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Communication In Intimate Relationships

What makes human relationships successful? What kind of process do we proceed through to create an intimate relationship? What exactly are some of the problems we encounter during them and exactly how should we start solving those issues? The questions above are a few of the subjects I will handle in this paper. Relationships can be quite rewarding if the good outweighs the bad. The success within an intimate relationship depends highly upon effective communication. There is not only one specific way for couples to connect, because each romantic relationship is different. It's important to learn good forms of communication to improve the quality our romantic relationships.

Date evening is the movie I chose to compare my at the mercy of a movie. In this movie, several is having

After being in a romance for three years, I feel as though my relationship with my boyfriend is fairly successful. Why is a romantic relationship successful? For me, listed below are important characteristics of a romantic relationship: Friendship, love, esteem, compassion, and love among others. A friendly relationship is a good basis for just about any romantic relationship. I don't believe some has to get started on from camaraderie, but from what I have seen, it's important for a companionship to build up. While spending lots of time together, it is important to get similar loves and passions, as friends do, to keep the fire heading. Love is an clear importance to an intimate relationship, because it is needed to endure the crisis of a romantic relationship, as well as the simple times. Compassion is necessary when a person in a romantic relationship is having trouble and needs support; it is vital for a couple to support one another. Respect is vital to me, because I expect a mutual value between my partner and I to keep our restrictions set, and keep us both happy. Our thoughts and opinions are important to one another. Every marriage has its own priorities in which different values will be more important, as Anderson clarifies in more technical terms:

"Personal predispositions of 1 person will interact with the intimacy exhibits of another to produce unique specific valences of the intimacy exhibits of their spouse" (52).

The process to create a strong connection in a romantic relationship takes a good amount of time. They differ few to couple and take the several steps at different rates of speed. Floyd lists Symbol Knapp's model of marriage development as the next: initializing level, experimenting level, intensifying stage, integrating level, and bonding level. The initializing stage is getting together with for the very first time (342-345). After the initial appointment comes the experimenting level, which is where two different people get to know each other through dialogue (such as determining the type of music, movies, and activities someone loves. ) Next is the intensifying stage, which is when two different people go from just having occasional conversations, to being better friends. The intensifying stage may also include hanging out in groups of friends or only with one another. The integrating stage is when other folks begin to notice your relationship and that determination has developed. The very last level is bondage, which is whenever a relationship is announced to everyone, and everyone acknowledges both as several.

My previous experience with the model of marriage development was quick. I achieved my partner and four days later, we started dating. We surely got to know one another quickly, because we spent most of the summer together, immediately after reaching, and we had many common pursuits. The experimenting level happened quickly, and we became deeper friends in our quickly started romantic relationship. The intensifying and integrating level came just about at the same time. Everyone knew that people liked one another and were in a romance almost right away. Bondage for us was very natural and everyone accepted us as one or two, and still does.

What are some ways to improve our human relationships? Research says that for a gratifying relationship, there must be five positive conducts for each and every one negative which unsatisfying interactions have only 1 positive behavior for every negative (Floyd. ) In my own personal romance, my time together with my boyfriend is focused on developing at least five of these positive habits. Most days, we have many more than five positive habits for every one negative behavior, and I believe does straight correlate with pleasure in our marriage. Sorgen, on her behalf WebMD feature says "It is the rare couple that doesn't, ultimately, run into a few bumps in the road. " According to Sorgen, to boost communication, couples must do the next: make time, setup rules, pay attention to one another, and be sure to argue in private if you cannot keep your voice down. I feel like my romantic relationship follows these suggestions. We make sure no matter how busy we could, we find time to invest together, and discuss subjects out, if we have to. If we do get into arguments, we have rules, so we don't become too mean. We also try our best to listen to each other whether we disagree or not, and we do not make a arena in public. In my opinion, being hypersensitive to another's thoughts and feelings is important to do; that is a problem I've in my romantic relationship. When he doesn't trust what I am expressing, he becomes rude. I am an psychological girl, and my thoughts are injured easily and he recognizes what to tell get me to stop talking. It would help us a whole lot if he'd calm down when I get mental, and conversation calmly instead of getting angry. This might prevent us from stating words we don't mean. Sometimes, whenever i am psychological for a serious reason, he does not take my emotions significantly, and says something to upset me more. "Why do we become psychological when we do? The most common way in which emotions take place is when we sense, rightly or wrongly, that something that really affects our welfare, for better or worse, is going on or about to happen. . " (Ekman 19. ) Although my sweetheart may be slightly psychologically insensitive, he will apologize later on if he hurts my emotions, which means too much to me.

Compromise is important in relationships also. It can never you need to be about one individual, or it is a one-road marriage that is bound to fail. Corresponding to Floyd, it's important to emphasize excitement and positivity, deal with conflict constructively, have realistic goals, and manage dialectical tensions (362-367. ) For my partner and I, we try to be spontaneous and do things out of the ordinary frequently; that emphasizes pleasure. Just like in Date Night, when Phil and Claire Foster have problems because of experiencing the same every day workout, romantic human relationships may have problems when things will be the same each day. When they are chased and almost killed after being mistaked for thieves when they got another lovers reservations at a restaurant. After all the excitement of being chased and almost killed, their romance was much better because they loved each other considerably more after all the excitement. An alteration in a mundane agenda sometimes can help move away from romantic relationship problems. We also try to thank each other for things that we do just to make the other person happy, so that both of us know we appreciate what we do for just one another; that stresses positivity. Handling turmoil constructively is the main, because there is conflict atlanta divorce attorneys relationship that I've seen of course, if conflict isn't handled constructively, it might obviously lead to the unhealthy relationship. Reasonable expectations help to keep order in a romance. You can't expect a person to completely drop his/her life to be with someone else. There should be balance in the relationship for it to be reasonable. Managing dialectical stress is coping with two complete opposite needs (Floyd 366). Another way to help a romantic relationship is to simply accept the individual for who they are rather than to attempt to change who they are. You must love a person for who he/she is, and if you can't accept that person for who he/she is, you shouldn't be in a relationship with him/her (Sorgen).

In this paper, I explained what makes a relationship successful, and what can be done to produce a marriage better. Every couple's romance is different and there isn't one strategy to use about controlling a marriage, or its problems. Make sure you love, respect, and show care for the person you like, and make an effort to understand each other's ideas and beliefs, even if you don't exactly agree with your spouse. Work Cited

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