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Common interests between the stakeholders

In 2009, Logilink received a new project to take care of the logistics set up of cement between Spain and Algeria. Our consumer, KDM Company was allocated by the government to supply the cement to generate the new highway between Algiers and Constantine in Algeria. This task has a huge impact in the inexpensive and the political side, therefore the authorities of Algeria has assigned KDM to provide the cement in 6 months time frame. Logilink as a logistics company had to ensure the proper transportation of concrete from refinery at Spain to Algerian interface. During the six months period, we have organized with KDM to transport 48, 000MT of concrete per month to fulfill the total quantity required for this job.


Logilink assigned our Project Administrator Mr. Javier, to maintain charge of the project. Together with the support of our own CEO and shareholders, he picked the team to utilize. The team comprised of five employees; Mr. Nilo the Dispatch Controller, Mr. Ziani the Finance Analyst, Pass up Juan the Admin Assistant, Mr. Jose the Job Office Administrator and me as the Operation Manager. To ensure smooth execution of this project, the practical teams within Logilink were instructed by the CEO to collaborate with Mr. Javier and offer him with all the current resources required.

The groups, individuals, organizations and institutions related to the building and jogging of the new highway or which is at its portion of influence is listed or inventoried by means of brain storming. (Appendix1)

The team defined the stakeholders for this project by determining organizations that experienced responsibilities or may impact the process and who acquired the influence within the new highway project.

List of stakeholders:

The analysis of the project's environmental impact corresponds to the

Association of Environment (APE)

The authorizing body for the job was the Ministry of People Works

Logilink was accountable for transport, maritime traffic and safety

The company of Concrete was Repsol

The government sole distributor for concrete in this project was KDM.

The development was completed by private entrepreneurs

Bank (Societe Basic)


Local transport companies.

Local items companies.

Stakeholders' interests, task impact level and priority with regards to other stakeholders are discovered in stand1.

Table 1: Stakeholders pursuits and influences table


Potential job impact

Relative priorities of interest



Ministry of open public works

- Achievement of targets

- Control over funds

- Politics image







- Achievements of targets







- Profits

- Resource information to the general public.




Societe Generale

- Profits



Association Of Environment (APE)

- habitat destruction

-Environmental degradation




Local transportation companies.

- Profits

- liabilities




Local materials companies

- profits

- Liabilities






KDM co. ltd

- Profits

- Achievements of targets

- Liability (avoid at all costs)






Project Manager

- Promotion





Repsol (Distributor)


- Gain Algerian Market




Team members

- rewards and bonuses

- promotions

-expand skill level





During the process of proper management, attention to stakeholders is important because the success and success for general population organizations depends on rewarding key stakeholders relating to their explanation of what's cherished. (Bryson 1995: 27; Moore 1995).

As an alternative, many individual groups and organizations are occupied or have incomplete liability to act. Discovering the particular predicament is and finding solutions are part of the problem while taking stakeholders into relation can be an important criterion of problem dealing with. (Bryson and Crosby 1992; Bardach 1998)(pb-bryson)

To identify common interests between the stakeholders, the look team had to get the relationship between your stakeholders to find the typical strategy where specific stakeholders will think that their own hobbies are advanced. (Andreasen 1995; Kotler, Roberto, and Lee 2002)

For example, KDM's interest was to show efficiency and gain Algerian government's trust. They'll increase profit and acquire more agreements. KDM's interest matched up with this interest since we were a booming company searching for reputation somewhat than just making earnings.

The government wished to complete the task on time with high quality in order for them to be more credible in the attention of the general public. From the medial side of Repsol, their interest is to gain maximum income which matches the entrepreneur's goals.

The stakeholder-issue interrelationship diagram points out how the planning team decided the relationship between your stakeholders through their common objectives.

Figure 1 Stakeholder-Issue Interrelationship Diagram (Bryant, 2003)

Political image and credibility

Supply information for the public

Habitat destruction and environmental degradation

Control over funds


Ministry of general population works

Association Of Environme


Societe Generale

Achievement of targets




Local materials companies

Local carry companies


Logilink co. ltd

KDM co. ltd

It was necessary for our task team to analyze the stakeholders. We looked into each stakeholder, by knowing their capabilities, weaknesses, pushes and risks (calvert 1995).

Wideman (1998) shows that the analysis should begin by grouping stakeholders predicated on the effect.

The affect level is different between stakeholders; it will depend on the hierarchical romantic relationship to the task. The government got a high level of influence in comparison to other secondary stakeholders which influences were lower as the job was just an chance to achieve goals. (Source: Wideman 1998, p. 219)

KDM as the most important stakeholder had an impact on the job. If they weren't satisfied they could stop the project. The Ministry of Community Works had a problem to the public sector so their impact was the highest.

The environmental relationship could also oppose the job. Nevertheless, they didn't have a great degree of representation or the capacity for mobilizing people, so that they had considerable degree of importance, but not influence.

