City War Journal Of Cyrus F. Boyd

The Civil Conflict had a very large affect about all of the States. It transformed men coming from gentlemen that went to house of worship every Saturday and never cussed to people who rarely went to church and cussed constantly. Some of the people inside the war were very tainted and would not do things as they should be done. How that the opponent was looked at was actually changed. All of these things had been talked about in "The Municipal War Record of Cyrus F. Boyd".

Boyd talks about how everybody was very wanting to volunteer to sign up the army to have fun and to make some cash and it seemed to be easy because the battle was likely to be incredibly short. Points started to appearance a bit diverse even when, the volunteers have to the initially destination to become sworn in duty. They started to question why they were being sworn in to services for 3 years when they all thought the war was going to be extremely short. Boyd and the rest of them thought that the authorities must know something more than everyone else knows. Possibly during the start of the service situations for the service would not look as nice as they had anticipated, and the officer had seen that the volunteers started having second guesses about doing that so they put them in more comfortable sectors to keep them from heading home. Throughout the war quite often the conditions had been horrible. There was many problems with the troops during the warfare. Many passed away from being wounded, staying shot, and the worst coming from all was the disease. The conditions were so terrible that many guys couldn't obtain enough sleeping and even if they did obtain sleep they were sleeping in the rain or perhaps in the snow.

Before the war Boyd attended church all the time and thought that all Sundays could be a day to relax. He was an extremely nice guy that was kind in front of large audiences and would not used awful language. If he went into the army he talked about how they did not carry out religious items all the time and they didn't even have a preacher every Sunday and most of times they did not even have a chance to rest of whatever it takes religious on Sundays, which in turn bothered him greatly.

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