Communication in Children and Families

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Effective communication between parent and children - the main and difficult field of communication. There must be reasonable way and technological approach regarding to different needs and requirements. To comprehend the procedure in a better way, here are some tips to be considered before stepping to it.

Answer to Question 1

  1. Demonstrate judgements about the importance of effective communication with children and families

It is very hard to understand the mindset of children in a family or a culture but it is extremely important to understand that as it impacts the behavior of a youngster on a huge basis.

There are some key reasons that show that why it is so important to possess a highly effective communication with children and families:-

  • A positive romantic relationship between children and their families is essential for the young's children's well being
  • Parents are the kid's first educator, they study from them only
  • Parents' behavior such as what do they follow at home with their young newborns and children has a significant effect on intellectual, public and mental development
  • Better relationships amongst children and parents are achieved through better communication only
  • A clear and complete communication or converse can omit all the misunderstandings and the possible barriers.

It is important to share your prior experience and what you know about communicating with parents and children and its own significance as it can help you a great deal while learning new things. It'll clear the aim of understanding the value of interacting between children and parents more easily.

"It isn't who you are as a parent that enables your sons or daughters to work learners but what you do this is important" (Peers Early Education Partnership 2005)

These lines says all. . . you must understand your responsibility towards the children and learn how to communicate to make them better for future.

Here, in the communication spend the the kids, the professional romantic relationship is important as well. For quick, professionals have contracted by having a formal contract to be in charge of the treatment and wellbeing of somebody else's child. So, there exists very thin range between professional friendliness and romance with children and since a parent you must understand that properly. (Anon. , 2005)

Answer to Question 2

  1. Employ the key points of how communication works, children's early on communication skills and helping strategies and approaches

Communication works in lots of ways, it helps building human relationships. Communication can actually focus on children's early on communication skills as well. The children's early communication includes various various ways:-

  • Crying
  • Looking into your eyes
  • Smiling
  • Laughing
  • Sounds
  • Babble and 'discuss' - pretend conversations

Now how do we, as parents speak to them? The procedure of communication with babies involves a many ways like as follows:-

  • Talking to them in an exceedingly special manner
  • Touching them and make sure they are feel safe and secure
  • Playing with them making expressions and faces
  • For a baby's well-being and development, emotionally and intellectually; delicate and responsive communication is extremely important. It makes the child feel at home amongst the adored ones
  • Babies are the most ready ones to speak and play with people when they are awake, playful and alert
  • Recognize the baby's state, try and react to it in a specific way and support the infants in developing a sense of self
  • You just follow what the infant is wanting to convey
  • Try and talk to the baby in the way considering what it is like for the baby
  • You can help the infant regulate its own ambiance by playful gestures, music and expressions
  • Read their signs and respond to them accordingly. Those who does that evolves a strong bond with the babies
  • Nonverbal communication is best at the first level of communication with the babies
  • Be and appearance positive all the time in front of the babies, it is important for their development of the communal brain. The positive looks stimulates the public expansion of the babies

(Anon. , 2008)

Answer to Question 3

  1. Evaluate barriers and challenges which may impact upon effective communication between practitioners, children and families

Barriers and troubles in effective communication are those factors that prevent good communication between professionals, parent and children. These obstacles take shape in line with the situations and places such as at a societal level, Brandt (1998) notes that the parents or people generally speaking are becoming progressively estranged from general public institutions. It is sometimes actually very problematic and hard to attain families. To solve this problem, to begin with make a note about who are the individuals that you think could find it hard to reach and talk to services? Then spend time with them discussing different issues encountered while establishing effective communication between parents and children.

These young families may have characteristics as follows:

  • Different ethnic backgrounds
  • English as an additional language
  • Different family backgrounds
  • Different personalities
  • Lack of self-confidence and self esteem
  • Learning difficulties
  • Literacy skills
  • Physical difficulties
  • Psychological difficulties

All these characteristics respond differently during the establishment of effective communication between parents and children.

For example, sometimes parents cannot manage up with the changing tendency and thus the distance of understanding between their ethnical personal preferences and the children' ethnic preferences widens. Also, if the practitioners use "their own social lens" to interact with culturally and linguistically diverse parents, there occurs a difficulty.

Let's take another example regarding mental difficulties. On the parental level, a parent's own negative university encounters may impact positive relationships with educators, or parents may simply not understand how to effectively interact with the kids regarding their educational system.

Similarly, monetary, time constraints, insufficient technology may also be primary obstacles to effective communication.

All these barriers and challenges may be eliminated with a traditional yet significant 5-15 tiny parent meeting that offers little time for important communication regarding a child's academic and social improvement. This can be act as an open platform for conversation within professionals, parents and children. (NCB, 2008)

Answer to Question 4

  1. Reflect on the importance of allowing positive environments to promote communication between children, young families and professionals

For establishing an efficient communication between specialists, parents and children, it is extremely vital to make a positive environment for the communication to take place. As a professional, you soon learn that children and parents are a two-for-one offer: Developing self-confident interactions with parents is precarious for providing the best attention possible to their children. So being friends with the parents help a lot here. To ensure the same, as a parent, you can test it.

