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College Campus Essay

Through this assignment we will design a campus network. Delta Community College (DCC) is a tiny college. It really is attended by 600 full and part-time students.

The students do not go on campus. You will discover three dormitories for the scholars and each dormitory can allow for 400 learners. Distance in the college campus to the dorms are: • Dorm1<—>College Campus = 22KM • Dorm2<—>College or university Campus sama dengan 5KM • Dorm3<—>College Campus = 15KM Numbers of learners are expected being doubled just about every 4 years. There are four departments: • Arts and Humanities • Business • Social Savoir • Mathematics. Every division has an typical of a hundred and fifty Students and an average of twelve professors each.

There are around 20 Administrative personnel obtainable. It is anticipated that everybody in the school should get entry to the network. Students when they are in the dormitory should also obtain access to the college network.

We need to style a computer network so that it is useful for next 5 years. Right now do the following: A. Just about every department and dormitory ought to be put on their own subnet. When you design the subnetting make sure that your design support the following: 10 Points i. 3 subnets intended for 3 dorms each ought to support 4 hundred hosts ii. Different subnets for 5 departments • Students and professors needs to be in different subnets. There are three hundred students and 10 instructors per department iii.

A subnet for administrative division which should support at least 30 website hosts The designated IP address can be 10. your five. 3. 0/20. So do you think using this Internet protocol address we can design and style all the important subnets with at least the required amounts of hosts? If you do then style the subnet structure by simply showing the assigned Internet protocol address range for each and every subnet. If no in that case say how come.

B. Apply a hierarchical approach to design this network. Your style should include: six Points i actually. Core Part ii.

Division Layer 3. Access Part In the designed network you should mention what network gadget such as: cords, hubs, fuses, routers etc . you are going to include in each level. C. Dormitories are coupled to the campus network via One Mode Dietary fiber Optic Cable connection. Because of attenuation loss we must splice the fiber optic cable every single 10km. in the event the splicing reduction is: 0. 35dB in that case find out total splicing reduction for every connection to each dormitory.

3 Details Note: There exists at least 500m range from the key server in order to departments. So choose correct cabling when you connect the departments to the main server.

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