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Comparing Shelleys Frankenstein And Young Frankenstein English Literature Essay

In both Mary Shelley's gothic novel Frankenstein and Mel Brook's movie Young Frankenstein, Frankenstein, the protagonist, is a scientist whose obsession with electric power and reanimation dominate his life. In the reserve, Victor Frankenstein is the primary persona and in the movie, his grandson, Fredrick Frankenstein, is the protagonist. Throughout both Intimate works, Frankenstein aims to scientifically recreate the life span of his "creature" which is obsessed with electric power. Although his figure in both book and in the movie strives for the same goal, just how he seems about the final creature differs. In both versions, the key elements define Victor's character his obsession with science and electric power, his romantic relationships with others during his work, and the ways in which he resolves his issue and results.

In both the publication and the movie, the creature realizes alone that it'll always be declined by society and various from humans. In the e book, the creature is empty and required to live life by himself, however in the movie, the creature operates from Victor and also offers to face modern culture alone. Both versions of the creatures experience human emotions and come to the final outcome that they are different from humans, will not ever be accepted into population, and will continually be unloved. However, in the movie, the creature profits back to Frankenstein's castle after running away and being locked up like a monster by the city members. In the castle, the creature serves crazy and violent until Frankenstein points out to him that he enjoys him and thinks he's beautiful. Unlike the book, in the movie the creature is enjoyed by his creator, not abandoned, and has someone to take care of and help him. Also, in the novel, Frankenstein tries to keep his creation a technique and doesn't want modern culture to know about him. Within the movie, Frankenstein wishes everyone to learn about his creation and sets on a show in which he shows off what he has accomplished. Although Frankenstein thinks his creation is amazing, this is another time that world views the creature as a monster.

In the book and the movie, Frankenstein realizes that the creature's emotions resemble those of a human's and he notices that the creature will never be accepted for what he is. In both types, Frankenstein is uncertain of what the results of the creature may be. However, in the book, Frankenstein tries to hightail it from what he have and views his are a total miscalculation. He feels like he failed and does not know how to take care of his creature. Because of a sense of abandonment, the creature feels as though he does not have any purpose and becomes from innocent to violent. Therefore, he uses up himself in order to get rid of his life and make sure no one else attempted to recreate life and make the same oversight of seeking to recreate life. Within the movie, Frankenstein is in love with his creation and is also willing to associated risk his own live to save lots of what he spent some time working so hard for. At the end of the movie, after he realizes population rejects it, Frankenstein transfers a few of his own brain, risking his life, to the creatures to be able give it the knowledge it needs to squeeze in with the rest of society. By doing this, Frankenstein allows his creature to be accepted and reside in harmony in the town.

To conclude, Frankenstein's persona in both the movie and the reserve has many similarities and dissimilarities. The development and results of the creature's life differs in each work because of the relationship with his originator. However, in both works, Frankenstein obsesses over reanimating his creature.

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