Comparing The Short Stories Of Roald Dahl British Literature Essay

In this coursework I am going to compare to short stories which can be "Lamb to the Slaughter and "the Landlady" compiled by Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl specialises on paper experiences for children in the 20th Century. Roald Dahl is the author of Factory, Charlie, Matilda, Adam and the Giant Peach and George's Marvellous Medicine. He uses different writing techniques in order to amuse, intrigue and to shock the audience or the audience. Born on the 13th of Sept 1961 in LIandaff, South Wales. He never liked institution because he said students were caned and professors where horrible to them. In 1939 he became a member of the Royal Air Power when the earth War II began and also in 1940s he became the bestselling writer he works with both children and adult. He creates short stories which make the reader to guess what will happen at the end. When he received married, he divorced his better half and later committed Patricia Neal and gave labor and birth to five children. He perished on the 23 November 1990 at age 74.

Lamb to the Slaughter is a short story and is about a pregnant female (Mary Mahoney) and her man (Patrick Mahoney). Her partner visited work and she was looking forward to the husband to get back. "The area was warm and clean, the curtains drawn, the two table lamps" reveal that Mary Mahoney is at her house. If the husband returned from work, she attempted to produce a dialog with the man but the hubby was not presenting her attention but she recognized that her hubby does not talk too much until his first drink is finished. She started getting bothered. Mary asks the partner if he wished dinner but, he refuses every food she provided to him. Finally Patrick spoke to Mary and said "So there it is". "I understand it's kind of any bad time to be letting you know, but there simply wasn't other way". And he also said "of course I'll offer you money and see you're taken care of". This tells the audience that Patrick will leave his pregnant partner Mary. She didn't want to believe what Patrick was saying, she still demanded to prepared him evening meal, as she went to the freeze to receive the leg of lamb, Patrick informed her never to make any evening meal for him because his venturing out. Mary uses the "big frozen leg of lamb" going to Patrick on his head and he was still position there for approximately 4 - 5 secs and fell on the carpet. He was lifeless, Mary was stunned and shocked which subsequently shocks the audience too. Mary quickly visited the groceries to get some potatoes so when she got home, she called the authorities and said her spouse has been killed. On the other hand the lamb was in the oven cooking so, the police was asking her questions and they were searching the home. The doctor informed the authorities that Patrick was strike in the head. Mary provide law enforcement men the lamb that she was cooking food in the oven. Because they were active eating the lamb they never understood they were eating the evidence and Mary began laughing.

The landlady is a brief story and is approximately a young young man called Billy Weaver and a female. Billy Weaver required a train from London and he arrives late in Shower late which was nine o'clock at night. He wanted an inexpensive hotel where he can sleep and they informed him to "Try The Bell and Dragon" which is a pub house. When he was heading he notices an indicator "BED AND BREAKFAST". "There is a vase of pussywillows, extra tall and beautiful" this explains to us that the house is nice. When he bands the bell and old female answered the door and told him to come inside. The Landlady told when he rises stairs he should signal the guest e book. As Billy was signing the visitor he recognises two people's names and they were the one labels on the reserve and they are over two years' olds. He tried to remember where he noticed the titles from. He remembers that one of them Eton was a university boy that vanished but for Mr Temple he cannot remember.

The Landlady informed offer Billy tea and Billy could smell something that comes from the woman. Billy and Landlady started out speaking and she said the Eton and Temple was very good looking teenagers but Billy was much better. Billy asked the Landlady if those people left the Bed and Breakfast lately and she said both of the men are still in the fourth floor of the home. Billy was getting confused and he wished to speak about some else like the parrot in a cage. When he was having his tea he notices a bitter almond taste and he ask the Landlady "Haven't there been any friends here except them within the last two or three years?" She replies by expressing "No, my dear. Only you".

The writing strategy Roald Dahl uses descriptive word in Lamb of the Slaughter "Warm and Clean" this instructs us that the Mary Mahoney house is clean. On the other hand he uses "However the air was fatal frosty and the blowing wind was like a flat edge of glaciers on his cheeks" represents how frosty it was and Billy needed a spot to sleep. Roald also runs on the simile which is "to feel-almost as a sunbather seems the sun that warm male glow" in the Lamb of the Slaughter and for the Landlady he uses "However the air was dangerous cool and the wind flow was such as a flat knife of glaciers on his cheeks. " Roald Dahl use a metaphor stating a very important factor is another "There was a slow smiling air about her". Roald Dahl also uses emotion word like "blissful" which means it was a peaceful nights for them also uses hyphen to separated words like "bone-end" in the Lamb to the Slaughter. Roald Dahl uses personification to give human features to any in animate thing like in the Lamb of the Slaughter that was "The breeze whispered his name and tortured her with his memory space" this says us that wind flow cannot whisper or torture.

The similarities of both brief stories

Mary Mahoney and the Landlady are women; both are brief tales. The both reports theme are murder and that have been devoted by them (women). At first the both women is been described as been a nice generous and sweetheart "she required his cover and hung it in the wardrobe" instructs us how caring and nice she is to her hubby, however when the Landlady offers Billy a cup of tea shows us that she actually is nice and not every Foundation and Breakfast time owner will offer their customers free teas. But at the end of both stories Mary Mahoney and the Landlady tells us (reader) they are not necessarily nice females which intrigue the audience. The difference between Lamb to the Slaughter and the Landlady is the fact Mary Mahoney did not mean to kill her husband whiles the Landlady has killed two different people before Signifying she was likely to get rid of Billy Weaver as well. However, Mary was pregnant and she has a partner which is Patrick and the Landlady was old and she doesn't have a husband. The both women use various ways to wipe out. Mary uses the iced lamb she wished to cooked for her man Patrick whiles the Landlady poisoned Billy's tea. The feeling (atmosphere) of the Landlady is, windy and chilly which gives the reader a concept of the actual story is going to be like. Also the ambiance of the Lamb to the slaughter was quiet and warm at the start but by the end it was kind of funny and scaring because when the authorities men where eating the lamb Mary "giggle". The ironic scene of the Lamb to the Slaughter is that Mary eliminates Patrick while she ready the knee of lamb for the police men to eat meaning these are eating the murder weapon while these were consuming it they said the weapon might be "right under their noses". This says us that the storyplot could have concluded in a negative way but because the police men ate the lower leg of lamb they can not get any data.

The creation and stress in the landlady is a horror tale because the landlady was nice and nice to Billy and when he realize that both guests and parrot was murdered by the landlady he became scared and baffled.

The authorities were eating the data that was right under noses and I think it'll be difficult to acquire the truth which creates a distress to the audience. It also shocks the reader how Mary Mahoney was a adoring wife and turn up to be always a killer. In the Landlady it also shocks the reader when Billy asked the landlady if it was just two people that have been in the Foundation and Breakfast recently for the last two or three years and she said yes which shocked us.

Roald Dahl position the audience on suspense since when she eliminates her husband Patrick, she called the police which make us suspense that they are heading to find research or find out who wiped out her spouse and she even offered them the lamb to consume making us troubled that they are going to learn what happened. For the Landlady Roald Dahl put us in suspense that is when "she offers him a little look as she replies, "No, my dear. Only you. " This makes us the reader get stressed to know if Billy was wiped out by the Landlady.

In my final result I'll say that Mary Mahoney was furious and she wished revenge because husband Patrick would leave her and she was six month pregnant. She did not think before operating and she didn't mean to kill the man. For the Landlady I believe she was lonesome and sad. She was nice but by the end she became wicked. I also think she ill because every person that involves her Bed and Breakfast she killed them even your dog and bird. She killed them without feeling bad or even having mercy on them.

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