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Competitive advantage in hospitality

The assignment is a analysis of an organisation how to gain the competitive border over the competition. There's a brief benefits of the company then using the SWOT evaluation the direct comparability is done, as a results the regions of improvement are highlighted and then using benchmarking as a toll for increasing the areas of weakness.

The notion - Gordon Ramsey plane food

The Gordon Ramsey holdings restaurant planes food has been an ambition to provide quality cuisine to a diverse community of holidaymakers at Heathrow Terminal 5

Plane food is one of the Gordon's 10th restaurants in Gordon Ramsey's holdings in London. Restaurant is design keeping in mind the mordent air tourists for a clam and peaceful atmosphere to dine in. The restaurant has capacity of 180 cover which includes 13 ranges at the club top which gives a view to a live kitchen.

The restaurant opens at 5. 30am and close at 9. 30pm offering all three dishes of your day. The signature dish by the chefs is the initial selling point. The common spending per cover is 18for two programs with a glass of wine. The average spending are not too much or too low because the menu prices are held competitive.

The restaurant has delicacies from international to full English food. The menu is planed keeping in mind the fast turnover of visitor. The service of the restaurant is efficient but not hurried. There's a choice for every one for anyone who has 15 minutes can be sever pasta in three minutes or a quick salad or a antipasti and if you have the perfect time to kill go for a stack or a cod, there exists an array of meats from game to lamb, meat or fish. You can find an array of cocktails to flavour and good French and Italian wine beverage to go with with the food.

http://www. gordonramsay. com/planefood/

Brand leader

The restaurant is situated inside the air-port so the clients are just the tourists at the airside. Gordon Ramsey's planes food is the brand leader between the other restaurants in the international airport. The competitor are wagamama, Huxley's and Carlucci's but wagamama is the key competition which is nearby.

Gordon Ramsey increases its competitive border because of the certain prospects like the brand which originates from a superstar chef also the brand benchmarks managed with food and service, and the value for money to the customers. The signature dish from the chef serves has a unique selling point for the restaurant each one of these aspects helps it to get the competitive advantage over other restaurants like wagamama and Huxley's

To maintain the competitive border Gordon Ramey targets the SOP (standard operating process) which assists with retaining the regular quality performance. The restaurant has a unique feature like eliminate in a pack called has a picnic tote which also draws in guest this tote also functions has a promotion.

Skilled personnel with reliable menu knowledge and good customer support skills ensures the maintenance of the competitive advantage over their challengers. The opponents are restaurant like wagamama who competes to be the brand leader

John Radford (2009) Yes chef mag issue 9 spring and coil 2009 pp 57-58

Swot research:

Swot evaluation is a tool to gauge the overall strategic and current position of the business and its environment.

SWOT is an abbreviation for durability, weakness, opportunity, and threats

Swot can be applied to a functioning of any restaurant to gauge the efficiency also to find out the areas of improvement to get or to keep up with the leader dispatch in its sector

Thus using the swot analysis the competitiveness of the Gordon Ramsey plane food and wagamama both theses restaurants' are situated inside the air port.

Food and drink management by Bernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, Sally Stone Contributor Andrew Lockwood, Sally Stone

Edition: 3, Printed by Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998 pp62-63

Swot analysis










# Leading brand

# Product quality

# Unique providing point

# Skilled staff

# Customer loyalty

# Management


# Location

# Costing

# Marketing

# Phrase of mouth

# Low staffing










# Increasing product range

# Competitive prices

# Change in authorities policies

# Efficiently revise with the trends


# Competitive atmosphere

# Economic changes

# Insufficient capital

#Change in customer changes

Considering the swot examination done an evaluation to both the

Organisations can be done and has a result their strengths and weakness for the inner environment and the opportunities and dangers could be discovered.

