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Your first comparison contrast essay

The major purpose of a comparison contrast essay is to analyze all the similar features as well as differences of two distinct subjects. A high quality comparison contrast essay doesn’t only point out how these particular subjects are different or similar. It also makes use of those points in order to create a meaningful argument about the given subjects. This writing work can be somewhat intimidating to approach this specific type of essay for the first time, especially with lack of experience, you still have a good chance to write a perfect comparison contrast essay .

First, you need to read your writing assignment very carefully. Many students write a completely different type of essay, while they’ve been asked to do the opposite thing. So before getting down to work, make sure you’ve been given exactly a comparison contrast essay . if you aren’t sure, contact your tutor for clarification.

By the way, your comparison contrast essay example paper assignment should have quite distinctive features, telling you that you’re dealing exactly with a representative of comparison contrast essays . There should be such words as “compare” or “contrast”.

Keep in mind that great essays haven’t been written just two hours before their deadline. So it’s up to you to start writing your essay as early as possible. With these great tips, mentioned here below you won’t require look for comparison contrast essay samples .

The next stage involves formulating your argument. Pick up two subjects worth comparing and contrasting. Without it writing a good compare and contrast essay is absolutely unreal. There’re several crucial things you need to take into account when selecting your subjects:

  • You can pick two subjects, which might seem to be the same at the first sight, but they’re absolutely different, indeed. For instance, you can stick to «The Hunger Games movie versus the book».
  • You can choose two subjects, belonging to the same category, but having significant differences. For instance, this may be «frozen grocery store pizza versus homemade pizza».
  • Your choice may be two subjects, which might seem absolutely different, but you’ll find an amazing similarity. For instance, you can compare whales and bats. Both these animals make use of sonar when it comes to hunting.

Now it’s time to brainstorm your topic. Some people are capable of jumping straight from deciding on their topic to having a ready-made thesis. Yes, such people really exist and we call them geniuses. However, you may lack this ability and that’s a normal thing. You require brainstorming about how your newly chosen subjects are different and similar. Thus, you’ll discover the key points to focus on.

A clear thesis needs to be developed. There’re a lot of directions for a compare-and-contrast thesis, there’s one common thing. You require an argument explaining why these two particular subjects should be compared.

The next stage suggests organizing your compare and contrast essay. Yes, currently we’re getting closer to a comparison contrast essay outline .

You require deciding on a structure of your writing work. In fact, there’re several ways to organize this type of essay. Exactly the main idea of your essay should determine the way it needs to be organized. By the way, you are free to change your essay organization later if you find it worthless.

Outline your compare and contrast essay. This will help you to work out the major organizational structure. As a result, you’ll get a clear template to follow your ideas. Regardless of your essay organization, there should be the following must-have components:

  • Introduction: That’s the first paragraph, which should present the basic information about your subjects. It should also present your thesis as well as the overall direction of your compare and contrast essay.
  • Body paragraphs: it’s the very meat of your compare and contrast essay. Here you can provide the details as well as evidence, supporting your claims. Every section of your body paragraph needs to tackle its own unique vision of proof.
  • Acknowledgement of competitive arguments or concession: The given paragraph acknowledges that other counter-arguments exist. However, you should explain why they don’t fit.
  • Conclusion: That’s the place of your compare and contrast essay, where you can summarize the evidence provided. The conclusion is expected to restate your thesis, but in a way, providing more information compared to the introduction.

Now, it’s time to put it all together. It won’t be difficult to do this if you have a good outline, of course.

Come up with a catchy title. It should drop a clear hint at your paper’s argument or theme. Depending on your audience, you can use rhetoric questions or even jokes as a title.

Having written your compare and contrast essay, you should review it to spot grammar errors as well as other glitches. If there’s an opportunity, let someone proofread it. Somebody’s eye will notice what you might have overlooked.

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