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Getting down to a common app transfer essay

Well, you’ve just made up your mind to transfer from your small liberal arts college into a larger university in order to pursue chemical engineering. To make this dream come true you require writing a common application transfer essay. OK, let’s see how you should write this common app short essay. We’ll discuss this here below, including such crucial nuances as the length of common app essay and common app essay title.

First of all, you need to provide a clear statement addressing your reasons for transferring as well as objectives you hope to meet. The length of this section varies from 250 to 650 words.

In this essay you should answer the questions mentioned above as directly as possible. Don’t forget to back up your key points with specific examples. Though you mustn’t utilize a narrative style, you’ll definitely win from employing a story-telling format. So, pretending you’re telling an ordinary story, tell about your educational journey. Provide a solid explanation of this great shift in your life path.

Unlike the vast majority of incoming freshmen, transfer students definitely require a clear idea of what they actually want to study in a new educational institution. In the essay you should tell what really inspired your interest in a new field and how that feeling evolved. Everybody wants to know what led you to look for a new college or university.

Besides this, it would be a good thing to highlight all the positive experiences you had at the school or college you’re going to leave. You definitely want to get more at the new place, don’t you? Don’t conceal it, share your arguments with us via your transfer essay.

Keep in mind that dissing your current educational institution will bring you no benefits, but unveil your negative character trait.

Well, we’ve just approached to the next stage of our writing work. It’s going to be a little harder, but you’ll cope, of course. To cut a long story short, in this section you need to reveal what objectives you’re going to meet in a new educational institution.

Perhaps, you’ve got a slew of goals to be reached at the new place, but you’d better start with the number one objective. For instance, inform us how you intend to join this particular college or anything else and support their social as well as academic community.

Needless to say, it’s quite difficult to avoid generic, broad answers in this section, but you’d better be very specific about what you’re going to do at the new place related to your number one objective. Tell how you intend to participate in their activities and what opportunities really attract you.

Another worthy idea is to find a moment, incident or experience that would show readers a key quality of your personality, which could explain how you found a path to a new school. In your transfer essay you can explain how you came across new promising concepts and obtained an idea of finding innovative ways to make the most of them. Certainly, that’s just one of thousands of approaches to writing a transfer essay. That can’t work for everybody. Perhaps, you may require something really different.

The admissions officers are eager to know what you value, how you think and whether you have an ambitious plan regarding a new college or school or not.

Now, let’s get familiar with the basic parts of your transfer essay:

  • Introduction: There should be a brief story, clearly showing what really inspired your interest in this particular subject and what provoked that shift.
  • Background: This section should take readers back to some of your early experiences with the chosen subject. Provide specific examples.
  • Your current school: Here you should tell about your current school. Tell us what you got out of this educational institution. As in the previous case, you need to give specific examples. Concentrate on academic results, mention social skills obtained there and so on.
  • The major reason: Provide the main reason why you’re transferring to this particular school. Perhaps, you liked some things at your old school, however, there were certain limitations and you wanted a bit more. You might have changed or your interests or something like this. Of course, specific examples are welcome too.
  • Objectives: In this section, discuss what you expect from your new school. Tell what you’re going to learn. Do you need extra training or schooling?
  • Conclusion: Don’t combine it with the previous point. Here you should summarize the whole value of everything mentioned above.

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