Strengths:-strengths will be the positive aspects of an organisation which donate to their success

Comparison of talents of Gordon Ramsey and wagamama

Strengths of Gordon's planes food

Strengths for wagamama's

#Brand name

Gordon ramsey is a greater brand name coming from a star chef which function has positive point for them

# Brand name

Wagamama is a smaller brand has compared to Gordon Ramsey so it is not really a durability for them

# product quality

Gordon Ramsey is known because of its high quality of food and natural and healthy recipes

# product quality

Wagamama is also known for its good quality food but cannot be compared with the dish's of Gordon Ramsey

# unique offering point

The signature dish's form the serves has a distinctive feature for Gordon's plane food

# unique offering point

Wagamamas don't have a specific selling point which would catch the attention of the customers

# Skilled staff

The personnel is preferred from good hospitality background has providing a specialist an efficient service

# Skilled staff

Not all the personnel have a hospitality platform gets the patern service is casual

Weakness: weakness are consider has a poor regions of the company which needs to be improvised

Comparison of talents of Gordon Ramsey and wagamama

#weakness of Gordons planes food

#weakness for wagamama


The restaurant is place at one corner of the airport so a lot of people tent to find hard to find


they are place in the centre of the air port so it's not much of a negative point for them


The menu price a slightly higher has compare to wagamama which deflects some of the customers

# Costing

the menu price is leaner compare to Gordon which get even more customer taking into consideration the period of rescission

# term of mouth

Being a celebrity chefs restaurant the negative person to person affects more then the positive and have an impact on the clients point of view

# word of mouth

It will not have an effect on on that large scale has compared to Gordon

Opportunities: it can be a opportunity to stand out in their packed of expertise in which a organisation can prosper using these opportunities in the market

Opportunities for Gordon Ramsey

Opportunities for wagamama

#Increasing product range

Increasing the range of alternatives in the menu give a set menu at a competitive prices

#Increasing product range

Wagamama on other hand can also increase on the variety by giving innovate their cuisine

# competitive prices

To deal up with the rescission period one should be competitive with the price to give affordability services

# competitive prices

Even though they are simply competitive with price if indeed they prices they could be even more progressive using their price

Threats: threats are the external environment factors that influences the development of your organisation

Threats for Gordon ramsey

Threats for wagamama

# Competitive atmosphere

The threat of losing the first choice ship in this competitive atmosphere

# Competitive atmosphere

To end up being the brand innovator and competed with Gordon ramsey

Based on the swot evaluation and their contrast following could possibly be the areas for improvement

These areas need to improvement are

1] Costing

2] Word of mouth

3] Marketing

4] Revise with current trends

5] Staffing

All these weakness serves has strength for the competitor

Benchmarking can be use has management toll to recommend conquering their weakness

'Benchmarking is a spot for reference point where you want to be and assess by questions about the product or services because of this one can establish new goals and conform the best practices for organisation'

Improving through benchmarking Richard y. Chang

P. keith Kelly chapter 2 webpage 5

Benchmarking has certain step included such as

Identify what needs to be benchmark, to determine what is to evaluate collect data any examination the gaps then place the plane of action

http://tutor2u. net/business/strategy/benchmarking. htm

costing: Among the areas of improvement can be costing it should be competitive to gain that edge in the competitors and to retain the brand head ship

Eg:- Getting a collection menu at an acceptable price, using the 99p beliefs, promoting meals has special at different price form one in the menu, presenting a recession special menu.

Marketing can continually be a location for improvement for any company better you promote and market your products

Eg: While using brand for advertising the restaurant, take up a opportunity with a bank's to promote trough discount if you are using particular credit card

Word of mouth area : A positive word of mouth can be considered a get tool to promote an organisation but a negative person to person in press can action against a organisation getting so a good word of mouth trough the multimedia and the suppliers

Eg : the recent article on Gordon Ramsey it uses readymade foods has created a poor term of mouth

http://www. news. com. au/entertainment/story/0, 28383, 25354152-5013560, 00. html

Updating with the existing movements: To wthhold the competitive advantage the organisation has to be updated with the current market trend and use the technology acquire the current tread and airplane the menu, service accordingly

Using a questionnaire and ask the customers to load so has to getting remarks that the organisation is maintaining the current trends

Eg : Altering the menu according to the season and the healthy diet plan of the customer

After these areas are recognized and benchmarked it should be measure and checked so that we can track the change need to be made

Thus using benchmarking one could address the regions of improvement

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