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Circumference calculator is used to find the circumference of a circle if the radius is given

Circumference of any circular object is defined as the distance between that object and is referred to in formulas as letter C. Circumference calculator is an online geometry calculator that is capable of finding the remaining unknown variables if one measurement of the circle is known. The circumference of a circle is very important in geometry and trigonometry. In addition to the circumference of a circle, there is a distance that runs from one end of the circle to the other end of the circle. This distance is also referred to as the diameter of the circle and is denoted as a letter d in formulas

Circles also have the radius and it is defined as the distance from the center of the circle to the outside edge of that circle. Therefore, the diameter “d” of any circle is twice the size of the radius of that circle. Also, the area “a” of a circle refers to the number of square units within the circle

All the parameters of a circle described above have specified formulas. These formulas are given below as well as a diagram that shows these parameters

  • Circumference = Pi (3.14) times Diameter (C=πD)
  • Diameter = 2 times the Radius (D=2R)
  • Area = Pi times the radius squared (A=πr2)
    • C = πd
    • C = π x 20
    • C = 62.8 feet
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