple by giving quality services.

Maintain Promise

People at Telenor always put their best efforts to get the task done. They have confidence in producing the perfect solutions for their privileged customers. They never sacrifice over quality to provide solutions and offerings.

Keep moving

Telenor possess the best resources to deliver the goals. They remember to bring energy to the work they get done. Every product they create looks better and finer. They are really always enthusiastic and keen about everything that relates to their trade and clients.

Social endurance

Telenor has people who are quite familiar with the area they can be operating plus they love being gelled up with the neighborhood culture by respecting and valuing their cultural and moral principles. They never compel a standard strategy globally nonetheless they actually wish to gel up with the neighborhood people everywhere they operate.

Telenor's main functional procedure is to broaden their market value by taking advantage of its subscribers worldwide and to improve the company's efficiency and out but by integrating work productive and advanced marketing techniques with diverse business ventures.

The focused main points are the following:

Buildup their rank as a global cellular provider

Telenor is very willing and wanting to position themselves as the very best and largest mobile operator not only in Pakistan but also. They are collaborating with other top mobile operators in order to seek new ideas and strategies so they can strengthen their procedures and capacity of producing better services.

To reach every remote area

Telenor is eager enough to renovate their operations in every the remote parts. Their presence in each and every area of the country will make them a bigger operator. By establishing a built-in communication they can support and present value to their users in a much better and productive way.

Worldwide harmonization

Telenor intelligently use its worldwide harmonization program for grabbing the neighborhood market in mobile functional services. It assure its control by this using the program and take advantages.

In current cellular market condition it's been very very important to operators to create effective strategies also being aware of other strategies which are being used by their rival's. Offering value addition to customers through offering cheap deals and value added services.

4. 5. 1 Development Strategy

Customers are the main focus of attention for Telenor, everything they certainly, make, forecast is for their valuable customers. Telenor's business strategy entitles its customers to expand and increase their interest and loyalty with Telenor. Their strategy, eye-sight and objective is a representation of the interpersonal ideals of its customers, they are the key factors which identify them for others.

To achieve its vision and goal Telenor has always come up with exceptional business strategies which are essential in helping the neighborhood culture and getting to the already forecasted strategies and goals. Additionally a top serving management helps it be easier for the bottom management to accomplish each one of these typical issues and job.

Telenor doesn't sacrifice the moral rules and regulation in order to use its business strategies. All the international ethical methods are adopted and applied with demanding monitoring; they have a very rigid code of habit for all your employees.

4. 5. 2 Telenor strategies:

Telenor achieves its motives and goals by implementing following strategies:

Societal Commitment

Telenor is actually keen to execute all the cultural obligation that are important and they make an effort to purpose valuable products and services to various sects worldwide plus they want to be a part of socio-economic development of the region plus they take it as their responsibility and trying to boost it you should.

Delivering best Quality

Telenor is more than a service carrier for the societies it serves and is becoming an essential part of the business thus plays a part in the economic progress.

Since Telenor buys so many products and services itself to provide its customers. To make sure that best services are given to customers, Telenor ensures the grade of products and services it acquire from market. The expectations of services we invest in our customers are everything we demand from sellers and providers, providing our business.


Coalition and responsiveness is quite important with other organizations either general population or private institutes.

Education and exploration

Starting up, holding up and jogging exploration programs with education procedure and other competitions.

Administering specific Processes

Telenor organizes different incidents, including seminars, classes and meetings related to the fields where Telenor is functioning.

Fulfilling Commitments

They always satisfy their commitments and whether it's false, they are always show help and lead others.


Being vibrant is being energetic and developing a passion for quality and success.


Being inventive is all about innovating new and amazing services that may bring up maturity to the business.


Being accountable is all about keeping guarantees and being dedicated and specialized in work that can lead to a good reputation and market good will.

4. 6 Forecasted targets




Telenor share



Market saturation



Income share



Impulsive Brand Awareness



4. 8 Consumer Oriented Strategy:

Basically segmentation is done for dividing market in various sections and then figuring out need for each portion. It's important for researching and finding spaces and opportunity and it can benefit in keeping track of the improvement too. Telenor has a subscriber oriented way and it desires to give priority services to its users. It offers divided the marketplace into different section for the efficiency.

Comparison of Mobilink and Telenor :




Product Maturates







1100 cities

900 cities


Jazz, Octane,


TalkShawk, Telenor


Marketing function



4. 9 Solutions for Segmentation:

As Telenor have various departments and divisions responsible for their products hence they have diverse and unique segmentation strategy for their each product and service, furthermore they may have different strategy even for the promotion programs break up. They always pay more attention on their dedicated customers. Efficient and effective market research and studies are done to be able to get the client feedback then your total market needs and potential is examined and calculated finally in the long run buying vitality of consumer is analyzed for each n every segment.