Logilink didn't have excessive importance scheduled to low amount of competences which could affect the project. However, given their representation and capacity to mobilize, they were very influential. The identical holds true for business owners.

Local supply and travel companies got positive effect on the task execution which resulted in low importance and effect as they represented a small section of the populace.

Figure2. Classification of importance and affect of stakeholders affected by the brand new Highway project (Backoff and Nutt, 1992)






Ministry of public works


Societe Generale

Association Of Environment


Mr. Javier designed a plan to increase support and lessen oppositions from the job stakeholders (Source: PMI 2004), after figuring out stakeholders' process and classifying the stakeholders by their geographic location and affinity for the job. The strategy identified the level of contribution desired by key stakeholders. The look team interviewed key stakeholders separately, to ensure everyone's genuine support to the task. If support is lacking, they reviewed and fixed obstructing issues.

The treatment regarding communication and participation differed between stakeholders. The planning team arranged for every key stakeholder depending on interest level and the decision to be involved in all phases or in specific phases of the task.

KDM wanted to be involved in all phases of the job. Our task team set up a weekly meeting with KDM and modified them by sending reports for each shipment. The Ministry of General public Works just wished to be prepared when the job was completed. The stakeholder management strategy used for the job was enough to meet each key stakeholder and steer clear of any resistance to the project's process.

5. Organisational structure

The organizational composition inside our company defer in one project to some other, in our new highway task the business used a task team organizational composition, because of its importance and complexness. This job required specialists to work on it full time as the scheduled time of the task was too small.

The company hq allocated Mr. Javier as project administrator; the team of the task took a functional oriented structure form (Cleland 1999)

Figure3. Dedicated task team (Grey & Larson 2000)

Human Resources

Finance and administration

Ship Controller

Logilink co. ltd

Project Directors

Project Administrator2

Project Manger 1

Team 1

Team 2

Sales and Marketing


Figure 3 shows the feature of your new project team. The team includes the following; Mr. Nilo the Dispatch Controller, Mr. Ziani the Job Accountant, Miss Juan the Admin Helper, MR. Jose the Job Office Manager and me as the Procedure Manager. To implement this project efficiently, the functional clubs within Logilink were instructed by the top Office to join makes with Mr. Javier and provide him with all the resources required.

The need for the project and its own amplitude for success were the mean factors that identified the task team. All associates had a big experience in such job and knew how to deal with it in such small amount of time.

The company applied this structure as job team composition allows the task team to work independently. The team consecrated regular for the task alternatively than being disrupted by other responsibilities or duties using their mean useful departments,

Although he had to report to senior executives in the father or mother business, Mr Javier experienced the full expert over the project.

After utilizing this structure, we gained faster response time since most decisions were made within the team and weren't differed in the hierarchy.

With proper way, the project team worked alongside one another and was completely committed only on making the most of the project's success while disregarding their area of expertise. Gray and Larson (2000),

Figure4. Projectized Organization (Source: PMI 2004)

In the task management talking to work, they discovered a set of characteristics that many project professionals have offered as successful characteristics in their center teams. Generally, these characteristics are observed in individuals predicated on their experiences and the testimony of these who have caused them. Typically these are not characteristics whereby the presence or absence within an individual is set through interviews (Klassen and McLaughlin, 1993).

The jobs and tasks of the task ream depend of the type of the task itself and the amount of power and capacities.

In the planning and resourcing process the job team was determined, so the team remained engaged throughout the job and the resources from other groups were used when it was required.

6. Roles, responsibilities and human relationships of job team members

After identifying the goals of the task and identifying the resources needed, the top office found out that they require a Project Administrator with a whole lot of experience and knowledge because of this particular task. Mr. Javier who's the existing Task Director inside our firm was picked to be the Job Director. His role was to guarantee the implementation and success of the job as he previously control total project resources.

The functions and responsibilities of each team member were as follow:

- As the Task Office Director, Mr. Jose's duties were to regulate and trail the specific plan, manage paperwork and make various reviews.

- As the Task Accountant, Mr. Ziani possessed to deal with procurement, sub-contractor expenses, jv accounting, monitor progress tracking and handle financial reporting.

- As the Dispatch Planner, Mr. Nilo was in charge of the administrative areas of the ship and offered as the associate between our company and your client.

- As an Admin Helper, Ms. Juan was an expert in the creation of exact usable records - both for the daily utilization of the perfect solution is so when design records for future guide.

-As the Procedure Manager, I completed the way the live technological solution should be handled. Operating techniques would include daily habit operations, controls, security, back-up/recovery and disaster ideas (Simon, 2004).

The organizational graph can be an illustrative display of project confirming associations (Kerzner, 2003). Inside our organization, the reporting relationships were casual due to the small size of the team. Our Task Manager was accountable for the creation of the WBS that mapped our assigned project to the organizational breakdown structure.

To present the reporting interactions within the task context, the company designed the organizational breakdown structure in ways showing who the job is functionally planned and to illustrate the hierarchy and organizations that provided resources to set up and to transmit the work diagnosed in the task breakdown framework (WBS) (Kerzner, 2003).