For example, Amanda got into her car, really angry. When she dropped off her 22-month-old, Nyra, that morning hours, she pointed out to the baby sitter and her friend, Reeta (who look after Nyra), how impossible Nyra has been in the mornings. She drags her foot, doesn't want to get dressed up, pitches a fit about which outfit to wear-it's been practically impossible to get her out the door. But to her wonder, Radhika explains to Anna that Nyra can be an angel while speaking with her. She listens each and anything that Radhika requests and thus Anna is relieved that her child is safe hands.

For understanding the kids in a much better way, you need to become more near to the parents by pursuing these easy steps:-

  • Notice how you are feeling with kid's beahviour
  • Look at the discussion from the child's perspective. Create a sense of grasping the surroundings with a child's eye
  • Partner with parents, speak to them more-n-more and understand their need
  • Look for a opportunity of compromise
  • Tell the parents never to combat or create an uncomfortable situation in front of their kids
  • Ask them never to follow their so called negative traits in front of the youngsters and try and avoid such stuff up to possible
  • Listen to children and their questions, needs and expectations and act and have the parents too to act accordingly
  • Promote healthy and proficient practices at home and so forth (McDonald, n. d. )

Answer to Question 5

  1. Importance and role of intervention strategies, solutions and techniques aiding the development of effective communication

In developing effective communication between parents and children, supporting intervention strategies, strategies and techniques become major helping factors.

What is involvement strategy?

According to Desforges (2003), in the intervention strategy, effective adjustments consider what the major obstacles are for his or her own neighborhoods and work proactively to eliminate them.

The strategy involves

  • Establishing formal and casual relationships with individuals and children
  • Knowing the young families in a much specific and better way but not intervening somehow is a thing to keep in mind
  • Talking and discussing about the needs and objectives of families
  • Offering a good selection of options and options for involvement and contribution in the training process that are truly match with the family colors
  • Observe and take notice of the knowledge and understanding level of the parents, value them and try to improve the same incorporating different techniques

Now, what exactly are techniques?

You can follow several ways to achieve your aim of effective communication:-

  • Ensure an agreeable warm welcome to parents by keeping in mind their expectations
  • Ensure physical environment is welcoming. It is because it stimulates the closeness factor
  • Proactively plan how to include families like arranging a fun workshop or some musical learning process
  • Ensure all personnel have training in inclusion and equalities policies and procedures
  • Home visits may be prepared to help develop connections with parents and children at the same time
  • Ensure all areas of family life are considered properly e. g. child-minding

For the strategy part, you can create and develop your own or maybe research and follow that suits you the best like The Hanen Procedure says, there are three main steps of producing effective communication i. e.

  • Observe
  • Wait
  • Listen

Collectively, these steps are known as Owling Similarly, you can consider the Camden's communication methodology which says:-

Stop, Look and Listen

Here too, the listen factor has been emphasized. So, for any approach, the tuning in behavior should be developed prominently. (Anon. , 2012)

Answer to Question 6

  1. Professional skills and qualities in expanding positive communications with children and families

The professional skills and capabilities while creating or developing positive communications with children and individuals involve certain procedures. Majorly divided in three groupings specifically, Collaborative, Effective and Reflective, these routines are the following:-


1. Family-centered practice

2. Partnerships with professionals

3. High expectations for each and every child


4. Collateral and diversity

5. Respectful relationships and reactive engagement

6. Integrated coaching and learning approaches

7. Analysis for learning and development


8. Reflective practice i. e. how to react to certain communication or actions

Professionals collaborate with individuals and the children for effective communication. They communicate and plan relationship ways to achieve the best practice to be followed

They work in categories across different designed settings so as to support the positive behavioural changes and frame of mind/ learning transitions for children

They always ready to learn from each other as effective communication is a give and take relationship

The professionals try to understand their own and others' tasks as well. After understanding the same, they make referrals whenever and wherever there is a need

These experts are truly focused on work in partnership and in groupings in order to achieve the best possible results for children

The skills in quick look-

  • The pros work collaboratively to share information and messages. They logically plan communication methods to ensure widespread approaches to kids learning and development
  • Each professional understand another's practice, skills and competence to be able to get motivated and make recommendations whenever needed based on the appropriate situation
  • Acknowledging the importance of changes within and across early on juvenile services and academic institutions is one of the key skills the professional should maintain. It is to be able to ensure that children understand the process and have an active role in finding your way through these transitions
  • They build on kids' preceding learning and involvements to generate continuity for his or her learning journey and development of personality (Aguliar, 2011)


The key formulation for effective communication is to see, hear and think and then react. You just need to be logical and up to date in terms of planning procedures. Take notice of the behavioural style of children, their growing needs, targets; understand the ethnical values and beliefs of the parents and merge them well in line with the latest trend because for a highly effective communication, one need to be updated and well informed.


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