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Comparing Brave " NEW WORLD " to Modern Day

Prediction to future technological warfare in Brave New World

When taking into consideration the greater good and technological improvement, most people think that they are really always good for society but fearless new world gives us the negative perspective of technology improvements. In the book, brave " new world " compiled by Aldous Huxley, warns it readers about technological cons and harms. Particular these disadvantages are evident in the field of biology and technology.

Firstly, scientific progression which Aldous Huxley warns us is about natural technology used. The huge development of humans is achieved and made through process of bokanovsky process. The Director said, "But a bokanovskified egg will bud, will proliferate, and will split [] every embryo into a full-sized adult" (Huxley pg. 3-4). Humans are being genetically changed and engineered in the experimental laboratories alternatively naturally. In real life scenario, it is seen that cloning is an enormous scientific advancement that is made and continues to be being developed but is known as unethical when living things are helped bring into the matter of especially human cloning. This idea is also apparent the booklet of thousand splendid suns where in fact the Taliban controls, brain washes and instruct lies, refuse other religions, restrict from having independence of thought from the people of Afghanistan also where weapons are a kind of ability such as weapons and drones. Additionally, connecting to present world we can easily see that embryonic stem cell research is a real thing where an ovum is fertilized by a sperm to make a human being embryo or quite simply create life. Remember this process can be seen unethical by a lot of people as they may have different prices and beliefs. Just like the bokanovsky process this process is also is messing with an embryo and altering gods work. In Daring " new world " person intelligence is dependent on the quantity of alcohol injected to their individual embryos prior to the process of life begins. Mr. Foster says that, ""We can make a new one with the greatest ease-as many even as like" (Huxley pg. 128). Epsilons have much amount of liquor injected in the decanting process whereas alphas and betas do not proceed through that process because Epsilons being truly a lower class world. Today's knowledge is with the capacity of changing a person DNA but struggles to fully create a human being by its own yet cloning of family pets has been done in our world. For example, Dolly the sheep is a cloned canine who lived a standard live which offered hoped to researchers to make use of cloned cells in medicine also it was seen that cloned animals age quicker than normal offspring. But this first cloning done my humanity was a big step towards the future and biological progress. By making a world where human beings are massively produced biologically, Brave new World illustrated those improvements in the aspects of biology, which screen it being dangerous regardless of the wellbeing and betterment of the human race.

According to Huxley, advancements in technology can even be a threat to mankind and the population. Among technological advances, one risk is the progress of pharmacology or the in taking of drugs by people and its own side effects. The director says that, "One cubic centimetre treatments ten gloomy sentiments" (Huxley pg. 46). Soma helps the users into a goal world, providing them with total relief from dread and providing them with enjoyment. This relates to the character Abigail William, from the crucible where she is operating as soma to the culture. Abby manipulates people to get what she needs; her intentions are entirely to profit herself. She will not care about the results of her activities as well as she is able to manipulate the city to hurt individuals she does not like. Similar to the soma which is acting as positive thing for the people of brave " new world " but in reality a poor one, we can see how medical improvements such as x-ray devices, MRI machines and medical drugs help a person restore his/ her health and making the average human life span much better as years are moving. Technology effects entertainment by changing all the game titles to be played by humans. Mustafa Mond says that, "All fitness is aimed at making people like their inescapable cultural destiny"(Huxley pg. 13). Game make less corporation, making a person destined to a superficial entertainment as it defies the ideology to be creative. This relates to a thousand marvelous suns because men in the e book do not worry what goes on to a women, so do the folks of brave " new world " not care about connecting on an emotional level with each other, everybody serves their purpose within contemporary society and each individual is there for anybody to utilize (even sexually) which is comparable to a thousand wonderful suns where the wife only role is to provide their husbands purpose and fulfill their needs just like Laila providing Rasheed with an heir. This can also relate to our present teenagers gaming mindset where improvement in gambling technology have induced massive assault and hatred among teens making them do offense. For instance Grand theft Car is a casino game about stealing, taking pictures and hurting random people. Due to his game one of the occurrence that took place in United States was the main one teenager who shot two police men and was prisoned scheduled to his offense. Similar to natural disadvantages, technology can be considered a dangerous factor into the modern culture if used inappropriately and without the deemed for the well-being of the people.

Society must ensure that technology and scientific progress is changing to match human needs but rather changing human race to suit technology. Moreover the globe 1 day without individual free will and sense would make it impossible to defeat these factors.

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