Figure5. Illustrates our organizational breakdown framework (OBS).

MR. Javier

Project Manager

MR. Ziani

Project accountant

Miss. Juan

Admin assistant

Mr. Jose

Project office manager

Mr. Nilo

Ship coordinator

Mr. Ismail

Operation manager




In a job team, the type and level of the project as well as the variety of tasks to be handled will determine the lead position. Kerzner (2003, p. 162).

The job management and team command positions should be carefully described and staffed whatsoever projects levels. In a self-directed work environment, a Project Director must display consistency, esteem, trust as well as characteristics that typically looks from the representation of an excellent decision maker with an excellent track record in order to produce and guide a project team (Cleland, 1999).

The Line Supervisor of the associates should not be associated with the duties of the Project Manager. The Project Supervisor is focused on manage the task of the job. The Project Manager must obtain the co-operation and support from the team without having direct specialist over them. The capability to link the project to the strategy of the business is also an indication of an effective Project Administrator (Cleland, 1999).

Mr. Javier motivated the team to reach great goals, alternatively than basically bossing around with them (Rowe, 2007). Prior to the execution of any leadership style, the first choice should focus in plans to acquire employee satisfaction through the use of components such as trust, confidence and effective communication. (Lamb and McKee, 2004). Managers with these traits are effective in their leadership ability regardless of the style of leadership that they adjust (McShane and VonGlinow, 2004).

Mr. Javier's approach as a people oriented leader allowed him to achieve employee satisfaction through the use of his excellent competencies and skills.

7. Team development and conflict

New highway project was really important for our firm because of the huge opportunities covered behind it. The top office wanted to allocate the best resources in our company to meet the task requirements.

Mr. Javier as the most experienced project supervisor inside our company was assigned to be the project manager because of this project. He previously a meeting with the head office to select the associates of the task team. The team was chosen within many standards satisfactory with the project and to fulfill the main element stakeholders' prospects and needs (Source: PMI 2004)

The main standards were figuring out by Grey and Larson (2000) as:

Problem solving potential, were the team members was required to work under great pressure and ambiguities.

Availability, were the team was chosen to work fulltime in this project, in a way to adopt decision at that moment and prevent all kind of problem during the project life pattern.

Technological expertise, the people of the team was chosen to be befitting the jobs.

Credibility, by allocating people who have a high credibility to increase the task and the job team reputation.

Political associations, one of the most crucial criteria since it will help to create a good relationship with the key stakeholders.

Ambition, effort, and energy, task team with those criteria will contain the abilities to compensate and cover the weaknesses in other domains.

"Conflicts are part of individual romantic relationships and organizational development, no relationship or organization can desire to mature to output and become successful without being able to solve issues effectively" (Cottringer, 1997, p. 6).

During the project life pattern, we confronted an interpersonal conflict between Mr. Ziani and Ms. Juan. This issue was initiated before they joined up with the project team, however the stress between them raised during the execution of this task as the interdependency between them was high. As a result, the price tag on not resolving it was also high.

The complete team observed the clear heightened anger between Mr. Ziani and Ms. Juan. Therefore, both Mr. Ziani and Ms. Juan were sidetracked off their own work responsibility because both of them were occupied with blaming each other. A negative impact in their job performance was triggered by the actions that both of them portrayed as they communicate. For instance, when Mr. Ziani requires a record or information from Ms. Juan he exceeded through another colleague to get it from her. Also from Ms. Juan's part, when she received a communication or she need some work from Mr. Ziani, she asked other team members to talk on her behalf behalf. It led to a stressful work environment.

Knowing that the duration of this project is brief, the Project Director dealt with this issue by using an avoidance strategy, physical separation and limited relationship (Pinto and Kharbanda, 1995). He attempted to keep Mr. Ziani and Ms. Juan out of each other's way as much as possible, and he played the role of referee between them till the end of the project. Simultaneously, in order to ensure that this conflict won't impact the job performance, he purchased the other people of the team to learn the intermediary role between them and helped those to avoid the confrontation.


In the first stage, Logilink identified the common interests between your stakeholders and analyze them by knowing their vitality, weaknesses, causes and risks (calvert 1995).

The organizational structure applied by the business for this job was a company used a project team organizational structure. This structure offered to the project team the energy to work separately also to consecrate full time for the project

In the project team Mr Javier got the full specialist over the job. Mr. Javier determined the team to reach great goals, rather than simply bossing around with them (Rowe, 2007).

Mr. Javier's procedure as a people focused leader enabled him to achieve employee satisfaction through the use of his excellent competencies and skills.

The team was chosen within many requirements enough with the task and to meet the main element stakeholders' prospects and needs (Source: PMI 2004), hence we noticed an interpersonal turmoil between two associates of the job team. This discord afflicted the team's job performance.

In this turmoil Mr. Javier used an avoidance approach, physical parting and limited discussion for him it was the best way to offer with this issue in that time because of the task circumstances.

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