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Communicating Nursing Theory | Reflection

Nursing theory is a conceptualization of some facet of discovered or invented realities that relates to nursing. The idea is expressed for the intended purpose of describing, describing, predicting or prescribing medical health care (Chinn & Kramer, 1990). This classification adds the key of communicating medical theory and the purpose of prescription of medical care. Medical theory is a framework in which to plan nursing care and attention and organise nursing knowledge. Nursing theory really helps to provide the principles that underpin nursing practice and can increase medical knowledge (Hood & Leddy, 2006). A proper described body of theory in nursing helps the nurses to understand their goal and role in medical care setting. Medical theories have four elements; these are person, environment, health insurance and medical (Forchuk, 1993). In this essay I will summarize an event from my nursing practice and I am going to also discuss Peplau's theory and its own contribution to nursing knowledge and nursing practice. Moreover I will explain the evolved outcomes resulting from the use of Peplau's theory for the reason that situation. I'll also clarify the advantages and disadvantages of applying theory to my personal practice.

I would like to discuss an incident that happened in my own practical area, once i was working as a staff nurse at respected Medical center in India within my practice. One male patient was admitted to my ward after a road traffic accident with a distressing foot injury. He was a 30 time old healthy unmarried man. He was posted for pores and skin grafting. After all the bloodstream investigations he was diagnosed as having non insulin dependent diabetic mellitus (NIDDM). He was very stressed out at becoming a diabetic patient at his age group. On the day of entrance I gave him orientation about the machine facilities. I did so not have more time to share with the client because of the busy transfer. I accumulated his background from the health background record sheet. I provided all cares based on the medical requests. He underwent the surgery and he was on antibiotics and hypoglycaemic agent. After two weeks he was discharged. I had fashioned given him the discharge advice and medical education leaflet and broucher on the day before the discharge. The health education sheet contained information about all the cares for a diabetic person and the feet care. After three weeks of release he was again admitted to same ward with high blood sugar and a gangrenous feet. He previously not used the release advice about NIDDM and ft. care. Unfortunately he had surgery to amputate the gangrenous toe. This might have been because of the ignorance of the importance of the follow-up good care and insufficient awareness of the consequences of the.

The theory of Inter Personal Relations first educated to nursing university student in 1948 and shared by Hilgeard Peplau by 1952. Peplau shared Interpersonal connection in nursing discussing her book as a "partial theory for the practice of medical" (Chinn & Kramer, 1990). It offers great importance in the nursing field, especially in psychiatric nursing. She centered on the use of a therapeutic relationship between your nurse and the client to intervene maximum health effects (Marchese, 2006). Peplau used the term "psychodynamic nursing" to describe the dynamic romantic relationship between a nurse and an individual (Hood & Leddy, 2006). To be a theorist she defines the Meta paradigm of nursing as comprising the patient (specific), environment and health. Nursing is viewed as a significant healing interpersonal process. The Inter- personal process is a maturing drive and educative tool for both nurse and patient. The average person can be regarded as an organism who aims in its own way to lessen tension produced by needs. Every individual can be regarded as a distinctive person. Environment is viewed as culture and mores as factors to consider in working with the individual. Health is defined as a forward motion of the personality and other ongoing human processes in direction of creative, constructive and successful, community, living. Peplau details the four stages of this romance and the six major roles of the nurse. The four phases are orientation, id, exploitation and resolution (Hood & Leddy, 2006). During the first stage, the nurse and client meet as two strangers. But down the road client starts to trust the nurse. The nurse helps the individual to identify the individuals problem and gives orientation in the utilization of services. Within the identification phase, the person recognizes with the nurse and is thereby recognizing help (Alligood & Tomey, 2006). The nurse gives encouragement for the client expressing his feelings and strengthens the positive causes. Inside the exploitation phase, the individual makes use of the nurse's help and the utilizing of the assistance available. This period is the working level of the restorative romance (Alligood & Tomey, 2006). Finally, in the image resolution phase, the actual problems are solved and the individual accepts new goals and frees her or himself from the relationship (Hood & Leddy, 2006) The six different medical functions that emerge in the various stages of the nurse patient romantic relationship are stranger, resource person, leader, educator and counsellor (Alligood & Tomey, 2006). The jobs be based upon the needs of the client and the skills and creativity of the nurse.