Telenor has an assorted segmentation strategy and a different marketing program is build-up for every market portion. Telenor is obviously very concerned about its privileged customers and because differing people look for different settlements and their needs for services always differ. An even of market's probable is approximated for each segment and it can help in setting targets and planning different strategies and making guidelines for increasing the sales.

4. 10 Strategies for Rates:

Telenor procedure for pricing is simple; they began by focusing on the young technology. Due to the challenging competition every Telecom company need to be very flexible in their costs techniques and offerings. You are able to lose your customers quickly and cheaply if you are rates are not up to the standards and needs of consumer

Cellular companies keep on launching new deals with best and revise prices so that their customers continue to be stuck with their products and services

Launching of Djuice and TalkShawk will be the excellent types of how Telenor targeted the youngsters, as the young era is more price hypersensitive as compare to business

Telenor's follows the simple standard business models while creating their charges strategies. They have come up with best offerings; once in a while they are launching more interesting and cheap plans for his or her customers. One of these of this is their current Persona offer which fulfils the demand of the business and corporate user.

4. 11 Strategies for Promotion:

Telenor strategy and idea for promoting and advertising of it products and services is completely not the same as other mobile companies. They are using every possible available medium of communication to communicate with their targeted customers.

Their main focus and goal regarding marketing promotions is to become the top mobile company of the country by increasing their market show along with providing them the value they deserve

4. 12 Mass media Advertising:

In today's tv set channels growth advertising plays an important role to stand for and complete the message of any service agency to its customer. Through advertsising telenor has been easily reaching the factors which influence the buyer decision making process. In current mobile media conflict Telenor has managed to keep its value by appropriate advertising strategy by selecting countries famous personalities in their campaign campaigns.



For Telenor, creation is about supplying a huge variety of plans and it is working quite nicely in providing amazing and ground breaking deals with high-tech facilities Telenor is leading the marketplace in providing quality high-tech services and making them designed for everyone.

Business Centers:

Telenor has it business centers and sales & service centers in major towns for all your specialized and non technological questions. These centers provide center to the readers for almost all their issues related to the offerings, products and services of telenor. These service centers have skilled and up to date customer service staff that can guide the customers about all the new and exciting facilities. Telenor can't start service centers by any means places as they are very costly and normally people are considering buying relationships and program activation and that can easily be done by heading to a franchise, also users can call or email the client service department their queries and get proper assistance. Telenor has its service centers in almost all major metropolitan areas like, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and even more.

Mobile Vans:

Telenor also offers a thrilling service of Telenor mobile van. These are not only for deal purposes but also effective in marketing promotions. Telenor's mobile vans are providing services in all over of the county, through these vans consumers can easy fill their balance, get the prepaid contacts and scratch card.


We all know the foundation of Telenor, and certainly one can say that the business has gigantic financial support. When it enters any appealing market, it will there be for the reason of fast market talk about over an extended time frame, even antithetical the gains. The same state of mind was there when it came to Pakistan. So by diversification of risk, we do not propose to mean diversification of financial risk, because it has still wealthy resources. But our purpose is to look at the ways the business diversifies its marketing risk.

Modernization at Telenor:

Telenor is eager to obtain the huge market share by providing new and interesting features and services. They have taken effort in a lot of facilities now adopted by almost all service providers. Telenor can be an innovator that has created enjoyable facilities. Telenor also has a prepaid package deal, called Talkshawk that has brought up new deals and facilities to the subscribers. Telenor believes in taking initiative and hazards for growing up their business as well as for earning great earnings.



Telenor Pakistan inherits its organizational ethics from its source, Norway. From a society of gentle culture with high ethical principles, Telenor exercises its organization feels in transparency and would not bribe or get or try to attain undue edge for any advantage and will keep its own beliefs of credibility and fair coping as the highest. Yet, any clash of cultures, religions and/or societies is totally condemned rather than guaranteed by Telenor to ensure a true respect to all or any the societies and its customers.


At Telenor, we do not need to limit or restrict the expansion of a person but we configure a role in the composition to suite the capacities. A fantastic performance may lead to reconfiguration of the framework so a hard worker is actually motivated within his/her own capacity to ensure best end result.


The human tool dept at Telenor isn't just responsible for employing process but also plays a significant factor in the general culture development of the whole environment. They may have started to put into action standard HRM related software to screen and evaluate the performance and procedure for every employee. Grading system with performance incentive system is utilized for the most notable performers which motivates and increase up the performance of a person.


Trainings can be found for adding value to the abilities of associates in order that they provide better for the business goal while concentrating on their own personal career development. In house training from IT section is usually an essential part of this, since with the new upcoming technologies employees need to get aware of them.


Fresh graduates are given with opportunities to learn and expand combined with the experienced customers of the team. Usually people increase with experience and qualification however, it is not unlikely a vice chief executive would turn into a marketing official if those are an improved match for his skills and growth.


