Compare And Comparison Cosette And Eponine English Literature Essay

In the booklet Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, it is straightforward for one to see the opposites shown in the personas. Some characters tend to be similar, while some are polar opposites. In the story, what happens to the people strongly affects their personality. This happens for the case of Eponine and Cosette. Eponine is the little princess of the Thenardiers. These are cruel, money obsessed, and are willing to do anything for an extra buck. Thenardier needs money from whoever they can by creating strategies. These schemes range between robbery to as large as murder. His better half, Mme. Thenardier is just as bad and can take pleasure in tormenting Cosette. Eponine assists with her parents' schemes to grab, but she redeems herself by keeping Marius' life. Cosette on the other hands doesn't turn out quite the same. Cosette spends almost all of her childhood as a servant for the Thenardiers. Cosette's mom, Fantine, will pay for her daughter to live a life with the Thenardiers in order to secure a job. The Thenardiers treat Cosette like scum. They dress her in worn out rags, force her to be the maid of the inn, and conquer her often. Her life is like this until Jean Valjean rescues her and requires her into his attention. Although Cosette and Eponine was raised completely different, the have their similarities and distinctions.

Throughout the book, if one truly looks at the type of Cosette tightly, the audience would see she is more of an empty figure rather than an unbiased one. Most people get sucked in that she is innocent throughout the publication, passive to the men in her life, and she is obedient to a mistake even when it makes her unsatisfied. The few times where she is self-aware occur when she first realizes that she is pretty so when she meets Marius in the garden. She is struggling to do anything other than what Valjean needs her to do. Her passivity is then passed on to Marius once they are married. She is the "doll" of the storyline. The story reveals her, allowing the other character types to obsess over her. He offers less editorial comment about her than any of the other major character types.

Eponine is the opposite of Cosette in many ways, but the distinction is more ironic. Eponine is the genuine little princess of the Thenardiers while Cosette was born out of wedlock. Eponine is submerged in the lifestyle of a unlawful thanks to her father and only escapes it through her own high spirits and courage. Cosette has almost anything she could want while Eponine has nothing at all. Marius is the thing Eponine does want, but he'd never be hers. Eponine is the little girl of the known felony, while Cosette is being fathered by the hidden knowledge one. Cosette's innocence and purity is from having a very sheltered life and the lack of exposure to whatever might be negative to her. Eponine is not fearful to battle for what she wishes. She knows how to control people and situations to her edge. She actually is the same years as Cosette, but she serves much aged.

Through each one of these distinctions, Cosette and Eponine have one big part of common, their love for Marius. They are both happy to do anything for him. Regarding Cosette, she fell deeply in love with Marius the next he found him and Marius fell in love with her. When they finally meet, they just fall season deeper in love. They eventually finish up engaged and getting married and live happily together. Eponine's history is a little different though. She actually is deeply in love with Marius, but Marius only believes of her as a pal. She is inclined to do anything to get Marius to notice her from revealing to him where Cosette lives to stopping her parents from robbing Cosette's house. At the end of the storyplot, she makes the biggest sacrifice for Marius. She gives up her life to save his by jumping before a bullet. Though their love for Marius is expressed in different ways, they both love him more than anyone.

Overall, Les Miserables is a fantastic book comprising many characters with many variations and similarities. Two individuals with multiple variations and similarities are Cosette and Eponine. Cosette is more of a "doll" then anything in this history. She is obedient to a problem even when it makes her disappointed. She does whatever the men in her life inform her to do. Eponine begins as a jerk. She torments Cosette until Jean Valjean takes her away. As she age ranges she matures some although she assists with her parents plans. She does finish up redeeming herself by conserving Marius' life. Through these differences, they both love Marius with all their hearts. Although they are two very different personas, if the audience appears close enough, they'll see they aren't so different in mind.

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