I determined this theory because in nursing interpersonal relationship is the main aspect of my personal philosophy. I've read many nursing ideas but Peplau's theory has helped me to know more about different stages of the social relationship. Its software to my sensible area boosts my way of working with the customers. This theory also helps me to recognize my six major assignments as a nurse. The contribution of Peplau's theory to nursing knowledge and practice is huge. Her affect in the psychiatric medical speciality got a profound effect on the nursing profession; nursing technology and nursing practice through the development of inter personal relations theory. The interpersonal romantic relationship is the central idea of nursing attention (Alligood & Tomey, 2006). Peplau's theory offers a basis for both art and research of nursing practice. Evaluation of Peplau's works illuminates a scholarship of nursing practice that is pertinent today (Gregg, 1999). Peplau emphasised the need for medical practice-based theory, as well as nursing theory-based practice (Gregg, 1999). Her theory of Interpersonal Relations suits the other elements of practice knowledge that the nurse uses to aid patients. Peplau's theory is helpful in group practice like structured clinical programmes, circumstance management services and counselling services to people who are mentally sick (Forchuk, 1993). The idea has also been used to evaluate the overall success of a general population health programme. Peplau's theory can be used as helpful information for both qualitative and quantitative research. Research conducted based on Peplau's theory more than a two 12 months period shown that nurses were able to reduce the amount of hospitalization through using healing romance (Forchuk, 1993).

In the problem, which I have discussed along, if I experienced used Peplau's theory, I'd have a better outcome. According to Peplau's theory, in the orientation period, along with the orientation to the use of services, a productive exploitation of nervousness and pressure by conversing and posting with your client should be done. A thorough would have evolved from stranger to a source of information person and counsellor. This reduces fear and anxiety. In the second phase where the patient assumes a feeling of interdependence or trustworthiness with regards to the nurse I could assist the individual to consider and choose the services needed. The individual history helps the nurse to recognize the precise problems and needs of the individual. The nurse may be able to develop a treatment arrange for him. From this time onwards I will give health education about diabetic diet, exercise, medication, personal health especially, feet care since he has a traumatic foot injury. I will make him understand the need for elimination of disease, the interrelation between contamination and high glucose levels. The nurse can identify psychobiological encounters like frustration, conflicts and anxieties due to changes in physique. I will give mental health support to him because he is a person with recently diagnosed diabetic mellitus. In the period of exploitation, I will allow him to employ the available recourses and also to make use of the services for a better outcome. I will implement the attention as per the attention plan and treatment protocols. This might include medication, wound care, demo of rehabilitative plans and meet needs as they emerge. I should help him to get hold of to the local diabetic relationship and clarify all the uncertainties and give mental health support. Within the resolution phase, all the old needs are solved. He may have the ability to care for himself at home. His view towards the disease may have improved due to the therapeutic, educational and social process of medical. If I possessed looked after him corresponding to Peplau's social theory, he might have had the opportunity to look after himself. His blood sugar levels level may have been within normal limits and he may have prevented extra an infection to the bottom. He could quite possibly have avoided the next hospital admission and amputation.

There a wide range of benefits of using theory in medical practice. Nursing theory helps in explaining and describing the phenomena of medical. The theory provides the basis of the nurses' knowledge and doing in medical framework which also develop the abilities of critical thinking and decision making in practice (Alligood & Tomey, 2006). The nursing theory also helps in building the foundations of nursing practice and also helps nurses in analysing what they know and what they have to do. The ideas give a proper approach for the knowledge of the nursing matters, watching the situations and instruction for research and practice (Alligood & Tomey, 2006). Through the use of ideas of different theorist in professional medical practice, a nurse can provide the better patient-care. The idea also helps in making the future knowledge and development in medical. The theory stimulates professional standards through the psychodynamic strategy in medical (Hood & Leddy, 2006).

However though, theory added too much to the nursing field it offers some cons too. The primary draw-back of the use of the theory is that some theories are only adaptable to only nursing settings (Forchuk, 1993). Those theories could not apply to all types of patients like unconscious patients. This theory is not suitable in case there is emergency settings and treatments too like CPR and defibrillation (Forchuk, 1993). The theory cannot work if the nurse can not understand the patient's language; so a vocabulary barrier is a difficult in the introduction of the nice inter personal romance. Furthermore, many nurses have not had the training or experience to deal with the abstract ideas presented by nursing theory. This helps it be difficult for nearly all nurses to understand and apply theory to practice (Johnson & Webber, 2010).

In conclusion, theory in nursing helps the nurses to understand their purpose and role in the health care setting. It helps to improve the knowledge and skills of the nurses to use nursing good care. The contribution of Peplau's theory to medical knowledge and practice is substantial. Peplau's theory can be used as helpful information for both qualitative and quantitative research. The application of Peplau's theory in my own functional situation helped me to understand my major assignments as a nurse. The various stages in this social theory assist in improving my interpersonal marriage with my patients. You will discover many benefits in my own practical area of using the ideas of nursing theory. However, there is a need for nurses to understand the proper utilisation of the theory in practice to maintain high benchmarks of practice.

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