Telenor is excitedly bearing a diverse and healthy environment at work as well as for producing high quality results. The careers are honored to both fresh and experienced candidates on the bases of best-fit based on the job requirements. Fresh graduates are ingested in the business after recruiting their learning, interpersonal and technological skills. In the director and administrator level, they need a master's degree with a relatively good work experience.

Telenor also offers a big range of feminine employees from modest to major level and even on higher management levels. Telenor provide them the center to transfer their job to other operating metropolitan areas in the case of their relationship or various other issue.

4. 17 SWOT Examination:

I attended up with following key SWOT factors for Telenor:


Following are the major strengths:

Telenor continues to be in good health and position despite having all its competition, Telenor is a major organization for Shareholders to successfully spend.

Their recent start of Easy paisa is a very successful product which has completely revolutionizes the thought of mobile banking and mobile expenses paying system.

They may have very favorable regulatory procedures for investors

They have the largest volume of youngster users currently in the market

Currently Telenor have the next largest mobile users in country after Mobilink.


Following will be the weaknesses:

They have low annual revenue per end user which is because of their offering of suprisingly low sms rates

Telenor has currently less range of business centers and sales & services centers in remote areas.

A high tech research and development team is required to deal with the strategies of its competitors.

Telenor is facing network unavailability problem in certain remotes areas.


Following are the some opportunities :

Can beat its competitors by Boosting and increasing their network services to get over the network issues.

To get on wireless or VSAT alternatives like Mobilink has been doing to get the corporate business solutions

By improving their service they may become number one cellular company.

Further value added services have to be explore through applying the best innovative technology methods.


Following are fundamental threats:

Current tough competition between all the mobile companies.

Security and law and order concerns and Political unsteadiness make a difference the procedures.

Threat of a new entrant will be always their.

The main concern for mobile companies these days is to satisfy their existing customers by offering new packages and deals, also to target new mobile users by better deals and marketing activities. Telecom companies have began to introduce the Border and 3G technology. Another ground breaking step used by most mobile companies is releasing of broadband Internet through USB and Modem devices. Hence difficult problem is forecasted in approaching days for all the giants.

Mobilink has been a trademark for everyone cellular telecommunication providers as they may have the most significant users with highly advanced infrastructure.

To remain in competition Mobilink and Telenor needs to succeed and flexible in strategy building as well as they needs productive system to for the development of their each department. To attain the goals each employee and their supervisor must plan effectively through the use of best available resources.

There are simple and simple steps that Mobilink and Telenor can focus on to cope with each one of these current monetary and financial issues and crunch.

By concentrating on promotions, marketing, advert a better brand name can be made in the imagination of a consumer. To identify the needs and wishes of any consumer companies need to execute proper and reliable general market trends and studies so that the factors and parameters which influence the buying tendencies can be identified, this will help in building the brand and image.

Quality service performs an important role when you are building the image of your brand. In current situation all the operators are providing a normal and standard quality which is not getting together with certain requirements of customers. To handle this situation cellular companies need to focus on the quality management system and for this they have to broad their concentrate on enhanced quality network coverage.

To retain faithful and important customers an organization must need to implement Customer romantic relationship management system. CRM really helps to maintain interactions with customers which can be of quality value to the business. It is not hard and inexpensive to sustain your old relations rather to make new which is more costly. By CRM Mobilink and Telenor can also promote and advertise their brand by means of their loyal customers as they can become an essential tool and resource of marketing CRM can also help in stopping the tendency of a consumer to switch it's the network.

5. 1 Tips for Mobilink

My main emphasis for suggestion to Mobilink is Performance management of their employees. By enhancing and developing the abilities of employees Mobilink can get its goals easily.

To receive the goals appropriate planning with best HR methods and guidelines is required.

Performance management of each employee should be done in effective and useful way so that resources are utilized in correct way.

In my opinion Mobilink should begin working on enhancing their employee training system in order to get aware of their system, guidelines and regulations that may increase their performance.

The higher management like the managers and supervisors must be responsible to assist their juniors, in case of any issue or problems employees should escalate these issues to their seniors who help them in each and every manner to make possible for them to attain their goal by proper trainings and guidance.

5. 2 Recommendations for Telenor

My advice for Telenor are related to their methods, employee's performance and HR plans.

Main focus should be to enhance and grow their network coverage

Start working on employee drive system by giving bonuses and other performance enhancement programs.

To put into practice a centralized included computerized system for better interior communication between employees of the organization.

Foreword of employee stock options

Better plans regarding guidance and trainings of employees.

Placing its resources on better and exact positions so that cost on high investment can be minimized.

Needs to collaborate with worlds top mobile companies to boost and enhance their roaming services that will also eventually reduce the cost also.

Telenor must focus on better future planning and guidelines so a new entrant shouldn't be a risk or threat for the kids.

By enhancing and bettering their existing system they can reduce the network coverage concern, in the long-term it will advantage them as other network users begins migrating to Telenor.

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